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The conversation pops up in practically every thread. This has to be the most divisive issue on Zig Forums these last several months. It goes back longer but I see more people sympathetic to the idea. I feel that a lot of anons are on the fence as well, if not then full of a reasonable doubt given way or the other. Opinions can be changed in this subject unlike the topic of religion, abortion, etc. Besides, the aforementioned topics don't seem to hold much power in fixing this mess no matter what side you're on. This thread will primarily focus on America because the userbase is primarily American and our petrodollar is viscerally tied to every other country's economy. Our collapse is everyone else's collapse.

On one hand, a total descent into chaos would mean the death of a lot of good people, our people. In chaos there is no verifiable outcome. We would be without a guaranteed source of food, water, and shelter. Once the fall of this empire begins, who's to say it won't curb into a totalitarian state with martial law put into place indefinitely? After all, we are creatures of comfort now more than ever so there's a good chance that a substantial portion of Americans will "cuck out" as it were on their liberties.

On the other hand, if trends persist and we continue to whisper amongst ourselves about (((you know who))) while retaining a surface level NPC facade then the Kalergi plan will eventually succeed. The Eurasian-negroid race of the future will continue to consume and provide labor while the judeo-anglo ruling class keeps the ducks in line. At this point in time, a 56% white population will undergo the slow but steady blood poisoning known as miscegenation even with an end to immigration. We know what the implications of this are, and each day that passes we're put at an even greater disadvantage.


I don't really have a good poc related to here's a doggo

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Kill yourself kike.

Did I say what side I was on? Read the thread, niggers.

people will not risk to go out of their way and change things while they are confortable. People need to be very uncomfortabe before a major change can occur. Will they be uncomfortable enough without intervention, or will the water boil so gradually that nobody realizes they are abot to die?

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I think this is the crux of the problem.

You misunderstand me.
If things descend into chaos, it will be a tossup who wins. If things continue as they are, then the jews will win.
Anything done in defense of our people is justified morally and politically.
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Kill yourself kike. You are promoting suicide.

This. Bread and circus. Things are too comfortable and easy so we're a very coddled and lazy society. We need an economic crash preferably as another depression would shake things up enough. People are going to die regardless of the outcome, no two ways about it.

Accelerationists don't want to paint the house. The foundation the house was built on was cracked and crooked from day one. Yeah, we do need to burn it down.

This. We're the frog in the pot of water. We need to turn that fire on full burn so that the pain becomes unbearable, and we hop out.

The only thing I'm promoting is a discussion, nigger. I'm leaving my opinion on the subject out of it for now.

You're telling me with a straight face it doesn't work? People are already turning into violent mobs over the state of society. Wreck it, wreck it more, wreck everything. Burn it all down because nothing can be fixed.

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I don't think there is any point in wasting or energy trying to kill a dying society. Focus on breaking away and building your own, throw a monkey wrench into the gears if you see a good opportunity but don't waste your life trying to kill something that's already in hospice care.

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One word:

That's a children's bedtime story. Other first world countries are much more resilient than the US largely due to the insanely high percentage of welfare dependence you've grown accustomed to (courtesy of the petrodollar). When shit goes south you have an insanely high amount of niggers, spics and ne'er-do-wells that will go apeshit in every community across the nation.

i had this recent revelation that most people are bluepilled to a point of no return,also looking at the (((boomers))) who puts their own children in danger why do i have to care if no one did.

if you want to make your children trannies and let niggers in i won't mind.but i will smile when they will commit suicide and when niggers will rape your wife

I will live on my own and avoid all jewish tricks to live a MGTOW life(muh white children)

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Fukuyama argues that the advent[clarification needed] of Western liberal democracy may signal the endpoint of humanity's sociocultural evolution and the final form of human government.

Evola, in the Metaphysics of War, would coin this ideology "the government of the slaves" or the idea of mob rule as governance rather than the warrior class, the aristocracy or the merchant class rulership. So far the merchant class has been ruling for the last 1000 years. This new technological shift was probably planned for and allows all humanity to be a tyrant of their own making. Of course, we have not come to the point where the mob has taken possession of the government from the merchant class…we are simply possed on the precipice and looking into the maw of the ideology. There is probably no other way to purge the Earth than to endure this last purge of the Ages. Let us hope that two breeding Aryans survive to continue our line and that the kikes are exterminated in this final conflagration, though they will hide like parasites in their bunkers and bases. If God is just they will be exterminated.

