Pressuring large businesses, doxxing, and other CIA tactics

The use of social justice memes to bully companies into adopting gay sex politics and currying favor with trannies is destructive to the left. Why should I care about trannies when they allow Google to continue raping privacy rights as long as they cater to SJWs and pander to marginal racial and sexual interests?

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Imagine thinking trannies control Google.

Opinion discarded

Good, fuck companies, they deserve worse.
It really isn't.
Google rapes privacy rights, censors people, and does worse because they're capitalists, essjaydubyas and trannies are capitalist produced.

Not the intended implication, this sort of thing typically works the other way around.

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I do agree, and I'm obviously not going to be defending google or their LGBT flagging. My problem is when people like OP ask the question "Why should I care about trannies when the aren't communists" could apply so broadly to literally every group in society, but is time and time again, on this board, only targeting trannies and women.

I target them because they are the flagstaff groups who use leftist rhetoric to further their own individualistic causes. All the while undermining class consciousness through idpol. Women and trannies are the worst.

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A. Op never mentioned he was communist he was just asking why capitalists support trannies and as such why he should care about them when they bother him. The fact that he linked Baitbart alone is a red flag. He's probably from Zig Forums.
B. Nothing wrong with attack trannies or criticizing women as long as it's not the major part of the board. Admittedly speaking it's good to argue to see what is best for society, if we loose that ability to debate, we'll only end up like Zig Forums.

Are you sure this is not pure projection, fellow communist?

ebin bait my dude

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Projection is a quite common phenomenon. Time to self-crit, comrade.

You first, my dear.
*tips fedora*

Since I delved into psychoanalytic literature, I have indeed caught myself projecting quite a few times. Each time I noticed was a great learning experience. Go ahead fam, don't be so afraid to admit that maybe you're not a fully conscious being.


You have to go back

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*tipping intensifies*

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That girl needs to read some Erich Fromm smh

How did a demographic that accounts for 0.6% of the population achieve so much cultural capital? Why in the world is this demographic not subject to complete apathy culturally and legally?

One day the bearded ladies of the world decided to outmarginalize the bread and butter marginalized groups of the United States. They stood up, ballsacks blowing in the wind, and shrieked "Give me dilation or give me death!" and the weary world listened.

Usually when a group of people is treated like filth, the people that aren't repressed conservative faggots will usually feel some sympathy, thus allowing the group to voice their concerns. In every case this creates a massive backlash among the conservative establishment, fanning the fire and voilá, here we are.
You don't want people like me to further the tranny cause? Then stop talking about killing them every 10 minutes.

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Not a tranny :^) It's amazing how nazis cannot imagine that someone would do something for someone they don't considder to be their "group".

It's amazing that anyone treats a bunch of nutcases that think they're cute girls trapped in ugly male bodies seriously

I'm not "taking them seriously". I havn't talked about transexualism at all, in fact. I take them as "seriously" as I would take it if someone wanted to kill faggots, furfags, feetfags, boobfags, hairfags, 2dfags etc.
Their hatred for trannies is entirely pathological, and if they somehow managed to kill off all trannies, there are a thousand other degenerate tendencies they will start purging. Including 90% of their own movement, if they don't hide their fun well enough.

I don't want to kill trannies though, I want to cure them without encouraging their delusions as you would literally any other mental illness

Oh yeah? Can you show me some examples of trannies being "cured"?

And what were the methods used

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Like what? Prayers? Hunting?

Thanks for indirectly supporting my argument.

Thanks for directly avoiding the question.

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You can't cure schizofrenia, no. But thank you for confirming that you know absolutely nothing about psychiatry.
And people are suicidal for a varity of reasons, so that can't be classified as mental illness.

That's why I said "help" not "cure", fuckwit.


SJWs don’t do that, if they did I might have to support them

They don’t seek meaningful change, just social justice entryist shit.

The point is that idetatarians don’t harm companies they help them. Idetatarianism never has harmed the rulling class and never will.

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Neoliberal doesn't mean anything you don't like, it denotes a specific capitalist ideology. Only a trot could post something so dumb I have to carry water for socdems.

I know your point, I was just expounding a little bit.

