Was gamergate communist at first? Its clear that it turned into a reactionary incel movement as time went on...

Was gamergate communist at first? Its clear that it turned into a reactionary incel movement as time went on, but didn't it start off as a leftist movement?

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Well there were more libertarian-left minded people in there before it became hijacked by Zig Forums and the aut-right. In the beginning of it there were quite more left-wing people, before they got ousted by the right-wing and it got taken over.

Goober Goys was started by centrists then hijacked by the aut right, whatever communist traces it had died out by the time the movement was in full motion.

I don't really even know if it's fair to say gamergate was "taken over" by righty retards. What happened is people did some things, mailed some publishers, catalogued some corruption, got the FCC to say something about inline ads, and got a panel to talk about game journalism. Then it felt like we weren't really accomplishing much anymore and interest petered out. The righty retards just stuck around because they saw an opportunity to wage a culture war.

The problem is that opportunist right-wingers like Milo latched on to say "see! the right cares more about you than the left!", even though it was just liberal SJWs who were the enemy, not leftists.

I can only speak from personal experience, but when I was on a team (~15 people) putting together that big "dossier" about past games media scandals there were two big douchebags that almost ruined the whole project by pushing it before we could actually finish the document in a professional state. They were Tea Party tards and would constantly start political spats with other people on the project, and they thought it was a brilliant idea to do a press release to Bill O'Reilly and Alex Jones.

Milo was the fucking worst, he had absolutely no business being at that AirPlay panel, his seat should have been taken by William Usher or that Oliver guy.

I noticed it's pretty much impossible to get those people to contain their autism, no matter the situation. That's why /v/ is so shit these days, you can't go one thread without some retarded derail about da joos or some other Zig Forums nonsense.

Well that and it's owned by a moot 2.0 fuckwad.

Here's the thing. Gamergate started as a legitimate movement to combat the feminist retards like Sarkeesian, Moviebob, Jonathan Mcintosh et al, but the aut-right dipshits piggybacked on the anti-SJW momentum to push for white nationalism that nobody gave a shit about.

Add that GG was leaderless and it became a monumental clusterfuck; all because of Zig Forums retards.

No, it started out as a consumer movement and thus inherently liberal. The reactionaries and lolberts were there since the beginning and successfully used it to transform legitimate animosity to the games industry into culture war bullshit.

So was Moot a reactionary?

It started as a reaction to censorship and became after the sorry state of video games media. Then con artists like Sarkeesian literally inserted themselves into the controversy to get attention.

*and became about the sorry state of video games media

In case people have forgotten, SJWism only ever became a topic of GG because it was the preferred tactic of media outlets and forums at the center of the controversy to try and shift blame away from themselves by tarring their detractors as misogynerds. It's the same idpol PR crap as when EA tried to deflect attention away from anger over Mass Effect 3 by starting up a phony gay activism campaign.

Well for it to have been started as a leftist movement you have to assume that the people involved knew what leftism was to begin with and that's asking a little bit too much from young burger video game players.

Yes and no. Gamergate was mainly seen as a pushback against the videogame censorship because of weaponized identity politics from feminist faggots. The problem is that the alt-right asshats turned what was a legitimate pro-gaming movement and morfed it into white supremacist horseshit. They are the actual ones that killed gamergate.

Granted. Gamers have never been left wing per se, but at least they agreed with quite a handful of isssues with us. Unfortunately for us, the whole femicunts vs gamergate did so much damage to the left and the right actually convinced them that capitalism would save the gaming industry; which never happened.

Long-story-short: We should reconcile with gamers and convince them that capitalism doesn't give a shit about them and their favorite videogames. Only communism can save the gaming industry and bring it back to it's original roots.

Gamergate (or rather, the reponse to gamergate's demands, which was "we're crooked shills and proud of it and if you disagree you hate women, and gamers are slime anyway") destroyed the Kotaku and Polygons of the world as profitable businesses. But it failed to recognize that the corrupt practices and prejudices they were fighting were shared by the American oligarchy at large, and that contemporary "journalism" is capitalist propaganda, usually funded at a loss. Once they realized what they were up against and that boycotts weren't enough to clean up the industry, the movement either fizzled out or adopted ineffective tactics.

