Vote YES to minimize and divide the Daily Shiller

Wanglin's whining about a lack of beta buck$ and contemplating firing the other CIA twat "writers" who mostly steal Zig Forums content to profit off of, while also pissing on any domestic street action or domestic IRL groups.

Vote YES, he should fire the staff, and just do all the GOP shilling and deradicalization himself. Hopefully he will burn out and then commit hari-kari in front of his thai lady boys.

Vote Here:

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A thread died for this eceleb garbage. I agree with the other user, why should Zig Forums content be contained to the board?

The Daily Spergler has been total shit for a long time.

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moarpheus fuck off

LOL. These threads always have the same sequence of OP, 1st post, second post, etc
It’s all so predictable

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I honestly think this is a government psyop to keep women out of becoming interested in actual National Socialist movements. If I didn't know what a poser faggot he was (because I have actually read NS literature; rather than the ravings of alt-kikes) I probably would have written it off as well when I first came across his web site. It is only because I was like, "Oh man, this dude is fucking FRINGE." that I realized that he was bullshit. And his hatred of the idea that women should be armed and capable of defending themselves against invaders. This is, in the kike mind, an unfortunate 'side effect' of Europeans taming the West…women learned to handle and appreciate being armed when subhumans were around.

Kek, think how different the Barbary Pirate invasion of the European coastlines would have gone had women been armed (and guns been invented). Think how different the current INVASION of Europe would have gone had women (walking home late at night, etc) been armed and trained. The semites like easy prey. They hate a well armed civilian population who can make decisions for themselves.

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I'm still amazed at how long it took people to realize it's a big hoax. I mean weev is involved for fucks sake.

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The jew is killing "weak arguments", "pathetic d&c", and "obvious shilling", while still failing? I don't get.

Anglin listened to people who he thought were his friends.

Now he's been un-personned, his drive to the middle-ground strategy has failed because he's banned off the internet, and he's left out all alone with a dying brand.

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Shills are absolutely obsessed about Anglin, aren't they?

Exactly the same but with more dead women.
Women are not warriors, they can't fight men on equal footing and any attempt otherwise will end in the women being killed.

anybody that says this word should be immediately permabanned with all of their post history deleted from the board

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Fuckboy's fuckshite is just one garbage dump. If 1000 of us created sites that disseminate and mirror Zig Forums content especially using blockchain anons cannot go wrong.

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spotted the shill

More dead women?
You mean more dead pirates.
Women can fight back if given a chance, yes they are in most instances inferior to men, but what you are advocating for is women be defenseless and sold into slavery.
Besides we don't fight fare…and we could have used that to our advantage had ANYONE on this godforsaken planet ever thought once about our welfare.

t. wignat votenigger shill

Attacking a known subversive isn't "d&c" you kike.

I was a fan of Apedre since his "Outlaw Journalism" page in the MySpace 9/11 truth days, but he's a faggot now and 90% of the content on DS is worthless.

Nigger, I aint even clicking a website controlled by professional hackers and federal informants

this isn't a moarpheus thread.

Why does the Daily Informer shill for anti-white Jews like Sargoy?

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We are not buying it schlomo.

Do you know jewish leaders will sacrifice you with no problems just like central european jews in 2ww, because it will profit them?.

Shouldn't have listened to the goons from MPC

Counter sage

Also don't visit dailystormer because the owner of that site is an FBI informant.

Mostly roasties by the looks of it

lol. this must be one of those shield maidens. please show us how its done joan of arc

sympathy for this opportunistic parasite?

you have been subverted by weev the jewish communist goyim and anglin "i hope the white race does get bred out" anglin led the way.

when will you learn?

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if women could have fought they would have. you are defeating your own point by proving you need a "go ahead" from a man. which you do. you are subordinate and you know it.

now there is nothing wrong with a wife carrying a gun to defend the children if a man isnt around, but women have no fucking place on the battlefield and any argument against this TRUTH is a fucking joke.

seriously, duel me bitch


'Keep tearing down anyone who gets out the message jews are trouble, good goyim!'
The jews use every agenda and opportunity to advance their cause, while hoping all their opposition will split into a million fragments and destroy each other.

The second picture captures it perfectly. Go look at articles from 2015 and you won't see stupid image macros pasted in between every second paragraph. Anglin was a lot more serious back then.

Then he let weev run his webshit starting in 2016 or 2017 and over a period of two years, every article became a joke. Why the fuck do white people have a hard time understanding that weev is a jewish drug addict and cyber criminal? He's admitted to being a Jew, his mother called him a Jew, and he looks like a fucking Jew. If you ever let a Jew in to your project, even if it's not a political project, he will un-serious it and turn it into a farce. The Jew ruins the White man by loosening him up, just like a spider or a snake injects a neurotoxin into its prey in order to paralyze it before digesting it.

