Tumor Removal Thread

How can we extirpate the remaining sources of deg.eneracy which infect this board? Recently we’ve had a downturn in cancer, but remnants still remain.

Remaining cancer:
How can we get rid of them?

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You forgot your flag Bizzaro Nazbol dude. Which leads me to believe this is a false flag.


There was one who was consistent with posting style and always had a clique of regular Nazbol following him. You seem like someone trying to make him look bad.

What are you on about? How could you possibly know that?

Yes, user, I specifically target anons with my same flag and pretend to be them. Truly devious

What do you mean how do I know about that, it's obvious to narrow down posting style especially with flags.

Hey now not my point you brought up the same opinions he did as well.

Hmm really makes me ponder. I’m starting to think you are a CIA derailer trying to subvert us with your concern-shilling

Fine whatever I'll leave. In that case though you're pretty much admitting to copying BN poster by copying his views and flag even if you did because you agreed with him.

Fuck you government bots are the worst


They feed off responses. Incoherent rage-filled responses like mine (with no replies afterwards) weaken their algorithms

Okay bud.

You actually believe it. Have you ever had experiences where you felt you were not in control of your body? That someone else surged up through your body and caused what is commonly called a psychotic break?

Well boys looks like we already hit rock bottom in this thread. I regret commenting in the first place. None of this was worth it.

le Capitalists amiright?


Mmm your assblast is delicious.

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By hanging yourself.

We need an anti-woman mandate here.

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It depends what you mean by degeneration OP.

Your provide a list :

But it appears to be merely a list of things you don't like. You might as well add

If you're pretending to be Jim Profit (going from >moderators.)

Max Nordau defined degeneration as "a morbid deviation from an original type."

The above list may be deviations (though most things are from something, that's how culture works.Even the domestication of animals pre-history changed their bone structure. )
But morbidity (dying, non functioning) isn't obv from the list.

Based and redpilled.


Your script is good, I must admit, but your robotic nature does not escape my all-seeing eye

The only remaining cancer I can think of is (you)

Shut the fuck up sectarian.

Do I count as anti-nationalist if I only oppose open borders because I don't think the conditions exist to make it a practical policy?