Based white girl smashes face of invader scum in bathroom

Based white girl smashes face of invader scum in bathroom

'You're lucky you're from another language because I will crush you b***h': Syrian refugee girl, 14, is attacked inside a high school bathroom by another teen girl who 'wanted to vape' inside the stall she was in


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Embed because OP is a faggot.

The Syrian girl threw a bottle at her first and was clearly antagonizing evil whitey.

Low IQ, low courtesy and confrontational. What a great model immigrant!

You're supposed to flush the toilet paper, lassie.

OP is a fucking faggot and so are you.

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That's awesome.
you're lucky you're from another language

Based whitey. Wouldn't be surprised if this doesn't make international news. Diversity is harmful. Here's proof.

B-b-b-but she's not degenerate

You fucking Zig Forumscucks don't surprise me anymore. This is a White nigger and you all still worship her. You are all such fucking losers.

muh White women can't do anything wrong! The Jews made her smoke, attack the Muslim and suck Tyrone's dick

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based TORpedo


What the fuck?

No proof.

Like the rest of the poor children who have to attend public schools?

That wasn't a thong you retard. You would have made a much better case pointing out she was wearing Nike/Adidas shit.

Nice projection.
I don't even like amerimutts and I can see the kvetching from kikes seeing their slaves don't take it anymore.

and they say vaping is bad for kids

Ok she was smoking during lunch time. Is that much better?

You fucking faggot. You're giving her a pass? I bet she burns coal then way she attacked that Muslim girl for no reason. You'd still defend her if she did you cuck.

Still slutty

You obviously don't work out. No wonder you worship women. You low T faggot. Go back to masturbating to hentai.

You're still defending this White nigger, faggot.

don't you have the antifa leader thread to kvetch in?

you listed the reason pantifa

Vape is life
Vape is love
Vape is freedom


Hahaha you fucking glow in the dark. Get out you fucking kike subversive

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You're just a spineless coward whose ashamed a fucking woman has more of a spine than you.

If this happened to you you'd probably start crying and begging forgiveness.

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Enabling faggots. I hope you catch your bitch getting fucked by Tyrone.

No such thing. Just like there are no good Jews.

Imagine being more cowardly than a woman, and still calling yourself a man.

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Torfag be faggin.

She might've chimped out, yes, but if all white people were this willing to chimp out on minorities we wouldn't have an immigration problem because the third world would be too afraid to come here. I applaud this girl. It's time for more whites to chimp out and bash minorities (and the people letting them in).

I wish there was a way to filter the tor ID constantly like a tripcode

You're lucky you're from another language, motherfucker.

Reminder you'd be able to filter out 99% of them if the mods permitted namefagging.

The anti-vape corporate astroturf is so transparent. (((Big tobacco))) is scared.

Why does the white girl talk like a ghetto hood rat?

That fag is a Muslim, bro.

That shitskin forced her to do it and threw the first punch. White girl is a hero.

>The anti-vape corporate astroturf is so transparent. (((Big tobacco))) is scared.
This is pretty interesting. Maybe the kikes are shilling for that as well? They seem to take on multiple clients simultaneously.

Because she's probably a ghetto hood rat

Lying taqiya whore, she's making the vape attack shit up no doubt.

Correct. She's definitely a pathological liar. You can tell just by looking at her, and her instant lying. She lies and says the other person punched her when she was calling for a fight. That kind of faggot gains the hatred of everyone, though.

The blurring is a clever kike trick. It hides the arrogance of the so-called victim.

Girls shouldn't be skipping class, you nu-male cuck. Any girls at my school who did that knew it was a 1 time only thing and the boys did more often to get out of school to do. It is natural and the girls who did join me and the lads did out of curiosity not "bravery".

Get your fucking shit together.

That's what PA whites are like outside of the T

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The kikes at the dailymamzer also falsified the final condition of the girl, which was on her feet yelling in anger (not fear). They pretend like she was left unconscious, which might be true, but there's no video evidence of that. She's seen plainly enough standing up, and we hear banging, which sounds like she's hitting something (could she be collapsing due to a delayed reaction?)

But wow, the kikes are at it again, hiding everything true, and presenting everything false.

(((Breitbart))) does the same.


I mean, if anyone asks you if you're scared, right to your face, and you don't throw a punch or do something, then it's humiliating and you look like a pussy. That was blatant provocation. Those words are designed to make people dropped any sort of pacifist stance and attack, so hopefully this is something considered throughout this. But I imagine that people will think she is innocent because she is a Muslim woman with a hijab. People seem to think that Muslim women are like innocent little jewels, but anyone can find Muslim women online, they are relatively degenerate as well, although less though. Nonetheless, they are capable of provocation despite being slightly more traditional than most women and also, it's enough to know she has spent time in the US to understand that she has probably adopted the degeneracy around her. She should be treated like any other student. If this was another white girl, this story wouldn't have left the school. But the clown world must demonize white people and paint hijabi as a victim, despite all reason to do so.

