White Autist murdered by Filipino Cockroach Wife

White Autist murdered by Filipino Cockroach Wife

South East Asians are just as vile and nigger'ish like the rest of the turd world, make no mistake about it.

Just because they act all subservient among each other because they know how dangerous their own kind is doesn't mean that they see you as more than prey.

Beware of turd world cockroach people of any kind…

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Family leaves their mud hut, comes to visit them, steals random stuff cause whitey is rich anyway…

Fry the rice, pay the price.

Good and stay OUT of Asia, fucking white.

It gets fucking pathetic that white now run to Asia to escape while ignoring their own country.

Nobody here cares. Take it to /r/miscegnation.

pinoy pride

I knew this fat ugly sack of shit that had lost his job as a bank branch manager and wound up working as a janitor in the hospital. He'd latched onto this ugly flippippina realtor cunt that made more than him selling condos to her immense network of little flippipina friends. His idea of heaven was going on a ocean liner cruise and making a disgusting gluttonous pig at the dessert table, guzzling a dozen chocolate eclairs in a row. His life was hell. In a 10 year period the two of them had sponsored 30 of her monkey relatives into the country so that at any time they had at least two of those herpes infected stinkers living with them. Around the time OJ and Al Cowlings went on their famous ride through LA his brother in law approched him and demanded that he buy him a Ford Explorer. Why? you might ask. Because OJ and Al had a Ford Explorer and they were cool. OJ was cool because he carved up a wite bich.

And of course this sack of shit very generously and enthusiastically offered to set me up with a flip monkey so I too could have a warm body to slake my lust upon. Without my assent they even sent a couple prospects at me, who would come and talk me up even bringing me little gift like chocolates and such shit. When I didn't bite I later heard they surmised that my coldness to their little nubile fuck monkeys meant that I was certainly a homosexual.

I had a colleague that married a flip cockroach too and tried to hook me up with one of her friends.

Their cockroach network is the way they weasel themselves into white societies and producing hapa children because white women see themselves as only good enough for Brad Pit.

Make no mistake though. They feign submissiveness while not so secretly resenting whites.

11 for purity.

But there's nothing pure about those little pagpag gobbling goblins. Once they grovel their way into your life then they reveal themselves to be audacious shameless imps.

He's right ya' know.

Seriously I hate the spineless horn dog losers that fuck them, fall in love with them and then bring them into North America far more than I do the giggling little cockroaches themselves. After all cockroaches do what they do, but white men that sink to their level to marry them are total traitorous slime.

Yep the losers that go to Asia to fuck gooks and get drunk all day every day are the scum of the earth. I heartily encourage those little brown imps to slaughter them without pity.


Maybe if you baby-dicked, low IQ monkey-looking midgets could provide for and please your women, they wouldn't be in such a rush to hop into the arms of a white man, even one who's been socially outcast from his own country. Slant-eyed guys have to be real fucking losers to lose out to a guy who had to go to a different continent to get laid. Filtered also. This is a white board. Fuck off, monkey. You're inferior to the worst among us. How does that feel?

Out and stay OUT of Asia, white trash.


Kill yourself shitskin

I've said for a while now, Asians are niggers. Their brain operates slightly different, but they have just as many deficiencies. They'e genetically inferior trash.

Reminder that as Nationalists we agree with this man. Africa for africans, Europe for Europeans, ovens for jews.
Btw Asian user, a lot of weakwilled whites steal your women, but the people who really fuck with your country - economically and culturally - only look (((white))). Learn the difference.

Yes, I especially hate the pathetic whites who come here and laugh because they feel safe. Of course they are safe, they are in a more homogenous country!

Of course, they are basically rapefugees and I feel no pity for them.

This video is like 10 years old.

What are you yellow incels still doing here?

astroturf, fuck off (((9a9bca)))

Totally agree nothing would please me more than seeing flips just go down to those filthy places where whites go to fuck their women or worse, their children and just slaughter them with knives.
It would be of great benefit to the white race to purge us of this scum.