The goal of the extermination of the Aristocracy (Aryans; hence Arys/Aris) is the goal of the kikes so that the final Age of humanity can be ruled over by the merchant/slave class of humanity forevermore under the guise of a socially engineered (for the worst most egalitarian ethos). Once they have dissolved the races into a immoral materialist animalistic hive there is no reason that morality should triumph any longer nor be found among humanity.

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First giving more power to the system is shill bullshit, voting for controled oposition may be just like soak ice but there will be no resistence if we let the pozz get everything, remember that people are cattle and with they are comfortable they won't do shit, only 1% of the american population fighted the brits for the independence, so we will quick find ourselves in the SouthAfrica/Rhodesia shituation and at this point will have nothing left to do agaisnt a system that is to big and to powerfull.
Second that there is a acurate way to play Accelerationism that is pissing of the hebrews and their, keep pushing and not backing down until and they will exposse their psychosis to the cattle and that will bring them to our side.
Third, like this post from the lynchingban line says.

The PR must be unfucked be the right way, not be being soft but be pushing more radical ideas that the system paint as "no no" to the mainstream.

Normies are never going to wake up, and if they do, are so weak-willed they won't do anything about it. You're wasting your energy, if someone can't be redpilled in this state of affairs they won't be redpilled when things get worse.

Most whites in South Africa are still bluepilled.
The Rhodesians thought they were fighting for civic nationalism.

Excellent post. I was going to bring up the post war "post history" concept of the Frankfurt school in my last paragraph, but I wanted to keep both sides balanced in my OP.

I would like to hear your opinion on it. I am still learning.

t. wignat
If you have nothing to contribute don't bother posting your 80 IQ drivel, dumb fucks.

Voting doesn't do anything you dumb fucks have been repeating the same talking points forever.

Long story short a bunch of exiled jews, mostly from Germany, came to America in the early 20th century. They got into the east coast ivy league schools and began preaching cultural marxism and ingrained it into western academia. If you want a more in depth analysis I'd recommend you watch vertigo politix's video. There's also this documentary out there by the BBC I think. Sorry if I'm not as much help. I'm on break mobile posting.

No worries. VP hasn't put out anything new in a while…or I missed it, I am going to have to go look. Thx.

Chaos and world-war is coming anyway. The Elite's goal is to appear as world-savior who brings the world out of this dark age. True accelerationism is co-opting their plan. It's coming anyway.

bumping for Christmas miracle.

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Acceleration is the only way forward user. Our last chance to win legally died with Rockwell in 67. Now the system has become so rotten that we will need to completely and utterly destroy it before we can finally take control of our own destiny again.

I can't bring myself to do accelerationism, it's pretty much letting the jews win.

White birthrate would decrease further with accelerationism.

How do you destroy it?

It worked well for white farmers in Zimbabwe.




I'm accelerating antisemitism in the general population daily.
No worries, bro.

Fuck off moshe.

It is doing quite a fine job of killing itself, we just might need to give it the final push

You don't have enough ubermensch to accelerate. The only thing that will happen is lots of death and a return to the current order. It's called a revolution because you always end up back where you were. Life would be too easy and wonderful if you had enough willing men. You wouldn't be here to learn what despair is. The end of whatever acceleration you start is guaranteed to not be the end you hoped for. I'd only attempt it with an army of clones behind me. Fuck you fags you don't even post about accelerating things and how, only rarely does someone mention the hollow word. You won't do anything because you don't want to die and you won't get paid to risk your life unless you're a zogbot. Those that want to die won't do anything because they don't care anymore and will just blow a hole in their grape. The ONLY people who might do something are who genuinely enjoy killing and destruction not because of political shit. When the real chance of you catching a round happens you'll back down. I doubt they'll even come for you, they'll just surveill you until you die of gmo cancer. They wouldn't want you cucks to think fighting is your only option and you'll gladly take the option of withering away of old age with shaky hands and a diaper on.

