Optimizing the US and restoring the Union

ITT we "balkanize" the US into 13 states/territories
only 2 rules for this development
1. alaska and hawaii must be included
2. it has to be divided on geographic/environmental differences
well it is a common known thing that the current US flag is a fraud, so I propose a return to the original 13, and to restore the republic of the founding fathers, and to not let their legacy be trampled by filthy bolshevist fucksticks
there are several, 1) the restoration of the republic your forefathers knew and loved. 2) inherent anti-jewry by added controls to the constitution, etc. 3) optimization of regions for development and production and things along those lines 4) restoration of your basic freedoms 5) countries will respect the US again because well, a country that ripped itself apart TWICE is generally not the kind to take shit from anyone 6) ???
also just a general America thread

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You really think your faggy game is threadworthy OP?

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no faggot, the balkanziation of the US is a common known thing here, the idea is have a discussion of how it should be done in a way to make the US better but instead of ZOG it's the authentic US
I have been awake for many hours, so it should be understandable if it doesn't really "flow"

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Obviously, the only way to properly divvy it up is according to The Hunger Games sectors.

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As long as my beloved South either gets strict autonomy or flat out independence from the jewish ran federal government, I couldn't care less what happens to the rest of y'all. I want our distinct culture, accents and self-interests paramount over what some asshole in commiefornia or new england wants.

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we aren't jews, we don't sacrifice children to jew god

well that's where the whole geographic/environmental divisions come into play, since dixie is more or less of a similar environment all accross it would likely look similar to what it is today
also you don't have to worry about and (((abrahams))) coming to fist you because we won't have the same (((issues))) of yester-year

There is another version like this which emphasises socioeconomic interests more, but it makes some sense. Los Angeles doesn't even have the trees hug, to relate to Bay area.

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so we're ignoring the mississippi river?


I don't give a shit about the majority of the other states, but I will say this: in whatever group Pennsylvania joins, it will not include New York. Let New England deal with that trash state. In return, we'll take New Jersey. Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Deleware, Maryland, Ohio, Idaho, Wisconson, and Missouri. The Virginias will of course reunite and join in with the New Southern Confederacy.

Yea, fuck new Y*rk

Maine, please annex everything to your east. k thx bye

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You forgot the part where we get utterly back the fuck out due to us being a small and divided nation, that has to re-conquest old lands. Unless you mean to give it to them for free? Unless all those battles and wars fought over American soil mean nothing to you shill? Fuck off with this balkanization crap, there is no benefit from doing this, and doing so goes against the very constitution that built America, and our forefathers/founding fathers who created it. fuck off I wish you balkan faggots would all die.

Dissolve the union. Balkanize

balkanizing would serve many purposes, primarily among them is the removal of the niggers spics and jews, it will serve to disolve this "democracy" and institute and national populist republic, I say that because populist > socialist in the eyes of modern americans. plus with the stupid shitty restrictions placed on many industries for the sole purpose of getting more tax shekels, industry and production will be much more efficient, safe, and profitable, I use the word profitable in the sense that it will serve the most benefit for people and country.
the main purpose first and foremost is to remove the jew though, from there we can rebuild and create an efficient and safe country


From the TV show Jericho.

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Huge environmental problem with this map with major geographic barriers in states and complete disregard to bioregions

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Dumb idea like breaking up CA. If it were to happen libshits would migrate just to subvert it.

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