"Despite the French government walking back over its plans on the fuel tax hike, as well as the parliament's backing of the proposed economic and social measures announced in response to the Yellow Vests' demands, the protests have been ongoing for the 6th weekend in a row."

While last week the number of participants in the Yellow Vests' rallies across France had reportedly declined, the protests have continued on 22 December.


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the jews take sides: support Rothschilds and Globalism against the European people

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If only effete liberals in America could stop smoking weed and pull the nigger dicks out of their asses long enough to see how the police in France treat unarmed citizens who are being ignored by their representative government.

Or just look at what happened in Venezuela shortly after they gave up their guns.

but dey hwite, so they'll ignore it

The fact that it is mostly the eastern European press that's covering this news tells you who runs the Western media.

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They see, they don't care.

the cops are totally on our side!



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I haven't even seen a single petrol bombing in any of the videos I've watched. My disappointment is immeasurable and my days are ruined.

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Well, I guess the frogs can't afford gas anymore, so maybe that's why.


News sites in Europe (at least Germany) are giving conflicting reports. Some are saying that Gilets jaunes have taken over the streets while others are claiming that the protests have died down or are over.

Also this happened, where producers in French news station edited out the sign "MACRON GET OUT". They said it was just a mistake, lol

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I put France 24 on for 30m and still nothing. What a fucking joke this entire game is rigged.

Thanks for that information. It's astonishing.

If a TV news studio were invaded by an angry crowd of Yellow Vests, or if one of the broadcast news anchors (a 'talking head') were to be confronted personally prevented from going on air at news time, then the media would have no choice but to cover the story.
There would be even more publicity if the talking head takes the criticism to heart and kills himself.

There are relatively few prime time talking heads, they are the high priests of ZOG, and anything that affects one of them would have tremendous psychological impact with the public and with politicians.

These talking heads in France should be scolded, that's what I think.

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They are not opposition of the state unless it's "fascist".

post the full video, this cuts off the start where the police throw teargas grenades at the crowd unprovoked.
I've already seen people trying to spin this as the crowd attacking the police for no reason


How will the movement of yellow vests be organized during the holidays? While the calls for demonstrations were aimed until Saturday, some propose a mobilization as a Christmas Eve. Local actions are continuing. Open your gifts on the most beautiful avenue in the world? While the mobilization of Yellow Vests celebrated on December 22 its sixth consecutive Saturday of mobilization, what calendar of gatherings will now be followed by this heterogeneous movement, in full holiday season? "Celebrate Christmas Eve between Yellow Vests," invites in response a Facebook page that calls for a rally of the movement on the Avenue des Champs-Elysees on December 24, evening more dedicated to family meals than demonstrations.

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Remember when Macron bombed damascus because "Assad gassed his people"
Remember when Macron also:
Gassed his people with intent to hurt and not disperse
Brought fucking APC'S in Paris against his people
Taxes the shit out of the people (the fucking stamps u put on letters are getting taxed in january, you'll have to PAY 1 euro for a simple stamp, 1,20 for a red stamp)
Shot to kill a multitude of protesters, a grandmother died in Marseille killed by the canister of the gas grenade shit
Medias are being totally controlled by this faggot, only talks about "police getting harmed by violent protesters"
Put snipers on the roofs of Paris during the protests hmmm
police almost shot a protester with real bullets but it's the peoples fault
he censors everything that he doesn't like
he puts makeup on every day because he's so scared of the gilets jaunes lmao
And a "TERRORIST ATTACK" happened literally one day after he said everything's going to be ok it's time to forget the protests
Whoever supports Macron supports a cruel corrupt jewish psycopath
What has france turned to? The country of the freedom rights? Now fucking owned by those who got the most money?
I can't wait for his head to be hanged alongside all of his party.
Death to Macron

thanks for the update user

As bad as things are, the one thing you do not want is for burgers to come over and get involved.
It'd be nice if they had their own happening going on, that ought to keep the ZOGbots too busy to fuck things up over here, and who knows maybe they can take the chance to actually fix things for themselves.

Are things still going strong? It's been a few weeks so hopefully it's not starting to get low energy


Media lies.

Lol, is that a limey or a frog calling us Burgers?

Heres to the riots dying off before the new year. Its the holidays goy! Fireworks and jesus! Lets all love each other! Lets get two million more Africa niggers! Its what jesus would do!

You don't even exist, goyim!

I thought the yellow vest protests had been completely stymied.

that was defeatist propaganda from shills

How does a molotov sound?

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Very nice. They sound like the voices of our ancestors user. Tongues of flame licking the world

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Fucking based

Where did you find this? Can't seem to find anything on it. The only videos I could find were from protests in 2017.

Good luck French!

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The frogs are a cancer far worse tham the jew.

Rousseau invented the new way of the criminology that priorize the "victmin of the society" mentality.

Theses pseudointelectual degenerates like Michael Fuckyoult, Sartre, Simone Beauvoir, Derrida, Lacan, Deleuze and a buch of other names you can find in the undersigned to abolish the age of consent in France are the pioners of the irracionalism, moral relativism, pozz modern doutrine in general that molded the neomarxism interssectional sjw aids you see on all current year universities.

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