Mass Surveillance

Mass surveillance remains completely unaddressed.
This is by far the #1 issue, everything depends on it, but Trump never mentions it for some reason.

The deep state government has been recording and analyzing absolutely everything you do for years already.
They use this information to construct a psychological model of the population at an individual level using cutting-edge algorithms and computer hardware.
They use that model to program the media; they know exactly how to present things to be persuasive to the vast majority of the population (even here).

This is why there are so many more NPC types than there were 10 years ago.

There is a lot of hard proof of the deep state's activities, but if you're lazy, just ask yourself - why wouldn't they?
They are definitely collecting the data. They definitely have the tech and man power to do it. They definitely controls the media.
There are no missing variables.

If this keeps going, after we die, everyone will be an NPC. Everyone.
This is how they will gain complete power.
They can craft a media narrative to control the NPCs perfectly.
The media is what causes all of our problems and mass surveillance makes it a perfect weapon.

Trump is the commander-in-chief. He could stop mass surveillance on innocent US citizens. But he doesn't. He doesn't even talk about it as an issue.
This pretty much confirms that he's working for the deep state, not against it. Compare him to Rand Paul, who constantly speaks out against the surveillance state.
If they can kill the president for not doing what (((they))) want, then they have total power over the government and institutions, Trump doesn't matter, you admit you're stupid for supporting him or caring about these half-measure incremental policies, and the only choice is to destroy the government and other institutions.
Checkmate, NPC retards.

An aside - Think of all the insider information the deep state has in order to make investments in the market. They literally know everything relevant to the markets and can therefore use us as a piggy bank in a way the Federal Reserve could never do by itself. It's the ultimate jew.
Another aside - If your constitutional rights are being raped, why exactly do you think the mexican border wall is being built to protect you? What if it's being built to keep you in? How do you know it won't be used that way?
It's an instrument of power in the hands of an abusive authority.

TL;DR mass surveillance gives them complete control and until we do something about it we're FUCKED.

The bright side - their control is fragile. In order to track you, you have to submit and carry a tracking device, you have to willingly participate.
So that leaves us with certain OLD FASHIONED OPTIONS to deal with the problem.

PS - mods are literally kikes and the majority of posts on this board are bots and shills

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I made this thread, trying to make the point that people are being distracted by lesser priorities, and of course the shills and bots were backed up by the mods (because they are one in the same)

Okay? No one will ever do anything about it. It’s not like it matters. You see anyone physically fighting back, anywhere? Of course not. We can’t. Total Information Control is already in place. It’s undefeatable.

I've pointed this out several times and nobody gives a shit, OP. When obama got caught nobody did anything and they sure as hell aren't going to press trump to fix the surveillance apparatus.

blackpill kike shills responding like clockwork. Is there actually anybody real here? I doubt it.

Rand Paul

Someone powerful who WILL do something about it

Commit suicide. You will NEVER fight back against the government in any form, BECAUSE of total surveillance. You’re not going to do it. No one will. Fuck off already.

You realize that he has no power, right?

kikes ignore all reasoning and argument that goes against their narrative



we're discussing surveillance, data protection and privacy. The 4th amendment is dead and nonexistent in the US, trump actually pissed on its grave already allowing police officers to stop and frisk random people without reasonable suspicion. Hes a clueless boomer when it comes to these things.

Still no argument.

So you’re pretending we don’t know about CCTV, drones, satellites, police officers, stakeouts, alphabet agencies…


You realize he has no power, right? Like, you’re so mentally ill that you think voting actually does something. It’s pathetic.

well I've made my point, let the blackpill mods/bots/shills spam their bullshit

no evidence anyone real can actually see this anyway

fine, last post

he's a public figure with great authority publically and openly advocating liberty

he can't be ignored
he can't be silenced
he can't be killed without an uprising

you're a kike

how am I blackpilling by agreeing with you trump won't do shit to fix surveillance? hell hes already suggested spying on suspected terrorists despite being a victim of the NSAs crimes himself. Hes also preventing gun owners on the FBIs redflag not to be able to freely travel. Hes NEVER been on our side on these issues.


because your first post was completely defeatist……………………..

enough of you kikes, im out

Nothing that goes against what jews want has any authority.
And? Words don’t mean anything.
Can, and has been, his entire career.
Learn what bullets are, you stupid fucking libertarian piece of shit.
Can and will be.


No one cares. You have proven yourself wrong.

Yes, RAND has always stood on principal.

We're talking about normalfags, the cronies and our current sitting president not giving a fuck.

Its not defeatist, its speaking the truth.

