The Face Everyone Dreams About. "It's time to start killing people"

I'm doing a research on the subject and I would like to know how many of you recently dreamed or thought about the following sentence: "It's time to start killing people".

We're bombarded with negative news on a daily basis and the divide in our country has never been greater than today. The hatred for the "other" and Liberals has never been greater than it is today. So it's no surprise that one day you might end up thinking, maybe it's time to start killing some people. I know that many of you have been thinking about this precise sentence.

Related on the subject is THIS MAN, that millions of people have dreamed about. I believe that this recent phenomenon about this specific sentence is somehow related to THIS MAN.

Have you ever heard a voice in your head saying this sentence, or have you ever dreamed about it? I believe that the two are related but I don't know why. I need your help to solve this mystery.

Nasty, Brutish and Short: Are Humans DNA-Wired to Kill

Are we all victims of an advanced MKULTRA program that is about to be activated and propel us all in WWIII or a race war?

If you have experienced this phenomenon, please share you experience in this thread and let's discuss about it.

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Zig Forums is a board of peace, nigger.

He looks familiar, is he a poet?

Affirmative Action hirings are every day lowering the bar lower and lower.
Go figures OP's IQ.

This very precise sentence, this collection of words, strung together.

"It's time to start killing people"

Many of you will never admit that you thought about it. That's why it's so hard to research on the subject.

You need professional help.

I used to lurk /x/ before the exodus and THIS MAN would be asked about every so often. It was never in association with the phrase "It's time to start killing people" and I've never found that to be special. There's a shitty skrillex song that says 'I want to kill everybody in the world' etc etc is what I was reminded of.

Any violent dreams recently that you'd like to share with us? Anything in particular that stands out?

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Severe retribution against our oppressors is on the mind of everyone. But I doubt they - if they are at that point where it's serious - would consider them people. It is time to start killing kikes and non-kin.

Well 2019 and 2020 is going to be the year of the mass hysteria.

racially, you mean?

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Interesting. Tell me more about your dreams.

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Projecting your aggression and twisted mind on Zig Forums…
Try better >>>/cuteboys/ where more suitable subjects are available.
Impale yourself meantime.

Most vivid and structured dream I can remember.

Nasty, Brutish and Short: Are Humans DNA-Wired to Kill

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I'd like to know more. Could you explain in details your dream? And why is is relevant to this thread?

This is a slide.


I bet you are, glownigger.

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Not a slide.

Die kikes.

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Your dreams, are a reflection of the reality that you live in. You dreams, mirror it. Your dreams, influence everything that you do in your daily life.

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My diagnosis besides you are a faggot and a kike, it is that you are intoxicated with Jung, try Nietzsche better.

You stupid fucking nigger the this man phenomenon was a jewish hoax.

I murdered a person who is similar (but not the same) as the one in OPs pic. I recall being back in the military, shot him with a pistol.
It was murder, not mindless killing. Though I remember thinking that this is exactly what we should be doing.
I voluntarily surrendered to military police, went to court. I explained my position.
An arbitrary government is useless to me, and has no real authority over me. It can not force me to be tormented any more. I refuse.
I was sentenced for an unknown amount of time, and sent to a jail full of niggers and Arabs. I spent rest of the night killing them with my hands and some mental power I had achieved.

All I can say, is that it's everything but a hoax.

Truth be told, I only killed the ones who wanted to touch me.


Have any of you dreamed about murdering someone and trying to hide the body and feeling the heat as the police and the investigators are getting closer and closer? Only to wake up with an immense feeling of guilt and dread?

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What about Red Bull with Tendies?

If you did. This is what we call, a Common Dream Archetype.

Sage for unoriginal Schizoposting.

t. Schizo

Read this. It will feel extremely familiar for some of you that are too shy to reply to this thread.

Hiding a Murder

Dream By Amanda - I dreamed that I was trying to hide a murder: Two nights in a row I had similar dreams. The first was that I had murdered someone I didn't see the actual murder but I was trying to think of how to hide the body. An old friend (from elementary school that I had not seen in several years) and I decided to bury the body.

We cut it into small pieces and buried it. I didn't know who the person was. Then it fast forwarded to present and I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of panic and dread when I realized that people were asking questions and looking for the killer of the body that was found. In my dream I was scared because I thought I had gotten away with it and had told myself not to think about it anymore.

