Trump Shuts It Down

Government shutdown hits after Congress adjourns without a deal on Trump's border wall

Roughly one-quarter of the federal government officially shut down Friday night as Congress and President Trump remained deadlocked over money for his proposed border wall, the second time in less than a year that the nation’s unyielding divisions over immigration have led to the closure of federal agencies.

Lawmakers who spent Friday in fitful, inconclusive negotiations with White House officials said they would resume talks on Saturday, hoping to break the stalemate, which threatens the paychecks of some 800,000 government workers.

For now, with most government offices already closed for the weekend and the Christmas holiday, the shutdown will have limited effect, although it may hamper activities at some national parks. But if it continues for long, it could have a widening impact on the public, delaying home sales and tax refunds, closing passport offices and snarling a long list of government functions.

Friday evening, House and Senate leaders sent their members home. Lawmakers leaving the Capitol indicated they were promised 24 hours’ notice before the next vote.

Senate leaders agreed Friday afternoon that no plan would get a vote in the chamber until Trump and the top Republicans and Democrats in both the House and Senate had signed off on it. Lawmakers hoped that pact to avoid meaningless votes would smooth the process of getting a bill that could pass both chambers and be signed by the president.

Lawmakers acknowledged that there was no clear pathway to resolve the standoff unless Trump drops his demands about the U.S.-Mexico border wall. To get through the Senate, any bill would need the support of nine Democrats, but the party has unanimously rejected money for the wall.

Trump has demanded $5 billion for wall construction. Senators previously agreed on $1.6 billion that could be used to upgrade existing border fences, but not to begin construction of a new border wall. In talks Friday, White House officials spoke with lawmakers about a possible package that would include the $1.6 billion. It was unclear what other elements might be included.

Senate Republicans were visibly frustrated earlier Friday that Trump whipsawed them this week on whether he would insist on funds for a wall on the border. They had agreed to a spending bill earlier this week that didn’t fund the wall with the understanding that Trump would sign it. Then, the House approved $5.7 billion for the wall after Trump reversed course and demanded the money.

“It would have been great if they had told us they wanted this fight, because we would have started working on it on Wednesday,” said Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who supports the border wall funding. “They now have made that clear.”

“The key here is we have to get clarity from the president on what his priorities are,” said Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.).
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who rarely speaks to reporters in the Capitol hallways, even paused to show off a campaign button for the “Senate Cranky Coalition."

"This is the unanimous position of the Senate Republican conference at the moment," McConnell said of the pin. Within hours, half a dozen other senators were wearing the same button.

Days before Christmas, lawmakers were visibly frustrated that they were stuck in Washington over a partisan dispute that would do little more than fund the government for seven weeks, a mere kick of the can.

Democratic Sen. Brian Schatz flew home to Hawaii only to turn around and fly back to Washington to vote down the wall proposal.

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The one step the Senate agreed upon was a procedural vote that would allow the chamber to move forward on a funding measure. It passed 48 to 47 — after Vice President Mike Pence cast the tie-breaking vote.

"Since any eventual solution will require 60 votes here in the Senate, it’s been clear that from the beginning that two things are necessary: the support from enough Senate Democrats to pass the proposal at 60, and a presidential signature," McConnell said.

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) said the roll call on the procedural vote, which was held open for nearly six hours — significantly longer than a typical 15-minute vote — was needed to “demonstrate that not all Republicans would be for the House bill either.”

The agreement to continue negotiations came after Pence, Trump's son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner, and budget director Mick Mulvaney met separately with Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) and House Republican leaders.

In addition to the impact on government functions, a prolonged shutdown could also exact a political cost: Polling has clearly indicated for years that most voters don’t like the idea of shutting down the government over policy disagreements.

But the polls also show that the two sides have different audiences with different demands. Though a large majority of voters overall don’t like shutdowns, most Republican voters support the idea of a fight over the border wall.

In a poll earlier this month by Quinnipiac University, for example, voters overall opposed the idea of shutting down the government over money for a border wall by almost 2 to 1. And, by 51% to 37%, voters said that if a shutdown happened, they’d mostly blame Trump and the Republicans.

But Republican voters disagreed. By 59% to 33%, self-identified Republicans said they supported shutting down the government over the wall.

Trump has tried to shift blame to Democrats, an effort he renewed Friday. He praised House Republicans for approving the money he asked for and accused Democrats of obstructionism.

"It's really up to the Democrats — totally up to the Democrats as to whether we have a shutdown,” he said at the White House. "It's possible that we'll have a shutdown. I would say the chances are very good, because I don't think the Democrats care very much about this issue.”

It’s a departure from what Trump told Democratic leaders in a televised meeting in the Oval Office last week.

