Faroe's Hapacaplyse - A nordic island of white cucks with south east asian gutter wifes

Faroe's Hapacaplyse - A nordic island of white cucks with south east asian gutter wifes

Finding Love in the Faroe Islands: Confronted with a shortage of women, men in the Faroe Islands are increasingly seeking wives from Southeast Asia. But what's it like for the women who swap the tropics for this windswept archipelago?

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“I think Faroe Islands is the last paradise on this earth.” Grace is one among hundreds of Southeast Asian women who have moved to the Faroe Islands in the past decade. Seeking love, opportunity and prosperity, these women also plug an urgent demographic gap in the North Atlantic archipelago, where there is a significant shortage of women. Mary Joy moved from the Philippines when she was just twenty after marrying a Faroese man. Despite steep adjustments to the language and climate, she is now happily married with three children and a fourth on the way. ”My life is all as I planned.”

It's not just the Faroe Islands. There are loads of Thai monkeys in Finland and Sweden. Many of them shit out a couple halfcastes before the inevitable divorce. The they go to work in Thai massage parlors, which exist in any mid-sized Nordic city.

I'm tired of just the attempting feeling of camaraderie with whites resulting in some sort of electro-shock of anxiety/fear like I'm some Pavlov dog.

This kind of talk is way too familiar to me.

Es geht Dir besser und Besser.
You're feeling better and better.

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There's a large intelligence gap between Southeast Asians and Northeast Asians. SEA people tend to be pretty dumb overall.


I despise muh baste Asian waifu fags

I'm a dravidian and they are our rape babies.

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indo sandretards

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but isn't it the man that plugs a woman's gap?

Dubs confirm. Not enough gaps being plugged in the Faroe islands.

Why shouldn't men be in charge of reproduction, White Culture or preservation of the White Race?

This and every other choice they make with their dick instead of their brain.

Every European woman on the planet with half a brain knows to look out for her own offspring FIRST and that the other women of other species are competitors in this environment. To men the only thing that is important is 'muh dick' and 'tight asian pussy'.

The European male is destroying European culture and instead of yielding to the intelligent WOMEN of their own species who want to limit and restrict immigration (or exterminate the subhumans off the planet completely) European males yield to their EMOTIONS & 'muh dick' (most likely due to porn addictions which have compromised their own species loyalty). EMOTIONS are what European males apply to the problems at hand wanting to preserve and support other races (thus encouraging their own extermination since other races feel NOTHING LIKE THIS). European males 'like variety' and so they are loathe to act in a manner that is consistent with species preservation.

The kikes, who absolutely adore the fact that European men are leading the charge to our extinction, encourage European males to 'take even more control' over your women. Kikes love this because it means that the species is doomed since European males real weakness is their 'muh dick' mentality. [Generalizing] Of the sexes of the European species one (males) are prone to race mixing and genetic weakness and the other (females) ARE NOT.

inB4 the TORFaggot semitic filth starts to clog up the OP with anti-European female shilling in order to further their agenda at the EXTINCTION OF THE ARYAN SPECIES.

all bug people seek those things, they only go to white countries because everyone in bugland is soul-less, and much like the niggers they hate themselves so much that they refuse to breed with their own kind

This is happening because the white men there are letting the women leave to the mainland cities. The need something like white sharia or Chinese foot binding to fix their problem. The men will do nothing against their pedestalized white women regardless. That is how their situation became what it is.

Sage for low effort OP.

Here they come…LMAO. That didn't take long. 5 minutes.

Fuck off, faglin.

Why are women leaving the Faroe Islands en masse and creating the gender imbalance?

video isn't that good.
It holds an anti-nazi sentiment the whole way through and towards the end garners sympathy towards the degenerate faggots and refers to that old "hitler was a failed artist" meme
There is an hour long version somewhere that goes into greater detail and actually explains why the NatSoc's did what they did.

you dont have to shit up every thread

I do it just so that I can draw you MOSSAD/CIANiggers out of the woodwork and then filter you. It makes being on Zig Forums so much more pleasant not to have to listen to your hysterical screeching.
"muh dick, muh white sharia, muh slavery…muh breeding retardation and cousin fucking…be like 1/2 nigger failed 'semites' Aryans and you will love it"
Yeah, no thanks…there is enough SHIT in the world with SHITSKINS and subhumans like you in it.

No sense replying to bots user.

Good for you, good for you.

