Trump posts design of border wall

Do you think this design is a fence or a wall?
Why has the design changed so radically?
Is this what you envisioned protecting the southern border of the United States?

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Solid barriers aren't for exclusive use on the border and anyone still insisting for reasons other than influence (such as Iron Ann) is a brainlet

This is a fence. Image related are walls.

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Most of the West bank barriers and Hungary's setup is a meme fence.

I expected a border-long garrison with its own internal barracks, power plants, pillbox watchtowers, small drone bases, monorail/tube system, wide enough to accommodate two-way roads on the top of the wall, extending dozens if not hundreds of feet underground.

Came here to post this.

What an absolute disgrace.
Said nobody ever.

That isn't even a fence, it is just metal toothpicks

Based and vladpilled

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Is a fence made out of vlad the impaler spikes really a downgrade?

It's incredibly effective.

Doesn't look like a wall

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Imkikey has no power here, you fucking kike. Get out.

Is this some kind of joke? Does he think we are fucking braindead morons? Is he a braindead moron? No way could he think this is what the american people wanted. Sure, put some spikes ontop of it, but we want a fucking wall. If the chinks could do it with mules and push-carts why is it so fucking hard for us to do it with modern building techniques?

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Isn't a line of spikes more effective?

I mean how are you gonna climb that without getting impaled?

First thing I thought of too. It's beautiful. I would like it to be electric as well though, a modern twist.

I want an effective wall to keep them out not a fence that might kill 5 beaners most for meme purpose.

He had to add that beautiful in it to convince his followers even though it looks nothing like the previous examples and is basically the same as what is there except maybe the tops.


And how is a line of spikes not just as effective as a wall?

Why can't we get israel's wall, with machine guns and drones?
why does ICE and border ptraol need to "see" what's coming through the ther side?
What's there to worry when you have 40 foot towers, nmg's and drones keeping watch?
Right now the US border is just a series of big gaps and the only thing keeping people out if at all is them dying on the way across the border.

When you see that image you think "point has fuck beaner killer" reallity is that they are gonna be blunt enough to prop on your stomach and slide down like a fire pole.


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That's just an unsubstantiated assertion.

Refer to..

If razor wire can be crossed with thick mats or mattresses, the spics will find a way. Would be a bitch, but climb it the same way you do a telephone pole with a strap and shoes that grip. Only thing is I wonder what the monitoring (sensors etc) or lack thereof will be.

Looks like you can just pass through bricks of cocaine/heroin to someone on the other side. Hell, you could probably just knock it over with a pickup truck. Whats worse too is now we get this shitty meme fence instead of something that is real and effective when someone more radical that Trump(aka not a good goy) comes along.

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True it would be a bitch but couldn't you just use a ladder to get over a wall? Also you have to account for the fact that there being a real chance of being impaled works as deterrence.

Second image is photoshopped, the original is actually in Hebrew

But could Trump even build a full wall with the 5.7 billion he got for the wall?

Isn't it more important to cover the whole border?

At best they have to be as thick as a human to work as an effective barrier, At worst they have to be thin enough to reenact your beaner stabbing fantasies which they will be able to cut though with anyways.

With two bits of rope, one around the far side of the pole you hold with your hands, and one tied to your feet. Take it to the next level and improve grip by wrapping some rubber around the part of the rope touching the pole.

Depending on how thick the poles are, you may not even need rope. Ever climbed a pole at the playground when you were a kid? It's not hard to do, skin can get decent grip on smooth metal.

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Yeah but what about the spikes?

I don't know how anyone can look at the fact that every US president has to pay homage to the jews and their traditions, and then pretend that jews don't have a suspicious amount of influence on US gov.

What about them? Yeah they'll fuck you up if you slip, but I imagine they'd be easier to get past than barbed wire or razor wire on top of a chain link fence, and anyone with a basic level of fitness can do that if they're careful.

blumpfcucks will endorse this

that's why

So we're going vladcore now?

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if it's just gonna be a bunch of poles lined up they better be like 50 feet high and deep enough down that they can't just pry them open

If the wall is made out of shit like in that picture then that would actually be the worst "wall" ever. We might as well not waste are time.

They want it to be as easy as possible for the next administration to dismantle whatever portion gets built for show. Simple metal allows for easier recycling, too.

