Shy, introverted, homely women are going to inherit the World

Feminist Marriage introduced an evolutionary pressure on the population. You can no longer marry any personality type of women and expect the marriage to last. Not with 50% divorce rate.

Bad women, who divorce-rape men don't have lots of kids. You never see single moms with 4+ kids. Always 1 or 2. They don't reproduce above replacement level. Bad women either produce offspring of lesser quality (because they get kids so late) or not at all.

Men, especially enlightened, high quality men are not going to be breeding with these women. They are going for the type of woman that has been historically overlooked. The one that doesn't go out alone at night. That didn't go to the party and got drunk, because strangers and alcohol scare her. That doesn't hookup with random men from dating apps. That doesn't prositute herself on social media, because making sexually suggestive photos of herself feels akward.

The Irony in all of this is, that back when men had legal authority over women, you could get away with basically marrying any kind of women. Redflag mattered less, because there was no incentive for women to leave. They didn't have the modern privilege of being able to break all the obligations of marriage, but keep the benefits. In fact there aren't even any legal marriage obligations for women. They were all abolished. But all the obligations of men are still there.

The irony is that with this unfairness, the bad type of women will probably never going to be married (for long), but they would easily be marriage material in a more sane society. Back then, before feminist marriage, these red flags could be ignored, because the man had little to fear compared to know. But now it will forever define their life. Women sadly start out innocent and can only get more corrupted over time. It's impossible for them to revert or "self-improve" after being party-going sluts in their youth, because they are tainted and will never be able to pair-bond like before. Love will feel less intense.

If you are not only her first boyfriend, but also her best friend and only authority figure in her life, then you both kinda form an island that is protected by the modern degeneracy of the world.
What do laws matters on a lonely island? Or after an Apocalypse? Nothing. There is no one interested to enforce them. And make sure to breed her. She is not going to leave you with 4 kids, because she would never be able to handle that alone.

(btw I am not saying you should definetly legally marry them, that is still very risky, if you aim for more than working-class levels of wealth)

Fertile wombs of shy, introverted women, who are going to be the wives of conservative men > dried up eggs of popular thots

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Niggers, spics and other 3rd worlders are still giving birth to their maggots at an alarming rate in the US and in Europe, there won't be anymore shy, introvert, homely women left when they'll all be raped and killed by the shitskins

and how exactly do you find these unicorns that never go to social events and seem to hide away doing god knows what or where

I am not even going respond in any serious manner to this, except: FUCK OFF SHILL!

fuck off cuckchan slide fag

Shy girls are cute, have a bump.

Makes sense.

They're the ugly ones with jobs that we ignore every day.

Woman in pic isn't homely

Stay away from fatties though. Obesity in a woman (or a man) is a sign of a mentally undeveloped mind. The inability to moderate ones eating would be understandable in a dog or a goldfish or even a child. But not an adult.

I hate to break it to you but most every woman is going to be a bit of a fixer-upper these days. Getting your girl /fit/ is almost low hanging fruit.

Sounds like you're a shitskin, no one defends shitskins unless they are one. Fuck off back to your shithole of a country you nigger shit

Eat once a day and skip days.

These ones are even worse because they have inferiority complexes and will go batshit insane at random times (more insane than the average female at least).

You need to be her authority figure, dude.

Naw, they just need more sex.

It is true that our race has been mentally broken by jewish subversion. These women are out there though. Some pretty and intelligent as well.

Yeah only problem as I see it is they are still 90% the same as any other woman. So if you have to keep a woman in line anyways why shoot for an ugly one? At least if your relationship fails with an attractive woman you got to have fun for a while and access to premium genes if you had kids. I guess the main benefit of homely girls is that they are more obtainable while young and chaste which highly correlates with low divorce rates. Good point on the intelligence though. Could make the next autistic Hitler.

What are you, a virus? Is replication the meaning of life?

You'd be surprised, introverts are the biggest drinkers. I used to drink before talking so I get used to social interactions

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Son this whole thing is about to collapse anyway so your rhetoric falls empty.
Thots are gonna wind up warbrides within the next 20 years.
Count on it.

Good thread

This is actually very true as these are the only women worth a damn at this point.

