Trump to Invest 100 Billion into Black Communities

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Is this the biggest cuckholding in a single week of Trump's Presidency?


Democrats (aka the real racists) on suicide watch. This is sure to turn all the BASED African Americans into conservatives who love Israel and the constitution.


This is the cost of 10 walls with mexico.

That would be enough to wall off both borders an all liberal zones in the country.

So he's doing what a president normally does and what he said he was going to do?

Cool 0's dude. Black communities near the southern border can now build the wall.


Exactly what I thought when I read that shit.
10 billion to beaner countries, but no wall.
Whats going to happen when you give low i.q. people money to fix up their shit hole countries so they won't come here? "Muy gracias, cheeto gringo! Keep it coming!"
Now we're going to spend a hundred billion on dindu kangz and pretend its not going to end in a fucking dumpster fire.

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Imagine being this much of a cuckhold. Only jannies get upset over TOR posting.

This statement is more true than you realize.

So far all he has done is fuck with the economy and redistribute wealth from whites to non whites. Yet I will be called a shill for saying this.

No, you are speaking the truth. Get TOR man. You can't post images, but you can't get banned for wrong-think either.

Great catch.



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That's the point. This was expected. Is that not clear? He's not us.


Based! Long live the Trumps!

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Money down the drain. It's hillarious how cuckservatives and Magapedes think you can solve problems by throwing money at them.

Nothing to see here, once this accelerationism continues people will surely wake up!

I predict that after two years of this and working with Democrats, the American population will vote for literally Hitler and the white race will be saved. :^)

You are going to have to get 8 years of a
running the show before whites will even consider waking up.

The problem is not with the infrastructure but with the demographics. No matter how much money you put into these nigger infested areas they will always quickly deteriote back to 3rd world shit hole status. Just look at Africa.

Lol, yeah, just cover up that graffiti, fix those streets, they totally won't be back in the same state a decade from now because of who's living in those cities.


he's implying he's comped like every other president we've had during our lifetimes

Americans are not going to wake up, and America will not be saved. There is nothing left to save, and we are witnessing cause and effect. What is currently happening to America is exactly what they deserve for destroying Germany in WW2. They fought for international Jewry, so now they get to reap the rewards. America will become majority non-white in every state, and the right to bare arms will be erroded, and the populace will willingly enslave themselves to the banks in exchange for the chance to kill whitey for good. This is what will happen, it's the way things will go, accept it. America set this future in stone the second it decided to go to war with Germany.

When the Republicans start losing every election thanks to shitskin immigration they'll have no choice but to cut their losses and stop this pathetic pandering. You'd think the Republicans would have quit doing this shit just out of self-preservation. Non-whites vote Democrat and they see Republicans as the White and ray-ciss party. That will never change. They don't care about DR3, they don't care that Democrats created the KKK, they don't care that the Republicans were formed on the mission of outlawing slavery. None of that shit is relevant to them. They'll never give a single fuck about free speech or tax cuts that Republicans talk about, or what the Democrats did 50-150 years ago, when the Democrats now are giving them free shit, letting their entire useless family chain immigrate, and giving them dopamine rushes by attacking and blaming White people on every propaganda outlet.

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To say that black society in the US hasnt advanced is ridiculous. Slavery then Jim Crow put them at a disadvantage but go to a place like Wash DC and you will see blacks running the show. Of course ghetto trash still exists but at this pace the blacks will be on par with us sooner than we think.

If he doesn't deliver the wall he's done. Brilliant marketing, right down to the 'q' stuff. But it's all just empty calories for public consumption unless he keeps the one fucking promise he started his campaign on.

Sometimes I wonder if he's explicitly anti-white, or just too stupid to realize who his base is and who needs support.
Trump has never, even a single time, mentioned an intention of helping white people. He'll go on and on about blacks, Mexicans, etc. but won't even acknowledge our existence. In fact he has gone out of his way to target WN groups.
It's all so tiresome. Does he expect to be re-elected? Does he honestly believe he can convince non-white voters like this? Or is he just trying to do as much damage as possible on his way out the door?
It would have been so easy if he had just kept pushing the Overton Window right, if he had simply stood by his white constituency and fought for the MAJORITY, the people who voted him in. He would have had all the support he needed to turn things around, all the power necessary to expose the elites' evil to the entire West. But instead, he turned his back on everyone, just like every politician I've witnessed in my life. Except even that isn't quite accurate; anti-white politicians seem to actually work towards their stated goals, so really it's only us that are given traitors.
At this point I sincerely hope that the Fed crashes the entire economy right on Trump's face, and he takes 100% of the blame (won't be hard, because he spends so much time bragging on Twitter about how much he's done for the economy). He deserves all the bad that's coming 'round the bend, because he had more power than any man alive to stop it. I truly do believe he could have reversed the cultural and demographic decay had he the will to do so.

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C A N ' T

Fuck off back to Zig Forums.