Zig Forums is the culmination of gamergate and socialism is the only way to bring it to a successful conclusion.

This. Only socialism can end what gamergate started.

Notice how NONE of these comments revolve around "just grab a compiler and make your own game?"
That indicates how far left, let alone communist, gamergate AND THIS BOARD is. "Waah people have cunts," "waah, people have dark skin," "waaah, people object when I go on rants about 'niggers'" = common.

"Just grab the means of production and write your own dream?" Never fucking happens.

Certainly not communist to any appreciable degree, but lingering influence from earlier center-left movements that had been burned by SJWs such as OWS, and ESPECIALLY the anti-A+ movement, played a major part early on.

This. The thing that really caused GG wasn't Sarkeesian, or Bioware, or the journos, or Chelsea. It was every single gaming site, social media service, no-name admin of your favorite tiny PHPbb webforum, webhost, ISP, and the fucking Wayback Machine, simultaneously SHUTTING YOUR SHIT DOWN over discussion of a forgettable scandal of the sort that passed in and out of the news cycle without a trace every month, just because its subject concerned a member of the gooneratti Weird Twatter clique.

It was the online equivalent of a 9/11-style infrastructure shutdown, purely to protect some 4th-rate indie filmmaker's fragile ego against a gossip mag.

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Well said user. It ain't over yet.

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The only thing socialism promise to gamers is their liberation from videogames to be honest. Vidya is an opium.

Why the fuck do people still care about this bullshit

Some people never left 2015.

And there was honestly an anti-feminist strand floating around 4Chan in the lead-up to GG, too. That wasn't discernibly communist either.

Milo did nothing wrong except failing to recognize that the resistance to his somewhat inaccurate but still more correct than burgerlardistan views on when a person can give sexual consent was also derived from shrill feminist screeching. He gave coverage to GG's side of the story when almost no other news outlet would even touch it, and most of the ones that would only covered it from the perspective of Kotaku and their cronyist friends. It's not Milo's fault that the socialist left completely failed to do its job of standing up to corrupt corporate media because they were too busy with feminist virtue signaling. Milo did his job as a journalist, and leftists who failed at this have no right to complain about him. The left has nothing to blame for the gaming community's turn to the far right except its own shortsightedness.

… was absolute insanity for the most part (being generous here), and rooted in idpol. It's not the socialist left's job to drag random hos over the coverage of toys and the complaints of various ex-boyfriends. I like chan culture, old chan culture - but it was stupid, and Gamergate was doubly stupid because it was registered (wrongly) as an IRL-type political movement. Frankly, fucking Chanology had a way more solid basis and coherent goal - and it still took itself less seriously than Gamergate and didn't gain the traction with idiot reactionaries that GG did. It was pretty much just Jessi Slaughter, except for self-serious retards instead of regular fun retards.

Video game "journalism" has always been advertising. It baffles me that gaymers didn't realize that before. It's not "corruption." It's an industry shilling its own products.

Btw this is about GG. The retards behind Chanology were still mostly the fun kind even if that was the beginning of the end.

There were always the incels in it. The media advertising it as a hive of scum and villainy attracted those people to it. Same way Zig Forums attracted real nazis. It's an inherent problem with any group that doesn't gatekeep (and why there's such a big anti-gatekeeping psyop going on).

"dude fuck vidya journos and shit" is basically a good sentiment, even if its carried out by bland centrists.
Some people made some noise, Zig Forums came in with MUH JOOZ and shit. People made some more noise. The noise petered out over time and not much came over it, except that emotionally fragile millenial yuppies got a new religious myth of persecution and terror to cry about.
you people talk about pointless internet shit too much.

wow you're very smart

Corruption was only the tip of the iceberg. The most severe threat was the SJW puritan clique doing the same thing their right-wing predecessors did to comics in the 1950s, and outright down the entire medium on top of using that victory to impose legal restrictions (censorship, mandatory real ID, absurdly broad libel/slander, elimination of due process, etc.) on the Internet and broader culture.

