The Guardian - “How the world has fought back against the violent far-right and started winning”

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They were going to go down in flames no matter what, the doxxxxxxxing and deplatforming just added to the inferno.

Did bob write this article?

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People who work in government and as CEOs of the richest corporations in history, yes.

All movements are people powered, but I guess feel good slogans don't need too much logic.

“Charlottesville was definitely the catalyst for me.”

Is this from that little world in every faggot's buttplug where hillary won?

Everybody who was in the city on the day of the honeypot fake "rally" is a survivor now?

no talk, just do it

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Yes you're right Guardian.
I spent the last three years hunting down and killing thousands of niggers, jews, and other scum. But now my gang has been mostly arrested and locked up.
I can hardly operate at all.
Damn you, you highly effective activists!
Damn you to hell!

tasty trips
I think that was that pseudo tranny that filmed that hilarious video about how she was "physically removed".


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leftist spinsters haven't won anything yet. this isnt really threadworthy imo

How about we doxxxxxxxxxxxxxx this faggot?

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op, did you know you got a labouef-like id? (L=50 in Roman Numerals)
"Mark Bray, a historian and the author of Antifa: The Antifascist Handbook, described doxxing as the technique from which “some of the greatest success perhaps in recent anti-fascist organizing have come from”."

Want to read his masterwork?
its breddy bad

Also the unspoken slimy kike tactic of using shills to create false consensus and tone police the opposition.

Doxing mostly works (in terms of having a big impact on the subject's life) in the US and other Anglo countries.

kekked & ty
I tried, once, but didn't get out of the front matter.

Yes, it's very interesting the kikes of the UK are imposing their political will by meddling in the US.

Are you aware of this? Did you know that only a week prior to Donald Trump's Twitter account being "down", The Guardian had an article fapping over a fantasy of "gee wouldn't it be nice" or some such if it went silent for a while.

Isn't that one hell of a coincidence?

So, The Guardian is in (((Cabalist/Journolist))) (hosted on (((Google Groups))). They are telling us what the kikes will be doing, in spades, and these are their (((marching orders))).

The solution is simple enough. We utilize their big push as a way to rid ourselves of everyone on the moderate right. That way only strong 1488 voices remain.

And regarding doxxing, the point is that we must be entirely anonymous, using fake accounts. This is not a situation where we are permitted our constitutional right to petition for redress of grievances - the UK kikes have assured us we are deprived of this liberty.

What good comes from the UK? What good comes from the kikes?

But let us make this a pyre: with fake accounts meme into existence all of the pestilence of the left brought against wealthy cucked white bitches. Let them go into their gated communities demanding the walls be torn down, creating tent cities there.

I didn't get much farther than you tbh fam

Hopefully, but a lot of them are dug in like fucking ticks.

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Of course, the fact is that they are left-leaning, overwhelmingly so. Cucked totally. But we will tell the stupid fuckers on the left that they are secretly neo-nazis.

Already we have proof: most of those stupid blonde bimbos can be proved to have worn braids :^)

on infowars you don't need a login to comment (just enter an imaginary email address like [email protected]). It sometimes bitches if you're too "toxic" - easily avoided through synonyms

(this is an example of integral accident they deplatformed, resulting in more free speech, rather than less…)

You haven't won shit.

In a way they did. Their feeds rarely have pesky facts or logical reasoning, which naturally lead to right-wing conclusions. They have been liberated of awareness of the truth.

Yes, they have been victorious.

But annoying them wasn't our goal, actually. Our goal was to reach the tender minds. And rather than needing to reach out to them, we have found they seek us out. They thirst for knowledge.

Typically, they already have found 1 or 2 red pills on their own. Like "girls aren't the same as guys, unlike what my teachers say."

Back when people were a lot less tech savvy doxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxing was easier, but it was always about catching the low hanging fruit that reused email addresses or lived with his mom and had a corporate filing.

So when will the great violence finally happen?

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The left is full of faggots. Faggots get lazy. That's why they get HIV so often.

They could be declaring victory and hunkering down in the face of overwhelming odds too. We'll see if a chorus of "aut-kike is over, just like gamers are" articles appear.

What exactly do they think they're winning? The right isn't going anywhere, they aren't going to magically disappear or convert to leftists. There's only one way this is going to end, and I'll put my money on those of us on the right to win without a shred of doubt.