Large companies embrace idpol to undermine worker solidarity and to justify employment blacklists, internet censorship, and a political system where large companies control both sides.

But "trannies" aren't a unified group, most are proles who are only harmed by google propping up capitalism, and it does no good to show potential comrades unnecessary hostility. If anything, it's likely to push them into the arms of the corporations that pretend to care about them.

Fromm was a Frankfurt Revisionist. one of the worst of that school.

you only say that because its never been tried in the west. men lead, women follow. and if its by force, oh fucking well.

What is Europe?

Dismantling its socdem system.

Neoliberalism is:
All of those are wholly contrary to even the most severely watered down socdem class collaborationism.

Honestly, we are better off without a loud and tiny segment of the mentally ill.

You mean the anti-idpol left wing?

Are you retarded?

Looking at what anti-idpol has done to this board, turned away anyone who is economically left wing, I think it's safe to say the anti-idpol crowd has served its purpose. The general public now understands the difference between idpol and economy, and the remaining anti-idpol crowd is basically just reactionary socialists who truly believe white men hold privileges, but these privileges must not be relinquished, so they lash out at anyone who isn't their snowflake in-group.
Anti-idpol is dead, it's absolutely meaningless.

White men don’t hold privileges. In fact, they are subject to feminist tyranny on a daily basis.


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Holy fuck I wish I lived in the same fantastical alternate dimension as you

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Was wrong of me to say the general public, but yes, the left in general does understand this difference. The democratic party obviously does know the difference, which is why they choose to ignore economic concerns.

The electorate does not understand the difference. That’s why they elect these black and Mexican clowns who never address left economic concerns.

Like who? The black and mexican community are quite hostile to Harris, and the rest of the popular 'demsocs' do a lot to adress economic concerns. (in an inefficient socdem manner, but still).

marginalized minority groups are the most likely people to radicalize because their rights are regularly violated and they are actually denied resources

Which makes it even easier for contemporary left groups to prioritize exclusively minority concerns or even turn into micronationalists in left clothing, while the task is to radicalize the majority. The dynamic you're describing is true, but it points to a need for greater vigilance.

We haven't won yet.

Until and unless that is reflected in its official leadership either being purged and replaced to reflect majority opinion among left-of-center citizenry, or wholly bypassed by new leftist institutional organizations built from scratch, we still have a LOOONG way to go.

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1. You shouldn't care about trannies. Let them be.
2. "They" don't allow Google to continue doing that. Or the government or anyone else who's doing it. They're used as a distraction. And by "they're used as a distraction" I don't mean Google or anyone else has a standing tranny army, I mean the issue of trannies is used as a distraction - all it takes is one or two actual trannies on board (or 'buying it') to perpetuate this illusion.

Idpol largely is a weapon of corporate powers, but this has been established.

Republicans understand the difference between idpol and economy, just look at Tucker Carson's recent rant about globalist capitalism which is basically him parroting the AFL's stance on imported products. However, they don't seek to end class warfare they seek to profit.

Meanwhile half the Dem party realizes this difference but is in no position able to affect change because the DNC itself wants upper middle class suburban voters, aka conservatives that used to vote Republican. They think this can carry them to victory, even though all it does is create frustration that causes people to defect and rots the foundation of their entire base, collapsing the entire structure.

This is exactly why nothing good ever happens because as the establishment center-left goes further and further into neolib loony land the far right is able to quickly seize upon it with nationalism. This then leads to people arguing over whether or not they're "global" citizens or "American" citizens, which is weighted heavily in the latter's favor.

Can't spell 'woke' without 'woc'!

Can’t spell negress without regress.

You can tho..

Wocaine is a helluva drug

The majority of cases in children under 12 resolve on their own without intervention
Cases of regret over the mutilation of the genitals occur often enough
Detransitioning post gender confirmation surgery are known to occur

It's difficult to estimate how many choose to suffer silently or just end it, as sunken costs have an enormous psychological effect on behavior


I'm not too interested in making an effort on the funposting leldankmeme containment board

I'll get onto it at some point in the thread on /left*pol/

If you're the Stalinstashe, don't bother. You're much dumber than you think you are.