Roastie infected with HIV by ex-partner cannot press charges becauss governer made it legal

I am assuming this is in California.

I found out because I got what I thought was the flu, but it hit me so, so hard. I went to the ER twice. The first time they gave me fluids and some meds for my massive headache and sent me home. The second time I had a fever of 103 and they didn't have any beds and wouldn't for hours so I said fuck it and decided I'd rather die/go braindead in the comfort of my own bed. Two and a half weeks later I was still having fevers over 101 and couldn't get out of bed except to pee. A rash like chicken pox that didn't itch covered my entire body including my palms and my liver enzymes went off the chart. A month later after more tests and head scratching by a team of doctors, they finally diagnosed me with syphillis (stage 3) and HIV.

I took it in stride and went to therapy, took my new meds, and now my viral load is undetectable. My CD4 levels are normal (that means my immune system is working normally). Honestly the treatment for the syphillis was the worst. Three rounds of huge shots of penicillin in my butt, one in each ass cheek each time. I would be so sore it would be hard to drive out of the parking lot.

Life is pretty much the same, all except for I can't donate blood anymore and I had to unregister from the bone marrow registry. Also I avoid this man like it's my job. I don't shop at the grocery store he works at. I don't go to the park he lives near. I do a double take every time I see an older guy dressed in black on a bike now. I tried reporting him to the police but there's nothing they could do for me because my governor changed the laws recently to reduce prison crowding.

Few people close to me know I'm positive. I haven't even told my dad even though he asked me point blank when I was really sick and I just lied even though he's a doctor himself and would love me all the same. I just don't want him to worry, or to have to be burdened with knowing someone hurt me giving it to me, or if I leave that part of the story out for him to think I was reckless with my own health. But not telling him weighs on me too.

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Well, i fucked up the formatting.

Not even surprised

Maybe don't be a whore?

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Theres the plebbit link

Or keep the virginity until the marriage with the permission from the father and future father in law.


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What do you think I meant by "don't be a whore"? Only fuck strangers a little bit in college?

My apologies, that went over my head.

No sweat. Just remember that women don't take pro-survival actions on their own, anymore than a dog will train itself. It's up to white men to set standards, which includes just shrugging when a girl goes outside her reach and comes back with GRIDS.

Could commiefornia kill itself by pozzing everyone there? If so lets evacuate the kids out of there so we can let these sick fucks kill themselves via natural selection.

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She 100% percent deserves it

Roasties vote for poz.
Roastie gets pozzed

Ok, it is sad to see the society descended into degenerative and corruption.

No sauce random crap post.

Trusting women to make responsible decision on their own lol.

The genderjew pill is the hardest to swallow even for Zig Forumsacks…


Brainlets make me feel good that I have a triple-digit IQ and not one with double digits

Kill yourself victorianigger

Definitely in commiefornia. They've made that spreading aids and diseases is equally public offense as having plastic straws.
The worst part is that the blood banks can't deny faggots giving their pozzed blood, they don't even have the rights to perform HIV tests.

Who would have guessed it? Its just part and parcel of being a degenerate.

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What is wrong with protecting the women from the dangers?

The government does what women want.

Don't forget that niggers are free to donate their blood too

>(((The government))) does what it wants.

Adding also, I think they called this spreading aids as a "misdemeanor".


(((The government))) tells women what they want them to feel, and in the absence of good men in their life (caused by (((The government)))'s constant attack on white men), they they blindly trust the next authority figure.

What, do you also reckon that people """"voted"""" for the jewish filth to be propagated through mass media?

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Women do not want good men in their lives and vote accordingly: thus, the import of savages from the third world.

She trusted a boomer and paid the price.

Then stop trying to be a good boy and become the savage iron age barbarian you were always meant to be.

Given how decayed our society is at this point, rules are for fags.

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Women do what the government wants them to do* - nearly all advertisements are aimed at women, all trend-programming is aimed at women…


Did she literally get AIDS from a Walmart greeter ahahaha

This is a good wedge to drive into the liberal coalition. If anyone defends the diseased perverts you call them sexist misogynists who want to put women in danger because they think a man's orgasm is more important than a woman's health, anyone who defends the woman is a homophobe (good chance to spread redpills about homosexuality) and a "bad ally" for not being (((inclusive))) and (((intersectionalist))) enough with their social justice by not thinking of how the poor AIDS-riddled degenerates would feel about this hate speech. The only winning move would be to not virtue signal at all- and we all know they can't do that.

Imagine being a doctor and learning that your daughter caught HIV from fucking an old hipster who works at a goddamn grocery store.

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Did said roastie get HIV and Syphilis from the same dude or has she been spreading this shit around to others?

If only we had listened to Hitler Syphilis would have been eradicated by now!

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Lenin went crazy due Syphilis and died a painful dead, commies and jews deserve it.

These whores will continue their whoring unless these THOTS are punished for their degeneracy and suffer the consequences of their own choices.

She made the choice to get 500 miles of chad dick rammed through her 6-8 inches at a time, and so now she shall pay the price of a fatal std. May she die a horrible agonizing death.

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Reminder that paid jewish shills like this are codemonkey's fault.

Shock: imagined

Is California the only state that has these pro-aids laws? If I wanted a blood transfusion which state should I never be in?

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Wouldn't even take that long despite the population since you can just skip the ones that aren't white.

Sorry bro, kids is already pozzed

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When the HIV law was being written, the media was blasting the internet with "why can't you all stop being so HIV-phobic?"

This is how the illusion of consent works.

