(((Google))) Doodle of the Day

Santa stays White while the Elves are now shitskins.

Can we say it's R-A-C-I-S-T, my fellow comrades? :^)

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Hello TRSodomite.

cultural appropriation

Republicans get off on this sort of thing.

wtf how did you do strikethrough in the filename?


Time to post shitskin holiday pics with nothing but Whites.

Here you go Satan:

Surprised that Jewgle is celebrating Christmas at all, even if it's a cucked secular version.

When are they going to leave?

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wtf it didn't work

No idea, annoying aren't they?

In the original Dutch folklore of Sinterklaas, the elves are all black as coal.

The elf all the way to the left looks White.

It's a good thing we aren't Dutch. I am a Dane, two completely different cultures.

Accurately reflects new birth rates in burger tbh. But death to jewgle.

checks out

It's happening all over the west. They're back-pedaling somewhat on the "Happy Holidays" Christmas-replacement thing, but are still injecting "diversity" where possible.

They know whitey's ready to pop (recent boycotts have been devastating), but they can't help themselves.

Oppressed aspiring rap elves toil away in the North pole creating handmade toys for girls & boys, then the White man steals them.

What's the problem again?


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I wouldn't expect anything but subversion when you put a bunch of jews in charge of depicting a Christian holiday

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Based google coolies.

it's christian alright: work your ass off and buy stuff.

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Say it with me…
Cultural appropriation

Spirited Away!


Why can't they get the lips right? Make the lips fat and blackish brown. The guy looks more like a faggot than a nigger.


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stay tuned next year for nigger tranny santa

black piet is not a nigger

yup keep up with the true "meaning" of Christmas, goyim!

jews having a giggle since elf/alf/aelf/alb all mean white, it's its own germanic word, different from "alb" in latin, which also means white, but that's its only form.

Christmas is not a Christian holiday. Jesus of Nazareth was not born in December, nor was he born on a Sunday. He had no last name, and "Christ" is a Jewish term that comes from the Roman word 'cristos' which means 'exalted'. They use that word to refer to the Judaic messiah, even though they openly do not believe Jesus was the messiah (which was why they killed him). This was added by the Jewish-ruled Roman empire as a way of indebting the followers of Jesus to the Jews, by lying to them about the meaning of Jesus's teachings and creating the narrative that they somehow owed something to the Jews. The fact that you don't know this basic theology but are trying to talk big shit about religion is embarrassing.

t. atheist theologian

Yes but what you don't know is that Sinterklaas is based on a living church figure who lived in Africa and his "helpers" were Moors (arab/african) and what they did was child trafficing and child slavery, since the threat was that if you were bad your parents would sell you to them for gifts for yourself and your other children.
He was an irl semitic jew slavetrader and not the same as the Yule Father.

Christmas is the appropriation of Yule by jews.
Christ story is stolen from Sumer, Persia, and Babylon, like all jew stories, and never existed. Though I do like the story of jesus being julius and being killed by his half brother and the secret treasure is really his bloodline.

Christos is a greek word that means "anointed" you fucktard
Also known as an "inbred nigger shitbrain"

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Shitskin slaves DO make the toys though. The garbage good goy consumerists give to their kids say made in china not made in norway.

white elves > nigger elves

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I know this is just a fetish pic, but I still don't get the armpit vagina thing. I mean, what the hell Japan?

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Holocaust memorial? I think they want as much whites for that holiday kek

And of course they made the L in Google look like a penis.

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I see a jolly white dude owning niggers

give me your political opinion on chocolate elves, do they deserve reparations for slavery? (I always try to explain to cocoa elves that it was the orcs and goblins that were responsible).

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More of like what mormons did when they went around baptizing jews after they died into christuckism/mormanism, pissing off jews royally. That does absolutely nothing real, baptizing, it's fantasy, other than getting under jews skin, stressing them out. We need that, lots of that.

Like co-opting a symbol or icon of theirs where it's a daddy likes me best scenario, essentially kicking jews to the curb, to which jew conniptions commence screaming that whatever is theirs, stop. The more infuriating the better.

This literally is cultural appropriation by the standards they have conjured out their asses.

they can't show uncensored vagins, so an armpit is the next best thing? hard to say as japs are capable of fetishizing anything.

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outside of tolkien, dark elves are always evil. so fuck em.

Deedlit best waifu, fuck pirotessa, dumb cunt.

This just creates half-darkelf crossbreeds.


Elf = white people.

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I don't remember ever seeing that as a race option in D&D. I remember elves, dark elves, half elves and half-orcs but I don't remember any half-dark elves. Dark elves were usually super uppity and had more of like a dark blue tint to their skin rather than chocolate brown as I recall…

Third party fiction is nothing but that. Even if it's something like Tolkien.

Elf = white and the only thing Germanic people allowed as a synonym for white people, for humanity, other than the gods.


corrupted mutt like hapa. the existence of dark elves is created by japs fetishizing on nigger races, while they never meet niggers in real life.

White elf is the only thing that matters


I thought it was a barber pole.

Is that pocahontas on the right?

Is santa Donald?!?

Oh, Zig Forums do I have a treat for you. This is from leaf normalfag TV and is running right now (yeah, I watch the electric jew at Christmas, sue me):

What LDS is doing with their retro baptism is a form of meme magic/ergegore magic. Mormons are freemasons (pissing off jews? LOL) remember.