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Oh, okay

b-b-b-ut muh south Africa land seizure tweet! Nigger do you even have a twitter? Trump is roasting libs epic style on there and dogwhistling hardcore to /ourguy/s lol anti trump is anti white

This. Trump is a fucking idiot. The fed has been raising interest rates since he won the election and he keeps bragging that hes responsible for a BOOMER economy. They have been setting this shit up to crash before 2020 and Trump is too much of a stupid boomer to even see it.

$25 billion for the wall though…

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LOL… thats when they'll be able to change their policies (SCREW WHITES OVER) and still win elections! Which is what they WANT.

No, they won't, they will continue to cut White Men out the equation because they are followers and not leaders. The same way they have now accepted homosexuals as part of life, they will accept white genocide as a not just an inveitability, but a good thing. The reason for this is that Republicans, like almost all Americans, get their views from television, video games, and YouTubers. They get their views from a Jew dominated media, and this media will take them all the way to where Antifa is currently (save the suspicion of Israel)

Alexis de Tocqueville was right about Democracy, and mass media has allowed for manipulation of the mob. America will not escape it's destiny, and it's destiny is destruction. Europe will survive, but the Amerimutts will annihilate themselves through race mixing. No doubt America will eventually try to invade Europe to kill Whites for good, but at that point their military will be too dysfunctional to win any war. The real threat will be them deciding to just nuke Europe to kill whitey.

Why would that even be successful for them though? Everything shitskins want is already given to them by the Democrats. If they think they can succeed by being identical to the Democrats, except pro-Israel, then they deserve to die out like the Whigs did.

So maybe this board really is filled with russian bots damn

Not once in History has such a thing ever happened with their race. Your progressive humanist ideaology is at odds with reality. History is cyclical, not linear. Blacks are not one day going to create Wakanda just because you throw a lot of money at them, anymore than a mongoloid with downsyndrome would eventually become a normal human being through education and training. Why are you even on this website? Your beliefs line up entirely with the mainstream. Go back to watching television, you'll be happier.

republicans in office only care about appeasing their masters, their 'doners', that's all and will never change, they will never care about white people or even just average people, those people don't cut their checks

Name one example in American history where the act of giving black people money or resources improved America in any way, shape, or form.

We all know how it'll end. 100 billion and this is the inevitable outcome.

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Daily reminder, blacks are not the problem, they are pawns. Investing in their communities so they have jobs and stop chimping out and robbing me is a good thing.

They may be pawns, but this post is retarded

Prepare to see spinner rims on every piece of shit car.

You must not have much experience dealing with blacks IRL. Companies go out of their way to hire blacks all the time, in spite of what Zig Forums will tell you. They hire a black worker, and that black worker will either work their first day and then never come back, or they'll work until lunch and then just leave and never come back. It's normal for them. They have huge chips on their shoulder against America in general and Whitey in particular. Welfare is so ingrained in black culture now that they take it for granted. If your choices in life are to work 40-60 hours a week alongside people from a race you hate, or get welfare and spend those 40-60 hours a week playing PlayStation, drinking, and smoking weed with your friends, why would you ever want a job?

This user is right.

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This is why America will never improve. White Americans are themselves, complete fucking retards.

is that why rich black communities are so low on crime? hahaha
is this bait? because this is fucking hilarious.

ahahaaaa raping democrats

Hi, paid jewish shill.

Sure looks that way. Fine by me. Normalfags I've spoken with are pissed and confused by his actions. So much for the release valve.

100 BILLION to hostile niggers
Not even 1 million for a wall.

You are a moron and if you are not a communist already, I suggest you become one so that you can share your stupidity with them.

i find more confused people. he's all over the place.

He is starting to pave the way to another term by robbing the sjw twats and gibmedats of their thunder.Every issue they bring up he will have a counter attack.

politics son

Confusion is the BEST time for redpilling! GO GO GO!

No. The Biggest cuckery is the long circumcised one you don't see, or care to see because all you have is niggers on the brain.

What you see.

Is this paid shilling are you ironytards really this fucking stupid?

My area isn't a good bell weather. Still 90% White with varying degrees of racial awareness. I do so enjoy being able to talk about niggers and spics in those terms without most anyone batting an eye.

Do you think shitskins are going to pay attention to policy decisions, or what the media tells them? Because the media won't mention this shit, and will instead say, Dems=mo welfare.

relax and enjoy the ride,you could have had hillary then what would you be spewing hmm oh yea the exact same thing .stfu

Pretty sure we'd be on the way to full scale civil war right now if hildog was in.
Pressure release valve.

thats a fucking laugh. most people on the right didnt even know others felt the same way and thought they were in the minority.
trump getting elected wasnt a big deal because of trump and what trump could do. it was a big deal because people were voting for what trump said.
it made a ton of people realize that their opinions are popular, when they used to be considered fringe.

overton window moved.

would actually be for this if it would get rid of the rodent however we don't have enough poor angry whites yet to show these fucking bitches who is Boss.

