France has fallen.We are losing this war

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Poor France. Not enough Danes to sustain the world.

Link you faggot?

I don't speak dunerunes or ribbits. What's it say?

I can neither read frog nor islamic sphagetti, what does it say? Did Macaroni convert to islam to save his skin?

Is this the designated black pill thread?

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Really? I can't tell that from France 85% European composition. 56% percent seems terrible in comparison.


You will pay for this!

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Is there any way to trigger the Samson Option? Because if I can take out Israel and modern western society at the same time I'm all for it at this point.

Are you making a pass at me?
You know I am a straight male, right?

This is the exact opposite of "fallen". It looks like France is dropping ties with the US/Pissrael complex and openly endorses Lebanon.
OP is a butthurt mulatto.

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lol get cancer your dick was replaced by a fleshwound

I wanted to say the same.

However, I'm bumping because I want others to READ. I'm tired of all the PRO-ISRAEL ignorance on 8/pol/. If Israel isn't taken out, another (((9/11))) will occur.

the fuck you talking about faggot


Here is helping you user.

Defending the steel slats was the first of the list today. trumpkike pr team and hasbara kikes are shitting up the place completely. So much that they even clash with each other at times.

Here you lazy nigger.

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you know what is ironic, the french invaded arab/turko land and claimed it for themselves even made it officialy part of france, instead of truly having french people they adopted the idea of french by choise'so a black man from the congo could just be as much french as piere from montpellier that is how the french government views it's citizens, same way what Ataturk did in turkey, turk not by blood but by choise, this is why both nations are having troubles with a small minority that grew over time to become a problem, this issue isn't happening past 20 years but for the past 200

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"Islam plz halp"

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I just came up with a good argument regarding the acceptance of homosexual in Society, using Muslims.

The reason why we accept them is the same reason so many Muslims say you should be put to dead for leaving Islam.


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Yes, that's literally paid shilling. The owner of the website wants it here. He banned the mods that removed it for being spam. Zig Forums is gone. It's not coming back.

Have you heard liberals say that the reason niggers have such a low IQ is because of culture?

They have no culture, therefore no iq

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Why not, you guys say a person is a Jew because he crosses his feet a certain way.

If people can be conditioned enough say death for leaving islam, and same goes for IQ then we should be arguing that gays are not ok because of conditioning by the Media and education system.

Don't try to speak when you have a mouthful of cock

What don't you understand? Burn the fags, gas the jews. Simple as that.

I have.Also income,economics, etc.
Just like to see some butthurt faggots& muzzies.


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My goal is to weaponize their excuses that they have for blacks & Muslims to use them against gays.

Go forth and spread the word

Just like america and every other European country the majority of those whites are elderly. The majority of people 30 and below are shitskins.

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Dont try to be a sage, unless you want to actually learn something.

Nothing Jews do is neutral, foreigner. Welcome to Zig Forums – the horrible truth awaits you here.

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based puertoricans

As usual Zig Forums is full of dipshits who can't tell their friends from their enemies from neutrals. Hez and Iran and their allies are openly as anti-you as it gets. The same goes for the Muslims conquering France. Just because they also hate Israel doesn't make them any better.

"White genocide is fine if the muzzies will go after the kikes after they kill us all!" No it's not.

"The problem is only the jews and no one else!" Why are the Jews a problem? "They're bringing in Muslims!" Then the Muslims are a problem? "No we love them because they hate Jews!"

I've been challenging these NPC scripts for years and it's like banging my head on a brick wall. Think, people.

I have actually met some of the people you idolize kids.

I'm the guy that retired as Kek. Been here a while.

I thought the winter killed summerfags like this.

No, the opposite.
Lebanon, a French creation that Syria thinks belongs to them, is heavily felating Saudi dick.

So Maricon does reinforce the anti-Syrian, anti-Iranian Saudi/Israeli nexus

The French president is a black dick sucking faggot in the pay of the jews.

Haven't read the whole thing yet… rolling for irony.

Ya think????

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What is being said is that you're a faggot.

Go suck Tommy Robinstein's dick, kike. Hezbollah did nothing wrong.

What does some fight that doesn't involve anybody here have to do wkth us?.

It's OK, blackpilled user… others are here to continue the fight.
Sorry the mods and TDS have stolen your thunder. That's why I keep a little 'bottle of lightning' on me. For non-believers to marvel at.
It's labeled IOTBW. There is nothing more powerful than an idea.

