Secretary of Defense Mattis might be the first cabinet official to have his job thanks to Facebook memes. While cool Mattis quotes became fodder for veterans and their boosters he became a legend. A legend created by Mattis himself. Military leaders historically used the press before to achieve psychological aims at home and abroad. Napoleon so deftly controlled his image that disasters like the Egyptian campaign were sold as victories at home. The problem with propaganda is that it is an omnidirectional weapon that harms friend and foe alike. Unlike many famous generals in history Mattis has never won a war, nor waged a decisive campaign. He found victory in the minds of the American people by creating a legend based upon his selflessness, standards, and intelligence. When you look closely you find that all of these were overhyped and distorted. Mattis’ story remains essentially unchallenged. I believe that no public figure is above scrutiny and I write this in the spirit of openness and accountability.

On Christmas day of 1998 General Krulak was delivering cookies to the unlucky Marines who had guard duty in Quantico, VA. He was surprised to learn that then Brigadier General Mattis was the duty officer. Mattis explained that he took the shift from a young Major so he could spend time with is family. It’s a story of self-sacrifice and kindness that warms the heart. Until you start to look. First off Mattis is a lifelong bachelor. You can’t really say that you’re sacrificing your time when you have nothing better to do. Second General Krulak delivered cookies every Christmas which means that Mattis knew his boss would see his kind gesture. What at first glance is a selfless act came at no personal cost to Mattis and gained the favor of his commander.

Tom Ricks is an influential author, reporter, and columnist for national security affairs. His books are best sellers and he frequently contributes to such high profile publications as Foreign Policy Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, and The Washington Post. In “The Generals” he laments the American military’s refusal to fire generals for incompetence. He cheerfully approved Mattis’ firing of 1/1 commander Colonel Joe Dowdy as a return to the standard of accountability.

Dowdy’s regiment encountered unexpected resistance from the Fedayeen Saddam in the city of Al-Kut. The Fedayeen were loyal to Saddam personally they operated as stay behind guerrillas. The Fedayeen fought the initial invasion of Iraq more effectively than the Iraqi Army or Republican Guard and were the first major force in the subsequent guerrilla war. The CIA reported the capabilities of the Fedayeen, but bureaucratic processes devalued this intelligence for the invasion plan. No invasion plan considered the Fedayeen at all.

Generals Mattis and Kelly were disappointed that Colonel Dowdy wasn’t moving as fast as the plan demanded. When he couldn’t complete his fighting on schedule Mattis relieved Dowdy of command. For added humiliation Mattis ordered Dowdy to surrender his pistol. This reflects poorly on the competence and character of Mattis. Mattis is a voracious reader who served during the abortive reforms of commandant Al Gray should have known the difference between a command push and a recon pull. Reviewing the doctrine of maneuver warfare reveals that unplanned delays, like what Colonel Dowdy encountered, are both inevitable and opportunities for tactical maneuver by adjacent units. Mattis’ inability to grasp the intelligence on the ground made a mockery of his intent to be a general that briefed his staff. His unwillingness to make a bold tactical adjustment reveal incompetent officership and lazy scholarship. Tactically the firing was a blunder. Morally the firing was cruel. By stripping Colonel Dowdy of his pistol in a hostile country Mattis’ revealed a deep contempt for his subordinate as a person. The fact that this incompetent and immoral act added to the Mattis mystique is as deep an indictment of his boosters as himself.

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His badass quotes and stories were already spreading when he was an active duty Marine. After he retired he was able to solidify his reputation as a warrior scholar with serious input on national security policy. He gave interviews and speeches at prestigious colleges and think tanks. He delighted audiences with cool stories from his career. In one the captured terrorist he interrogated wanted to immigrate to the US after meeting Mattis. In another he was forced to write book reports for his commanders as a junior officer. He name dropped his favorite authors without ever discussing their implications in detail. Russia was belittled as a fragile and crumbling state. Iran was demonized as a rogue state. He had successfully buttressed his reputation with minimal political risk. He served on the Board of Directors of the fraudulent Theranos. His relationship to this company before and after retirement also went largely unnoticed, but not unrewarded. Not surprisingly he was a shoe-in for Secretary of Defense in the Trump administration.