Just look at this thread, the shills are already derailing it.

Kill yourself jamal.

Go be a nigger somewhere else, yid.

whoa kikes, WHOA

chill out
it's too obvious

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I guess all you have to do to get them to stop posting is reveal just how fanatic they are with statistical information

Mass surveillance is inevitable in any high-tech complex society, and will actually become worse in democratic ones. In democratic societies the only way to effectively control political outcomes is by manipulating what people think and feel.

I know it's a meme but everyone should actually read 'Industrial Society and it's future'. It won't even matter if you write laws against it, it will simply be outsourced to the private sector as we're already witnessing happen. Even the five eyes system has been used as a work-around against existing legislation: since many countries have laws limiting what domestic governments can do to spy on their own people, they just get friendly governments to spy on their citizens for them and they share information.

This is what a technocratic society looks like, and any move for reform will utterly fail.

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Kill yourself luddite.

Trump will save us
Ron Paul will save us
Technology will save us

The messiah is just around the corner, coming to save us any day now.

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You said you were going to stop. Why didn't you stop? Why can't you answer my questions?

from the Snowden leaks it was revealed that NSA has 12 "Production Lines." they have adopted the lingo and structure of a globalist multinational corporate enterprise, treating SIGINT and the bulk collection of all your private data like an Amazon warehouse operating at industrial scale and an assembly line and logistical shipping and accounting. what those production lines are still has not leaked. probably something like "Industrial Espionage to help kikes steal more from Americans", and "Sex, Lies and Pizzacams" to blackmail anyone who might get in the way, and "Bad Goys who hate Zion", and "Perkins Coie MI6 Slushfubd Enabling", and "Conservative Christian Persecution for Soros", and "Making Congress and SCOTUS as disorganized, ineffective and in the dark as possible", and "Hack everything ourselves them frame MUHRUSSIA for it using forged evidence", and "Waste Trillions of Dollars on a pointless out of control spy machine that is self-perpetuating and cannot be stopped because nobody is Cleared enough to see the whole picture."

but one of NSA's actual Production Line names did leak. it's called "Presidential Impeachment." das right. NSA have a special spy machine to protect the President. which makes sense. if you were NSA, naturally you would declare that if a President is going to get coup'd, then under EO12333 you must be the first org on Earth to know about it. recall, NSA is entirely a creature of the Executive. the NSA has no power granted from Congress. NSA could not exist if they did not hide behind the President's Article II robes, becausr everything NSA does is illegal without Executive blessings of legal ambiguity.

the more i meditated on there being a Presidential Impeachment Production Line at all, it struck me. this gives NSA a regulatory capture power. if they shield the President from the constant onslaught of impeachment, by spying on all enemies and threats to the President, and use that intel to stay 2 steps ahead at all times, then NSA could just as easily turn that against the President. "Mr President, we need you to sign this secret EO giving NSA the lawful power to record the color of every little girl's panties in the world. if you don't, let's just say we know a thing or two about a thing or two about your philandering, and we here at NSA think it would be a tremendous disgrace if certain peepee tapes were leaked to an ex MI6 officer who now works as a grifter political hatchet man. thank you for signing our new EO MR President."

we own this town.

When Onigger was leaving office, he smashed the red button in January 2017 making the nsa’s data available to all agencies.

No one ever talks about that. What were the Fucking consequences?

Wall is getting built (hopefully)
Deal with it faggort

Okay what do we do about this issue bud. Pull the statistics on a site like this or half chan and see how insignificant numbers there are on the side that believes, knows and understands vs the hordes of NPCs. How are you supposed to stop this is a democratic way? Please indulge that thought and let me know, because i only see some ways

Ed McMahon, give this guy a medal, for he is correct. Don't forget to add the layers of psychotronics and covertly distributed shills with their cell-phones (kParve). This goes on and on right under the NPC nose, because it is a thorough subversion systemic that was envisioned by them for a very long time. They leak a lot of it into the culture through movies and stories in novels in order to make it seem like "fantasy land". It is the other side of a false flag. Report the truth as an entertaining, but unsettling delusion. Same in horror and body horror. On and on, South of Heaven.

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One thing you can do is notice it and its symptoms. Don't know what the symptoms are? Uncanny timing of events, type of people (fleshbot swarms), heavy cell phone use, even bums show up at odd times. You will encounter the uncanny in ways that don't even match up with the history of uncanniness. Then you can either blame fate, chance, karma, the holy spirit, demons, synchronicity, the secret, etc etc, or you can at least be aware that you are in fact surrounded by cell-phone guided meat drones and start learning to see them. Start learning to see the "flesh shills", their demeanor, with and without a cell phone. Start to learn to see the timing of one type of person, then another, then another. Do they rotate? Do they seem focused on their own doings PER SE or their own doings viz a viz YOU. Do you even Counter Intelligence, Bro?

