Buzzfeed Unionizes

Holy fuck bros, how based is Buzzfeed now? We did it Twitter, we stopped capitalism.

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But will this stop it from producing dishonest clickbait horseshit?

No probably not but now they'll get dentist benefits.

Not any more than auto workers, police, prison workers and coal mining unions wish to curb their own industries externalities.

Y'all folx best get ready for more woke unions y'all #Kamala2020

The onion went more radical than Jacobin, not as if that is particularly difficult, after unionization so it's possible we see a noticeable difference in output.

considering how most of the layoffs at buzzfeed were targeted towards the people who did actual journalism and not the clickbait stuff the answer is no

So guys we did it.
Actual organization. At last.

Good for them but I still think buzzfeed's output makes the world a worse place. I want web journalism unionized and providing people a decent living, but I also want it to be journalism and not outrage-mongering clickbait, links to actual content with ads slapped on for monetization, or porky propaganda.

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All this time we could have been disguising agitprop as clickbait.

Virtue signaling clickbait isn't a byproduct of Buzzfeed, it is their one and only product.

The entire site, everyone who works there, all of their readers, and all of their families should be dumped into a septic sludge digester, where they will be transformed into something capable of socially beneficial work.

Wasn't that bought from its student operators by Shillary Clitton supporters at Univision and transformed into a propaganda rag?

Will Infowars be next?

No, they love getting curbstomped by the rich.

Yep, the Onion is Democrat-controlled now.

scabs are lizard people though

buzzfeed are still rich, college educated snobs. fuck them. a union of capitalists are still capitalists.

communism is not a value judgement on society. You can't just arbitrarily decide some people don't deserve to be liberated. buzzfeed may be cancer but saying they can't/shouldn't unionize is a terrible fucking message to send

They're one of, if not thee most influential online news outlet on the internet, especially for young people. They have been dutifully fanning the flames of war with Russia and carrying water for corporate Democrats since they started reporting the news.
Just because they are workers doesn't mean they aren't ridiculously anti worker.

I can make value judgements on anything I please because only what is produced in my mind is real. I send terrible messages because I am a self-absorbed asshole. your post comes from a board that calls rural people "petit bourgeois" and then thinks people like this should be liberated from capitalism. what a fucking joke.

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and do you not think that unionization make help change this outlook

I don't, love to be proven wrong, but to be that slavish of a capitalist attack do is more than just pressure from your boss. A tiger doesn't change its stripes as they say.


yes that's what I meant. I've seen a lot of people say that.

OK but you understood my point, same goes with arms manufacturering unions, the point that I was making that like business's ultimate goal in capitalism is profit, so too are the union's own goal is it's own survival even at the expense of its membership.

On an interesting side note, the unions representing workers in the maintenance of the UK's nuclear submarine nuclear missile program Trident were upset and against Jeremy Corbyn's labour leadership candidacy as he was a known anti-nuclear proliferation activist, though he has now cowed and yielded his position due to media pressure unfortunately.

I don't think you understand what capitalism is let alone who capitalists are. Also whilst we're at it "working class" is not a euphemism for poor people. Just look up commodity production and class to get a better understanding, your heart is in the right place so that's a good start.

See second half of

Learn what words mean before you use them, if you see something questionable don't be afraid to ask, just like you complain that you've seen people call rural people petite bourgeois, I've seen you confuse "capitalist" as some kind of moralising slur against white collar workers and I've called you out on it, likewise on a slow board like this you ought to have called that person out and I'm sure I would have seen it for myself too had such an ongoing discussion took place.

Military contractors theoretically fulfill a useful role even if the massive excess of military spending means nearly all of it IRL is pork, and nuclear subs (though IMHO not bongland's laughable subsidiary of the burgerfat fleet, which was more a face-saving gesture of indulgence toward a declining empire) probably prevented WWIII. Even something completely useless like torturers in an MI5 blacksite rape dungeon at least think they're fighting terrorism or whatever.

Buzzfeed and their ilk, even for true believers in their ludicrous SJW propaganda, must surely be aware that the clickbait format itself is an inarguable drain on public discourse, crowding out legitimate journalism and propping up advertising/surveillance models that bend social media inexorably toward the mercenary destruction of society's psyche. They are the lowest and most cynical breed of subhuman parasites.
Agreed. In a mutualist market economy, for instance, firms such as Buzzfeed would not be capitalist, but they would still be deserving of brutal, merciless extermination.