Jordan peterson fags BTFO
I watch the satire of his gibberish, and cant see any difference between when he praises Jesus.

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You could show this to his cultists and, if you didn't actually tell them it wasn't him, they would probably eat this up, whatever it is.

Daily reminder that everyone who trashes mgtow eventually gets revealed for what they are
"Mgtow are pathetic weasels" - Jordan Peterson

The future is mgtow, a White Androcentric technostate comprising white men created by state of the art eugenics technology and raised in artificial wombs. These men will know little fear, feel little pain and show no unwarranted remorse. They will slaughter the Jew and render ZOG to waste while tradcucks sit there larping for Uncle Adolf to be reborn.

Peterson saying that White people uniting is "not pretty" and that it must be prevented at all costs, that his ideology of "radical individualism" must be pushed instead:
@ 40:00

Peterson calling Europeans defending their countries from the migrant invasion orchestrated by the EU "regressive":

Peterson saying that White people have no right to affirm that Western nations belong to Whites:

Peterson saying we should import non-Whites into our countries:
@ 2:55

Peterson boasting about working at the UN with George Soros' right-hand man Jim Balsillie:

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A typical Anglo. Explains in full detail his every plan to the world. A few years later is horrified africans and jews replicate everything. A story older than time …

Anglos are the dumbest fucking people on the planet. The secret is anglos don't even come up with the ideas they feel they need to tell the world. Creativity always came from the Celts of Europe. They were the most artistic and creative. Anglos just created a market system that parasites off them. Generations after generation this has occurred. For so long, the social culture and social myths that develop start to portray the parasite as the true creative man; when it is not true. This is why we see anglo characteristics always running their big mouth to the entire world, about this, or, about that.

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Hi, paid jewish shill.

no Zig Forumsack gives a shit about this zionist faggot shill cryptojew

The only person you are going to be gassing is that 50 year old over the wall and into the abyss harpie you call a wife gramps. And she'll be gassing you back baked beans and all

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Gas chamber sooner than you think, Moishe. You're not good at this.

Wow, something by AiU that I find amusing.

he backtracked that weasel shit quick when he saw it might alienate a portion of his potential paypigs

Yes a men only ethnostate is a great long term strategy. KEK.

You know what the problem is? It's women!

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Fuck off back to endchan already, nigger, and take your little sparring buddy back with you.

Also, there is still a peterstein thread up

if we could create kids without women, why even have them around?

Fundamental to the Household, Social Cohesion and Fresh Clothes.

So that your kids get raised in a normal fashion.
Children of single parents are never completely normal.

mgtow are some of the most delusional weirdos I have ever came across

I like his advice. He's the Deepak Corpora of Yidtube.

Sadly, I can't get beyond his curlytop long enough to trust that his advice will make me a rich collector of Soviet era paintings too.

If he collected Nazi era paintings nobody would question his political ideology.
Collecting mass murder propaganda of the left is still a plausible deniability

The Jews feminism has destroyed our women so completely we can’t even envision a woman who helps her husband more than she takes from him.

I wonder how Lemmy from Motorhead got away with it for so long. That band had quite a following.

Spotted the artificial-womb denier.

I'll grant that historically that's been true, but the newest generation of parenting robots is a real game changer.

Only jews are this perverse, degenerate, and disconnected from humanity. This has to be a jew.

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Which one TV or vidya?

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transhumanism stems from a homosexual impulse to defile the natural world

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The things that gets me is how he built his name of free speech and has now shifted to 'acceptable discourse' and says certain ideas are off limits.

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Poe's law

Wtf I hate whites now

Part 2

thanks OP

What is the limit threshold for crossing over from defilement to being too defiled to be tolerable in existence? Wouldn't it be better to destroy everything than to allow everything to become defiled, if those were the only two options, for example? (just saying that if you take the "natural world" to be sacrosanct, there are virtually no limits to what goes on in nature that most humans would find unacceptable. What is "human nature".)

Enough with the gay fantasies you degenerate. Faggots will be put to death. We will have robowaifus who will be much better than biological women(roasties) in every way. They will look better, smell better, will never age, will provide sex on demand, sammiches on demand and will do a fantastic job of caring for white children.

Meanwhile you will still be in your basement waiting for DOTR

t. hates pussy

'Playing in the woods with knives is manly.', Jack Donovan
Playing in the woods with knives is manly.', Jack Donovan
Playing in the woods with knives is manly.', Jack Donovan
Masculinity is about being a man within a group of men.
Above all things, Playing in the woods is manly

masculinity is about what men want from each other.
masculinity is about what men want from each other.

Playing in the woods is manly

Put differently, men with more muscle look less like most women, and more like the least androgynous men.

Masculinity is about posting black and white photos of yourself, shirtless, and wearing face paint on instagram.
Masculinity is about posting black and white photos of yourself, shirtless, and wearing face paint on instagram.
Masculinity is about posting black and white photos of yourself, shirtless, and wearing face paint on instagram.

Put differently, a strong social media presence is the marker of a true barbarian.

If every man lays down his arms and refuses to pick them up, the first man to pick up can do whatever he wants.

masculinity is about what men want from each other.
A gang is essentially a male group identity, it’s an us.
A gang is essentially a male group identity, it’s an us.
A gang is essentially a male group identity, it’s an us.

Put differently, IT'S AN US

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T.d&c kike

Literally written slaughter the Jew. Wtf

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The source of the audio is linked in the video's description. All AiU did was add all the visuals, which are funny, but not really necessary.



Reminder that Issac Asimov's son David was caught with one of the largest collections of cee pee in Commifornia history and was let off with only a small fine and no jail time by the Federal Prosecutor. That Federal Prosecutor was Robert Mueller.

Proof user?

If you really want peterson fags to get destroyed, seek no further

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Archived from a 2001 news group.[email protected]/msg69057.html

Also, if you weren't such a faggot, a simple jewgle search would show this story was dug up and covered last spring.

Fuck off back to half moshe.

Requesting a PDF/other format of this book.
I won't give the author money for it because he seems like a lesser man himself too.

mgtow tards and peterstein worshippers with no father figure are just 2 different kinds of cancer

He's literally Satanic. Peterstein spends more time worshiping Lucifer than Hillary spends worshiping Moloch.

No PDF. In my opinion the author is worth supporting. He has a bunch of peterson videos that cover the broad strokes of the book.

It's because he's a Q-tard, isn't it?


Indeed. You rate this pic, user.

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