“I’ll tell you what: I am proud to shut down the government for border security,” Trump said then to Schumer and House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, adding, “I will be the one to shut it down — I’m not going to blame you for it.”

Trump also pushed again Friday for McConnell to change Senate rules and eliminate the 60-vote threshold needed to pass most legislation — a change so dramatic that many people refer to it as the “nuclear option.”

"Mitch, use the Nuclear Option and get it done! Our Country is counting on you!" Trump tweeted.

McConnell and many other Republican senators have repeatedly rejected that idea, and a few Republicans reiterated Friday that it is not an option. The filibuster is designed to protect the minority party. It also prevents dramatically different policies from becoming law each time a different party takes control of the Senate.

In another tweet, Trump predicted that a shutdown “will last for a very long time.”

He scrapped plans to leave Washington on Friday afternoon for a holiday vacation at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Fla., and a spokesperson confirmed that Trump would remain in town in the event of a shutdown.


Crashing this plane

Kek the madman is actually going to do it, bravo don bravo

every Senator who voted against the wall won't be re-elected. those treasonous faggots better fear the wrath of the public. we want the wall. we have tens of billions to spend on Israel and on building walls and funding the militaries for foreign Muzz dictator nations who are hostile towards us if not active enemies to us stabbing us in the back then raping us and robbing us and leaving pummeled husk of a body dripping goatfucker super serum from out bloody asshole. those cucked Senators have no idea the fire they just lit.

baby's first government shutdown

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You say that like only white people are the only ones who vote.

go back to reddit Zionist tool

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They dared the shark to bite and he did.
You, know, I thought it was fucking hilarious that Trump pulled those two dual citizen idiots into his office to discuss a shutdown. It was like Israel vs Trump. Next thing you know, Trump is pulling Troops out of Syria, Neocon jews tell the world to stand with Israel, a huge RT report on legislation that bans state and government involvement into BDS (they made it unlawful to participate in BDS in around 20 states) and now this. Wall for me and for thee you kike fucks!

Not after he gave them 38 billion dollars it wasn't.

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Magapedes always suck at arguing, don't they?

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Why you mad though?

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My country is run by traitors.

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Shills are mad. Praise be to Almighty Kek for delivering us this Christmas bounty.

Deus Vult.

A quote from "Goodfellas",

One more reason you're a faggot.

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You have no country kike.

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You can learn a lesson from everything.
Sorry if your tiny nigger brain can't comprehend that.

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Dividing a cancerous tumour from your body is a good thing.

Does the irony not sink in yet?

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You can't learn anything if you have autism though.

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This is great but as the jewish senator from New York elected by tens of thousands of niggers from one part of the state has said numerous times, the jews are not budging on the niggerfication of the 50 colonies. Is Trump going to deploy the military to Congress when it once again ignores the will of 62,984,828 voters who want a safer America?

Then why are you pissed off? Because you got pissed on?
You must be new here. Fuck off faggot.

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Don't worry, they'll be back in there shortly for other crimes.

For murdering and raping Whites? 44D chess.

Yes, and it shows.

They really believe the shit they babble to themselves about "based niggers". A lot of them live in small towns in the Midwest and rarely leave their county, so they literally don't know what the country looks like.

My country is run by traitors, that includes Trump

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blahblahblah. Where is energy independence? Why are we still dependent on the Middle East for oil? Where are our nuclear reactors? Why are there so few automobile manufacturers making electric cars?

Don't care what happens in that stupid racist zionist LARPing country with a population so inbred that they think Heaven is a piece of land on a planet.

Fat niggers will have to wait a week or two for their back pay, by which I mean my tax money.

Fuck them all. Especially their interminable bitching. My only consolation is that those fat fuck pensions will not be honored by the white warlords who eventually take over after the collapse.

We became energy independent last year, stupid.

How much HRT you got left faggot?

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Lmao, that fucking Zionist Puppet couldn't keep his promise for a fucking wall, and now he threatens a government shutdown because he wasn't able to get the job done?

Look at the amazing work the troops have done at the caravan. If only we would put a little more money into that (say several hundred million), we could keep out illegal spics and first-worlders for fucking good.

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>>>Zig Forums

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What's funny is how much more it's cost the government and people to not put in the wall than it would have been had they just gave him the fucking wall and stopped playing games.

Go back to half-chan, you brainless shill.

Are you allowed to use internet on sabbath?

Yeah he should have paid for it out of his own pocket amiright?

I'm not really sure what electric cars have to do with Zig Forums. Maybe someone can explain to me why the propulsion method for a vehicle would necessarily lead into political affiliation. Unless of course it was just a proxy for entrenched financial interests.