If OP is so right how come he/it is spamming this narrative?

inb4 attacked by shills, trump isn't great by any means, but
come on, the commander in chief? hes a fucking puppet

He can be right for the wrong reasons. Always distinguish the messenger from the message even when investigating the possible taint between them. He's not wrong about these facts in which we live, though his promotion of what they mean about Trump, or anything else in the universe, may be this that or the other. Indeed, these issues are substantive, and often misleaders will start with substance and take it in wrong direction. It's called "disinformation" in the trade.

I find it less practical to throw out the information baby with the bath water. In this case, we have "common Zig Forums knowledge" that is not very much discussed.

Maybe not lately, but clearly you haven't been here long.

Veddy Intradesting.
I think the problem is endemic Golem Override Yahweh Syndrome. Without THAT, surely there would at least just be "normal corruption" that accrues to societies, and their high-tech counterparts. There's corruption, then there's ((((((corruption)))))))

When you jews are all dead it won't matter.

keked & checked

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The kike is looking to distract with crap tangentially related to Zig Forums because he's pissed we're getting the wall and we're leaving syria to fuck up the jews.

see my earlier comment here

Good OP but you guys don't follow "Q-larp" closely enough. Adm Mike Rogers went to Trump after the election and Trump moved HQ because Trump tower was bugged. Adm Mike Rogers is NSA and the narrative is NSA good guys vs CIA deep state bad guys and Snowden is CIA's attempt to dismantle the NSA because they know everything they've been up to.

Make of this whatever you will.

Precisely this. Check out what's going on with automated license plate readers.

Realer than you, real-let. JK, dude.

I saw them, and your joke isn't funny.

No one has "no" power. Something is whiny about you.

Daz Rite. You never know what crazy shit can happen in YHWH clown world. After all, it IS destined to be destroyed, and not every damn body is a total fucking shill. That's what shills want woke mofos to beleeeee.

This is worth discussing and drawing out to all of its possible conclusions and interpretations, but you will have to have a proper forum for that purpose or it won't work. Have to filter the shit. I am relatively new, and when I first started checking this place out I read the instructions: Filter and Report

Useless as far as a strong mind is concerned. Be critical of any given situation, observe and act based on evidence, use your God given high ground in any decision made. This is however as far image board posters will get as it takes something else to bring change that is needed

I'll say the something I said in the other thread. I want mass surveillance to keep out immigrants, that's why I know we will never get it

i have always hated the "Mike Rogers is a BASED Patriot who saved muh Republic" narrative. if you believe that shit, you're dumb enough to be reeled in by the glow niggers believing any of their lies within lies.

that QLARP retard logic is pure D&C and is identical to the logic of Orange Man Bad cheerleaders patting themselves on the back for defeating ISIS.

who the fuck created ISIS in the first place? who covertly rat lined weapons to ISIS via Benghazi? who signed the munition export authorizations from SOCOM authorizing Purple Shovel LLC to buy $50,000,000 in weapons and ammo from Belarus and then ship it on Silk Airways to Saudi Barbaria, only to then "lose" dozens of C-140 cargo jets packed with an arsenal and then those same weapons magically popped up in ISIS hands in Aleppo?

none of these Deep State traitors deserve a shred of credit for beating ISIS because THEY FUCKING CREATED ISIS. you don't get credit for infecting yourself with a disease and then injecting your own cure i to yourself.

same goes for NSA cocksuckers. you don't build out the biggest baddest spy machine and roll your tank treads over all laws and smoosh all privacy and act like no rules apply to you because MUH 9/11, and then lose the fucking keys to your SIGINT tank and then let Crowdstrike and FusionGPS and Orbis take your mass surveillance war machine for a spin around the Quantico parking lot, letting non cleared Contractors with no need to know jack shit abuse your database to query for political dirt on Crooked Hillary's enemies, and then wait until 2 weeks before the fucking election to raise the red alarm and shut down your 702 About Data ingest collection and finally tell Candidate Trump that your spy machine has been tapping his wires since 2012.

fuck Mike Rogers. he is a traitor like all the rest and he was just covering his own ass, because once he realized Trump was going to win because of the leaks Assange was about to dump, Rogers knew he would be left flying in the wind having to explain to the new President just why his NSA was spying on the President.