War for the North Pole is Coming.

In this recent picture both Santa and the Chinese elf on his knee are succumbing to an attack by a biological weapon (a parvovirus) that has been deployed by a clandestine biolab operated by a few scheming reindeer.

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Surprised (((GOOGLE))) wouldn't want to cash in on the Modern day Money making Scheme known as Christmas the time of year when Family's uncomfortably Gather around a plastic Tree with NPCs Staring at (((Smart Phone's))) with their life less Doll eys Desperately trying to play act like they are a tight nit nuclear family so as to fulfill their HedonisTIC Desire to Get A Cheap Chinese made gift they ordered from Amazon Talk false lies about how good things are Get asked Why don't you have a girlfriend and get uncomfortable Because you wanna spill your Spaghetti about how shit Modern day woman are but you swallow your pride because you don't wanna be hateful to family on Christmas even though you know they are questioning your sexual orientation but you say i haven't met the right one yet Every one Eats really fast exchange gifts and fake hugs and Leaves You get so scattered brained and decide to Google random shit to escape the shell shock that is modern day Christmas 🎅
Seriously though
Google is Racist someone needs to Jew the Jew


Most. Jewish "Christmas". Ever.

I'm surprised that they're even showing a Christmas related image. Here in Canada all I've been seeing and hearing is "Happy holidays", "Enjoy the holidays", etc. Nothing saying or depicting Christmas. My family owns a small business (they're not political or religious or anything) and they had some older dude in their line of work call them up the other day thanking them for wishing people a "Merry Christmas" in their blurb for this industry magazine thing that goes out; they were the only company out of like 50 or so to actually wish people a merry Christmas instead of something "holidays" related.

I got ur elves right here, buddy!

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What the fuck is so wrong about saying "Merry Christmas!" to anybody?

Well said and done, mein bruder.


Cool, I hadn't seen black petir before only heard about him/her.

The white man works all year round to give gibs to the rest of the world.
There's a reason they kept Santa white.


I am not offended at all by people wanting to say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. As an atheist, I observe the holiday is purely cultural and traditional. However, while I do prefer to say Merry Christmas, I will use this as an example to point out how the left are hellbent on destroying American traditions and values. You can see it with the latest controversies over Baby It's Cold Outside and the Rudolph Christmas special. You honestly mean to tell me that no one had anything to say about those cultural icons for all these decades until a handful of rapists and assaulters provoked the #MeToo movement? Please. This is just one of the many ways we can observe the true intentions behind the left's many movements. They want to destroy western culture and traditions and rebuilt it all anew according to their own ideological preferences. It is indisputable at this point.

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Actually just amazed they didn't make Santa a transvestite chucking rainbow dildos to all the good little boys and girls consenting young adults.

>He still expects (((google))) not to shit all over everything Christian and good in the world

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If God is omniscient, why would he need to send himself to Earth to know man's pain? Wouldn't he already know it? What a stupid story, the Bible. It was clearly not thought out when they wrote it.

Anyway, I don't debate with pea brain religitards. I'll give you the last word and be done with you.

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wtf jewgle is based now? Scandinavians have been trying to get rid of "muh racist" Black Pete elves for years with no success and now google has just implicitly endorsed them. btw Black Petes are black from crawling around chimneys as in their lore Santa refuses to get his hands dirty and lets his dirty dwarfs deliver the presents while he sits on the roof in his sleigh.

It's more likely diversity gone haywire and some hapless SJW or retarded poo in the loo decided to change the elves race to make them more inclusive without realizing the implications

Did the jews signal an end to their hatred of Christmas by participating in New York City's annual Christmas Parade this year by marching in it with their 'Happy Merchant' float?

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Christmas was just a bone thrown to pagans so they could continue to celebrate Yule under a different name with a thin Christian veneer painted over it.

>(((YHWH))) came as (((Rabbi Yeshua Hamashiach))) to know man's pain and die for our sins, little nigger.
>>>Zig Forums

Why not Commie Santa and his Red army of Elves? @0:57 embed

I'm (dude you replied to) posting under a different ID since I'm not longer at my house, but Canada's fucked as you probably know already.

I accidentally opened IE and saw this just now on my home page:

We get fucking lectured by our refugees even and bend over to take it. It's ridiculous. Non-whites don't really hike (except if walking into a white country to get gibs counts), advertisers don't really show them a lot because why would they if they're not the hiker demographic, and this is "problematic" and "racist".

But aren't elves a part of European lore? This is cultural appropriation and bigotry tbh. Let's say something guys!

Judith Kasiama is seen on a hike in this undated handout photo. Judith Kasiama, who lives in Vancouver and runs a Facebook page called Black People Hike, called out Mountain Equipment Co-op and several other retailers for their lack of diversity in advertising campaigns last spring. Kasiama is now an ambassador as part of MEC's new diversity campaign. She also plans to do a master's degree on diversity in the outdoors.

Bitch literately jewed her way into a job…

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The brown slaves of Ashkenazi jew santa…

You that song from Black Sabbath Disturbing the Priest? Screaming part at the end are my keks, and Tom Cruise face rubbing intensifies.jpg. This is clown world.

Are you a nigger?

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A-user, w-what's wrong with your benis if you think that the L looks like one?

Zig Forums is a christian board user.

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That's horrifying, should I know of anything similar going on with Yule Father? I'm trying to be careful about which holy days I give attention to.