Go be American somewhere else


That's not how it works. All of the genetic stock must be erased

Found the kike degeneracy pusher

Cali spic here with some insight. Not sure bout the rest of the Country, but around here giving blood is a big to do and my local blood bus visits shopping centers, high schools, and colleges year round. They DO test for HIV and WILL notify you. So let that sink in, most roasties and normal shits know that they HIV, and even have a good cover if they want to find out without being caught at "the clinic", yet pozz levels keep rising. In regards to the law, BROWNED made Possession, Burglary, giving people fucking AIDS, and a bunch of other shit no longer felony charges.

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It's what they wanted.

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Women never know what they want, but they absolutely don't like making decisions for themselves and thus require strong male support to be the authority figure in their lives. In the absence of that, they turn to the media, their professors, etc. which are all kiked to the gills.

As far as I know, yes.
However, this is serious enough that you should verify for yourself instead of taking the word of some stranger on the web.

At this point, assume all blood is suspect, regardless of region.
That said, you can always bank your own blood, and synthetic blood is also an option.

Thanks for the clarification.
I was perplexed how so many medical 'profeshunals' could miss the obvious signs of initial HIV infection for so long, I was beginning to wonder if what was saying might apply in general.
They even had syphilis to give them a hint it was a sexually-transmitted infection and should have caught it in the panel right away.
Do you (or any other anons, for that matter) have any relevant personal experience with the California medical system that you can share, I'd like to hear if this is typical or just one massive fluke.


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I'm sure the faggot politician from San Fagcisco that legalized it got paid by the makers prep, the antiviral cocktail used by homos to avoid infection.

Or we could let the barbarian nignogs kill off the whores who like them, then we kill the nignogs.

I sure am glad wymyn can vote!

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The wages of sin is death.
Bye-bye, whore.

most whores live a happy and fulfilled life though.

Yeah, well, I don't want to get into you either bitch, so shut the fuck up and go die of AIDS.
That'll teach you not to fuck non-Whites.

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[*user's sides died on the way back to home planet*]

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And thus endeth the story of the Jewish Tranny Syphillitic HIV+ "roastie" that was brought to the attention of Zig Forums because /int/ is trying to push this anti-women shit really hard and is too stupid to do any research.

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Have you looked at female voting habits even oncr in your life, kike?

I sure have you stupid kike faggot. Go get HIV.

Get the fuck out of my 90% white homeland, you goddamned Aztec animal. Your race is responsible for this by making spic-enabling faggots into lawmakers, instead of corpses like Based Dan White tried to accomplish.

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Jesus Christ I hate reddit

They do not "want" anything other than what they are told. They are a collection of influences and behaviours. They do not accept, or respond to rational or logical argument or thought. You can see it many times with them - you tell them something - they know youre right - then they kind of go blank a second and just reject it because it doesnt "feel" right.

Women need leadership and protection. Our society has failed them by freeing them. You wouldn't emancipate a child, yet we did with women and we pay the price…but it's dumb to say "women do not want good men". Be a good man. Make them want you.

Inb4 loophole that white men who are not exclusively gay can be sued.

Have you, you fucking ming-tow cockgobbler? White women vote red. The only group that's more red than white women is white men. White women miscegenate the least of all groups, including white men. Anti-women is anti-white.

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Lo siento no entieno burrito

either suck dick or take it in the ass (which is not sex)

exactly roasties like this vote for this shit so she can literally die like she wants

cuckold fantasy

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it's probably a man. but then again, gays can become roasties too.

Is it even possible to get HIV from fucking a woman without open sores on your dick? Aren't the odds for that, although technically possible, astronomically low compared to the risk inherent in sodomy? Is this the result of roasties fucking faggots or what?

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Oh wait nevermind, it was a troon. My bad.

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Ohhh noooo that suckss

user please… You've practically admitted being retarded.

You're a moron and you had it coming.

lmfao what a world we live in man I hate it

I think it's somewhere in the 1 in 64,000 odds as in 1 time out of sex with someone with HIV 64,000 times.

It's 2018 and you have a problem with taking the poz pill? I mean c'mon.

I already had no sympathy for this "roastie", but knowing that it was some mentally ill member of the tribe fills me with joy. I hope they have a fun time paying 1 million dollars for treatments and then dying from the common cold :)

Same applies to men too, sweaty!
But fr though, don't talk about virgin till marriage unless you'll uphold your end of the bargain too, and that includes self-sex.
Semen retention is a lost art.

im really not sure what the issue is.

you realize that much worse things happen everyday. Do yourself a favor, think about reality and understand that the only person that looks out for you is yourself. Dont ever let anyone ever again have that upperhand.

sorry bro. Its not like the governor sprung this dicision on you randomly. You do live in a very gay state that allows foreigners in without repercussion. I be you live in an area with the top 10% of HIV in US if not the world.

Cry me a fucking river

hey , look it up retard … and stop posting

this thread pleases me

With the current absolute state of the internet, I trust most anons more than most image search algorithms. And second, since I'm not a cum guzzling faggot like yourself, ADIS statistics aren't particularly relevant to me, so I'm not in a panic to find out.

Says the triple posting cuckchan rapefugee.

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I noticed that "she" got syphilis which is a disease that nowadays are found among male homos only. At first I thought the guy was bisexual and "she" was a she but then it turns out that "she" is actually a tranny so it was homotronium business only straight trough.
When the system eventaully fails like in Venezuela all these people with permanent diseases are going to get rekt hard, not just the homos but also the typical fat idiots that live only by calcium blockers, and many others that I can think of.

If only we had listened to Hitler on a lot of things than a lot of bad things would have been eradicated by now.

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What's a calcium blocker?