Elizabeth Warren discussion thread

Is Elizabeth Warren the best 2020 democratic candidate so far?

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Imagine claiming that a neoliberal on steroids is leftpol approved.

The closest thing to be /ourgal/ would be Tulsi Gabbard; and she's Israel's bitch.

She’s a roastie

Literally a Shillary KKKlinton puppet


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She didn't support Sanders against Clinton when he actually had a shot against her, because she wanted an office or post in the ruling Democratic party under President Clinton.
She's a fucking opportunist.

Senator from Raytheon's home state of Massachusetts who loves defense projects.

The consensus here seems to be that warren is no good. What about kirsten gillibrand?

This. She is only joining the race to split the "leftist"/progressive vote and will drop out when Bernie quits. She's basically running to be someone's VP.


Probably the only one who demonstrates something resembling competence in the whole field, but I shan't bother voting for her in a primary unless she goes full tankie or something.

Absolutely this, just like Barbara Boxer before turning traitor during the primaries, I thought she was "one of the good ones" back then. Never forgive, never forget.

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Even worse than Warren.

What would 'the best' (or 'good') even mean in the context of yank prez elections?
The one who improves workers' lives the most? The one who's most likely to bring revolution? The one who popularizes leftist ideas the most? The one who is most likely to let other countries develop along the dialectic? The one who makes you feel warm and fuzzy the most?

Rocks fall. Everybody dies.

She was memed by Trump into giving 23andme free advertising. She's a brainlet.

You're clinical.

Obama eroded union power permanently.
A lot of leftoids fell for this meme with Trump (and Reagan, and Nixon) – it doesn't happen. Revolution is much more likely under a liberal than a conservative.
Presidents who try this get fucked by the Military Industrial Complex, "Progressive" Media, shit-eating faggots who pass for left, and ☘️neocons☘️
t. Rachel Maddow

Revolutionary Marxist who combines electoral work with revolutionary work
Liberal garbage

Warren is an embarrassment. Andrew Yang is an actual porky running for president and even he has a better explanation of the economy (materialism) than she does.
All of this is more or less basic shit almost everyone agrees on but Warren can't say because it's haram for career politicians to go there.

He was just on Joe Rogan's podcast:
It's fascinating to hear how much he gets and simultaneously how much he misses. Unlike Zucc or someone who'd just piss people off, he could potentially do like Bernie did and affect political discourse. Rogan has a lot of porkies on, but this guy is actually interesting because instead of just spouting talking points he tries to grapple with reality and it reveals a lot about the porky mindset and its limits.

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Don't just say yes to a bunch of definitions for the same word.

This guy sounds like a literal Dengist.

Remember to do you best to avoid responding to b8, and to sage if you can't help yourself.

Mr. Yang on Sam Harris podcast talking about UBI.

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UBI is neoliberal trash and the number of leftoids who fall for it is embarrassing.

She's a new deal liberal who wants to reduce poverty & inequality, and her foreign policy instincts aren't super aggressive. She's not a socialist but I'd probably vote for her if she got the nomination and I think her heart's in the right place.

I'm still backing Gabbard in the primary if Sanders doesn't run again, and electoralism is a dead end anyway.

Just watched the vid.
Pros for this guy being POTUS

No one supports UBI because they think it’s a solution to anything, people (myself included) support it because they want free money.

Warren talks big but never actually does anything. She would be worse for the Amerifat left than Obama was.

You are correct. I mentioned it because it's his signature issue and he agrees that it's not a solution, just a temporary treatment at best.

He won't be president, but it's gonna be interesting to see how people respond to what he says.

If all the corporations support him I won’t support him. If the reverse happens I’ll vote for him. At this point I just wanna see Bezos suffer.

We don't need any more pigs in government. It's fucking baffling how anyone supports this guy.


Devil's advocate - there are traitors to the bourgeois class (Engels). I agree he's shit, I just thought it was funny that even though he's a capitalist par excellence he's promoting better policies than the "radical" or "savior" promoted by the Democrats. This is the state of burger politics.

he’s against free collage and wants to gut non-UBI welfare. He also thinks that instead of going to collage kids should just start small business. He’s a centrist, one who is well read, but still a centrist. But because he’s willing to give Singlepayer healthcare I’d still vote for him if he wins. Private healthcare is so shit, that most people would probably vote for a fascist if they had single payer in their platform.

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Is Large Dick Liz the only candidate to propose a tax on wealth?

Gutting welfare and replacing it with UBI could be an improvement depending on how much the UBI is, just saying.
Bruh you need to stop thinking of politics as a spectrum. What matters are questions of policy/procedure - how to run things. Sure you could plot him in the center but that erases what makes him interesting as a sideshow and part of the ecology of the discourse. If Sanders proved only one thing it's that people respond overwhelmingly well to actual policy positions and not posturing on the political spectrum. His numbers are good with people across the burger "spectrum."
He won't win. UBI aside he speaks in ways that are absolutely haram to the parties. You can't have a politician with a national platform putting ideas in workers' heads like "truck drivers can just block the highways if we don't give them what they want." I would put money down that he'll be barred from debates even after the Joe Rogan bump to his poll numbers.
Fascism makes the trains run on time. But the train is going to Auschwitz.

This would be correct but
This guy might put enough pressure in to give the idea legs, but that's about it.

It doesn't matter what he says, he's a porky.

lol no

He only mentioned it as saying "it’s this or UBI, and UBI won’t fully solve it.”

Because the burger spectrum only factors in social issues, not economic ones. You could be a commie, but if you don’t like gays your right-wing, and if you like gays, but love the free market than your considered “left.”

I must have misunderstood, I thought he was for free college or at least for severely reducing the student debt or something like that, I shouldn't listen to those stuff while high.


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