And yeah he's a rice cooker but he does the rice cooking in the foreign countries and he doesn't actually have mixed kids, so, whatever.

Women aren't stupid enough to head out onto a battlefield and I don't believe I indicated that they should 'head out onto the battlefield' but you can pretend that is the case if you like.

I personally would like to see women toughen up now that we know that men have no desire or reason to save our European blood (since they can get pussy anywhere, little changes for them if they are mixed with subhuman DNA, they have no loyalty or reason to defend our lands or people).
So…the war (should there be one, becomes one in which hordes of men from both sides slaughter women and children and non-combatants on European soil). If we fight or remain passive we have lost nothing, already it is a no win game for women and children…just as it is everyday of our lives now with niggers, shitskins and spics flooding our nations, stealing our future (which men are not vested in because they can get pussy anywhere, like I said before). A man knows that his jizz is cheap and that he can simply get a replacement for anything he loses in a war.

It is not wrong for me to make an accurate assessment of European women's situation based on the evidence and advocate for women to be armed and trained.

Logically, if it makes 'no difference' in the larger scheme of things, it will make no difference if they are armed and trained anyway. All male arguments of how it 'makes them more falsely confident' fall flat in the face of the truth that it is a fight or die situation for all women. This societal behavioral norm (war) is instituted by men to enable them to 'have adventure' fight, rape and kill as 'entertainment'.

Something my dad used to tell me was that, "People always do what they want." So if European men go to war on European soil, OR NOT, they are doing what they want. If they are defending our native lands, OR NOT, they are doing what they want. If they are allowing invaders to overthrow their nations, displace our people and rape their mothers, sisters and daughters, OR NOT, they are doing what they want.

However, despite your mocking me (and yes, I understand why this is not a 'big deal' to you and how humorous it must seem that women don't particularly want to be raped by subhumans or murdered or eaten by them) and given the European governments attempt at denying women the right to defend themselves at every turn, making more and more defensive weapons and actions 'illegal' and blatantly favoring the 'invaders' and 'subhumans' while European men look on impassively…women understand that their defense (if their is any) is only to come from their own ability to defend themselves or escape despite the invaders agenda and wants, our own males agenda and wants or (((the governments))) agenda and desires.

It's a testament to how gullible people are that somebody like weev, who was ass deep in Occupy, can point to bullshit clearly written as trolling as proof of his past political opinions.
"Derpaderp I sure was a total nazi while couchsurfing and being stone out of my mind while me and my troll buddies were going after people like Dennis Fetcho (who is arguably a fucking weirdo but whatever)"

The content doesn't belong to the site. It belongs to everybody that contributes to it.

Drop your egos at the door. If you want ownership of what you post, don't post to an anonymous image board.

Fuck off kike.


It became shit because (((WEEV))) is a deep cover infiltrator and has help dismantle any sorts of serious resistance what so ever in his circles. He infiltrated occupy as well I have no idea why we accepted him, I was calling him a fed from day one.

Anglin is a faggy chosenite too, but he's not as much of a damaging parasite as Weev.

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>It became shit because (((WEEV))) is a deep cover infiltrator and has help dismantle any sorts of serious resistance what so ever in his circles.
Or maybe Anglin was just a Mossadnigger from the start, considering he has a kike face and looks exactly like Jonathan Greenblatt and Meyer Rothschild

I don't get it. The site produces funny content. If you want more content, fund it.

Andrew Anglin attempts to eliminate the fear of being called scary leftist labels and thus disempowers the left. This makes him an asset to Whites.

Weev is a half-jew who tattood a windmill-of-peace on his chest and works for Whites.

What am I not getting?

That kikes always play all sides. That any form of 'organization' that exists outside your immediate kin is compromised. That subtle mind control via humor is the best form of all. If you formed an organization that didn't have a kike infiltrator they would use the awesome power of the entire surveillance state to scope out your every move just because they could (it would have zero bearing on your threat level it would just be something they did because they can't ever feel 'left out' or 'unwanted' (even though, obviously they are both to an extraordinary degree). That information is power and that kikes crave power (information) more than anything else on the planet. That kikes have been subverting, slaughtering and torturing all of the worlds peoples for thousands of years. I am sure there are other things I just didn't think of but basically if you are involved with some group outside your immediate family it is subverted. What is it according to 'maritime law', something like Americans perform (without any knowledge of them due to unrealistic and voluminous litigation) something like 3 legitimately prosecutable felonies per day. So basically, they can haul you in at any time, for any reason, whenever they want. End of story.

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This little inbred midget runs this site?

Wouldn't doubt that possibility to be honest.


That is pure crystalline cancer. Holy shit.

Daily reminder that anyone who isn't defending their ladies is no man. If anyone wants to get a clue, look into Odinia.