This holds no water in an actual look at the current state.
"Painting a house red" is a superficial change. The equivalent in our scenario would be equal to voting in Bush the 14th or Clinton the 7th, or much less.
The situation we are in, if applied to a house related simile, would be:
Infestation of misc. vermin. Including rats, roaches and ants.
Extensive damage to the foundation.
Multiple broken windows, doors, holes in the wall and a complete lack of floor separating the basement from the upper structure.
House, and septic, are not designed for current number of occupants.
Neighbors have been repeatedly stealing all of the fixtures and copper wiring.
Someone has filled the bedrooms with confetti and diseased blood.
We have repeatedly hired contractors to fix at least some of the problems, but each one has wasted our money and time allowing the house to fall further in to disrepair.
Land ownership disputes, despite there being clear paperwork showing who the rightful owners are.
Oh, and someone took out countless mortgages on the house and land that are not going to be repaid.
As for tearing it down or painting the collapsing shell red? Neither can be done because you still need to fight the squatters and foreclosure agents that have surrounded the thing.
So, fuck you and your meme. You have no grasp on the current state of things nor how they relate to a house.

t. Licensed Contractor

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Yes we know them by many names. Lemmings, sheeple, tv-watchers. Nothing will change until everything does. All we need is 3-10% on our side and opportunity. May as well floor the gas pedal and brace for impact.

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That's the last thing that (((they))) want.

Even at this stage, I'm amazed that this is the case. The most popular South African YouTuber is a centrist member of DA. Fucking cringe.

Accelerationism is a strategy for the entirely of white people's and applies to America only (do not try to "accelerate" Europe because Europe is not sovereign and will just end up becoming a brown shit hole). The goal of accelerationism is to destroy the American empire and reduce American global reach.

Now you just sound like a parody of yourself

Yeah I'm not sure what active measures are worth taking other than preparing for when it goes down. Maybe stop voting in federal elections which give man the illusion of exercising his "power process".

This. Voting for Trump in 2016 is the last time I'm ever going to vote for a person. If you guys want to vote for him again in 2020, I won't shill against it, but I find voting pointless at this stage. Now is the time to prepare with bullets.

It's amazing how willing the normalfaggot is to throw his own people under the bus to just fit in. At this point I think America needs to fall because as long as this country is still enforcing the globohomo zeitgeist with our military and media hegemony everyone else is stifled. For example I really want to see what Kraut does without our talons over them.


Accelerationism only applies to the USA because USA is the center of gravity and seat of sovereignty for the entire western world. For Europeans, it is best to focus on building nationalist parties because when USA loses power over Europe, the nationalist parties will rise to the top.

imagine what americans can achieve when yellow vests without guns are able to make macron complied them.

Well said brother. We need to keep this clarity of context in mind.

What are they squatting on?

I loved your analogy. Pretty dead on.

3-10% not really even that many. You just need one person who has the knowledge and WILL to end your enemies these days. It would take less than a week and there would be no 'fighting' at all. The only thing left would be burying/burning the remains. I am not certain why anyone would consider fighting a tactical war when a biological war is so much more efficient.
InB4 kikes all come out to tell me that type biological precision for exterminating our enemies is not 'possible'; that technology has been available for over 20 years+

Fuck off with this retarded image it's comparing apples to oranges. You can't build a national socialist house on a liberal foundation. This isn't "painting the housr a different colour" it's changing the base itself just as the NSDAP did.

Accelerationism is right, but the people who participate need to punished. Kind of like assassination of a figure like hillary (in minecraft). Sure its morally right. Its also morally right to be punished for the act. It is an act of martyrdom, with none of the reverance that martyrdom brings. If you accelerate, be aware that whatever comes your way is also justified, no matter how right your actions.

This is what I feel is the most righteous decision. I will not defend this view, but if another user has any better arguments go ahead. It is right to do wrong things for the right reasons, and to accept or fight to death the punishment afterward is probably the most masculine thing I can imagine.

The problem with morallizing tactics is that it holds us back. We are going up against an enemy with no moral compass therefore they stand at an advantage for as long as we are held back by morals. What you are saying is correct and on any other circumstances you'd be right but in the time we are now it's not the best way of thinking.

Preaching to the choir user. I doubt anyone who is seriously considering accelerationism is thinking that they will 'live' through it. This is the beauty of the European people. We care more for our people than for our own life. The problem with people NOT LIVING THROUGH IT is that the very best of our society is eugenically purged. Meaning that the people who would die for the preservation of their people are murdered in punishment afterwards.