Mike Rogers could have pulled the plug and shut it down years earlier and save America from having to go through the insane election which became an all out infowar for power and which has cleaved America in two and set the stage for a new civil war.

i am not a fan of Mike Rogers. he should be in jail along side Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Powers, Lynch, Rice, Rhodes, and the whole cast of Deep State villains who betrayed the Consitution for payola from the Clinton Crime Cartel.

put your tinfoil hat back on, georgey


absolute zero signs of any intelligent person on this board at all

Surveillance Camera Man Compilation

this is the answer to apathy
IRL trolling

inb4 kikes try to say filming people in public is illegal


This is hilarious. Check out 41:50

No one cares what you have to say, paid jewish shill.


explain your reasoning. How do you know?

you're a fucking retard. Seriously, if you're blackpilled like that, why are you even living?
There's no hope for anything in your view.
Kill yourself. Just do it.

Rand Paul will do something about it and he's getting very, very popular.

Also we can always protest like:

and we can even take DRASTIC ACTION when opportunities present themselves, like the impending financial system meltdown



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If you don't supply any reasoning, all you're doing is trying to spread paranoia.
As we can see from your posting history, you offer nothing positive, no competing viewpoints, nothing.

So the evidence implies you are a shill, paid or brainwashed, it doesn't matter.



Ironic that you yourself have fallen into the media programming by using their latest trend non-word: "deep state"

No, they do not have "total" control over the surveillance grid. It (the 5 eyes in the sky) has a 1st world problem. The glaring flaw is that "it" relies on electricity. Without electricity, the watchers become the watched. Imagine how powerless the powerful will be without power.

He emphasizes too much on the rights of sandnigers in the nobody cares shithole countries.

I fear his priorities would lets abuse of US citizens slide.

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You don't understand, perhaps you weren't meant to.

The more lies are sewn. The more like me awaken.
The further from the truth the (((official narrative))) is pushed; The more lack of trust in anything claiming official authority is seen.

There is no answer to this only a power struggle.
The liars must lie, they must continue trying to find ways to make you believe their lies.
The truth must be seen and shared and the truth is never lost.
Lies intentionally make themselves above reproach and when new lies are made they must destroy the ones before them that are incompatible.
Do the math.
Every lie from now on (internet, data storage, archives) must become more complex to seem more truthful. It must not only discount the lie before it but it must also be able to account for how the lie before it being discounted STILL trumps the lie before that. For If I tell you today that the reason 9/11 started was actually a Chinese Plan for domination of SEA, I have to explain again why the fuck we went looking for nukes and opium in 3+ countries in the middle east.
Every truth only has to be compatible with all other verified truths. It does not get more complex so long as all the truths rely on reality and not any lies. The result is inevitable. The power struggle isn't easier or finished just because the liars are exposed, they still hold control over all who fell for the lies through their whole lifetimes.

The bankerrs do not just indebt you. They take those who don't have debt and make sure to get them invested in current government regimes, in stocks, in various economic models. So crushing central banking hurts all these other people too, who, whether they know it or not, must now prop up the banks who are hurting us all, for their own preservation (retirement funds, investments in bonds, etc).

The MainStreamMedia has already crumbled, their only hold on power is all the controlled opposition (((independent))) news reporting outlets that they have created in this decade, trying to make them appear legitimate.

seriously, what the fuck is wrong with these posters
they're literally retarded

stop trying to sound so grandoise, you're so distracted with trying to be cool the point you're trying to make is stuck on the backburner

I admit I'm not sure. Is this a brainwashed nigger retard zoomer, or a shill? The intelligence level is just so low. I shouldn't reply to it under normal circumstances, but the concentration of completely retarded posts like this compel me to referee a little since I went through the trouble of bringing up this very important topic.

stop trying to sound so grandoise
stop trying to sound so grandoise
stop trying to sound so grandoise
stop trying to sound so grandoise
your post is meandering shit
you're not well informed and pretty fucking stupid at that

Everybody hates mass surveillance until either they're either in charge of it or on the side of those who are.

^messed that up sry

They do, in fact, have total control over the thing that they themselves created.
No one will do anything about this whatsoever.
And yet no one will ever do anything about that.

Except there's a hard limit to the number of people who will wake up.
>The further from the truth the (((official narrative))) is pushed; The more lack of trust in anything claiming official authority is seen.
And yet we're a century removed from this and nothing has happened.
100 years, 0 revolts.
Not really, since all you have to do is get people not to care.
No, you just have to tell people that it was X and they will believe X, even if you told them Y before. You don't have to actually do anything.
Correct, which means it will never fall.
Not in the slightest. They still have record viewership and everyone believes what they say.

