Biggest ruse ever

Y'all remember back in 2014 when we started pushing Trump 2016 for the memes? "BUILD THE WALL" we said, DRAIN THE SWAMP" we said.

Did we really ever think it would go this far? Look what we've done.

I don't know if we should feel bad or laugh our asses off.

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Holy Fucking Awesome

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Kill yourself.

$10 says that guy takes the money and leaves the country. People are fucking stupid.

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bumped your own bullshit thread with another IP

The official website has a private registration.

Shillary lost, deal with it, you cock mongler.

There's already a thread you dorkus.

Why does nobody mention the mile long tunnels on border towns? Goes from a house in Mexico to another in Texas, enough to fit carts full of illegal things (be it people, narcotics, weapons). And why the fuck would we waste time building a physical wall when we could just save time with an electronic "wall". Easily detect crossers then send an interdiction team.

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You will never be white

Those tunnels are actually easier to detect than the swarms of groups that squirm across the border on a daily basis.

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I'd be okay building the wall out of the bodies of dead Mexicans and Illegals who attempted to cross the border. 12 million will buy a ton of Ammo…throw in some hunting rifles, along with some anti aircraft and 50 cals, just add a couple cases of Jack and some PBR and you'd have a fucking party.

Laugh our asses off.
This is all just a grand prank.

If the day should ever come when we must go, if some day we are compelled to leave the scene of history, we will prank the world so hard that the universe will shake and mankind will fall on the floor laughing itself to death.

Nice try, sharia blue. Kill yourself, you D&C shill

I donated money to this, because this is more effective than any bill support. This go fund me forces the issue front and center.

Every report I've seen left out how they detected them. Because they're used by cartels I'd guess you'd know which neighborhoods they operate in, and then find which house has roaches pouring out at all hours of the day.

Honestly not a bad idea to let citizens patrol it themselves, long as the Govt. reimburses for spent ammo and beer.

This paid shill has just confirmed the gofundme is a jewish hoax.

My these kike shills are doing overtime

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A criminal can get into your house by digging a hole under your door, but that doesn't mean having a fucking door is useless, as it stops the 99.9% of people who aren't going to dig. The point is to make things as difficult as possible for criminal crossers, so instead of having to deal with the millions of masses who can get by because the bar of difficulty is so low, we can instead focus our limited border agent resources to stopping the more targetable trickle of highly-invested enterprises like tunnels, etc, which the destruction of is a significant loss of investment for these criminals.

This is useless against mass rush crossings like this caravan was intended to be. Your interdiction team is going to be overwhelmed and possibly even at risk of their lives. You need a wall to stop the wave, so you can then deal with the leaks.

Kek, if the government was willing it could easily find all the tunnels and seal them off.

I don't give a shit who pays for the wall. It not has billions in funding that is specifically allocated for the wall. The wall is now indisputably funded for a huge portion of its construction. Shills BTFO.

now has*

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Nigger trump didn't get traction here til late 2015

Only $987,629,807.00 to go. At this rate, Trump will be long gone by the time the 1 billion is reached. These people donating to it are dumb as fuck. It's an obvious shekel grab.

It would generate $1,128,780,111.25 in 365 days.
Nomath shill.

Don't you have illegals in your jails ? Do prisoners in USA still spend the day breaking rocks like in movies ? If so, then just have these prisoners build the wall instead of breaking rocks and voila : illegals building the illegal-proof wall for free !