The second one was that I was in an apartment building that was not mine and I was cutting up a dead body and boiling it and then putting the pieces into a garbage bag with other garbage to hide it and taking it downstairs to the dumpster. I remember feeling butterflies in my stomach in both dreams. It was so weird. If anyone has any ideas about this id like to know. It was so real that I couldn't stop thinking that maybe I HAD killed someone and had covered it up and blocked it out of my mind.

Another article on the subject. There are many,many, many more. Because it is all related to the OP subject: Nasty, Brutish and Short: Are Humans DNA-Wired to Kill

The short answer is, yes, Humans are DNA-Wired to kill.

Reoccurring dream about murder and cover up

I have re-occuring dreams i have murdered someone !–36644

Not a schizo thread. Merely studying the human psyche. Not your cup of tea? Don't reply and ignore this thread.

4/10 larp thread, needs better photoshopped images, and have pasta prepared in advance, don't write it on the spot

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Drop Jung you homo.
Lick some lolipop and rest under the snow.

Go to bed my Schizo brethren.

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Freudian kikelet detected.

Not me you faggot, but OP.

Ongoing study of the human psyche. Tell us more about your dreams? Anything that you'd like to share with us?

Freud and Jung are completely different. Jung is very useful.

It's a fucking nondescript man with a near blank expression. They aren't seeing the same face, they're just seeing a face they don't recognize, can't recognize and this fits the bill… kinda.
This is a shit thread.
Remember anons;
Report D&C threads.
Sage D&C threads.
Filter D&C threads.

Remember anons;
Report slide threads.
Sage slide threads.
Filter slide threads.

All life is only a set of pictures in the brain, among which there is no difference betwixt those born of real things and those born of inward dreamings, and no cause to value the one above the other.

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Schizophrenia is worrysome OP.
How many "us" are with you now?

Why does this thread makes you so angry? Would you like to share your dreams with us and discuss about them? I'd like to know more.

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This was a viral marketing campaign you dumbass.

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Who is this dividing, really? If anything, this is one of those information gathering threads.
Regardless of OPs accuracy and usefulness, this thread should remind you that your dreams are under attack.



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You need to sleep to have dreams user.

Oh I see. It's just a hoax. Thanks for pointing that out.

So if I dream about killing you OP, will that become real?

To be more specific, it was created by a marketing strategist named Andrea Natella. He owns a advertizing firm called Guerilla Marketing.

I see.
And the (((author))) of those drawings was…?
You know, depicting degenerate art is a kike feature very predominant.

Fuck off to /x/ doublenigger

Yes, it will.

Absolutely nothing of value was discussed in this thread so far. Not a single comment was worthwhile. None. I'm afraid to say and report that we won't be able to get valuable data from this thread. All of you, misunderstood the subject or are unwilling to share personal experiences.

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Great, handover your phone number and make sure your geo-localization is turned on.

If only it was that simple.

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Could it be because your reddit tier thread is in the wrong board? Because this is old is fuck news? Because it was exposed as a hoax? Because you are clearly a schitzo faggot?
This thread would be too gay for 4chan, I have no clue what could be wrong with you to think it belongs here.
Neck yourself op.

Andrea Natella is an italian sociologist, marketing strategist and design fiction artist.
In 1995 he was known as Luther Blissett. In 1999 he create Men In Red, first marxist-ufology group. In 2003 he founded a fake advertising agency which designed subversive hoaxes and created weird art projects exploring pornography, politics, and advertising. In 2009 he founded Kook Artgency a real advertising agency that runs 00KK a street disturbing team active in Rome.

Just you and anyone who looked closely at that subliminal image you posted, Schlomo.

Interesting new tactic. Gave it away too easily though.

Psyop thread, sage hide and report.

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Sure, it was all created by him. And yet this is why millions of people have been dreaming about him. It's so simple isn't it? Nothing to see here. Just go back to sleep.

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Reminder this meme says were just as peaceful as muslims.
Reminder white minority = white exterminate and were being forced into Brazil and South Africa, not a race war. Reminder winning the race war after forcing an early system collapse is the only way whites can survive.
Reminder with that said OP is almost assuredly spreading a psyop idea that fighting for survival = bad, or in other words this is a "do nothing, goyim" thread. Sage, hide, report.