My last gf was more than I could have hoped for, even by OPs standards, and she still took me for granted and left me for someone else. Finding another girl won’t fix the way I feel, I don’t want to feel this way again, and idk if it’s just better to be a khhv than being tortured every day like this, and it’s been months.

Just focus on bettering yourselves anons, stay active, eat healthy, find an art to master, make friends, and be prepared.

This. Zig Forums stop fantasizing about weak willed and weak women. Weak people instill weakness in others. People with insecurities are even worse, because they project that onto others to an extent. Low self esteem, low self worth, these are not characteristics anyone should be aspiring for.

Do you want to do all the work in your household yourself? No? Better to have a Valkyrie mode female who would be able to say no to inviting Achmed or Ishmael into the fucking house, and is actually capable of making her own decisions (decent ones if red-pilled and sensible) towards the house and your collective household.

Well that gets back to my original pointer. Attractive women aren't fat.
Frankly, I believe that fat people are unfit to raise children. Especially fat women.
If you can't take care of yourself, why the hell would we expect them to be able to raise a child?

If you find an honest to God great girl it will only hurt worse when she betrays you.

that is not a homely woman you doublenigger. but i hope the logic of your premise proves to be sound.


then man up dipshit. you are made to endure hardship, so don't slag off. go make white babies and let the chips fall where they may.

Was she a virgin?
Did you take her for granted?
Did she see you as an authority figure?
Did you ever exert any authority over her?

Purity and being scared of foreign men is not weakness. It's a strenght, because it had to have given them some evolutionary advantage.
"You know, maybe it's not in my best interest to get pass-out drunk at this party."

Fuck you for saying that it's a weakness.

What about these ones?

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I know a lot of them but I would never in a million years curse them with the type of man I see on Zig Forums

both quite attractive young white women.

Shoo shoo anti-natalist jew

>>>/tumblr/ pls.

What do you "see"?

Eastern Belarusian girls if my Folk clothing knowledge is correct. I'd say a little Ukrainian if I didn't know any better.

OK but we're not waiting 20 years to impregnate women. Start your main family now. Extra warbrides are just a bonus and besides they might be more useful to your fireteam of sons at the point anyways.

Weakness is not being capable to defend oneself alone, or looking after oneself alone. Self preservation takes many forms, what you speak about is more prevention than any thing else.

This thread is naive and retarded. Browns are out-breeding whites. Don't even suggest otherwise. Sage.

Men who would happily murder their own flesh and blood or cheer when their own flesh and blood is slaughtered by foreigners. Men who hate women. Men who don't understand National Socialism or even European values. Men who spend their time either fucking scads of women and have no idea that they can get STD's.

Honestly, they can do much better than the quality of man I find here.

I am seriously considering for the first time in my life whether it is not 'foreign men' who are the 'problem' but ALL MEN.

You mean constant infighting with whites while surrendering all your "rights" to the king? Fucking euros are a disgrace.

Sorry to intrude on your fantasy.
Not if she has a stable family to protect her. It is the common thot who grows up without a strong family; a product of post-sanity single motherhood.

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Are you a moron? Replicating your genes has been the meaning of life since the first cells existed. That is not exclusive to viruses, you just wanted the lowest form of 'life' available to insult the concept with.

I think the point is that you need a chaste woman to ensure high marriage success rates. If there was some abundance of valkyrie virgins this thread wouldn't have been created.

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I know that feel but failure is not an option. We must persist.

You're thinking of MGTOWs who are absolutely faggots. These weird woman hating, basement incels that watch BDSM porn all day and fantasize about beating White women to a pulp like they do in IsraHell are a tiny but loud minority.

I don't post mutt memes. But if I did, this would be the post to direct them to.

We get it you're not from around here.

There is hope, boys.

You haven’t lurked long enough to not spew your feminist dogma. Zig Forums men and I mean real Zig Forums men and not the larpers and shit posters and shills are of the best type of archetype of a masculine male you could ever find. Pure in blood, pure in physical physique, pure of philosophical discussion, pure in their role in the hierarchy of their place and significant others place in the world. Hit th gym, get back in the kitchen and make something worth luring us to. End of story.

That would be you, mutt.

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1. It sounds like you overdosed. Don't engage in internet arguments so much anymore.

2. I see what you mean, but it's not ALL men or every Zig Forums user. You just see a lot of shit, when you go on Zig Forums. There are also lots of other rejects here.