Well, it's definitely not a wall, but it's definitely going to stop a shitload of mudskins from wandering over, especially pregnant women. I give it 6/10 tacos

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Probably end up selling it to the chinese at 75% so they can use it in their new high speed rail systems.

Most of the illegals literally just drive over the border or walk through established crossings.

It's the way mexican governments from old and up to the newest governing cartel coalition hasensured that the spics don't do something they are not supposed to do, the only thing they understand is pain for everything else is beyond them.

I know that's what you Zig Forums niggers like to believe, but the hundreds of miles of border deserts and ranches are littered with wetback trash for a reason

I wonder what the gaps between the pylons will be. The concept looks wide enough to walk through.

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Piece of wood
a strong bucket.
Tbh if it's individual spikes not braced together in anyway as depicted, climb to near the top, insert scissor jack, bend spikes apart enough to squeeze through and no need to go over the pointy bit. Not that a pointy bit is insurmountable anyway.

see through goes both ways

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Is that twitter picture legit? lol

Yes, it's real.

country is being over taken by bad photoshop

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First of all this: (checked those trips) and
Secondly contrary to a wall you can climb those pikes with your bare hands which in combination with above makes for easy border crossing.
Thirdly the amount of steel required to place high pikes of steel in a density that no mexican child can pass through (tighter than a pussy at birth) would be really expensive. Not sure if there's enough steel for this bullshit on earth. Reminds me of the chess tale with the rice corns where the king promised to pay the creator of chess in rice corns. He was supposed to put the double amount of corns on each next field starting with 1. This is 18446744073709552000 rice corns.
A fucking steel fence of pikes across an entire continent at this density seems fucking impossible which is probably what it's supposed to be since immigration increased under the orange kike. If he actually did something to limit it it would decrease.
Think of the king who promised to pay in rice.

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all the goldie haired creatures can't cross

See through means pass through. Actual pic from border.

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funding for wall is easy

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Seems like you can easily cut through the steel slats to me. Trump claims Border Patrol would rather have this so they have visibility

How long did it take to build that wall gweilo?

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They are not the DEA

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Fuck me.

Are you stupid? A modern technique would be the use of concrete only using steel for stabilization.

Daily Reminder
As soon as they set foot on burger clay they busy themselves attempting to recreate that which they are supposedly fleeing.

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I think the sign was double-sided, and there are two pics taken consecutively.

Why not use ROCK? This needs to be permanent… as in "Great Wall" permanent. Yes, I'm not punching a gift horse in the mouth but fucking think LONG TERM.

Looks like king niggers mother

2 years later we have a fucking picture of a wall.

For patches and repairability?

Stay mad libtard

Erosion takes a lot fucking longer than oxidation.

All of the oldest megalithic structures we have that give us clues about the past are made of ___?

Somebody please setup a wall/shooting range on your border property.

Because steel was such an easy-to-mass-produce material back then right?

rocks aren't flat enough. If you scratch out the cement you can easily climb the wall and get down on the other side with a rope.

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What did Rothskike mean by this?

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sounds lame, but actually goes further in strengthening the /our_guy/ meme.


2nd from the right is literally a fence with a wall on top.


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That’s sounds like something from the Dredd universe.

The Chinese didn’t have a parasite controlling its politics.

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I would expect a rothkike to have enough of an education to craft, at the very least, grammatically correct sentences.

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a lot of drugs look like they could fit trough there.
I wanted a wall like Israel's, complete with automated turrets (like Israel has).
But I am willing to settle for this.

What the fuck am I looking at? Explain.

Keep settling. By the way the courts just shot down the policy of denying illegal invaders asylum. You gong to settle for that to?

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Did the fucker just say steel slat barriers?

Who would know? It disintegrates.

Yea but it isn't like the wall will be unmanned.

I don't know, a fucking mattress with a hard side?

This is the first reply under Trump's tweet. Gotta admit I lol'd.

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Is that you André?



Moar salt faggots!

Steel Rusts to fast I say use Bronze It last Forever and could have beautiful patinas and A wall of Pikes is not a fence it's a wall

Why a "non solid" "wall" is retarded.

Yeah several layers of fucking razor wire the size of a house.

This is why trumpkike got away with not fufilling any of his promises except to restrict gun ownership.