==House Vote Passes Wall Funding==

```The revised House spending bill to continue funding the federal government for the next two months has an added provision that funds $5.7 billion worth of border wall construction without any contingencies.```
``by John Binder 20 Dec 2018 - Breitbart``



So this just passed in the house but is unlikely to pass in the senate, do you think we are still going for a shutdown? I can't figure out what Trump is going for here there has been so much going on lately with Trump - getting rid of his Attorney General, Chief of Staff, Defense Secretary, (anyone else I'm forgetting). There may still be hope for our wall after all.

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He will have lost his imaginary second term at that point if the bill even passes.
And what the fuck is this bill? I searched congress archive for "wall" and "border" and there is nothing this month.

So nothing got passed. (((Kikebart))) "got a hold of a copy", right after Ann Coulter blasted trumpkike for being an impotent coward.

Muddying the discussion in real life AND on h8chan. Fucking MIGApedes.

Oh, there is one

But it is nothing like what was posted here

It is almost a month old ffs.

What the fuck are these people trying to do? Is something big about to go down?

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It's not just Kikebart reporting this, USA Today 30 minutes ago. Washington Post also. Also that link you posted is for something in the Senate, this was for the short term spending to avert the government shut down.

So tell us when the 5.7 Billion actually goes to the wall.
The way this is popping up is disingenuous af.
Even you said the dem senate will strike it down.

‘‘SEC. 141. Notwithstanding any other provision of18 this Act, there is appropriated for ‘U.S. Customs and Bor19 der Protection—Procurement, Construction, and Improve20 ments’ $5,710,357,000 for fiscal year 2019, to remain21 available until September 30, 2023.

Not enough. They will have to refund again this time next year anyways. Once all these border state governments see what it does to their economies to have these projects in their states.

That money is basically going to be injected straight in those state economies. That's not mention what maintenance on that wall will bring as well as the border areas finally not be a pure shit show of criminality. There are places where you can't even get within 100 miles of the border because of the crime, kidnappings that go on and etc.

You don't even see the reports when they find bodies on the border anymore because it's uncomfortable and so common now.

Frankly, if this pathetic amount not even close to the estimated $20 billion to just complete the wall gets passed, the board will gets shit up so bad until trump loses 2020.


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Now which Israeli company will be tasked with building the glorified fence covering some small portion of the border?

We have to wait until it passes the fucking dem senate first.


Damn khazar milkers.


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So did it go pass the senate? I don't have to respect trumpkike after he deported an ethnic European man and banned gun accessory.
Uh huh
Tell me when it passes senate, mmkay?

Not really user, not trusting the politicians is pretty much the smartest thing you can do at this point, as none of them can be trusted.
Money has a funny way of changing direction in Washington.
Call me a shill now if you want, but it won't change the fact that its naive to believe a politician as you seem to be.

Also, can you not spam every thread?

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These fucking migapedes. You are what is wrong with america.



>extreme shill
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I may have fucked up the formatting for this thread but holy fuck are you guys way too obvious.

Genuine posts here trying to continue the conversation of this thread about the bill.

I mean fuck. The radio said that 5 billion isn't that big in the grand scheme of things. Glad Trump was able to secure the deal.