As Secretary of Defense Mattis has publicly contradicted his commander in chief’s decisions. Adding conditions post hoc to the summit with Kim Jong Un unilaterally. He approved the National Defense Strategy Summary of 2018 which reoriented the US military toward antagonizing great powers with conventional capabilities that rival our own. This relegates the wars against non-state terror groups to secondary importance despite their hostile operations. He also fired a Pentagon fraud inspector while facing independent inquiries that he favored Amazon for technical products. Somehow this self-serving insubordination was celebrated as "independence" when Mattis finally resigned as Secretary of Defense. The Mattis myth makes all of this shocking, but the Mattis record makes it all predictable. The Mad Dog turned out to be a Paper Tiger.

PR Wars

Guard Duty

Tom Ricks “The Generals”

Colonel Dowdy

Fedayeen Saddam

Retirement Tour
Conversations with History
Hoover Institution
Heritage Foundation


Mattis unilaterally provides conditions.

2018 National Defense Strategy Summary

Mattis fired a Pentagon official who was looking for waste, fraud, and abuse.

Fraud discovered anyway.

PI firm, RossettiStarr, shopping dossier to undermine Pentagon cloud contract for $10b. Mattis and his aides directed it toward a no bid contract for Amazon, in light of their CIA connections.

Mattis resigned because Trump was pulling out of Syria and Afghanistan.

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good stuff. I enjoyed this one.

what a fuckin fraud, first meme sec def

For me the most satisfying part of the story is the Theranos link. He was pushing hard to get the military to go balls deep with that bullshit in Afghanistan theater, and that bitch was even writing to him to try to get the military's own inspector out of her face

Meanwhile, Theranos’ technology was getting pushback from other civil servants, according to the Washington Post:

During that month, Lt. Col. David Shoemaker, a military regulatory expert, wrote to an official at the Food and Drug Administration with questions about the company’s regulatory strategy. The FDA official, whose identity was redacted from the emails, wrote that “bottom line, Theranos is not FDA compliant. … We will be following up with them and recommending a path forward so that they come into compliance….”

Mattis’s eagerness to deploy the technology was known and noticed at lower ranks. Near the end of the month, Shoemaker wrote another email to an undisclosed recipient: “The Theranos issue has taken on quite the life of its own within the Army. General Mattis who is the 4-star general in charge of Central Command … wants to see the Theranos device put into Afghanistan.”

The device never made it to Afghanistan, or any battlefield, though Holmes falsely told investors on a number of occasions that was the case. And she reached out to Mattis in August 2012 to complain about Shoemaker.

“I would very much appreciate your help in getting this information corrected with the regulatory agencies,” Holmes wrote in an email to Mattis, also obtained by the Post. “Since this misinformation came from within DoD, it will be invaluable if this information is formally corrected by the right people in DoD.”

The general then forwarded the email chain on and asked, “how do we overcome this new obstacle?”

“I have tried to get this device tested in theater asap, legally and ethically,” Mattis wrote. “This appears to be relatively straight-forward yet we’re a year into this and not yet deployed.”

He later met with Shoemaker, who said the general wanted to “see the side-by-side comparison” of what the military was currently doing for blood lab testing vs. Theranos. It wasn’t until about 2015 that people were beginning to learn that Theranos’ “breakthrough” blood testing technology wasn’t much of a breakthrough at all.

But now that Theranos has been without-a-doubt exposed as a fraud, Mattis’ small part in the company raises some questions:

Was Holmes lying to Mattis, too? His email to Holmes said he was “convinced” her device would be a “game-changer,” but what did Mattis see that was so compelling, six years before it would all come crashing down?
What did Mattis know of the technology in Dec. 2015 — two months after The Wall Street Journal revealed startling problems inside Theranos — that led him to defend it so ardently: “Theranos had demonstrated a commitment to investing in and developing technologies that can make a difference in people’s lives, including for the severely wounded and ill,” Mattis told The Washington Post. “I had quickly seen tremendous potential in the technologies Theranos develops, and I have the greatest respect for the company’s mission and integrity.”
Mattis joined Theranos’ board after retiring from the Corps in 2013 — a move which likely afforded him more information on the technology at hand. He stayed on until December 2016, shortly before he went to work at the Pentagon. But why did he stick around so long? The company was the focus of that stunning WSJ investigation into its regulatory problems starting in 2015, and a federal probe had been launched in April 2016.

