"Name one Socialist country that works right now"

How do you respond to this?

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Good. All traces of American influence must be erased permanently from the region. The kurds may reform under a different government after they have achieved a higher level of material consciousness and no longer believe that collaborating with the largest imperialist power ever is a good idea.

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Rojava is not a real state and they are parasites.

To the initial question:
To the latter statement:
"Only the mountains are our friends, Rojava will endure, come what may."

I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

It's a valid argument considering that DemCon embraces some kind of integrative non-state ideology and not total emancipation from the bourgeois state. It's basically the same problem anarchist communes and squatting groups face in the First World on a more national level - you can have socialism within capitalism. All they can achieve is some sort of libertarian social democracy as an autonomous region within Syria. The same way Kerala can't turn socialist as a Indian state Rojava can't turn socialist as a Syrian province. This is also the result of the ultimately Kurdish character of the project, that seeks autonomy for the Kurds first and foremost. I agree that there is currently no other option but to critically support Assad, but these are the long term goals as well.

Rooting for those rootless parasite faggots instead of glorious Ugaritic civilization.

Rojava will most likely integrate into the rest of Syria as an autonomous region.

It won't take stabilization - the middle east could keep being a clusterfuck and Rojava could still get steamrolled. Not a great answer to the initial question, either, but "Rojava will collapse" does nothing to disprove it if you consider Rojava definitively socialist and a country. The most likely reason for Rojava's collapse will be violent intervention by one or more actual dictatorships.

And if those countries "work" then surely Cuba works, too.

This, optimistically.

Name one capitalist country that works right now.

Rojava isn't a country and doesn't intend to be, the middle east isn't going to stabilize lol, and

Rojava is literally not a country. As for an actual answer, I'd say there are no currently existing socialist countries but that two definitely not capitalist nations that are functioning well are Cuba and the DPRK.

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They literally all work (except for a few places in Africa or Asia I suppose, maybe some others too) but either way: the point of capitalism being a bad system isn't that it doesn't it work, it does work. Like a sheep being brought to a slaughterhouse, the system works. It just wasn't meant to work for you.

Even for the capitalist class, capitalism works until its internal contradictions make it implode every 4-7 years.

how respond

I ask them to pick an ostensibly socialist country in history and I'll tell them how global capitalists destroyed it.

but then they call you a conspiracy theorist

So when the oil dries up climate change renders the ME uninhabitable.

Point out that the concept of conspiracy theories was invented by the CIA to discredit criticism of the US government, and that this isn't conjecture but public record. Conspiracies happen all the time, shaping world politics. To associate crackpottery with trying to understand secretive political power is just asinine.

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The Autonomous Administration (Rojavâ for you cucks still in 2015) isn't a state. It's a non-state organization designed to work within a state i.e. Syria but have more autonomy, expressed by the SDC and TEV-DM.
DemCon is part of that stabilization. The SDF de-escalate FSA battalions and anti-Assad tribes in Deir ez Zor/Raqqa by offering an alternative while placating those loyal to Damascus with self governance. That's why there's no infighting on the scale of Idlib. Damascus realizes this and that's why they're in talks with Qamishli on reconciliation. The only tripping point right now seems to be approval from Russia Erdogan is throwing a fit.

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Yeah it isn't a state they just have an army.

The state is a state Not, comrade

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Seriously, why are you faggots so hung up on this state issue? Literally who gives a fuck if the YPG and the SDF constitute an "institutionalised army" as some crusty antisemitic Russians in the 19th century defined it? Content matters not form. The state is not a "class" and you don't attain "class character" if you call your army a people's militia. It's literally all semantics and definition-mongering on a highly contested issue (what constitutes a state) that helps nothing in terms of the materialist perspective, e.g. the properitarian character of the relations of production, for example.

I just don't get it. This is all seems like ideological bias based on a vulgar "fuck authority" type of thinking.

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Nah I just like being contrarian on purpose. Besides Rojava is full of feminists and kurdshits are parasites

Im no anarchist either, I'm legit non meme nazbol

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to add to that, i would imagine leftpol is more pedantic than average seeing as most people here are the type of people to call the USSR 'not real socialism'

Socialist country is an oxymoron

Because if it's a country then the "muh ethnostate muh separatists" arguments have validity. The Autonomous Administration is just that, autonomous within the state of Syria. It's to calm Assad down, nothing to do with leftist theory. The situation on the ground is far from what image boards understand

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Imagine doing the impossible, just because you hate someone very much

I wish that image was the right size to be a banner.

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the middle east will stabilize once kurdshits and israelis are killed.

Begorrah support the stronk womyn

That's wrong. Erdogan's tanks will kill all those Kurds long before the Middle East stabilises.


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I just can't man. not in my nature.


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