And when you stop and see that white men in places like Thailand and the Phillipines have 7 or 9 times the death rate you can surmise that the slaughter of those drunken degenerate losers is indeed quietly being undertaken by vengeful little brown cockroaches.

Reminder as a realist that nationalism in the current state of our technologically advanced society is no longer relegated to a country of borders. The nation state is nearing its end. Either we rid them from the globe, they rid us from the globe, or we all mix. We need a homogeneous globe. There is no gook land. That's our land for the taking. They're sub-humans. We should solely inherit the earth because we are the only ones capable of furthering humanity, and so long as they exist, they threaten that advancement and destroy this planet.

Neutron bombs.


What's stopping you, nigger?

Literal degenerate white supremacist.

Focus on re-taking your land first, coward.

Yeah, maybe in your cucked mind, faggot.

Get the fuck off this board, actual jew-funded "white supremacist".

You're a piece of shit and anti-white

Go back to renegade with your cuck shit, you worse-than-Jew brainlet retard

The only loser here is you yellow incel

Here you sound like a mentally ill drug addicted retard. You should have been euthanized at birth to clean up the gene pool.

Nigger what? When a rice mixer rice mix, another white baby dies.

Fuck off, yid.

Truth. The planet gets smaller every day. With technological advancement, traveling from one side of the planet to the other is now easier than traveling from one side of a country to the other was 200 years ago. Their populations expand endlessly because they are intellectually primitive beasts who overpopulate like dumb animals. With our now smaller planet and their exploding populations, a fight is inevitable. They can not create. They can only take. We are the creators of the modern world. We are the ones they seek to take from. The nation state can no longer exist. We need a homogeneous globe, otherwise there will never be peace, and advancement will be stifled forever. The genetically primitive races need to go. It's natural selection.

Yep goyim, more endless war to become the top goyim.

This is how the white race fails.

If he couldn't control some flippa pussy then it's no loss to the gene pool.

look at that
it was a ford bronco
they are cool trucks
that coalburner had it coming
and OJ has killed more jews than you too

we need to work on our numbers tbh

pppppppinoy pppppppride
never marry a gook, 99% of the time the gook witch is doing it for the money.
tons of stories of men being poisoned in the first year of marriage by their thai brides.




that's clear, no same man should go near the flat faced slit-eyed insects.


The world is white territory, faggot

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This is what D&C shills look like.
You're too obvious Tel'Aviv. Happy Hanukkah.

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if we dont purge the genepool
and brasilify the world
there would still be a need for the whitest amongst them to purge the browner amongst them

it seems whites are predisposed to not purging
instead electing to white flight and develop new land
a new white man must be formed, one that aggresivly destroys his racial competitors

a single group of such white men would eventually take over the global genepool

Buy all your Christmas gifts with stolen gift cards! cww3ggjgpw56wter.onion

Even their yellownigger bodies are more similar to niggerniggers than not. While niggers are obvious ape hybrids, yellowniggers are more like arangatangs with a bit of fish that shows up in their flat bellowed face and their propensity for eating seashit.

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Imagine wiggers, only more annoying and cancerous.

"Cockroach" is right. What ugly creatures SE Asians are. How could any white man possibly love one of those things, let alone reproduce with it?
The guy deserves absolutely zero pity. He earned his fate, like any rice-frying or coalburning race traitor. Toll paid.

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Why would anyone owe a toll for enacting in noble conquest of the enemy?

Lowering themselves to interact with and go into a relationship with inferior beings? That's just subhuman.

Since when did Zig Forums get a bunch of pet Asian incels?

Yeah, but I'm telling you, WATCH THEM ALL. Around women, never relax. That's when they get you… Poisoning, midnight castration, gossip and calumny, cuckoldry, anything a special ops agent might do if he or she wanted to if they could get as close as your female fuckbuddy. If you have romantic or ideological tendencies they can exploit and and you are worth it, then why wouldn't they? Learn the difference between chemical and spiritual attraction and don't ever let them operate independently when physical intimacy is involved.