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The Peter Principle is an observation that the tendency in most organizational hierarchies, such as that of a corporation, is for every employee to rise in the hierarchy through promotion until they reach the levels of their respective incompetence. The Peter Principle is based on the logical idea that competent employees will continue to be promoted, but at some point will be promoted into positions for which they are incompetent, and they will then remain in those positions because of the fact that they do not demonstrate any further competence that would get them recognized for additional promotion. According to the Peter Principle, every position in a given hierarchy will eventually be filled by employees who are incompetent to fulfill the job duties of their respective positions.

If you didn't know this ZOGbot faggot was 100% kiked after he went to bat for trannies in the military, you're better off in the ovens.

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Wasn't he the same guy who's responsible for Iraq and Afghanistan being as long of wars as they currently are?

I agree that we should refocus our military on fighting China in five years, so that we don't suffer from a myopic focus on expeditionary warfare over a period of decades. The problem with Mattis is that he was a closet leftist, a general under Obama at all. Obama carried out a great purge and basically all our senior military leadership is are a bunch of tranny-championing cunts, just like Mattis was. The fact that he never married is a sign that he is homosexual. Back in the day you would never make the rank of Major if you weren't married. Having problems in your marriage also kept you from getting promoted as it was expected that officers be shining examples of moral virtue for their subordinate commands. Officer's wives would hold receptions and dances and it was expected that your spouse would participate in organizing these group activities. Being the Editor of the informal wive's club was a pretigious position that helped the husband's career, yet Mattis was unmarried.

Unforgivable on Mattis's part is that he did not carry out the lawful orders of those appointed over him and chose to resign over his vision of what our foreign policy should be. Mattis is not Napoleon, he is but a servant of our leadership, and forgetting that he instantly became unfit to serve.

Bump because we don't worship your ZOG emperor here.


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Saint Mattis of Quantico, Patron Saint of Chaos
Hail Mattis, full of hate, Our troops stand with thee. Blessed art thou among the enlisted. And blessed is the fruit of thy knife hand. Holy Mattis, father of War, pray for us heathen, Now and in the hour of our combat, Amen.

"What keeps you awake at night?"
"Nothing. I keep other people awake at night."

“I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.”

“You are part of the world’s most feared and trusted force. Engage your brain before you engage your weapon.”

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Meh. When you can author such good quips, we'll give you attention as well OP.

I think that his relationship to Theranos warrants a proper investigation by law enforcement and investigative journalists. I doubt it will happen considering Theranos has largely been let off the hook. A lot of people get into a lot of trouble for much less.

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lost me there

You cannot blame these clusterfucks on one man. The rot is so deep that it cannot be described in one post nor one topic. Its so large that it wont go away until America has been decisively defeated in thermonuclear war. Basically, americans have been programmed to think that war is cool and profitable for society. Its not and has never been, and very much less so in the industrial age.

Yeah if you weren't married then there was an assumption that if you couldn't find a woman that could stand to sleep with you every night then you were probably pretty fucked up.

I don't really care about Mattis, the goal was just to pull out of the Middle East as soon as possible while inflicting as much damage to ISIS, the rest are really optional. He served his purpose, and there's that.

Good essay OP. And good work driving the ZOGbot bootlickers out of the woodwork.

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Found the virgin.

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I don't see the problem here. Lifer gives family soldier a break. Family soldier made his choice by having kids. Lifer wants to do well by his men AND climb the rank ladder. He did a kind act which his soldier appreciated. It was also seen. Nice one Mattis.

That's probably the one good thing Mattis did, and you should have known he was 100% kiked by the fact that he was a ZOGbot.

Mattis lied bigtime about wiping out '20%' of the Syrian airforce in the muh chemical weapons defusal strike that used 50+ missiles to damage 6 planes and two buildings, with it operational next day.
6 planes/250 != 20%

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golden rule to live by, if the person is on TV then it's part of the theatre the elites have built

He knows all about the shit Shillary was up to as well. I think Trump brought him in to show him where bodies were buried.

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What are you going to do when January comes and goes with no mass arrests?

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