Age 44

4314 SE 42nd Ave
Portland, OR 97206-4176

[email protected] [email protected]

Possible Associates:
Melissa Claire Gregg

Registered the domain
on 2018-03-05

He is affiliated with (((Religion and Dispatches)))



lel, maybe for their next move they'll finish the job and kill themselves.


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We are seeing more and more of these attempts by the jews-media to rally people to their banner… the 'crowd' must be getting pretty thin on their side of politics these days.

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Observing how seriously the majority of countries take social justice issues I'd have to say most of the world agrees with us, actually.
Fertilizer of the highest quality.
Also, do they think non-English speaking countries are somehow more progressive? Sheer delusion.

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The funny thing about gamergate is that we haven't even seen the first response will be a redpilled AAA-class (in gameplay mechanics, not graphics) title, 100% funded through checks by mail and Bitcoin, obviously.

>He is affiliated with (((Religion and Dispatches)))
polsrite errytime.

Goes on to mention internet shit…Their getting rid of tards like spencer was the best thing that could have happened. All those e-celeb cunts were shekel seeking agents. If they had let them exist for a couple more years that would have been bad for us but now, stronger than ever.

And we will not forget this when the tables have turned :)

Remember that strategic thinking is a kind of might.

Damn the Guardian is pathetic

I’m Shia labeef nigger

kek guardian is such a rag without even the faintest understanding of history.

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Thank you sir, saved. For later.

always count on the arrogant left to brag about how they're taking your rights away

see, this is exactly what drove people to hitler, this kind of open kikery right here

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The jews are like that knight in Monty Python. I'm just laughing as we send these fuckers to the scrapheap of history.

Stupid jews haven't realized that the age of chutzpah is long over and they're just tying the noose tighter now.

Why should anyone be surprised that the average IQ of israel is sub 100?

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This Jason Wilson faggot just gets more tiresome as time goes on. Not that I'm a fan of the controlled opposition alt-kike.

True. A huge tactical error on their part.

Good, let them turn the kikery up to 12, it will work in our favor.

I wonder how these kikes will feel about encouraging doxxes when they leave us with no options for peaceful change and nothing to lose and realize we have all their addresses.

This is just a hobby for us too. Sad!


Oh that gave me a laugh too. They think that censoring and banning any and all slightly right-wing speech spelled victory. But all they did was win a battle, and in so doing have simply made people become emboldened in their beliefs and pushing centrists further right wing into war.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

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ive thought about this a lot. kikes in the US are at least usually watered down with other races and honestly, have to be better off than kikes in isreal. they act like basic sand niggers there, the "hasidic" ones look like inbred vomit inducing day walkers, even the older kikes seem to never mature mentally past age 15, much like niggers in the US. theres no way in hell these foreskin monster, Nosferatu looking abomonations are more intelligent than an average white guy.

They are creating the deaths of innocent people and don't even care. When you take away the medium to vent frustration with like minded people, you essentially turn verbal or textual exchanges into physical actions. When right wing crazies come outta da woodz, be sure to relentlessly remind the left of their part in making it happen. This is in no way, shape, or form a threat. This is merely a factual observation.

Not only right wing crazies. Nasim was an animal rights activist.

I'm surprised hamburger hayer didn't die from a shattered ribcage before the heart attack did her in. He's not even pressing on the sternum for fucks sake.

Oy vey we defeated the enemy we created! We are so great! And we even made some shekels off of you!

Assuring themselves.

Remember, doxxing is only useful when a lot of people are made aware of the person doxxed. Do some kind of program to tell the people who live close to the doxxed who they are and sure perhaps save the information of a bunch of people, but don't try to push for thousands at a time because a really dedicated person can only remember like 100 of these people at once.

How many jews non-lazy Zig Forums killed/sabotaged/doxxed?

we're chasing out our own leaders who are into leftist subhuman migration pacts so lol

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Yep Nazis were just doing a lot of charity work at first occasional clashes with antifa. Antifa was terrorizing random people and starting riots, had commie only zones. Then the German people started asking the Nazis to stop antifa and antifa in large numbers got their shit kicked in so hard by much smaller numbered Nazis during riots, people were praising them. After that they became socially accepted and the fact the places that improved in Germany wherever they had strongholds drastically earned support.

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* Natsocs
Don't use the term "Nazi," it is a slur that the kikes call them. Excellent post otherwise.

Daily reminder
Do to your enemies what they want to do to you and do it first.

Lefties are so fucking dumb it's unreal.