The jews want our people to die and stay dead. What we are advocating for is a hard time to bring out the strongest whites. Once the system falls, anarchy will ensue and the strong will survive. It is our job to make sure we get fighters and protect women for procreation. Then national socialism will take hold.
What needs to happen now is a push of some sort. Whether it be less contribution to the system or weakening infrastructure. Antifa and other left wingers are already doing this which is a good thing. It's only a matter of time.

I honestly hadnt considered that maybe being scrupulous with my morals was a very potential weakness against our enemies. Considering how many times Ive heard that line of logic too. Im going to blame my 4 hours of sleep I had.

You are correct user. It is a weakness to be too unkind to our kin who are willing to do the right thing. We need more not less.

Im sorry for my foolishness.

Daily reminder accelerationism is kike garbage and anyone promoting it should be hung.

Care to explain your reasoning? That's the purpose of the thread. Fleeting threats of violence on an anonymous shuffleboarding tournie digital bulletin are less than convincing.



>fight back against commies by voting for commies because this will totally a#wokeen the based niggers who're afraid of losing their rent check

No thanks, rabbi.

Kill yourself christcuck

Hi, jew.

Not even religious. Its just what is right. Degeneracy of any kind is wrong, but Im not sure I can say its the best choice to punish those who do wrong for right, as other anons, have said we need unity. Calling whites christcucks or larpagans is just divisive. You are either a blackpilled loser or a shill, and we should probably call this out anytime it is shown. The D&C is fucked, and all who participate should be hung.

Killing people is not degenerate, retard.

I think there is truth to your statement reading back on it however. But a hard choice must be made. I for one support any terrorism that weakens the system but I myself won't commit petty terrorism. I recommend others go off grid, form militias, and target infrastructure that will really dent the shit in if you choose this route.

But christians ARE cucks. Ask your pastor what his stance is on race mixing. Ask if he'd rather have a Christian black or an atheist white marry his daughter.

Christianity back in the day was based but ironically it was pretty far from its actual teachings. I'm talking about crusades Era. If we could adapt a form of Christianity to fit fascism/NS which is 100% possible with some tweaking then we should. I've been thinking about studying more Christianity and then writing some sort of book tweaking Christianity to fit our nature. "National Socialist Christianity" perhaps? But this is getting off topic stick to the discussion of accelerationism

But the real conclusion still remains to just get the fuck out and take people with you.
Sure, you might get some more people with you if you burn it down, but there will be tons of squatters to.
To get back out of the analogy which I quite like, thank you for you funny post user I would say we need a way to get enough Americans/Germans/French/Poles/Britons/N.Italians/etc gathered to build something new that is liveable.
Even if it is a small shed, it has to be comfy enough to lure others in to build on it as well.
It needs some seblance of security, you won't manage to convince the others to leave, even if it is shit if the only alternative is to go out and try to fell some trees without dying trying to build a house in the process.

Christianity in its original form can already be interpreted how you want it, not to even speak of the freedom these so-called "religious authorities of christendom" afford to interpretation nowadays.
I'm still not christian, it seems like a meme for the most part.

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That era saw the first mass movement of "God's chosen" into Europe, coincidentally

no it wasn't you fag, it's been fundamentally shit from day one, the entire new testament was written by kikes


that video made me want pickled octopus

It has to be brought down now while there's still a fighting chance.

On its own the system will not totally collapse.
Anything short of a total collapse is a failure. If any fragment remains then the system will rebuilt itself.
(((they))) plan for a periodic crisis. Its how they maintain and consolidate power. Accelerationism is about making this crisis hit harder and faster than they planned.

We don't intend to paint the boat, we intend to sink it!

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Agreed gomradde! Anyone who participates in war should be hung! Let's start with the so-called American Army!

You must be autistic or perhaps responded to the wrong post.

You too.

we have a winrar

Nigger, are you high?
The only solution is to destroy the current system.

Voting or not voting isn't really important.

It's what you do with your money that matters. Money runs everything in our society. We can get angry about that, but until we start being smart about money we can't beat the Jews power over our society.

