(((Stephen Miller))) shouting at Wolf Blitzer

CNN's @WolfBlitzer: "The President says on one day that ISIS is defeated. The next day he says ISIS is there and let Russia take care of it."

White House adviser Stephen Miller: "ISIS has been defeated." cnn.it/2GuRjMB


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I don't understand this argument it would make sense if Western intervention stopped terrorism. But riddle me this - since the US first got involved in the ME has the ME gotten more Western or has the West gotten more Middle Eastern? Wake up - there is no war on Islamic terrorism, just a race to spread it.


Miller is not a bad jew you faggot, hes literally been the only guy trump hasn't scuffed with since taking office.

Kill yourself yid.

Excellent summary.

Trump gave Putin Syria and Putin will later dispose of Assad.

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Why 2021, does he need an end of term warm for re-election?

Not even once. There is nothing of value there. Even Ronan Farrow's proxy war against his dad is fizzling. Their goal is to be more NPR than NPR.

Twitter & CNN thread… really user?

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I thought that too.

Hes not a good jew, hes an innert one

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Stephen Miller is autistic/aspie first and foremost, and Wolf Blitzer needs more shouting at.

I actually think there are.

Gas yourself.

Are you Commie News Network faggits getting your views? It's pretty sad that your (((media conglomerate))) has sunk to such low levels. It will be a great day when your playground is a pile of smoldering ash, like your ancestors

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(((Wolf Blitzer)))

That kike is such a kike he was in the kike military instead of the US one and he's a rabid dog for ZOG.

ISIS being defeated or not is irrelevant. Don't import mudslimes and there is no problem.

I'm telling you guys call out the corporations for things like immigration and war spending. Alienating every single Jew isn't a good strategy. Only support candidates who aren't Corporate shills.

When discussing immigration with the left mention that wages have decreased 11k per year because of all this immigration.



In the end, all Jews are loyal to their Jewish clique, more than they are loyal to anything else.
They're raised that way.

What in the name of hell are you talking about?
Syrian "refugees" were the foot in the door that allowed all shitskins to claim they were "refugees" and invade human nations.
With ISIS defeated, and the so-called "Syrian rebels" already destroyed, the war in Syria ends, and all human nations can demand "refugees" leave, as there is no more war to run from.
It gives humans a chance to expel the non-humans. Whether or not they take it, is a matter for them to decide.

And if you are implying that Israel can invade and win against Assad, Russia, and Iran…let me laugh even harder…

Not news

Not a bad Jew? I don't recall Miller being turned into a pile of ashes just yet.