3. Lots of men, who aren't bitter, hateful towards women or otherwise blackpilled browse Zig Forums. These types are just much more likely to engage in arguments. Also as you can see, there are quite a lot of shills in this thread.

4. Also remeber that lots of trash from /r9k/ comes here.

You will just end up taking a path that ends similary hateful towards people as some of the people you critize. I am guessing you are a woman, because I can't imagine a man talking like this.

You remind me of someone btw. Does your name start with a C?

no such thing, women only cheat and divorce because of jews. Paternity fraud literally did not exist until jews invented it.
Jews also invented niggers and herpes.
am I fitting in?

You guys are all such weak pathetic faggots.

A-bloo bloo life is hard, girls don't like me, I'm poor.

I like helping people, and I love helping Zig Forumsacks but some of you would rather just wallow in your own self-destructive misery.
You've become comfortable in your own unhappiness and would rather the safety of a miserable life than the danger and risk of a happy one.

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Can smell the reddit from a mile away

Yes, no, yes, and yes. To be frank she left me for an absolute pussy, “because he’s more positive” than I am. Being the more authoritative guy isn’t a guarantee for anything.

He said he just broke up from a LTR a couple months ago, you autist. Of course he's going to be a bit of an emo for the moment. What's actually hilarious is that you extrapolated a single guy's breakup sob into an overarching view on Zig Forums

Any one girl being the right one isn’t a guarantee either.
I remember a particularly bad breakup, first relatively long term relationship fucking killed me. I thought I’d be single forever. Eventually I realized it wasn’t really the girl I missed but some sort of “otherness”, and archetype I build in my head. I missed their presence but not necessarily them.
I’m not saying this is you by any means but what I do mean to say is you’ll come to terms with it and shit will work out. I’m currently engaged right now to a great chick and would have never met her if I was still with the last one. Keep your head up man

Was she drinking or alone with him? All it takes is one moment of opportunity or weakness for just about any woman. Also have to take into account where they are on their cycle which creates all sorts of otherwise seemingly unpredictable scenarios.

You don’t need to white knight for me lol. But yeah I might just go emo forever now, but it won’t stop me from becoming stronger in other ways.

This is probably what happened to me more than I’m willing to accept.

She was alone with him unfortunately.

through friends and family, or on the internet
I met my wife through my cousin.

You learned a very important lesson our parents never bothered to teach us. Woman should never be left unaccompanied with another man. Other important lessons include don't cancer or lose your job, and never show emotional weakness. Dominate her when she's ovulating, nurture her when she's on her period. I wonder what lessons I still haven't learned yet. Modern relationships feel like walking through a field of landmines.

How do I not cancer? Please respond.

I’ve only been with two other girls to any extent, one of them being my only other serious attempt at a relationship. I admit my knowledge is weak, but I’m really picky.

You don't worry about cancer and drink from glass and non plastics as much as possible.

Alzo, I can't stop winning.

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I've fucked over 80 women. You aren't missing much. Cunt is pretty much the same no matter the woman it is attached to.

Hey Johnny.

Women are not incapable of independent thought. You don't earn someone's respect/admiration by chaining them to your arm user. In the past, I recall observing from a distance how past partners behaved when approached by another man. If faltering, pathetic/weak, you know that they are of weak character – someone you definitely cannot fully trust nor depend upon. Whereas, someone who does NOT need your help/assistance to casually rebuff other men is normally someone you can place faith/trust in, and have faith that she will most likely be a good mother as well – strong willed, but with good principles, not some weak faggot who needs to be told what to do in every situation and at every turn. Sounds like the brain of a child.

Meant for

As a shy guy in high school I once bought in to the "beauty is more than skin deep" myth. My lesson was that the fat cunts that weren't coalburning were either lesbians are just nasty people all around. BBW stands for Bitchy Beluga Whale.

Find out if her mother is a kike. That was usually the cause looking back.

Should you be studying for your "degree" or building your clone army?

Even your so-called (((best friend))) will fuck her if he can get away with it.

literally nothing. It should at least be 20 years to have any relevancy. Who considers 5 years a successful marriage?

Have seen that happen myself. Destroyed their relationship, the dudes remained friends. Kicked the girl to the curb.

Not sure that was the right choice, don't actually care.