Key point: Failure to see evil around you.
This is the New Age and Tolerance Hive Mind thrust. To accept whatever they say to tolerate as good (even if it is in fact evil) and to treat anything that threatens their cult as evil (even if it is in fact good). Steven had an endemic problem, but the problem is OBEDIENCE RELIGION. That's the cultural ingredient, and he probably got his moral autism from that through his parents. Remember, the inability to see that Hitler was right caused so many Christian White nations to band together to destroy the best blood of both sides. Wake up and realize, the obedience religion is the very antithesis of the Aryan Conscience. Patton said it was his Anglo-Saxon conscience that drove him to oppose the evil kikery of Eisenhower and company. He didn't say it was his Christian conscience. If the Christian conscience were worth a damn then it would have lent empathy to the victims of the race war against its own adherents, instead of having some sort of "Empathy Reserve System" set up to make sure that whatever the Kike propaganda says is good is good, or whatever they say is bad is bad, namely because ARBITRARY TEXTUAL/ICONOGRAPHIC/HALLUCINATED/IMAGINED AUTHORITY FIGURE SAYS SO. That immediately undercuts the entire basis of a natural and spiritual response, and you are now a spiritual lemming.

Flips are literal aboriginal niggers, they did not evolve.

The state of Zig Forums…

Poor HW, never got to see that ladyboy dik dik.

I never had sex with a woman without her permission the entire time I was in Asia. And I had plenty. So get butthurt all you want.

You shouldn't need to beleeb that every member of another race is a serial killer in order to not racemix, you irrational degenerate.

Sorry flips but we conquered you therefore we get to fuck your women. If a woman kills you, you were probably a faggot anyway.

Speaking of filipinos,
Filipino women dominate their men, regularly.
White betas think oh yeah if I racemix she will totally be slobbering all over my (relatively) huge BWC, guess what goy.
Once you two are legally married, she will treat you like she would any other filipino, like she treats her brothers or any males her age or younger. Just like her mother treated her father and all other males.

Yeah don't lump all Europeans in with the sub-men who copulate with mongoloids.

It isn't about belief when presented with evidence, moshe.

Burn in hell pedo

Judging from his photos this man looks like a FAS Bongoloid, hardly white.

Why do you faggots rush to out yourselves so quickly? And why is reddit your go-to for outgrouping? Sounds like you have alot of animosity towards that site to not, instead, be directing the cancer back to 4chan.

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What's the rate for women of other races?

Let me guess, you're in the US Navy.

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Sounds like you are the one who is butthurt realizing you are a degenerate

Imprisonment for life by the jewdicial system and anal gang rape by the most vicious scum of the earth.
Et vous?

All quite true; it's been a long time. But that's not the point; the point is that the little shitskin cockroach flip didn't know that OJ slaughtered a jewess. You know it and I knew it but the cockroach was oblivious to it; to him she was a blond wite bich and he wanted a Ford BRONCO like his hero OJ who sliced and diced a blond wite bich.

That's the kind of cockroaches my pock marked flabby unctuous ex bank manager acquaintance was bringing into the country with assembly line efficiency.

Think about that next time you're on teh west coast and you contemplate teh swarms of those grinning giggling little shit roaches rushing to and fro in the packed streets, gratifying their crude consumer desires. They're in reality a sinister army of vengeful bloodthirsty cannibals who long to butcher us en masse.


Green card will do. Or less much less.

I read this story about a Toronto Globe and Mail Manilla correspondent, Bryan Johnson who wrote this heartbreaking two page story of the bar girls there some as young as 12. Then he returned to Toronto and found that the women there gave him teh cold shoulder. He was getting frozen both physically and sexually there by the weather and teh women so he returned to sunny Manilla and opened his own bar, moved in with two 15 year old flip gymnasts who presumably were able to provide him with non stop athletic sex. The rumors got back to Toronto so the newspaper dispatched another correspondent to Manilla to research the story of Bryan gone native. The reporter found him not only running a bar with bar girls but with 12 year old bar girls; seems they begged him to work in the lucrative bar. The reporter sent to cover this odd story took a bus out to this famous beach nearby to check up on the child prostitution there. He got on a crowded bus and it was very warm so he fell asleep. He woke up suddenly to find this little imp of a girl, surely no older than 11 or 12 had unzipped his pants and was sucking him off while he slept. The other passengers on the packed bus were so nonchalant about it that they didn't even bother taking note of it. Their morals are not our morals that is for sure. He returned home and wrote a story about it. He found it difficult to judge Bryan after that.