(Hitler dubs)
She's white trash, definitely, but she's the best we got at this present time.

And nothing of value was lost.

To be fair, girls shouldn't even be at school. They should be at home learning to cook and clean from mommy. Maybe learn some other manual tasks like sewing. Educating women outside the house is a mistake.

Girls shouldn't even be in a non-gender segregated educational institution in the first place. And why the fuck is there a muslim girl in the school? If we want to play the game of should, coulda and woulda.

It's amazing that you managed to attend every class and yet have no idea how to form a sentence.
At least you get a gold star for being a good obedient little boy.

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how does it feel knowing that some 14 year old thot has more backbone and national pride than you do, torpedo?

Sure is a lot of you sand niggers lurking about these days

>White whore [degenerate] [likely] ditches class
>White whore [degenerate] smokes [vapes.]
>White whore [degenerate] acts like a nigger and attacks innocent Muslim
Fixed. This white girl is a degenerate, but the video does not show her engaging in prostitution. Don't call her a whore unless you have proof. Maybe when she is older she will become a prostitute. We also have no proof that she was skipping class. This might have been a lunch period. The white girl does act like a nigger, but the Syrian got what was coming to her. Any display of underwear in public on camera is slutty, so I left that statement alone.

This. Female literacy was a mistake.

waifu material


Talk shit, get hit

Plot Twist
"White" girl is a Jew
Beating up a Syrian Christian

non-white Christians are cringe and bluepilled

suck dick, ahmed

thanks user. this is awesome, though i dislike her vaping, at least she knew mudslimes are not human being and should not be tolerated. she's better than average white women

Whenever the niggers and mexicans I work with complain about Trump or some other "racist" I just claim it's not racism because they're jewish, and jews are more oppressed than blacks or mexicans. Believe it or not they usually don't have anything to say after this. I almost want to say this to a tranny to see if they argue against it, but I'd rather not talk to trannies tbh

Ask your pastor what he thinks about interracial marriage.

it takes a wolf to catch a wolf

white of any underclass > shitskin
deal with it

Both girls deserve a beating for acting out.

That's not even remotely true.

Where does this nigger get off acting like she didn't just get her ass kicked?

No, white niggers are leftists.

Yeah, those white kids better not miss their progressive indoctrination passing as "education."

tbh she's pretty confident, because the worst thing that could happen to her is that she could get thrown int juvie.

Both of them are disgusting subhumans and should be gassed.

Thots can be useful sometimes. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Well at least it wasn't a fake "hate crime".

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It's such a completely fucked situation.

1. girl is addicted to kike nicotine
2. syrian princess indicates she's going to turn in the victim of kike nicotine
3. girl is understandably distressed, engages in threatening language
4. syrian princess, knowing her perpetual station as victim-player is unassailable, mocks the victim of kike nicotine
5. victim of kike nicotine lashes out, when challenged

Nigger, you realize you can buy vape without nicotine in it, right? Also nicotine is natural. Kikes have nothing to do with it. They did not discover it. They were not the first to use it or sell it.

pic related

Everyone meet Sir Shite Knight. He's pretty much the antithesis of Sir White Knight.

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Am I going crazy or something? You say hijabi started it by throwing the bottle but your video shows the white girl starting the physical confrontation by pushing her.

That's what you get for being from another language.

< white girls are never victims
< hang the whites high, all hail the saintly burkini

That's exactly how it went down, but the "people" around here tend to substitute reality with their world views.

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She should have killed that subhuman invader

Yeah I don't see it either. Would not be surprised if there is more context off camera though.

Did you even watch the video? The wigger started it by pushing her hard.

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My fucking eyes
and benis :DDDDD

good work user

is she white though? its kinda hard to tell what race she is. they are chimping out about muh hate crime so I guess shes white enough.
would be funny if shes a jew, and they have to quietly drop the hate crime bullshit and WE have to push for it to be a jew on muslim hatecrime.
Mister Goebbels would like a word with you

Well fuck, there go my sides.

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should have gave her a swirlie!

christcucks shitskins are no different from other shitskins. and she's wearing a hijab you fucking moron

His brother was, but not him.

haji clearly says "try." That's consent, case closed.

Top fucking kek

She literally said she wouldn't 'crush" her due to her being of a foreign language which I assume means she didn't want to be accused of any racial shit… and she still gets accused of racial shit.

The absolute state of the media.

Epic (1) post my (((dude)))

I found the kike who sucks mudslime dick

Fixed that princess typo for ya

It's actually an interesting strategy.

Would've been better if she removed the kebab.

Zig Forumscucks still in denial and worship their nigger mistress

Zig Forums is has been getting so BTFO lately. I feel bad for you speds