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I wonder what Snope thinks about all this. Surely, they have an opinion on the subject?

Nothing different to a Thot looking for attention.

Why is this cancer still up, jesus fucking Christ its not Zig Forums its /x/ and a troll.

No one is dreaming about him, you may be because you are schitzo and saw an article somewhere. The whole thing, THE WHOLE THING, was viral marketing, including the "millions" of people dreaming about him.
Why is making threads like this not an instant perma ban?

Because OP is an anomaly and paying attention to his delirium is fun, for now.

Seriously. Making threads like this should get posters banned instantly.

Actually, we think that it's the contrary of what you think it is. Based on our research, it looks like many people around the world are now having recurrent dreams about This Man and also about killing people. We think that we are witnessing a global trend, fueled by the current political climate and the major changes that are now occurring in this world. Most will dismiss this thread and not pay attention, but some of you, understand what's truly happening now. Some of you, have dreamed of This Man. No, it's not a hoax and it was not created by Andrea Natella. Who is this man? Who is Andrea Natella? Where does he live? Who is he? Ever thought about that?

This is the exact reason we need the horsefuckers to get rid of these suckers.

Where's the proof? Who told you it was a hoax? Some article online? Do you trust the news and the mainstream media that much?

Naw, they just need to learn that /x/ is different from Zig Forums.

Vice said it was a hoax. It's all over. Case closed.


You people are so gullible. It's sad.

I'm so sick of migrating sites to avoid these spergs. Here's hoping a solution is found soon.

Nah I think this guy is genuinely a schitzo who thinks he`s stumbled onto something.

They will never will.
The horsefuckers would spam this thread with pony porn in a blink.
And case closed.

No, but I've heard other people saying it for months now. That being said mkultra experiments usually only make autistic people paranoid and dangerously unsociable. Both of which I've started to notice myself becoming, for good reason though.
No, I have not thought those words, but, if need be, I am ready to kill anyone and everyone that I have to, in order for my family to remain safe and healthy. If this psy-op does result in neurotypicals going on murderous rampages, I guess I need to prepare to defend myself.

You are a fucking retard and you know nothing about Neuro-linguistic programming

If you think that the This Man meme was just some marketing ploy, I have a bridge to sell you.

fuck off and don't come back Joan

yeah, it's Boganoffs 2.0

Holy fuck where do you people come from.


Is it? Tad bit drunk what's the tell.

It's a Russian bot.

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This one is better.

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Shut up tard. I know I might sound like a bot with all my beeps and boops, but I assure you that I am real.

Oh I'm just a forth generation American whose family primarily came from Lithuania. I'm from Ohio.

the proof is that nofuckingbody anywhere on the net was speaking about this forced meme except his author, who kept repeating every time that "millions of people were dreaming about it"
forced meme was so forced that it never became a meme
probably because the face is too kikelmao

go tell the cops you dreamed about your murder, they will either be happy you helped them, or they will make it easier for you to get pills

What about your dreams and about this girl that you won't tell us about?

But then why was the meme forced? Surely there was some motive. Might have been a stupid motive, but a motive nonetheless.

Usually those that say "the voices told me to do it" get a slap, a pat, and a pass.

To be fair, I did not think you sounded like a Bot, I thought you were a gullible newfag that should lurk at least 2 more years before even thinking about posting again.

Care to share with us instead of attacking me? Let's talk about this particular dream that you have been dreaming about since you were a child. The one with the old house.

Only millions? What a faggot. Billions dream of the woman I see every night. We've all made a pact not to show teh normies her face. You will know if you see her. We will find you. There is a Third Moon.

There was a motive. And this is what this thread is all about. Now, all of you, take a deep breath, and let's talk about your dreams, shall we?

Aight, so this has to be bait. Congrats op, you successfully convinced me thet you have screws loose. You win. Goodnight.

This gay shit is like 8 years old, that face is already spray painted with stencil around college locations by sjw idiots who have all their internal conflicts given to them as bogeymen superstition. Fucking gay meme that no one ever cared about, slender Man level faggotry

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I dream with ponies, OP.
Beautiful creatures running and jumping around me.

It's OK. I understand if you don't want to talk about it. No one will judge you here. Good night.