Yikes. Flips are usually poor, though. Servant-class. Housekeepers, dishwashers. In 2016, a colleague foolishly rented a 3-bedroom house to a flip couple (just a couple) and within 6-months there were 19 of them living there. Like word got out in Manila that if you were going to the States you could stay at their flip flop house. It was not easy getting rid of them.

Bars around US air bases and naval bases all over the world are littered with divorced Flip women who got half of the US serviceman's pay in the divorce and is now looking for her 2nd…or 3rd victim.

LOL @ "flip flop house".

lol at the insecure pinoy itt, good thing is the chink is on their way to enslave you mud niggers, eat that pag pag, niggers of asia, it's the only thing you deserve to have.

What's stopping him is that he's just an inept keyboard warrior with no impulse control.

Any actual white Europeans in this thread or only mongrels and shit skins here?

What a low-effort bait thread O.P., here you are sitting in your Bnei Brak office working hard to confuse the innocent goyim,
WE KNOW WHAT YOU'RE UP TO you dirty circumsized dog you can't fool us

We know you're afraid of what the south-east asians might do to you if we told them that you were financing the muslims that stirred up trouble around their parts. Brown gooks might not know how to count but trust me they can eviscerate stinking pedophiles (KNOWN IN OUR PARTS AS VERY NORMAL PERSONS WHO FOLLOW THE VERY NORMAL KOSHER©® APPROVED RELIGION OF PEACE) any day without any remorse.

I mean look at these motherfuckers, they killed more than 1000 pedos in less than 2 months last year, beating children to death, wiping their asses with their qurans and burning pregnant ladies like if it was a walk on the beacb to the sound of a velvet-sounding saxophone. Why don't you tell everyone in this thread that low-iq brown gooks can OBLITERATE every little obscure group that you and your friends funnel funds to? Come on you dirty cocksucker you.

And judging an entire population with their lowest caste, of course the white race will look stupid if you only show the world trailer trash from Tennessee! You just want us to look bad at them because their brains are not infested with hyper-pussification like ours are, you want us to think that killing muslims senseless is wrong, you dirty foot-long nose shekel suckler fuck your mom.

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He farmed the rice.

Mongrels m8.
Observe the nonwhite dickriding in the post below yours.

SEA monkeys are half negrito.

Yeah because that's totally not because you subhumans keep invading our countries, profiting from our current damaged state like the vultures you are.
Whites are the only people in the world who could genocide all the others at some point of history, but didn't. Oh was that a mistake… if only they knew

With any flip ho it's safe to assume she's been fucked by half the US Navy by the time she's 15.

SEA monkeys are shit colored, not yellow. Also, SEA monkeys are less closely related to North East Asians than Italians are to Palestinians, FYI.

Good post brother

based. I want to award these non-whites who kill white spouse
also, every race is still better than chinkz/japs/koreans, east asians are the worst

Remember all these it's the women vote, not the jews shill posts? Since years. Ugly, bitter, deranged flips, pajeets, hapas, mulattos and other oven-worthy 56% face filth. -)

Checked! LOL @ them lecturing Pol about relationship.

Several intolerable facts about flip hos;

1. When they talk among themselves it sounds like "pakpakpakpakpak".

2. When Esmeralda and Benedicta and all the other cleaning ladies get together in their little lunch room and start cooking their tin foil wrapped dinners in the microwave the stench is absolutely intolerable.

3. Herpes.

4. Sly and treacherous under a thin veneer of ingratiating politess..

Still better than white women, you incel cunt.

Nope, brown, shit colored skin SEA niggers are worse because you breed like rats and behave like nigerian rapists.

East Asians are more like Jews but they do know how to control their own birthrate, which is why on average they're the richer one across all Asia enslaving the poorer shitskins which I fully support whole heartedly.