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Where the fuck did all the women go? I smell kikery and cuckboys.

Other Nordic countries mostly. Because the Faroe men let them.

That makes no sense….
Why would they be leaving for other Nordic countries?

My education on the subject comes from media videos, but the two main reasons seem to be adventure and job opportunities. Someone with firsthand experience would know better.

Smells a bit like stormfags, homos and the alt-kikes, doesn't it?
Funny, I think I smell the same thing in this article as well…it is surprisingly similar to the article about how Iceland needed its own kike rabbi…which was followed closely by Iceland's rabbi sponsoring a refugee program and the importation of Iceland's first shitskins.


Note the ALL MALE aspect of the 'icelands' (the last peaceful homogeneous society in Europe and the most peaceful nation on Earth)…that should spice things up for iceland's sons and daughters in terms of rape and murder…

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You presume too much. Just kill yourself already you drama queen.

Meanwhile in reality white women demand food be sent to Africa to bfeed more niggers then demand our borders be opened so the brown hordes they created can invade our homelands.

Ahh, the career meme and going to the big city because it's (((exciting))). God I fucking hate the kike infiltration of media and academia. I've heard this bullshit from women all the time. It's the most obnoxious thing on the god damn planet. The big city is a meme and all women who think otherwise are delusional airheads. Do you have a link for the videos?
But thanks none the less user.

I'm sorry what's your problem with facists or identitarians?
But anyway those articles you linked… they aren't shocking. But I would assume the rabbi has less to do with it and it's more the same forces that put the rabbi there also put the shitskins there which would undoubtedly be the kikes.

Have you seen their fucking education systems where they are literally from a young age making girls do physical and adventorous things and the boys do arts and crafts? nbcnews.com/news/world/iceland-s-answer-gender-equality-compensate-differences-between-boys-girls-n912606

Those are going to be some fucked up kids.

LOL! Except for the ones that dont?

There goes my plan to search for a nice Nordic waifu there.

Hitler wasn't a failed artist. Real masters of painting are never successful until after they stop painting. Hitler made masterpieces that still sell for small fortunes even today.

Nothing about him speaks of failure. If he wasn't populare during his productive years it mere goes to demonstrate my point exactly.

That Weimar didnt buy his work is a testament to the cultural destruction and organized ostracization again Native Europeans during that era.

Literally the same importation and glorifying of Afeicans and Asians was going on in Weimar.

There's a reason women weren't allowed to vote or be educated user… There's a reason. Of course it's largely to do with the kiking of society but at the same time women are far too vunerable to this shit and emotional anyway. As well as there's no reason for them to do these things in the first place it's really a waste of their time. It distracts them from the most important thing to all of civilization which is ensuring a future of civilization.

Nope, this explains perfectly what is happening in our nations. Porn in combination with importing other species for hwhite men to fuck…low IQ, low independence (semi-retarded part niggers that will never bear anything but semi-retarded part nigger offspring). You heard the man here…these women are part nigger rape babies. Lots and lots of niggers ended up being fucked into the poo in the loo population during the Muslim/Kike slave trade.

Reinforcements called in PAPA KIKE TORNigger…arrives just in time to save the smurfs from the big evil European woman. How's it hanging BETA CUCK? Filtered.

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Should of ended that a while ago

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They sit here and wait, user. But they’re paid by skill. It’s not really an argument to say op is a faggot.

You need to go to the mainland for (((education))) past high school.

Please keep your ugly gooks to yourself and go fap in the corner kike where no one has to deal with you.

Same thing is happening to some degree in every rural area in the developed world (even Japan and China).

You're a faggot

I only have a problem with kikes and other semites user. If I had a problem with 'identitarians' it is the fact that all they required for entry into their club is an 'interview' and that you fill out an application. IT SHOULD REQUIRE A DNA TEST TO PROVE EUROPEAN HERITAGE.

If people will not enforce standards, no standards will ever be present in their nations/organizations or their politics. It does no good to have an interview you MUST HAVE INDEPENDENT BLIND DNA TESTING if you maintain that your organization serves the European people.

Well, having actually been to that part of the world I can say that indeed there is a lot of that behavior there. The number of Europeans going there for that sort of behavior is small. I never did the sex tourist thing there, I went to Bataan and saw the Veteran stuff, went to see an active Volcano and what not.

I drank at the same bar everynight, and the bar owner and her niece falled me back to my hotel once.

