Will the real antiwar left support Trump as he pulls out of Syria, Afganistan, and South Korea?

Will the real antiwar left support Trump as he pulls out of Syria, Afganistan, and South Korea?
A lot of Trump's positions are what the old non-neoliberal left would have supported. What trade union would have supported mass immigration?
We have to end this Democrats = peace meme. It hit peak insanity with Obama getting the Nobel peace prize. Who got us into WW1, WW2, Korean war, Vietnam, Serbian war?
Now is the time to redpill the nation as everyone in the media is shilling for the MIC like crazy

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mfw you are not educated enough to understand how sometimes war is actually peace.

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most of the self-proclaimed 'antiwar' left was only doing it during Iraq because opposing war was the trendy thing to do. but they didn't give a shit when Obama was bombing the hell out of Libya.
very little of the modern American left can actually be considered antiwar

Wasn't OJ going to find them?

Leftists just repeat what they see on the news, they want war in Syria, Iran and Russia…… because that's what the media tells them to think.

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It's clear that 'anti-imperialism' is just racial hatred turned political pathology. Just look at what the 'anti-war' pinkos were up to during king nigger's reign.
It's not imperialism if brown people do it.

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That cant happen, US has permanent war economy. Peace means 50% of economy disappearing. Its impossible, wars forever and ever and ever.

The "democrats" have all gone warhawk now, already.

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I don't agree with Jimmy on a lot of things, but he's woke on the gas pipeline Qatar wanted to go through Syria

Needs to happen first. End the Syria war.

spoiler that shit dickhead

Jimmy Dore is pretty based. Now that all of you hate Trump you are pretty much 100% in agreement with him. Seriously, watch his videos.

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Here's another good one

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You haven't subverted the board's actual tone yet, faggot.

That was before he attacked the Federal Reserve, shutdown the government, and pulled out of the sandniggerlands all in a 72 hour period.

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I have seen a few Bernie bros and shitlib journalists supporting it. But most will find some reason to criticize the decision (e.g. muh kurds).

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did the ban for posting CP.png force you to swap VPNs?

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Will do. Clearly it's a sign.

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So far the leftist kikes are predictably kvetching like crazy. Figures they would hivemindedly show their true vile forms once the hive is in danger.

The fuck! Why haven't I seen this before?
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Trump will be back in the Lands of the Muslims, and the Land of Sham is a boiling cauldron from which there is no escape. The kufri alliance will keep invading until they can no longer invade, and Muslims will then invade the lands of kufr until the hour.

The Islamic State is remaining and expanding.