Shitty Right-wing Political Comics: More Labels Edition

There was already a thread about rightwing comics but it 404'd.
So I decided to give yall a place to cringe.
Edits are appreciated.

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Was Ben Garrison always an embarrassing retard or did that only happen after Zig Forums memed him into one?

What the fuck is that thing Marx has on his right hand?

I want to see the Ben Garrison comic with the most labels.

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originally he was an embarrassing libertarian retard who made one (1) good comic.
Then he got mind broke by Zig Forums into being an embarrassing neoreactionary retard

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and why is he fixated on hillary's ass

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Hillary used to be known for having a huge ass.

Mature women with big asses is god-tier taste, second only to hairy mature women with big boobs.

Oh god, not the 50’s conservative who things fluoride is communism thing again.

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The sad thing is that these retards undermine legitimate concerns about adding fluorine to drinking water. It turns out the action of fluoride's strengthening of teeth is entirely topical. You get all the fluoride you could ever find helpful from toothpaste and mouthwash. Fluoride that is ingested has to work its way throughout your body before it can finally be secreted in your saliva to be topically applied to your teeth, and this is always at an extremely low dosage compared to toothpaste and mouthwash. Meanwhile, high levels of fluorine can cause brittle bones (skeletal fluorosis) and harm brain development in children. Finally, in the United States the primary form in which water supplies are fluoridated is through the addition of hexafluorosilicic acid, a waste product of industrial phosphate production.

Ben has such mixed messages. How can his comics both be against corporations and yet for people like Trump and Rand?

This, fluoride is an industrial waste by-product. It was added to the water supply as a way for porky to make money off of something that's essentially worthless garbage.
Dog food is another example. It's made from rancid meat waste from industrial slaughterhouses. Which makes the profit margins on them so think. It's also why there's so many commercials for pet food, something that most buys don't care about as long as it doesn't kill their pet.

Ben has had an unhealthy session with AOC lately.

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Shit, I could go for a Stalin stale ale right now

Does she have any Gin?

Lolberts have always been fixated on the aoc.


it's called being horny

She's kinda nasty-looking somehow tho. At least in the face department.

I'd love a Marxarita tbh

Is the Late Term Abortion just a really forced joke about shaken baby syndrome?

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She has those big American teeth.


Also post some Stonetoss because I wanna meme.

Stonetoss is both one of the most exploitable comics ever and one of the most retarded comics ever.

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Holy fucking shit this one actually got me.
Thank you user.


T. British with NO teeth

But nobody claimed they were all gassed, some have been killed by other means. Is he really trying?

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fkin saved lol

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