Trump gives Mattis the boot Jan 1st - Names Patrick Shanahan Acting Secretary of Defense

Announced from his twitter today:

Who is Patrick Shanahan?

From what I can tell no obvious (((connections))) but I just started digging.

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maganigger free first post.

Probably good news for any current tenders or programs Boeing is bidding for.


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Now this is the Trump that that made us rejoice when he won two years ago.

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>No obvious (((connections)))

Shouldn't our first thread to pull on be the fact he was the Senior Vice President of a (((military industrial complex))) mainstay?

Obviously Mattis wanted to continue the ISISrael cocksucking in Syria.

Is Patrick /ourguy/?


yah, he only had to shut out everyone in the military to do it, banana republic

Maybe, but I think it's 100x more important if Shanahan is a shabbos, a crypto, has any connections to Jews in anyway, or is a zionist war hawk. An defense company executive who is a ron-paul-tier political isolationist would be way better than a war hawk general.

Kike free first post works for this too

hes only acting, he will be gone in 4-5 weeks

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Dumb fucking idea. Mattis was probably the only reason why we were destroying ISIS in the first place.
This (((potatonigger))) probably will suck the next Eastern cock for whoever bids the highest.

we created ISIS, we 'destroyed' them by stop sending them money, mattis resigned over not getting permanent undeclared, unconstiationa, war, fuck mattis, and fuck his neocohen cockriders

ISIS was destroyed because we stopped funding them and allowed Assad to wipe them out.

Retard detected. USA never fought ISIS.

You D&C kikes are all over the place right now. How does it feel knowing that your shilling accomplishes nothing?

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You, not we- Moshe.
Assad isn't even a real person. He's an Israel actor, a figure head just be ebil arab dude to justify a greater Israel. Controlled op to a T.

Man you Israeli shills are really butthurt, huh? You win this round, but let this be clear that you're hanging from the highest rope when DOTR comes.

how do you even breathe being this fucking retarded?

Israel and the US created Isis. Syrians fought and slaughtered ISIS. The US never fought ISIS. The Irish are white. You're a colossal faggot. Go home,

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he'll be gone in 5 weeks, which isn't to say someone even worse could replace him

I guarantee you that there is a conference room full of Lockheed kikes absolutely seething with rage and plotting this guy's demise somewhere in southern California right now.



OH MY GOD!!!!!
Literally 70 IQ shilling… Filtered.

Well they're annoying, that's for sure. I am getting tired of having to filter hordes of these monkeys. Why couldn't they save them for campaign season instead of making them permanent residents? They accomplish nothing. They're just so unbearably stupid and obvious. One literally just posted a picture of him shaking hands with a jew. It's their version of a Trump wall picture. Dumbest shit I've ever seen.

And what is his actual military experience?

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the secretary of defense is suppose to be CIVILIAN control over the military

Patrick Shanahan

Daily reminder that celts are the only real whites.

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A civilian with some fucking experience and knowledge over what he fucking presides fucktard.

might as well just cut out the position and have the joint chiefs run it, better yet, have them replace the president since right now a real estate mogul with no military experience is the commander in chief, fuck off retard

He made things for the military:

We've seen what (((civilian))) control of the military has done to the USA since the civil war. Thank god we had "civilian leadership" who injected pozzed politics into our military. Imagine if we didn't let that happen. All this theoretical threat of having a military head of the department of the military (yet who still reports to the President) is of far lesser concern than how much the secdef is kiked.

Whether this particular guy is kiked, I don't know. Odds are it's "at least some". I would prefer an actual 1488 general over the standard "safer for democracy" kiked civilians we normally get.

I realize he was a big government contract rat. I'm asking about actual defense experience. Making planes and systems and selling them is a far stretch from using the things in a real world situation along with the rest that goes with it besides the few things he had a hand in.

fucking this…
I have said it before and Ill say it again Trump on his OWN making his OWN decisions is fine. However he is still nothing but a TV watching boomer that is only concerned with himself. He mindlessly takes advice from this kike daughter and son in law and his (((advisors))) that have infiltrated his cabinet

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I agree but you won't find anyone like that near any position of power in Washington DC so good luck

Shanahan was just Mattis' deputy for a reason, he probably handled the business side of things while Mattis dealt with the military. Trump has to confirm a new Secretary of Defense in a few months through the Senate.

