Trump's Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Vandalized With Swastikas

Earlier this year West Hollywood City Council passed a resolution calling for the removal of the star

Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been vandalized yet again, this time with a number of swastikas and what appeared to be fake blood.

First on Wednesday, a man scribbled the swastikas in black marker pen - alongside both English and Spanish slurs - onto the star. The next day, an amount of fake blood, or red paint, was daubed over the star.

Both incidents were captured by a camera put in place by entertainment news site TMZ. The graffiti was later removed.

Trump's star has been the target for vandalism a number of times over the years, particularly since his campaign for the presidency in 2016. It has been completely destroyed twice.

The star has also previously been enclosed by a miniature border wall and graced with a gold-plated toilet telling people to "take a Trump".

In August, West Hollywood City Council passed a resolution calling for the removal of the star for "actions that do not meet the shared values of the City of West Hollywood, the region, state, and country."

Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Doused with Fake Blood, After Swastikas

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And? He's nothing like that.


pick one

hail hortler

Hey rabbi!

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One of the basic lessons they should teach over at the University of the Holocaust is how to draw a Swastika.
Threadly Reminder: These things are touted as being highly intelligent


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Drawn widdershins, as usual, hands quaking in primal fear of the sigil they wield.

Shalom, rabbi! Whatcha doing?

Hey, it's " Rabbi Shlomo Greenberg ", be considerate to others.

Leftists are such impotent little children.

fuck off impotent user


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look at the design of the swastikas. It is the typical jewish design. They hate the swastika but want to use it for their purpose. They draw the swastika with inted like it was drawn by a retard, to insult the holy symbol of the swastika and to fool the public into thinking that the perpetrator was a dumb fuck.

So look how it is drawn, and if it is real shitty, than jew related.

The jews just adore putting swastikas on things

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Fuck off Moshe.

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Never heard this one til now. Wow.

You were saying?

Liberals are truly iconoclasts. They're no better than those shitskins who blew up those Buddhist statues, or burned the Library of Alexandra.

Those aren't Swastikas. The arms aren't pointing in a clockwise rotation.


An enterprising user could put kike stars all over it and call him a filthy goy. In fact, it would be really unfortunate if a large rash of obvious kike hate crimes broke out all over the country obviously naming them and calling all Whites (preferably shabbos retards) nazis. That'd be annudah shoah.

The Midnight Jew Crew strikes again!

Theyre always fucking backwards. The jew is incapable of drawing a proper swastika, it is far too powerful.

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Apparently the Nazis hate Trump for being jewish.

Kill yourself Nation of Pisslam shill

Is it safe to say, those that are demonized the most are likely too RP'd?

Holy shit, (you) are fucking terrible at fitting in.

Where are these "swastikas" OP?

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Are you sure it's a rabbi this time?

I mean, it always always is, but they usually fuck it up. Oh wait, are they backwards? They've never been able to draw the cross properly for some reason

it's supposed to be crossed SS's, not ZZ's

I think this is more calling Trump a Nazi in protest than support.

hale hortler!

Even though he's mentally unstable, he's not wrong.
Jews are powered by their manufactured victimhood and their "struggle" to exist.
Without their ability to guilt/shame people into giving them power, they'd be nothing.
The holocaust is all they have. They couldn't succeed without it.
They know it's drying up which is why they're pushing multiculturalism.

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lurk more

Occam' Razor
Hence the term "Kike" short for kikel(Hebrew; 'Circle'). The 'X' looked too much like a cross. They despise the Christian, see him as a useful tool and unfortunately the Christian is true to form/function

>>>/back/ it's where you must go

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Text on star reads "FUCK THiS PuTO"

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Jewish Spastikas.

just fuck my swastica up fam


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Leftists are such passive aggressive pussies.


I real nazi would know how to draw a swastika. So fake.

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just go home dood, tell your handler or chief supervisor you suck at infiltrating imageboards

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Degenerate Jewish art defamation of Men Jews could never be.

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So before that they were destitute and powerless? Give me a break the Jews don’t need the hallofcost to be in power/ subvert host nation. Look at any non white country and how they’ve worked their way in and start the pozz. The hallofcost is however is a extremely powerful tool for them to use in white nations to turn the dial up quicker. You think spics care about what hitler did? Or kaffirs or slanty eyes?

Except trump is the biggest kike dick sucking President we've ever had

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Hey Trump, whatcha doing?!

Man Arrested For Painting Swastikas On Donald Trump's Hollywood Star via @ndtv

Jose Ortega of Los Angeles was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of felony vandalism, said a spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department.

A witness saw Ortega tag the star late Sunday afternoon and called the police, authorities said. He is being held in lieu of more than $20,000 bail, according to Los Angeles County jail records.

Now that's funny

what movie is this dubsman?

Kikes are really so autisitc morons who lives in the cave ?
How the fuck he is a Natsee ?
1.Trump vist Israel and stay near Kvetching Wall.
2.Allow his own daughter Ivanka to marry a Jew Kurshner.
3.Feel guilty of Holohoax, etc.
But they are repeating this "DRUMPF IZ NEON-NATZSEE KKK !111!!" shit over and over again.

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Look at her before her surgery. It's all snouts and ladders.

"Гитлер капут!", 2008 film. It is a Russian film.

Title basically means, "Hitler goes kaput!"

"Hitler Goes Kaput!"!

It's a parody movie, filled with (((toilet humor))) and supposed to mock both Nazis and Soviets, but mostly Nazis by portraying them as sadists, faggots and psychopaths, but glorifing USSR as cool and badass guys.
Ironically, but movie director is Jew himself, which directed only such shitty toilet humor comedies.

And cast is mostly Jewish too.

He is a kike. Sweden, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc all have jewish leaders. It's doubtfull the jews bothered to find a gentile front man for the US. There appears to be no need to do so. Just take a look at Drumpfs RELATIVES and you will see he's jewish.

Typical kikey looking hortler action.

And holy fuck, hasbaraspambot shat this thread up, are these the next lot of template pictures they'll post for the following months?
Kek the desperation.

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The absolute STATE of cuckstain astroturf agents.

An hour later, he still posts.

This thread triggers him. I'm bumping it for Trump gasses the fags and the kikes and the niggers.


who give a shit

imkikey's drumpf internet defense force out on the loose again


Man, they're making it so hard to figure out who's behind that.

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butthurt kike :^)

:^) This thread.


Fuck Zognald
Fucking kike president cuckold.
Cares more about money and israel then America



duck's back.

Suck it, kike.

Worthy of a bump :^)


Suspiciously look like an aleph

The wall is an esoteric metaphor for the reconstruction of Solomon's temple.

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I'm surprised no one has done something like that yet. I can't begin to imagine what the media would try to spin somebody calling Trump a kike. I'd do it myself but sadly I live on the other side of the country.

Trump Backed Away From Border Wall Plans Long Ago, John Kelly Says as Gov’t Shutdown Continues


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that's some real heil hortler shit right there.


Why the fuck would nationalist type waste their time with petty shit like this? Could have been a jew that did this though, since they are known for faking hatecrimes and drawing shitty looking swastikas. Let the pussy hats get in trouble for this type of thing.

Also, whatever happened to the fake Trump stickers used to counteract this type of vandalism? Better have the trolls line each sidewalk with fake stars and get the dumbasses to vandalize every sidewalk in LA then get arrested.

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