4chan finally shoad

Was this part of their master plan?

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In other news Bernds outdid themselves again


4channel still works. But it isn't 4chan

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great, now all the shittier mexicans are going to flood this board

you should have worried about that before. 8ch is next

well, I did notice that this morning was worse than usual
get ready

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They announced fuckng months ago gookmoot was switching domains of the NSFW shit to increase traffic. I have a lifetime ban there, no idea why but I must have pissed off a mod.

you are going to start earing about the God Emperor and how much more you'll have to spend on israel.

the domains were switched for a while now. some boards, specially Zig Forums, were conviniently removed from the "main" domain and now the domain that contained them is down…

Now its up again

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sage and report.

then the fucking thing probably crashed, or the Jews or doing their monthly data download. It used to be down about once a month or so. This place used to be better, at least here i don't need to see the flags and know how many users are vermin.

flags have their benefits. you can easily spot the JIDF there with a trained eye

Can you fucking retarded cuckchanners find a different backup already? Your shit website dies every five fucking seconds.



Nice troll thread, you basement dwelling faggot. We don't do that kind of shit around here.

It works. You're bullshitting everyone.

At least now you can go back to your little hovel and get the fuck out of here, half-chan newfag.

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I see you also have t_D JIDF shills in here

That's a "yikes" from me.

We don't care whether or not your site shuts down. And we don't need a thread for when it does - temporary or not. It's not important.

You're ranting about a site nobody here cares about. Get that through your head.

You should get banned for being a leftover from the half-chan shutdown alone.

Go back to your little pathetic amerimutt meetups, nigger.

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Fuck You OP


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yep, JIDF shills are on the loose.

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Have every reason to be; everything stated above.

No shit, Sherlock. That's why your leftover ass needs to go back.

We have coherency here.

Also, how does any of this make me a kike shill? You're trying to make a temporary (possibly accidental) shut-down seem like a fucking special occasion when there's no reason for urgency. How is this is in any way connected to jews? What in the fuck are you even talking about?

This is not your little playground.

reddit has some coherence when it comes to spacing

It's been crashing and recovering for at least two days now.
Maybe under attack.

it has been under attack for sometime now

The master plan was outlined in this thread if you can read through it all. >>>/gamergatehq/327591
It seems to be progressing exactly as stated.