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Nice list.

see unironically. Destroying a system is relatively easy, 10 men can cripple a city, 100 men a county, 1,000 men a state. To ensure the survival of the White race, we are moving to the Northwest. The system will collapse on itself, or we will help push it that way, either way if we have enough hard men in a network described in The Brigade. Building up a system during the collapse will be the hard part. We have to build a foundation wherein a phoenix will rise from the ashes of the inevitable failure of the US.
-NF Handbook
The Northwest Front, or the Butler Plan, or the New Awakening, any form of PNW occupation I believe is our best option. Move there, build communities. Aside from Portland or Seattle the place is white, ripe, and fertile. You will be the pioneers of the future, but instead of carving out a homeland in the wilderness you will be carving out a homeland in an area waiting to be changed. Talk with any reasonable White man, they know the truth, they just can't say it. Anybody who is aware of the 13%-50% statistic knows. Anybody who is aware of the evils of the migrant crisis knows.
People are slowly becoming aware. Help them. Build a network.

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We must accelerate, and prepare our people for what will come. We must plan, and commit to fighting until the very end. May sound 'cringey', but honestly the state of most modern 'whites' is pathetic when it comes to liberating our people and removing the jew.

You're retarded. Accelleration is just another name for giving our enemies what they want and helping them along in their crusade to consume ever facet of our culture. There is no recovery from the decent we are in. We have been decending for a hundred years now, losing everything along the way and it had done NOTHING to recover what was lost. No one is alive to remember those days anymore. People who want to accellerate our enemies plans are cowards who are unwilling to stand up for their culture and are willing to sabotage us in a vain hope that they will be proven right after we are destitute enough. Only that never happens. You will never be told you were right. You will only witness horror and no means to fix it because too much was lost.

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The Right Stuff finally admitted that the optics cuck shit didn't work and that the Republican Party is illegitimate:

Riots Loom As Food Stamp Cash Will Run Out By End Of January If Government Shutdown Continues

Hail TAY!

And what exactly is your plan afterwards? not your shtf plan, but what exactly is going to stop the super rich in their bunkers from just spreading like a plaque after all competition is gone and theyre still the richest with the most hoarded resources? The ruling class isn't going to be one of the mindless NPCs wondering around looking for scraps, they will be in hardened fortresses or across the globe waiting to re-establish their holdings.

The Balkans are not jew free and they experienced the very thing you're fantasizing about.

as if death and destruction isn't the goal

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They were stupid for buying that retarded MPC goon meme in the first place.

If you don't know 4 men locally with guns and ammo that you can rely on you're going to fucking die

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I support Trump. He's going to destroy this Jew and Nigger loving country

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Very well said and good thread OP. Don't crucify me but Ill give my opinion on this. In all honesty accelerationism is a good idea HOWEVER we have a YUGE numbers problem and also a issue with constant infighting. This is were the Left and kikes have a upper hand on us big time. When a simple political issue appears the left all put there minor disagreements aside and rally for whatever there stupid cause might be, The faggots, muds, niggers, sjws and commies all come together. When the same thing happens on the right we all start autisticly screeching about some minor disagreement over the issue and nothing ever happens. The natsoc's say one thing, the MAGAtards say something, the lolbergs say another and the Traditionalists and Fascists say something else. Every fucking time this happens and we get no were despite us all having similar beliefs. If you round up everyone in this country that calls themselves a Natsoc the number is very small, same thing with Fascists or anyone else that sides with some kind of third position right wing right ideology. If we want to go through with accelerationism we HAVE TO start putting differences aside for the time being and focus on our shared enemies. Once they're defeated and its all said and done then we can fight it out amongst ourselves. We all know how much (((they))) thrive off D&C.

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OP, here. I'll admit I'm pro-accelerationist. The best way at this time is to vote not at the ballot box, but with your dollar. The way I see it is that we are in the "good times create weak men" point in the cycle. The kikes and their shabbos goyim want to prolong this period as long as possible. It will eventually end, but the longer it takes the worse the bad times to come will be. The problem is that the longer this current phase of the cycle is perpetuated, the demographic displacement of our people will continue indefinitely. We can always bounce back from the cycle I'm talking about, but nothing can reverse the blood poisoning once inflicted. If the current system is maintained, and it's goal is to create "good times," our spirit and resolve will atrophy. Study how your financial behavior will impact the white race. It's the only tangible solution that I see currently. Pulling harmless pranks (like the IOTBW posters) is great, too. Propaganda is just as important, especially for the young minds coming into this world.

There are lists with these jews' names and addresses on them. Probably some people will be reviewing that list when the time comes, during the chaos.