He is coming back

And there is nothing you can do about it.

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But I thought Gloompf was a kike! The shills told me so!

Yes, thats the way (((they))) want it, to weaken our power in the middle east by abandoning our allies.

Only a kike would approve of cowardice.

Not a thread.

Based zionald going along with the plan

Sage it, folks.

LMAO you guys are fucking awful at your job.

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Prepare for a muzzie to put a bullet in your head kike.

It was only a matter of time before he told the French to go fuck themselves. I didn't expect it to happen so quickly, tho. Trump certainly doesn't mess about.

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Propaganda used to be better than this.

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Haha Israel is ally only to dirt

>Abandoning our (((allies))) in the middle east

We don't have allies in mud land you dumb yid

If a military force has no territory of substance, it isn't a military force anymore; it's organized crime… Swathes of the Middle East kind of have an organized crime and corruption problem, not a warfare problem…

Advice to middle east governments:
Try setting up soft prisons so that capturing people doesn't radicalize their friends and relatives. Instead of producing torture tales, make people outraged over criminals getting too many luxuries. People don't shoot the government's employees over too-soft prisons until the prisons are so soft crime rates go up because people would rather be jailed than free. People DO shoot at government employees over prisons where the prisoners starve and the guards get away with horrible things. Clean, well-funded prisons have stabilization effects that go beyond keeping prisoners locked up and out of trouble.

The business of governing inevitably tweaks someone's nose. Tweak the noses of the people who want to see their enemies ground to dust, instead of tweaking the noses of the people who think their darling Amir is innocent.


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I guess shills always miss, huh?

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Trump isn't jewish but his cabinet, his children, his mentors, and his backers are.

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And that's why they got him in the first month of Trump presidency.

Israel can go fuck itself. They never gave a shit about us.

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what kind of olympic level mental gymnastics does getting out of syria amount to helping Israel you absolute melon.

Enjoy dying in Iran for jews.

Does mossad think they can get Beto elected on this shilling?

Only one who is dying fighting Iran is jews.

No more meddling.

when did anyone ever mention anything about going to Iran you dumb shit
put down the ganja

You are really bad at this Kike.

Mossad supports Trump as does the entirety of Israel. He has made Israel great again by increasing the donations to Israel by $12 billion

He is a jike puppet and only shills have been pushing the narrative that he isn't.


are jews legitimately trying to get shoad? what is their end game here? Anons, I dont understand. no one can be this retarded.

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White men have been castrated. They do not fear us. There is one way to fix that.

The only nation on the modern world that has truly earned the title of "rogue nation" is Israel disregarding what your cleverly placed puppets at the UN may say, you are still nothing but an invader and a parasite.

Yeah and Hitler was a Rothschild puppet, right shlomo?

is that so

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Israeli Secret Intelligence Service is going to have its shit pushed in.

How long before isis leadership is seen defending pissrael's border?

that made me chuckle. you stupid faggot

He was also a jew with one ball who drank bull semen because he couldn't get it up. No really goyim, it's the truth, nobody would lie about that.

Do you think anyone believes you?

Get out.

Kill yourself, redditor.

he also had brown eyes and was inbred and had an inferiority complex of the superior jews, even though he himself was a jew, but also he was a racist who hated jews, also he employed jews as soldiers but also killed 6 million jews, while another several million left for america. The total jew population of germany before WWII was under 2 million but after WWII it was barely several hundred thousand jews who were then given land in the middle east to create israel. But all the other millions of jews were burned during the years 1942-1946 by using a 24 hour rotation of constant oven workers and grave diggers non stop throughout the duration of the war.
Did I miss anything?


this, trump is pussying out against Assad and Russia doing the Kremlins bidding.

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whether he is or isnt, for either scenario to work at all there would have to be plausible deniability of allegiance
and yet, jews are mad

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anybody that says this word should be immediately permabanned with all of their post history on the board deleted

>>>Zig Forums

Good. Fuck America.

Keep trying kike.

I figure Israel will turn to paying off muzzies to protect them now that whites are leaving. So that's actually not far off.