No you stupid fucking jew cock. the idea is to have as much experience as possible. Kill yourself slowly.

So who's going to be his deputy if he sticks? Will they drag in a former military guy to handle the non business side of things?

All engineers are freemasons too. You people know that, right?

so in other words, the joint chiefs should run it? We already have big bad military men at the top you dumb fucking nigger

So the Irish really are taking over huh

Fuck off with your mason bullshit yid.

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Mattis is a phony.

Military News Outlets


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What would happen if Trumped named the DoD for Isis?

Never trust man without progeny

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Are trumpcucks the most retarded fags on this board now? How much money you retards wanna bet he turns on him in about 6 months and you cucks do the same because Trump told you to. Also why the fucking is a fucking business man in charge of Defense?

Irish will never be white, you can fuck off now reddit cuck


lol'd. I anticipate a mysterious surge in lucrative defense contracts for Boeing in the near future.

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another zionist good goy

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elevating a non-military man to Sec. of Defense is just balls.

Dude's been being groomed to serve the military-industrial (((complex))) for years it seems.

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I'm toying with damnation, laughing at that as I did.

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A very ugly creature….the British jew

From what I can see he's a white STEMfag (mechanical engineering) with a history in managing weapons R&D projects. Unless something terrible crops up, on the face of it having an intelligent white mechanical engineer take control of the military sounds pretty much perfect.

He worked at Boeing managing supply chain operations, which is most of the military right there. But in case you're actually retarded, this guy was Deputy Secretary of Defense for the past two years. He's not some guy off the street, he's the single man with the most experience and knowledge of how things are functioning right now. The fact you kikes are kvetching so hard over this indicates to me he's clean, hence your hatred.

Trumpcucks will love this, make sure to spam it to them every single day so they get the fucking message

That's pretty weak, is that actually the best you were able to find? You also have a picture of him shaking a kike's hand once, I guess.

He doesn't seem like a Jew, he seems like a management shabbos who comes in to do whatever needs doing at the moment without a care as to the consequences beyond the generation of shekels in his account.

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I wonder if there's organized gambling sites for these races?

So you have nothing to add. Thanks for playing woman.

No, you fuck off, Hebrew.

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Lel pic saved

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The best the shills can do is
Sounds like this guy might do better than MattISIS

hes fucking building a space army … this shit is getting serious

pew pew

How you dare to meme irresponsibly!


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Didn’t the militaryfags said that it is a nightmare to keep it functional properly?


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Holy shit Jims been named as secretary of defence.

Patrick's resume looks based. Songbird McCain tried to block him on Ukraine. Things are looking damn good.

Time to get that 2016 energy going again.

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Magatards, everyone.

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they are mad

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Also, the "star of david" was appropriated by Solomon when he turned to Celtic gods later in his life.

Offtopic, but I don't think I ever really understood the term "beady eyes" until just now when I looked at that 2nd picture.

Isis was destroyed by the Russian air force.

The US and its NATO allies were in there to direct their arab foreign legion mercenaries (ISIS, ISIL, Al Quaeda, Al Nusra, the Caliphate etc) as a command structure and lay the groundwork for Assad's overthrow. Their presence in Syria a sovereign democracy was illegal under international law, laws they themselves created years ago.

Exactly; he's a supply chain logistics guy adept at JIT manufacturing on a global level; manufacture a high tech carbon fiber wing in Japan, stick it in a jumbo airbus transport, fly it to Seattle or someplace in LA so that it'll be right there within a 15 minute window on an assembly line for some new passenger jet.
He's a high level technocrat, exactly what Trump needs.

Saint Anne for president!

Checking those glorious full house dubtrips

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haha you've got them too…

Here, have a Scottish broad in hot pance…

You fail, Kike.

should be a response to .

Biggest business in the world? Hmm. what kind of person should be running that?


Maddog mattis was based though.

For what, exactly?

Also checked.


Which part was the most based, fellow memer: Keeping trannies in the military despite the ban or trying to embroil America into being committed to military action in Syria so that Israel could keep the Golan Heights?