You are a kike.
That means that you will always lose.

Mom nature disagrees. Sometimes shit just happens. And then there are those who see the US as 'The Great Satan' ever looming as a threat. They'd love nothing more than to create little 9/11's

People hate surveillance when they are forced to face it, and when the person doing the surveillance is not the systemic authority structure, to which they almost unquestionably submit. This even though you are more transparent, less harmful, and more forthcoming, by far less corrupt, and so forth. What a wonderful species.

It is possible to use the thread as a venue for our own discussion, by filtering those who do what you describe and then we can have a substantive discussion and spend less time kvetching at the kike subversive. I wonder why people don't do this so much. Then a shill thread becomes a thread hosting meaningful discussion and gets slid by it. Can't people just do that? Are you all retarded?


There won't be a Carrington event for, at minimum, 5 years.
And sometimes nothing happens for over a century.
Who, the bumfuck nations that can't do any damage to us?
You mean the nations who have absolutely no power to do things like this?

The One Ring

With psychic abilities like yours, you should be famous
What is 9/11? While the event was likely carried out or LIHOP'd (Let it happen on purpose - "By way of deceit ….") by elements of Uncle Shem; it doesn't change the rhetoric coming from Islamic clerics. But, everyone is allowed their opinion. If you're on this board, you likely know that the enemy is already within the gates; the guiding hand-ringers lurking behind the curtain call the shots. They too have the power, wealth, control and the desire to make the US a feckless, helpless, harmless, insignificant footnote in the history books

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People won't want to be free when they don't know what freedom is.

Commies are already teaching kids that freedom is evil because it allows people to commit crime,

don't hurt yourself

people are inherently wired to seek freedom
it's instinct
when you're born the only motivation you have is what god gives you - instinct

all things seek freedom. the natural system of evolution is absolute freedom. Anything that goes against that system will be resisted instinctually, because your instincts are the record of your ancestor's attempts to participate in that system.
There is always hope as long as there is life.

We haven’t had one since 1856, so kill yourself immediately for being too stupid to understand the topic.

You were proven wrong. EVERYTHING you said is a lie. TIC is here. You will never shut down power purposely, so it is never going away.

you're a completely retarded piece of fucking shit
you have no reasoning for anything you say

stop talking, stop posting, you're a fucking cancer.
you need help. you need some one to take control of you and force some discipline into your retarded blob of a body.

you have absolutely no communication skills.

i recommend The Lord of the Rings. It might give a fucking retarded nigger piece of shit like you enough perspective to pull yourself up by the bootstraps.

1. No Carrington event since 1856. None in the foreseeable future.
2. Electrical power will not magically be taken out on its own in even a regional portion of the West for any significant amount of time.
3. You will never take out the power yourself.
Cry about it on reddit.

Good OP


the economic downturn is when we can recruit and act to take down infrastructure

You're almost intelligent enough to work in an intelligence agency.
Maybe that's something you could be good at.

You're absolutely correct, except it isn't going to happen. There won't be an economic collapse. If there WAS, this is the time you teach people "we had fiat currency and a private bank; we are supposed to have claim check currency and a central bank. The jews are responsible for this, and it is all jews–because they are jews–who are responsible." You can do this when they're scared and starving, but that isn't going to happen.


just imagine having this kind of low-coherence thought process
who feeds and clothes you?

Why even bumplock the old thread if you're going to let the INSTANT REMAKE of it stay up? Fucking niggers.

Imagine if we had a wall and eVerify. Imagine if illegals couldn't get drivers licenses and state issued photo-id crosschecked against well updated database of voter eligibility were necessary to vote?

Imagine if schools and healthcare were not available to illegals.

Then we wouldn't need surveillance.

Has Trump got a real say over mass surveillance ? What if the agencies doing this are rogue agencies, doing the plan with a disregard for laws and ethics, doing all of it "underground".
I know that Trump could simply go ham and attack said agencies with everything he has. And he should because yes mass surveillance is the most important backbone of communism or any kind of anti human government. Are they going to kill him if he does ? Or is he complicit and ordering such practices himself ? I'm curious about his motivations lately, since he pulled out of Syria.

on paper he sure as fuck does
he's the commander in chief
NSA/CIA etc are all military branches

he can make heads roll until it stops

but he doesn't
the real giveaway is that he never even fucking talks about it. the only time he's ever mentioned it is in the context of he himself being wiretapped, which actually has nothing to do with the dragnet

meanwhile, there is rand paul who talks about it very often