It is not a consideration of this particular thread or the one before this one, or the one before that, ad infinitum. It is a larger consideration of the Fallen, who they are and who belongs on this planet, and what is Right and Just. When I consider the Kali Yuga and Krishnas admonition to Arjuna; the role of Christ; the Teth and its ancient significance. The Rosicrucians do not believe that men belong here, neither do the Babylonians, and I am starting to think that they are correct the deeper males drag us into the Kali Yuga.

It is Christmas break, you muslim homosexual retard.

Yes, we must save all mudsharks and traitors for the enlightened 1000 year feminist reich, they dindu nuffin!

Maybe if you have an utterly shit best friend and girlfriend.

Honestly its even harder to find a quality fat girl than a normal one

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Shouldn't you be spending this extra free time baking Christmas cookies for your husband and children? Oh wait, you can't do that because instead of knowing your place in the natural order of things and SUBMITTING to a man, you choose to be an arrogant, deluded bitch who thinks her opinions and goals in life are what matters most.
It is so fucking obvious that you are a crypto-feminist. Why do you even come to Zig Forums besides alternately giving your unwanted "advice" and chastising men for shitposting about muh Aryan Queens? Most of the men on this board white knight for unworthy women such as yourself. You'd think at least that much would please you, but no, you are just another whiny, ungrateful bitch drawing as much attention to herself as possible. Pathetic.
You don't belong here. No woman does. Politics is a man's world, not a woman's. You claim to be a National Socialist and enjoy lecturing us that we don't know anything, but obviously, neither do you, because National Socialists never wanted useless cunts like you in political life. You're just meant to be a womb, a sex toy and a housekeeper. That's it.
Don't like it? Then dye your hair even more pink than it already is and go join your mentally ill SJW feminist freak sisters who will gladly validate and amply the obvious hate you have towards men.
Barring that, since I know you are too sad, lonely and pathetic to just go away forever, then at least lurk like the other women who visit this board and keep your fat, greasy pie hole SHUT, bitch! You're practically a tripfag at this point. All you do is disrupt and get in the fucking way.
TL;DR Leave or STFU no, we don't want to see your ugly tits either

I'm seeing a girl exactly as described in the first post.

Problem is she has all of those qualities but she's just really naive. She's not that exciting to be around. I could definitely marry her and do the whole family thing but I think I'd get really bored with her to the point of infidelity.

This probably stems from the fact that I am a bit of a degenerate. Black pilled myself and just started having casual sex a few years ago and now I'm not even interested in a nice normal girls. I think hypersexuality in men is just as detrimental to a marriage or a serious relationship as it is for women. I used to kind of think I could fuck a bunch of girls and then settle down with a nice one but now all I want is a thot.

TLDR don't sleep around unless you want to get addicted to thots and lose interest in girls who would actually be good for you

I'm sorry to hear that user. Can you not just….

Have you tried controlling your sexual urges and relegating them to procreation? I feel as though the problem with most people is placing sex and their sexual desires on a pedastool or does it go further than that?

There has to be something that you can do.

You would be correct

Been there. It's like nofap. You just have to have willpower. After a few years (yeah, you're addicted like any other drug) roasties become less desirable, and you start looking for the type in OP. Stay strong Chadanon.

kys, r-selected

Ive been trying to become disgusted with thots.. I know it takes self control but it's kind of tragic because to feel anything towards them, even negativity requires placing some sort of value to them in my mind. Even if I'm disgusted with their personalities, the things they say and think, etc it always comes down to the fact that I just want to fuck them and then immediately send them on their way.

It's tough but I'm going to try and start pressing this girl into deeper more complex topics and conversations. I'm not expecting her to be full on redpill and see intricacies and patterns in the world but the ability to understand abstract concepts and think about dissonant ideas and thoughts in the face of years of brainwashing is somewhat important in a woman.

Thanks boys

Matthew 5:5-9
5 “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.
6 “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.
7 “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.
8 “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.
9 “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.

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I did.

I don't cheat because of karma but I also don't do it because I don't like being blackmailed.

You're doing it wrong. She should be bending to your needs and moods, not the other way around. If she's expecting you to conform around her "schedule" then you are being cucked and her demands will only grow as time goes on.

Fuck off reddit.

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A proper woman would have kept her mouth shut, you just a fucking jew.