I can see the msm promoting brave and misunderstood ISIS soldiers defending jews from getting shoah'd by Iran.



dang i didnt know Seth Rogen was on here.

I don't really have anything to add except image related and the fact that Trump always seems to make these grand announcements then never follows through. I hope the troops come back, but I can't really trust anything Trump says at this point.

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Now commie Kurds are asking for french tropps to replace the americans, kek. WTF have they done for France? Jack shit, exactly. No white countries have any business caring wtf goes on with some durka-durkas in the desert. Their fucking problem. We already got enough of our own because of them.

Support Trump before the election, vote for him and then let purple-haired dykes convince you that orange man bad. All you have to do is look at how much the ziomedia hates Trump and you know he is staying true to his base. I get pissed sometimes at Trump for not being the white leader that we all want, calling us to arms to rid the land of the invading hordes and big noses, but that isn't realistic. He's a good guy and we are lucky to have him.

I believe the politically correct term is "White Helmets". It makes them sound like noble first respondents rather than the filthy Daesh cleanup crew that they are.

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The Kurds must not be paying attention to anything outside of their fighting. France is worrying about their President not being dragged out by his ankles to face the guillotine while half the country is on fire. They don't have the time right now to deal with helping the Kurds.


You brainwashed fucking kid fuckers actually think most America likes you? I thought you stupid fucks were supposed to be smart.

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Pretty much this, even though I know he isn't the savior he still gives concessions to the other side by meeting them half way then does a 180 the next day on a different policy which is great don't get me wrong. the latest pullout news has all the countries over there in a confused state of mind and it's glorious.

I never put that together… Trump says fuck the Paris climate accords, “Pay for your experiment yourself.” Shortly after France taxes the fuck out of its own people because America (I’m guessing everyone else did too) refused to prop up a failed EU state. Boom, motherfucking riots in the street while macron hides under his ancient child grooming wife’s skirt.

Fuck CNN, ISIS is defeated, there's only clean-up left to do, and without the U.S. resupplying them, Assad and the Russians will wipe them off the face of the fucking Earth.
I only hope that when they capture the Mossad agents in the ISIS hierarchy, they tell the whole world who they are before they execute them.
Fuck you, Israeli shills, and fuck your "greater Israel" wet-dream.

Fuck you Bush, Obama, and Hildabeast for wasting our money and our soldiers on a fight that was never ours, and I can't wait to see you guys in prison.
Next step, follow Senator Paul and de-legitimize AIPAC, and make dual citizenship illegal for every public servant.

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oh jew

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You NPC faggot. The United States funds ISIS as a privateer through Israel. Trump simply stopped funding them. The MOAB was just one of the random explosives we had over there that we would rather have gotten rid of than bother moving it. For the past 2 years we have been destroying and removing United States assets that would fall into the hands of shit skins, and packing up.

You should look up how the British paid pirates to fuck with the Spanish navy for 100s of years. Privateering is how a country can pay militias and private militaries to attack other nations without directly being involved.

Why do you think that politicians have claimed the US funds ISIS? Why do you ISIS emerged just after obongos got his place of tribal chief? He withdrew US troops from combat, kept special forces, and paid sand niggers to destabilize Syria and the entire surrounding area of it.

Isn't that adorable?

You forgot all the masturbation deaths & lampshades, and Jews being made into soap, and specialty roller-coasters that took Jews on a wild ride before dumping them into massive, constantly-burning ovens, and the giant electrocution devices, and being able to tell what nationality of Jew was being burned by the color of the smoke, and…oh, hell.
Too much insanity to list here.

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Are you even replying to the right guy?
I said, we are no longer resupplying ISIS, and we're not.
ISIS was a a Mossad/CIA invention, and it was initially armed when troops in Iraq were ordered to retreat when ISIS invaded, and leave behind all their American-sourced military hardware behind. They also left a bank full of easily-spendable gold for ISIS to loot, for their expenses.
But the creation of ISIS was under Bush, Obama was merely continuing the scam, as was Hildabeast, as the head of the State Dept.