This shot talk, especially shot talk thos targetted and organized goes along wkth the subliminal messages I found in a video I watched just a week ago. How convenient.

Asians are mostly trash. Especially Jews.

Hapas are honorary Aryans. Fuck you nazi incels.

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I understand the sentiment but I think that those DNA tests by the companies are bad news and everyone should be skeptical of them. Now I have no problem with labs that would take them confirm the ancestry and destroy it all in the end and just give you your ancestry personally on paper. What's currently happening I want no part of, I think presenting your family lineage back the past ten generations should be fine. I think there is a lot of shady shit they could do with your DNA in terms of genetically engineering disease or other heinous things.

The interviews are to attempt to avoid getting government or malignant plants, I would assume.

So is that your daughter, you got a fetish, your parents did it or what?

Because all I can hear is coping and kvetching.

If these are the only standards you would employ to secure your future and they are acceptable to you, then your future is already secured. No need to change anything.

the hapa kids look absolutely nothing like their white parent, as far as im concerned they are pure asian and the white parent’s genetic dead-end
sure that asian girl might be cute but if you reproduce with her you are a selfish, hedonistic piece of shit, who cared more about getting his nut than the quality of life of his progeny

This isn't cuckchan, nigger.

Hapas are mongrels. You can't be Aryan if you are cross bred with another species. All you can be is mongrel half human.

Honorary =/= Actual
Just means respectable and equal. They are not actually Germanic.

Think of it like this, mein nigger. If you crossed a Orange Tree with a Banana Tree would it be an "Orange Tree" or something else?

Wrong on all counts. It’s my girlfriend, Polish-Vietnamese.

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kys race mixing faggot

Le mirror pictures with skinny bitch.

I never implied those should be the only standards . I think being European should be required to be in these organizations as well as other things to be honest. I'm just trying to explain their thought process but I do agree that an interview alone is not good enough.

So you are coping. I was right. I'm so glad to hear that and that you're posting her pictures here. Barring you being a mongrel yourself, grow up and find yourself a white girl. I've said no to girls that were had high white admixture even if they were appealing on some level and I was feeling lonely and you can do the same. It's called thinking in the long term and controlling muh dick.

le failed artist meme

the real story is:

he was rejected from art school and found out all the abstract degenerates that were admitted

that was his first red pill on the kikes

jews and genderjews love ad hominem attacks calling guys losers, failures etc. if they don't play ball

if success means being a jewish conman or a shabbos goy asslicker do you really want to be successful?

it's all frame games…

Zig Forums anger is best anger. Nothing like larping Nazi incels being mad because some “half-breeds” exist.

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Jews and many shitskins and subhumans THINK they are European. Look at the roastie cunt right above us…she thinks she is European and so does her cuckchan bf.

fify, shes cute but if you reproduce with her you are throwing away a genetic line that goes back in time to the beginning and ‘’’YOU’’’ are the one decing to end it

hello r/The_Donald

'Muh dick' is deciding to end his race.

She looks so classy and intelligent user…just imagine how many niggers and kikes are going to jerk one to your mongrel gf since you felt that they should all splooge to her body. Maybe she will get lucky and they will rape he in public since she is 'nothing but a whore' show cranks her ass as high as it can go for thousands of men online.

But not whites of course. We reject love, opportunity and prosperity.

Unlike whites, who have a really high opinion of themselves and super high birth rates too.

To be fair, Poles already racemixed with Mongol genes, that's why many have epicanthic folds.

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We don’t have niggers in Poland, user. Keep your interracial blacked cuckold porn fantasies to yourself.

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Nothing sadder than seeing a faggot cope this hard.
Grow up, stop crying and trying to seek approval from us.

Ahh, I get your point and they would try to join. Yes clearly they shouldn't be allowed in these organization or our countries. We are in agreement user.

hapa master race

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I don't know if they think they are European truly. I know the kikes do it to serve their ethnic interests and push the group in those interest… I don't know why the hell mutts do it though. Perhaps they are genuinely confused or delusional.

The fuck you don't, user. There was an user who did a whole thread on niggers in Poland.
Your gf is going to probably culturally enriched by one now that you showed every leftist nigger and shitskin terrorist what her body looked like naked. Good job fucktard…even if you don't end your heritage because of 'muh dick' and 'thot cunt' those will be stored on thousands of computers as rape bate in shitskin countries.

