Trump said that Obama had founded ISIS...

Trump said that Obama had founded ISIS, this would be then the first time a sitting US president has founded and guided a recognized terrorist designation.

What baffles me is that Obama is still freely walking around. Why hasn't he been arrested yet?

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Some 9th circuit judge would probably pardon Onigger.

This is what is alarming to me. Republicans control all government. Arrested that traitor already.

Only the president can pardon

What has the glorious orange order kike done to stop the funding of ISIS since taking power… oh yeah a record $350BN arms deal with the Saudi's

Based new world order kike puppet

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Reported for being a libfag


it's LIBERAL to give guns to your 'enemies' in 'name of free trade'


Clown world.

The fact MAGApede spastics and isreali Likud jews are allowed to post on here still with the tacit protection of the mods speaks volumes

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Don't post anti-trump shit here, nigger

Arresting boogeymen defeats the purpose of the 'Boogeyman-factor'

Without Kampfy instabanning anons for said crime, what are you going to do about it, cry to Kushner?

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He's gone?

You're a faggot indeed. Hang yourself immediately.

Why is kampfy gone?

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oh hasbara-kun, you'll never stop repeating yourself

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obama wasnt the one who founded isis. mossad was. obama just gave them tons of money and resources.
the reason this is allowed is because israel is our greatest ally, and isis is their controlled group used to destabilize their enemies. of all the nations isis has attacked, israel isnt one of them, but we often spend american lives with the excuse of protecting israel from isis. while isis murders, rapes, and kidnaps europeans and christians.

He said that they would need to prove the moderate rebels in the country actually exist before resuming funding.
Without Obamas funding ISIS collapsed pretty quickly.

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That's ok newfriend! You'll learn soon

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i hate u shill fgts so fucking much

Because Trump is owned by the same people as King Nigger.

Donald Trump is a zionist neoconservative civic nationalist that publicly disavows white nationalism and whose entire family is jewish. He violated dozens of US laws and the Constitution. He refuses to deport anyone. he refuses to build a wall. He refuses to arrest any traitors.

One would think, but one would probably also think that judges can't issue executive orders either. C.f. how federal judges ordered the Trump administration to reissue the (unconstitutional) executive order that formed the basis of DACA after the president rescinded the executive order. This "judicial executive order" is the sole reason DACA is currently open for applications:

>"Due to a federal court order, USCIS has resumed accepting requests to renew a grant of deferred action under DACA. USCIS is not accepting requests from individuals who have never before been granted deferred action under DACA."

Now, shall we talk more about separation of powers and what is constitutional or not?

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most of what you just said was a lie or is irrelevant
that doesn't make sense
so what? laws are irrelevant in muttmerican government anyway, all that matters are end results

Bump because it's fact.
Suck kike cock somewhere else, redditor.
No deportations are happening. Kill yourself.
Thanks for admitting you're a literal paid jewish shill.
Thanks for admitting you're a literal paid jewish shill.

The only difference between a "recognized" terrorist organization and an unrecognized one like the CIA or Mossad, is that jews are the ones who do the "recognizing." And your premise is wrong anyway, American presidents created Al Qaeda, they were also responsible, created terrorist groups in Iran in the 70s. creating commie terror groups in China in the 30s and 40s, the list goes on and one, not to mention all the "unrecognized" terrorist groups they created.

This is why you got removed Turkroach.
I laugh at you every time one of these was posted.
You are the only mod of a major board that was ever removed by its own users.
The next cow we are going to take down is mark on /v/.

Because Obama didn't directly found ISIS, people in power don't get their hands dirty they just give large sums of money to dirty people and let them do it for them.

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