H.R.7363, AKA, Kill Social Media Kikes Dead!




You know what to do, put pressure on your Representatives and Senators to support this Bill.


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Oy vey but its a private company and we should be able to censor anything we don't like.

Through our pipes, respect our rights.

That argument only holds water when services are actually private, and only intended for a particular grouping. However, since Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc… were open platforms from the get go, their sudden shift for censoring certain groups while propping up others despite their supposed 'open environment', brings that question of whether they can truly call themselves private companies. They technically don't make any money as far as their services are concerned, so they can't argue that people are getting what they pay for. They aren't paying anything. Had they been a paid service in the first place, there wouldn't be much issue. But seeing as how they hold massive influence as far as social trends go, and are essential monopolies of their particular fields, they have put themselves into the position of being widely used services like a phone or electricity. So the question of who actually has the right to use the services given, and what determines their invalidation of said rights are now up for debate as all these platforms have been caught acting towards one-sided interests. Frankly, twitter fucked itself when they banned Trump for the period of time they did. If they hadn't done that, it's doubtful any of this would have actually come up.

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tbh companies like Google and Twitter have reached a level of ubiquity where they're not really entitled to certain rights as private businesses anymore. Just like when certain trademarked names become so common that they actually lose their trademark (Xerox, Kleenex, etc), a social media or information platform that becomes the default should lose the right to act in a partisan manner or restrict speech/information.

Don't want to lose those rights? Don't gain a monopoly over a given field. Just like if you don't want to lose your trademark, don't push for your product to become such a household name that it turns into a synonym for the type of product it is.

And just two weeks before the House goes democrat.
Great timing.

This thread is a prime example of Jewish strategy.

A ything we don't like we mock to portray a superior position.

Here's the thing, people in a superior position don't need to critique anyone. They can proven it.

Google, Facebook and Twitter have become common carriers as their own stated goals. They are platforms upon which businesses thrive, politics is done, and ordinary people conduct their day to day relationships and affairs. They are so powerful and ubiquitous that they can materially damage individuals, businesses, and governments and they have been revealed to do this in order to fulfill their own personal, political, and social engineering goals. The phone companies were regulated to fuck and back on this very premise, yet back then it was the mere potential of these harms which was feared. In the case of Internet giants and social media, these harms are no longer theoretical but actual and countless numbers of people have seen their arbitrary capriciousness first hand, which has led to people being expelled from school, fired from their jobs, threatened, harassed, physically assaulted and even committed suicide all because of social media and the big Internet giants.

They must be regulated harshly, with an aim toward not just curbing their current abuses but making it impossible for them to abuse again. Suspension of their domains and services for a week, month, or year should be one of the punishments doled out as it seems they aren't afraid of fines, merely counting them as an operating expense as they violate the law willy nilly. Seizure and breakup should be immediately prosecuted too. Google Ads, Google Software, Android, Search, Email, Docs, these must all be made into separate companies with independent, firewalled executives and board members.

Unlike the Democrats, the House Republicans stayed and have a quorum. It could pass the Senate as well.

PayPal and Godaddy need to be punished too.

If the (((rats))) loose their ability to censor us online the flood gates will be open and they cannot stop it. These fuvks are going to fight hard imho

and mastercard, visa, banks. People were working around jewgle and friends only for other jews up the chain to kill alternatives trying to go their own way with the "if you don't like it make your own." route. We need our own banks, credit cards, payment services, web services, domain registry. What's left after that is isp which we may need our own as well, and then finally backbone. Eventually somewhere they have to be held to us rules that they can't cut off things that are legal.

People already learned their lessons and left the big platforms in droves. Lefties are even doing it, they are buying the jobber jabber that Facebook somehow conspired with Russia to help Trump win the election. It's completely retarded but that's leftism for ya.

One thing people can do is stop using debit and credit cards and use cash instead. That would really piss (((them))) off.

IE, instead of ordering from Amazon with your debit card, buy a gift card with cash. This also completely fucks the tracking that the credit card companies do as a matter of course, information they market to government and private industry alike.

Funny how pewtube, etc get cut off by the Jews higher up the chain such as visa, PayPal. What the fuck do all the neoliberal likes have to say about that?? Just make your own, it's a private company they can do what they want. PayPal can cut you off, they're also private goy

Until there is a legislative solution you use a technical one, host Pewtube on an .onion and take cryptos for your ad bux and affiliate bullshit.

It's not completely hopeless even in clown world. I'm not advocating for lost hope or saying that we shouldn't put pressure on these outlets in every way, I'm just saying don't try the blackpills here schlomo. If Pewdiepie offered his next game or his sponsorships only with cryptos people would pay, and it would be a huge slap in the face to the companies which sought to censor by exerting pressure through what should be perfectly neutral infrastructure grade businesses.

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Your post is a prime example of kike strategy.

Write utter nonsense of the highest talmudic degree and expect an imageboard of autistic genius nazis to believe it.

Reddit spacing. Bottom text.

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Is it possible to sue while referring to such a ruling? What if the Supreme Court just ignores it like the do so often?

We need more right wingers on the court. SOON.

We need our own nation.

We need to retire the worst branch of the government. More right wingers didn't help with Brown v Board of Ed.

It's a sick, corrupt branch of government constantly ignoring the will of the people.

The members of the U.S. Supreme Court that on May 17, 1954, ruled unanimously that racial segregation in public schools is unconstitutional.

In spring 1953, the Court heard the case but was unable to decide the issue and asked to rehear the case in fall 1953, with special attention to whether the Fourteenth Amendment's Equal Protection Clause prohibited the operation of separate public schools for whites and blacks.[24]

The Court reargued the case at the behest of Associate Justice Felix Frankfurter, who used reargument as a stalling tactic, to allow the Court to gather a consensus around a Brown opinion that would outlaw segregation. The justices in support of desegregation spent much effort convincing those who initially intended to dissent to join a unanimous opinion.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower appointed Earl Warren as Chief Justice.[25] Warren had supported the integration of Mexican-American students in California school systems following Mendez v. Westminster.[26] However, Eisenhower invited Earl Warren to a White House dinner, where the president told him: "These [southern whites] are not bad people. All they are concerned about is to see that their sweet little girls are not required to sit in school alongside some big overgrown Negroes." Nevertheless, the Justice Department sided with the African American plaintiffs.[27][28][29]

Warren drafted the basic opinion and kept circulating and revising it until he had an opinion endorsed by all the members of the Court.[33] Reed was the last holdout and reportedly cried during the reading of the opinion.[34]

For every $1 stored in a bank or credit union $9 is lent out with interest, apr, capitalization, and fees, since your deposit is the 1/10 jews are required to retain on hand. Get paid by employer or client/customer and cash out asap so as to limit jew profits as much as possible. Time is ticking.

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Not impossible but nearly so, it'd take a Constitutional Amendment and we haven't had one in a long time. It's extra hard because of the checks and balances laws we have.

Rather than abolishing them an amendment or law banning ruling from the bench might be more feasible.

We mock it because it's fun to watch kike dunning-Kruger.

My representative in the House is a nip Democrat female. My senators are both also female; one is a nigger and the other is a Jewess. All are Democrats, naturally. The governor of my state is a left-wing Buster Friendly, while my city has a pure social justice mayor and a black, female police chief. Even the local utility company mails me shit about inclusivity and feminism. Don't get me started on the local school district.

You could say I'm used to living under hostile forces. I honestly think I'll be happier when we pass the final law and all just go into the woods to discuss the rights of man with our survival rifles. My rifle will not have a pistol grip or detachable magazine