Hitler did absolutely nothing wrong.

Of course he is anti-white, he’s a major jew loving Zionist that sold his kids off to Jews and filled his cabinet with them. Trump is 100% for Jewish agenda and we all know a huge part of Jewish agenda is to eliminate the white race, if you do not know this look up the “Kalergi plan”. Trump would of never been chosen for presidency if he was not for Jewish agenda.

Trump is a Jew orchestrated psy-op to pacify whites into believing the system works by tricking them into thinking they got their “anti-establishment” saviour. The fake news Trump whines about 24/7 is part of this charade to make it seem like there is true establishment opposition to trick MAGA retards into continuing to believe that Trumps side is anti-establishment. Trump and his so called “enemies” know exactly what they are doing. It’s all just and act for the stupid goyim for the purpose of dividing us into fighting amongst each other, diverting attention away from the tribe and was turning the temperture of the boiling pot to a slow boil so people do not wake up to the ones who are boiling us.

Lately Trump and his Jew pals have been testing the goyim and been cranking the temperture up quite a bit. If the goyim starts getting antsy he’ll
just throw some more bucks at his shitty fence or whine about the obstructionists to re-pacify them or to subvert their attention towards the libtards.

The only good thing Trump did was get lots of young people interested in politics. Lots of the smarter ones see him now for what he is and are now truly (((anti-establishment))).

agreed,so now what is the best option ?

Can we please just gibs them a home in Africa?

Sane people have been prepping for a long time. Hildog would have pushed everything over the edge. It was supposed to be JEB! vs HerTurn. How much more shit like 9/11, sandy hook, and the fucking shit ton of pedo shit before it quietly begins?
There's a quiet majority already sick of all this shit. Balkanization is organic and inevitable.

9376519^46 chess, Goy! The wall is coming!!

Again, Balkanizing will be a LOT easier to achieve than most anons seem to think with the current rate things are going.

He is lucky not to get impeached already.

By allowing kikes to have 38 Billion.
Nice try MIGApede. Trump kike has been a disgrace for a year now.

why should whites give them a fucking thing except extermination as niggers have no place on this earth except to be weaponized by the rat against whites.


Niggers were given a home. Liberia.
Funny how all these geniuses of Waku don't want to go back to apefrica to improve it. Really telling.

Discord server

did you already forget what things were like before 2016? we didnt start dominating the public conversation until the election.

it dosen't matter what you give them they will always be feces that needs to be discarded yet these fucking rats push affirmative action to turn what whites created to shit.

I blame the jew

You mean the prison system?

The shills are hammering on the wall in coordination with the media to distract from the federal reserve jews and the syrian warhawk neo-coens

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Because I'd rather do something that most whites can get behind. The only time humans express such sentiment is usually under intense pressure and even then… Only a sliver of the population would express such a sentiment outside of this and even fewer would actually carry it out. Plus I just don't have a raging boner to genocide people it's not me nor is it most people, I'm not bothering with the ethical part of this. I have no problem expelling people all nonwhites and securing our borders so they can never enter again though.

There were back to Africa movements in the 1960's led by blacks but they were shut down. Marcus Garvey and I think for a period of time Malcom X. So clearly this is a possible alternative but not under kike media control.

I was wondering if we could somehow use that country honestly.

We have never dominated the public conversation.
It's only on boards like this that the conversation is able to happen.

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For that much you could hand every able-bodied white man a shovel and we could dig a hole deep enough to hand them off to the devil in person and have enough left over to spend on a party afterwards.

Make America Gorilla Again

That graffiti is going back within the hour of removal, faggot.

But they are. They are paying themselves, or their businesses, to fix the problem of their bank accounts not having enough zeros.

be more concerned about the rat hiking up the interest rate to cripple growth and prosperity in the white populous.

Kill the fed and outlaw aipac NOW.

Why are shills so illiterate?

The upside is nobody is going to waste the next two years waiting for Trump to save them.
Good time to finalize your security measures and plans.

That sure is an interesting file name you have there, user…

worse. the money isn't being given to blacks. who are the slumlords? jews. the money is going straight to schlomo

They're shills; it's not their job to read

Kike-controlled mainstream media isn't public conversation. It's what friends and family members talk about with each other. Even my hyper-normalfag cuckservative relatives now talk openly about anti-White media and jewish influence now.

lel, come on, man.


oh,ok youre new here.
we do right now, user. thats the reason for the massive censorship taking place in the past 2 years. thats why silicon valley has been having conference after conference on how they can keep us from dominating every single place that allows speech on the internet.

in 2015 they didnt have to take so many measures to keep us down, because we were fringe.

Kek. All for that 8%.

We really need to start memeing all these spending bills in the amount of wall with mexico they would have purchased.

Fuck niggers