Oh, and your mother's a whore.

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Like when, exactly?
Yea, I thought so.

Kill yourself.

Except he's a jewish puppet. Everyone who isn't a paid shill knows this.

Paid shill confirmed. Go back to reddit.

They were already positioned to protect the stolen Golan Heights, because Pissrael is thinking Assad might try to take it back.
But after the last ISIS merc is slaughtered, it will be Assad's forces on the border, with Russian support, staring right at Jew occupation forces.

I wonder what will happen?

Damn I forgot all about mr bones' wild holocoaster.
Can't believe those poor Jews went through so much.

This is word for word what you spam in every single thread, no matter what the post you're replying to is. And when you're told to fuck off you respond with, ">being a zionist" or something along those lines. You must have made about 2000 posts word for word like this by now. Change the fucking script already.

give him a break, shareblue is only paying the kid minimum wage

Lol you did it again, just more times.

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Sorry kike, your false flags are well known now, they're not working for you, anymore.

The last one was ludicrous, everyone knew Assad wouldn't risk retaliation by engaging in a gas attack, and the truth that no such attack ever took place, false-flag or not, came out right after.
Trump knew it was fake, but needed to do something to make it seem like he was reacting, so he bombed the empty warehouses where Assad USED to make chemical weapons, which did two things…it proved there were no chemical weapons in those warehouses, and it destroyed Syria's facilities for making chemical weapons.
Now if a chemical weapon attack DOES occur, everyone is going to want to know where the weapons came from.
Protip: Israel.

Now get off our boards, Moshe.
The whole fucking world hates you.

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All low grade crumbs to keep the magafags still clinging on.
France was a wakeup call for these faggots. When it blows in 2019, then it really begins.

Seriously, something misfired. You gave a good analysis, he calls you an NPC for some insane reason… then he also gives a decent analysis.

I also fucked his mom. 9/10. See what I'm saying? Calling his mother a whore then complimenting her? It's crazy.


Zig Forums is not a cuckservative cheerleading squad.

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How is fucking his mom complementing her?
What else do you do with whores?

Notice… the bait was not taken for the latest false-flag in Syria. We almost had a hat trick… 3/3 on media run-up, then rapid deescalation instead of an air strike.

The world is watching. We're not just here for the bread and circus, any longer. We're watching the guy who handles the lions, studying his methods… watching the wealthy promoter with binoculars… laughing with his (((friends))) up in the skybox.

Everybody knows it's a game; We're all looking for ways to end it.

I will leave when I am ready.

I gave her a 9/10… a compliment.
Merriam-Webster says that's a term of respect.
To complement, however, according to the dictionary is to "fill up, complete, or make more perfect". So you may still be technically correct.
Ask your mom.

Must we continue down this road? I was just wondering why an user called another user an NPC when they were basically agreeing with each other. I didn't really have sex with anyone's mother, nor have I been with a prostitute. Just a chuckle at a meme.

It's not for jewish shills either, so see yourself out

6 gorrillion hours in paint

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Shills get confused, sometimes.
They have hundreds of personas to manage, on hundreds of websites, after all.

Trump delivered. 8kikes btfo.

Take your greater israel and suck it, jews.

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They have lost all control of any plan they had, Uncle Charlie.

Ur breddy guud!

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Traitor Trump doing traitor things. What else is knew? Oh yeah, he is also giving $100 billion to nigger communities and I doubt it is to diversify them.

I saw you in the other thread. Go away.

Anybody else see that Worshipful Master wandering around the north?

The neocohen Schwartz is strong with this one


How do you sell bikes when you've never ridden one in your life?

Keep thinking Trump will handle everything for you for no salary.

So many hate kikes now, it is beyond expectations. Now unite, never publicize it , stay low key and under the jew radar. Great things will happen as they have no idea what is coming next. Above all else keeping jews out of any movement is vital to success. Jews who do will be punished accordingly.

Keep thinking I need Trump to handle my business.

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