Trump plans to declare national emergency to fund border wall

and the only real concern in Washington is that this might mean taking money away from the military to fund it.
lol we are so doomed.

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It would be hilarious if it wasn't also so monumentally fucking stupid.

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Good. The US military and conflict divisions are their worst. While he's at it he should cut funding to the FBI, CIA, and other pieces of trash. This is actually good if nothing else, it's not like the "wall" will matter in a decade anyways once migrants find new ways of getting around it.

Hope they raid all military housing for this. I want troops sleeping on the fucking street like the vermin they are.

this is nothing new
basically every american president has abused this

Afaik using it to sidestep congress is rare.

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How come leftists always counter everything with 'jews tho'?

Chill nigga, I don't speak for the entire left.
Because Israel keeps pulling some shady shit against Palestinians and pretty much being the US's spoiled child that influences his dad more than his dad influences him.
Also because Jews since Rothschild's days have overwhelmingly taken top spots in the capitalist system. The point is that Drumpf's wall isn't a big deal, it's not like America wasn't already destined to die eventually. It's all good.

Trump is doing the right thing, as usual. Porky is flooding our country with non-white leeches and scabs. We have to shut them out at all costs to preserve the wages and lifestyles of the white working class in America. This is the greatest anti-capitalist move Trump could do

Good, that means President Bernie can declare a national emergency to fund universal healthcare.

'Israel tho' != 'jews tho'

This doesn't happen though. Just look at Hungary.

even if we assume that illegal immigration is an actual concern (it's not) or that muh lifestyle and muh culture are worth protecting (it's not) shutting down the border and building a wall does literally nothing to solve either of those problems.

This, illegal aliens are a meme compared to legal visa quotas, and border security is an even bigger meme. If anyone actually wanted to stop illegal aliens, there's a widely known solution that parties on "both" sides of the "debate" have carefully avoided discussing.

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You mean actually going after the companies that hire illegals over citizens? Or using E-Verify?

The latter would be a crucial part in ensuring the (much harsher penalties than currently) of the former are actually executed.
IMHO customers should be on the hook for penalties in addition to employers

Do you think he'll outlaw anti-capitalist political parties too? Or is that later down the pipe?

there's no need for that since they don't exist in America.
but it would be hilarious if they tried to turn the greens or the American communist party into a boogeyman.

Aren't we actually still outlawed since the 1920s, the laws in question never having been repealed?

Aren't we actually not even real since the US never had a official anti capitalist party before?

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It was a shitpost friend

Third parties are essentially already outlawed in states with impossible ballot access requirements.

How come jews always counter everything with 'antisemitism tho'?

Probably because both righties and lefties consider it necessary to bring up the jews and israel in every single discussion, no matter the subject.
Sure, they say, saudi arabia is just as bad. It just never happens to be saudi that gets always brought up out of nowhere - unless of course to compare israel to.

Fuck off you dishonest cunt

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Israel is so bad that conflating Israel with Jews is almost as anti-Semitic as the Holocaust tbh.

You've never done it

Yes, Zig Forums is notorious for being the only Left-leaning internet site that doggedly supports Saudi Arabia lmao