These people are so retarded, what do they think happens when you take away people's voice?
If you cannot talk out your differences with another man, what is the next step?
Someone gets smashed in the face once it is obvious that talking is done.
They themselves will cause the manifestation of the most terrible violence, the very violence they are always whining about.
They themselves are fulfilling the self-fulfilling prophecy.
I for one cannot wait until kikes, traitors and invaders are swinging from every lamppost.

don't interrupt your enemies when they're making a mistake

bide for your time, and strike when ready. make sure ypu don't need to attack a second time


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Spencer was compromised controlled opposition, there was no choice but to degrade and remove him from the battlespace. They got their Skokie 2.0 (Charlottesville, which I hope is a lesson to you faggots who either didn't see through the scam or were thinking of attending IRL rallies for aut-kike causes) and will ride that horse as long as they can, but even now we see problems with that narrative as well.

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Please use Nationalsozialisten des Deutschen Volkes or just use National Socialist please.

Here's the thing, they can dox us all they want but what do they think the outcome is going to be?

If you are a recognized by your community as a man of good character and have been open and honest about your beliefs, doxxing poses no threat to you. I've been open about my nationalist beliefs for years now to the point that of some kike "journalist" or one of their golems came after me, I could easily write it off any claims of virulent racism as shitposting or a smear tactic and their efforts would only rally my family, friends, and coworkers to my side. I call this the Pewdiepie effect, as long as I maintain a semblance of plausible deniability and avoid direct public appearances alongside explicitly far-right figures/groups, I remain unassailable.

Even if they achieve their intended effect, the complete destabilization of the targeted individual's life, what do they expect the long term effects to be? Sure, they may have caused a chilling effect on certain forms of speech but only the kind of speech they can detect. They haven't killed the idea or the individuals who suscribe to it, all they've done is take away most of the reasons for why the targeted individual might hold themselved back from fully voicing their opposition to the system and forced the discussiin of these topics underground. It's nothing but shortsighted, feel good thinking that only removes their ability to study these ideas and develop adequate responses, all while continually discrediting themselves in the eyes of the average person.

They've forced us to become formless all while revealing their true forms and structure in the most visible manner imaginable. Since we remain alive regardless of their efforts to wish us into nonexistence, we remain able to act and they've revealed themselves to be the thing we must act against. Since they grow increasingly unable to percieve our forms and positions with each passing day, all thanks to this very strategy of silencing and deplatforming, they will be caught completely by surprise the next time a cause for our side to rally around appears.

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Thank you for the chuckle brother I needed it today. Also those digits.

This. When it comes down to it, it's only those that work in certain (((industries))) that are really vulnerable to kikery.

A while back I had do deal with some online slander about me, and I was worried about it too until I noticed it was just literally jews jewing other jews and this happens shortly after I was redpilled. When you life and income doesn't depend on how hard you kiss Mr. Shekelstein's ass you're antifragile. Strive for this in all areas.

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I want to kick that faggot in his chin so he bites his own lip off.

Lol be cool man that guy is our gateway drug to a proper redpill for some people. We should be a little less ready to attack people who are on our side in the big picture but overall a cuck. They’re doing us more good than harm just now, someday we’ll have to point out to people the flaws in their thinking but for now if they’re gonna trigger leftfags and spout something kinda woke forbthe normies to chew on from time to time then fuck it, let them be our useful idiots.

Yeah dude, this is why the left has been utterly fucked politically across the West. In fact, I don't think the center-left has actually won anything in Europe since like 2010.

In addition to this, even with all their whinging and whining and doxxing, it still doesn't help their side in any long-term, meaningful way, even if tech giants help out, the dissident right is still growing at a rapid pace.

They are "winning" the same way Hillary was winning by 95%.

Their "effective" doxxing and no-platforming techniques have actually introduced a type of evolutionary pressure. They'll yearn for the days of enlightened centrists and kosher cuckservatives when the future right is made up entirely of those who think Hitler's only mistake was being too soft.

Didn't we used to dominate the comments there? What the fuck happened?

This guy gets it.

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They probably started to (((curate))) them based on keywords. It's the fucking Grauniad.

Funny how leftists and megacorporations will collaborate if there is a threat to their system.

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But no one is fighting back and no one is even trying to.

Funny how Republican "conservatives" and magapedes defend those same corporations at the same time. Almost like the biggest threat to the system is pissed off racist white guys.

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There will be a time, in the not-so-distant future, when cryptocurrency and communications platforms will overcome these tactics. In doing so, they will also have unleashed pedos and actual terrorists, all because they couldn't handle a world where freedom of expression was a cultural value.