I am no longer certain about this user.
Ok, so I am learning a lot from Zig Forums and I am really grateful for it…I am hoping to keep learning so that I can make improvements to women in terms of their independence and freedom.

1. I have learned that there is no such thing as love in the male mind (these are just stories they tell women to pacify them) and
2. that marriage is nothing other than slavery
3. that men have no familial ties to women or interest in family other than the initial orgasm and that this is the only thing of real relevance to them.
4. no matter how loyal and beautiful a woman was, a man would be bored within a month and begin looking or desiring something else.
5. men have a deep seated hatred of women because they have to 'take care of them' and that is a burden on them.

I am not bitter or upset about this. I would rather know the truth than be coddled by comfortable lies. I am also very interested in matrilineal eugenics I am interested in correcting these imbalances within male/female relations and disabusing women of their incorrect thinking and fantasies while encouraging them to maintain 'healthy' boundaries with men in terms of expectations. My post about 'war' is simply my realization of the reality and position of women in the world.

Have you given any thought to the idea that we were both incorrect; men in standing up for women and (the pre-Zig Forums) me's ideas and fantasies about who and what men really value?

MGTOW representative

This is all MGTOW literal bullshit and doesn't match current or historical evidence in the slightest.

You aren't learning enough, stop listening to this anti-woman MGTOW faggots.
Yes, women are retarded children and are incredibly susceptible to ZOG propaganda, but society cannot exist without a symbiotic and harmonious relationship between men and women in society, which is why the kikes work so hard to destroy it.
MGTOW is jewish poison.

I have no particular interest in MGTOW…I do have a lot of interest in the preservation of European culture even if it has to be done without European men because they themselves have no value for it. I am interested in the institution of marriage and the accretion of power and the relevance to current power dynamics and damages to male and female psyche…I am interested in healing rather than blame or continuation of past errors.

I always wonder which comes first the ds article or the Zig Forums thread many times they appear to be simultaneous

fuck that nigger anglin

At best, weev is a nihilist Jew. At worst he is a full on subversive leftist Jew

best group of jewish comedians, anglin should keep them

Just a reminder the moderators on Zig Forums are controlled by Faglin


Why do you faggots go after weev and not (((Richard Spencer))) and (((Mike Enoch))). Probably because you're all a bunch of buttblasted anglokike shills who've been absolutely decimated here. Remember two years ago you all thought you ran these circles? Muh Cromwellian England! you cried out. Now, you keep your heads down in shame. Say what you want about weev, but I do remember him calling out Richard Spencer as a massive Cromwellian homosexual with jewish alliances.

listen …

Fuck Cromwellian England
Fuck Richard Spencer
Fuck Mike Enoch
Fuck the Victorian Era
Fuck Cromwell

You do not belong here. Get that through you retarded fucking heads. You pro-London shills were ALWAYS a parasite attaching yourself to our groups; using our materiel, using our ideas, using our creativity. You were wrong… none of this has anything to do with (((saving cromwellian england))). Only shills, zionist, neocons, progressives, british liberals and literal milo faggots believed we were all (((fighting for england))) here. You section inside our group is the stupidest by far; lacking almost every insight there is. I have watched you idiots from day one inside our circles go through every possible infantile emotion.

We are not fighting for England
We were never fighting for England

Nobody gives a fuck if jews and muslims used to enslave niggers. Who cares! The only people that care are shills, zionist, neocons, progressives, british liberals and literal milo faggots.

Get over it… our global movement is against you. It was against you from day one. Nobody here invited you.

President Donald Trump has proven time and again he hates your Cromwellian British guts with an extreme passion inside. You really need to stop. Nobody is buying into your shilling. In fact, you do yourself more harm by hanging around us than not by giving position away. So do yourselves a huge favor… go away.

We are building a New World Order without Mike Enoch and Richard Spencer.

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Wow you know what, you're right! Anglos are behind all of our problems, not the Jews! Let's stop being so mean to them, Pol. It's LONDON who's the real problem, Pol.

Theory: Eunuch's nigger brother isn't really retarded, he just stopped making eye contact to avoid looking at those soulless eyes, and everybody assumed he had the tism.

Every single time! you always say that. Stop it! get the fuck out of our group. Anglos do not exist… anglos and jews are the same people. Get that through your retarded head already. How many times does this need to be said.

Go away!

Ok that does it… I am now making a NEW series called "Anglo-Norman Jews VS The Norseman". This jewish "i'm anglo" larping must be crushed once and for all.

Tired of these people infecting our circles like cancer.

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Plausible and likely.


faglin is a pedoracemixer but his worst crime was his defense of kikes recently. everyone always knew he was a shill but this confirmed it for good and he's about to lose it all.

must read

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have you ever read the stormer? maybe read it for any length of time? they are the leaders of division.

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no black sun on chest

i doubt that

hello sperg. no one mentioned any off that shit you are jibber jabbering about. you can leave now