I am the most successful antagonist in the modern era. As in there isn't anybody better than me at what I do. I am so good I get the people to commit dozens of felonies on a daily basis without lifting a finger.

unless you are born a male…
then you are the masterbation race because no one (from any of the races) values asian men or thinks they are attractive.

poles are not mixed with mongolians there is a small percentage of the population that has admixture you probably think finns who are the literally the most blue eyed blonde haired population are asian

the dont have an identity and are conflicted straight to the core, it is not even their fault, it is their selfish hedonistic parents fault

keep it that way kolego there are niggerS trying to find their way in

They didn't even wife up a nip, they grabbed the nigger-tier asians. You've got to be fucking kidding me.

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You are a filthy liar. There was even a case of a nigger infecting large amounts of Polish women with HIV. When they wanted him to wear a condom, he said they were racist. Lots of women got infected, and the nigger died of AIDS.

R I G H T…can't keep out the bugs or the kikes…you think they are going to keep out the niggers when they are already in Poland…if they could have kept the kikes out there might have been some chance but kikes are the death knell for any pure blooded civilization.

Easy solution, don't fuck niggers

Finns are not "Asian" but they're Happas 10-15 generations removed from their first racemixing.

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Jesus fucking Christ, you people sound like schizophrenic Nazis. No wonder 4chan is better.

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The claim was "there are no niggers in Poland", not "Poles shouldn't fuck niggers". I think everyone here agrees with the second one.

They're less Asian than Russians are. Stop memeing.

Found your gf's mother while looking through thousands of photos for my 'niggers in poland' files. The resemblance is UNCANNY.

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Yeah, I genuinely feel bad for racemixed children. I've seen a few they're always confused like you said and always choose the non-white parents identity though they never can fully be that either. Then if they reproduce they fuck up other lineages or just seep deeper into the pit of mystery meat.

A fine idea user. It's not really a state I would mind losing. We keep the rest of America though.

Cannibal hapas. Without US financial support they could never support that population. The mainland subsidies that entire state. But it will be survival of the fittest for the hapas. Maybe we can film it with hidden cameras
like Survivor.

Bye, degenerate lesbian porn cuck. Enjoy the jew world order you are entering.

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Nazis! Where?

only the girls, no one wants hapa beta males

Those are live with material friends.

What did I tell you to do cuck?
Either grow up or get the fuck off the board. No one wants to listen to you cope this hard. Either admit you have a problem and try to solve it or fuck off.

You clearly don't think it's okay yourself or you wouldn't have to cope this hard.

Get out of here beta bitch

race mixing overall is bad because whites are so rare, but are they suppose to just be gay or abandon the place and go to Russia? When the Spanish conqured parts of SE asia and mexico, were they suppose to just be gay or hold out until they went back to spain? Its kind of hard to hold it against some Nordic dude stuck in a place that cold all the time, no women, depressed and when he meets the only woman around thats warm and friendly to him, hes suppose to shrug her off, about face and proudly goosestep the other direction?
its easy to talk a big game on the internet, but id bet most of you would wind up doing the same thing if put in their shoes unless youre a well accomplished hermit.

It's called having self restraint user. You don't import foreign woman into your country. I've been alone for a very long time and I'm still hoping I'll find her one day. I'm not too old yet but I'm not going to make a mistake like these men either. I'll find a nice Germanic girl one day user.

Why did women in olde times have such nicely shaped breasts? Now a days 20 year olds have saggy pancake tits. And they aren't pointy at all.

they need to improve themselves or just accept they are theend of the line
there was a sub-90 iq white guy who was a janitor where i worked, nice guy but fucking retarded and annoying as shit, what did he do? brought over some flip had 5 kids with her and talked openly about her cheating on him in casual conversation imagine the mess this fucking retard has created single-handedly!

pretty sure it was the jehovahs witness who set up the mail order bride shit too, he was always tking about how they were bringing her family over one-by-one and trying to marry off her relatives to the guys there at work


How else are you supposed have sex with them? Go to their shihole country and get married? I say bring in the best women other species have to offer, use them and deport. I literally have to fight off hot Asian and middle Eastern women just because of my white skin kek. But if I stay too long with one of them they start getting attached and keep asking for marriage. Someday I hope I'll plant my seed all over the world to clean up their shitty genepool.

do what you want just dont expect your mixed kids to be accepted in polite society
and yeah it would be better if you moved to their shithole, that shithold is the product of the genes you are choosing for tou children