Elaborate? As far as I am aware, the only reason we even collaborate with crazy zionists is because they give us an excuse to fuck around in the ME and get cheap oil and opium. How are we energy independent if people are still using oil? Or is most of the oil from fracking on our own soil?

This is true, I've known many of them personally. They are either too stupid to realize that neither political party gives a shit about whites, or too degenerate to care.

HRT? Pictures of people who don't give a fuck about my people?

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No one gives a fuck about your people jew. You will never be white.

Moar salt shill! Kek demands a sacrifice!

No, standing firm on the wall is a great thing. Almost as good as getting the fuck out the Middle East. lol. The jews are really, really mad at that one.

You are desperate for us to turn against him aren't you. Desperation is a stinking cologne.

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It's not really. The shill was just spewing random talking points in a last ditch attempt to derail.

Do you think they're hitting their monitors yet?

No one here likes him in the first place.

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Leftists are saying this everywhere!
Fucking NPCs man.

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You're either a female, an sjw or a motherfucking kike… but you're definitely a bitch. Get raped and take a trip to morroco.

A fucking joke. I know government workers they love shutdowns. They don't go to work and when government opens they get all backed pay.

We have to say it like it is: he wasn't able to fund it because Mexico didn't want to pay. There's no alternative way to pay for this. Now we're stuck here.

This was the vital promise he made during his campaign. Now he's going to desperate measures just to get something he probably won't be able to fulfill until his second term. A government shut-down is not the way to go.

There a difference between trying your best to turn against him, and not thinking every single thing he does is amazing.

Go back to cuckchan.

You guys suck his dick way too fucking much.

Typical signs of a reddit half-chan frog poster. Kill yourself newfag.

all the trumpshills standout because there sole purpose is to shill for politicians and you post here like it's your fucking job to say the same shit over and over again

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I've been redpilling the shit out of Breitbart disqus users and other stuff… they're pretty pissed man. You should see the comments on the BB. It's fucking hilarious.
It's going to get to fucking worse but more funny. This is a cuckchan/reddit/instagram raid. Or some goofy shit like that.

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Seriously, are you like a leftover from the temporary shutdown of cuckchan?

You sure sound like one.

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All the leftytards are being TRANSformed into lolcows.


Fuck Lindsey Graham, press F for the cancer that killed McCain, Fuck those neocon generals and fuck you. Try harder shareblue. Trump did this purpose. He figured out the game and shut it down… weird how the tables are reversed. LOL

What is, rabbi?

Hes going to burst a vein the less we acknowledge him.

Still trying that line magapede?

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You think you got a handle on infinite/pol/ with that google img? Sorry dumb nigger/bitch/liberal.
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This place is so relaxing after you filter the shills.

He is doing the right thing, they are going to crash everything anyway, might was well be the one in control of it and spin the narrative. These kikes just like to say "be reasonable, we promise well do it later!!!" and are just trying to wait out the clock.

Nah, I like the chaos.

>The government has usually paid all its employees, “essential” or not, back pay after other past shutdowns, such as those in the 1990s. While Congress is legally required to pay federal employees who worked during the shutdown, there’s no law requiring the same treatment for nonessential workers.

I'm a shill for what? Being happy that jews are pissed that we get a border wall (part of one) and laughing at kikes and their pets for being sad we won't defend Israel in Syria anymore. Try harder maybe?

Enjoying the shutdown tonight.
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As of right now the shills are doing it for free.

Kike please


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just KYS you double faced shit. God, that debating style makes me want to crush your lying head with rocks

Trump ends the FED on the 23rd

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oy vey shut it down

He did.

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This might just be the best Christmas I ever had.

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fuck of back to cuckchan you dopamine deprived ADD illiterate.

That face - he did it to fuck Trump, and is both amused, and very clear as to the consequences

Trump is gonna end the FED on teh 23rd. Let the muslims wipe out Israel and start the arrests on January 1st.

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It's a meme. Get over it faggot…

This thread had over 270 reps now it has 89.

>President's authority to remove (((chairman))) unclear
It's perfect.

Yep. Trump is starting to deliver. The amount of butthurt shills in this thread desperate to say this government shutdown is a bad thing proves how uneasy the kikes are about what Trump is doing

Bunker busters for every pissraeli embassy to handle the nukes.

How I was a shill for anyone except for the Americans that have to go fight sand niggers?

>all the (((government))) workers kvetching ITT

🎵 Let it glow, let it glow, let it glow 🎶

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Never went to go fight sand niggers, stayed home and exposed everything jews did since 9/11 was more satisfying which cost them 15 years of all their narratives. Feels good man.

have a toy and shut up goy

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government shutdown = Christmas vacation

they work less than students do