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I thought Israel invaded Lebanon recently?

Honestly when I translated the twitter page it was really boring. Probably should skip it…it was so boring that I didn't even bother to copy/paste it into this thread.

Very few places they haven't invaded recently to be honest.

This attitude is why America will go down with a whimper. The worship of idols like Gordon Gekko created a country full of worthless, back-stabbing white niggers incapable of uniting for abstract concepts like democracy and justice.



I don't worship anybody.

Yes, I know who did it. I got the message Consider Time Served.

more of a white pill. the amount of tunnel vision this mega kike has is unfathomable. how do you think the yellow vests are going to react now?
tomorrow looks to be some day

I don't get it

meme it!

>France acts for a (((stable))) and (((independent))) Lebanon
Maybe he convinced them to tell Hezbollah to fuck off

In what way - any examples?

Guillotine now

This thread is a real dumpster fire. OP posted a picture of a tweet nobody can read. I guess France wants a stable Lebanon.

That was the sum of the value in this entire thread. And it took 64 replies.

A leader of France making a tweet in a different language is the ultimate indication of where his loyalties are as this message was sent to the people of his country but only certain people. Unreal what the French citizens have allowed to happen to the legacy left to them in such a short time period.

Regardless of what you may think about fucking around the Middle East, doesn't France - doesn't the West in general - have bigger fucking problems than some tribal sand people wars??

It's a thing weak leaders like to do.

Those 'tribal sand people wars' may cancerously grow to consume the Western Tradition user.

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Kek is that real?


i don't think that's real

It's not about what percentage have it, it's about the percent tested. Read the text at the bottom.

Keep up your cuckold fantasy.
56% and not counting the true number of illegal spics

Talking about macron like he still matters.
Begone shills.

Real question for you.
When do you believe this percentage will stop dropping? Do you expect that "95%" to increase?

It goes, it goes, it goes, it goes
Guillotine yah

yes, memetics.

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fuck off semite

Because the Jews are using them as a reason to flood Europe with ethnic garbage. Leave them to their dune coonery, don't let them into Europe and you're golden.

First of all France government even banned publication of ethnic demographics in teh France.

Or at the top…
Also note that this doesn't include mulattoes and their ilk

So what did that rat-faced grannyfucking traitor actually say in his moon runes?

sage because this info was already posted

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Here's another mentally ill nutjob, he's seeing "pro-Israel" comments everywhere. It's real in his mind!

This won't add fuel to the fire at all.

National Geographic July 1989 France Bicentennial
eBay has it for $3
same picture as posted on left, but from 1989 instead
same problems since 1989 in the Nat Geo.
remember France is younger than the USA

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You don't think that message was meant for people in Lebanon? They speak Arabic, not French.

I remember this issue. Had some nice titties in it.

What Macron is doing is aligning himself and his 'French government' with Islam… to save his own hide.

He's afraid the yellow-vest revolution will work, that his corrupt/illegitimate/rigged cabinet will be annulled, thrown out on its ear, and that he will face the guillotine. He has good reason to be afraid.

Macron's (((paymasters))) want Islam to take over Europe, and they waited until the last possible moment to make their final move in France.

Macron is indirectly appealing to the forces of Islam to bring stability to France. More than just inviting them in as fast as they can get there, he's offering to turn the governance of France over to Islam.

That's what it means, Zig Forums.
Paris will be the first to fall to the forces of Islam.

And the Jews did this.

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Leftists believe people have high IQ when they're showered with enough money growing up. They also believe our ancestors were literal retards.

Seriously, look at the beak on that fucker…he isn't a 'jew' or anything…LMAO

Subhanallah wa Al Hamdulillah

War is coming to France. Death. Chaos.
Islam thinks it can take over France, but the truth is that it can only destroy the French people and ruin the French nation. Islam never creates anything but vindictive destruction and hate.

If you were really honest with yourselves, you would thank a Jew for this, Muslims. Because you are violent, low-IQ tools, they used you to destroy their enemy, their Amalek, everywhere in the world at once. By promoting immigration with any excuse necessary, by appealing to white guilt and compassion, Jews set the races at war with one-another. Muslims, you are but fools being used to fight the war of the Jew. There is nothing else significant about you.

And fuck your non-existent Allah.

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