As badly as GG turned out, I think we dodged a MAJOR bullet.

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>outright shut down the entire medium

So lashing out against it is bad, because they should have already known?
This is dumb. It reeks of "I don't actually have any good reason this is basically bad but I don't like it for personal/social/tribal reasons and need something, anything"

Fuck off if you don't know what you're talking about.

They did know, most of the niggas I knew from those days hadn't taken game rags seriously since before the ME3 clusterfuck. The issue was a lot of, justifiable, anger at getting shit on by shills for years for not gobbling up enough slop and the ability of rags to bury indie and smaller titles. Frankly gg accomplished everything it needed to after a month and afterwards it was culture war shit that gave birthed obnoxious ecelebs, still caring about corruption in gaming is gay.

Crusading against Scientology > crusading against some fucking nobody like Zoey Quinn.

I honestly really doubt that Sarkeesian and whoever else would actually have managed to censor gaming. There was way more danger of this in the '90s with guys like pic related, when anti-gaming sentiment was actually mainstream.

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Well fair enough, yeah.
I take issue with the constant resurrection of the discussion of it.
Its like when people bring up hatred, again, and tell you how bad it is in the most butthurt way possible, and insist they just hate its marketing or some flimsy excuse to justify their neurotic fixation with a years old game they're saying is supposedly just mediocre and forgettable, because the protag was a school shooter.
Continuing to bring this shit up like it was a big event implicitly confirms the story that it was in fact a big deal, just like with sperging out about hatred years later. Who gives a shit?

The thing is that such sentiment on the right never went away (indeed, Fox and their ilk still run such stories), but back before ~2007 the game industry, gaming journalism, leftists of basically all stripes, and other non-gaming media were all firmly anti-censorship. They were shills, sure, but they were our shills.

What SJWs represented was something unprecedented in the historical dynamics of art and culture since the enlightenment, of both the right and "left" unified in their hatred of freedom and expression. Literally nobody was backing us up.

Imagine if GG hadn't happened, Clinton had won unopposed, and every single piece of then-bi"partisan" legal and extralegal censorship and tyranny they pushed had been enshrined to a chorus of phony but unopposed applause.

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It makes just as much sense to lash out against wrasslin' for not being a valid sport.

I mostly agree, but what I would like to see discussed is how it managed to create personalities like Lauren Southern and Cernovich so we (the socialists) can avoid giving rise to socialist analogues of these retards. No book muke and the twitter tanks are bad enough.

I think a more fascinating question is the near-total domination of New Atheists (firmly center-left at worst) among anti-SJWs on opinionstube completely collapsed during the course of GG, while Zig Forumsyps went from an opinionstube presence of basically zilch to inundate the platform.

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The video game industry makes more money than Hollywood and features stories which are immensely better-written than almost all of Hollywood's output, and they've had a substantial impact on the worldviews of young men. This kind of downplaying of the importance of video games just shows how out-of-touch your type is and always was.

You know why her and all the other attention whore's nicknames were "literally who"? Because it was never about them.

That happened in the '80s, too, tbh. I mean, it was with, like, metal music and porno back then but still.

Gamergate was old news by the '16 election, Trump was easily the less "free speech" candidate (I'll give you that he's largely impotent, tho), and since then SESTA/FOSTA has passed, Net Neutrality has been scrapped, anti-BDS laws have passed, and social media sites have pushed greater censorship (with pretty transparent pushes from politicians and conservative media) of users.

Cackling "feminists" who lobbied for Clinton because bergina would have been disappointed if they wanted hardline censorship out of it - domestically she was way more liberal about that stuff, and her relation to idpol was using it as cynical noise to attack the actual left. If you look at policy, she was a neoliberal war criminal but she didn't give a fuck about ramping up domestic policing whereas Trump was already talking about renewing dead parts of the Patriot Act and banning certain religions from immigrating.

'Cept that it started with them. I wouldn't know who Zoey Quinn or Anita Sarkeesian or any of those people were if it weren't for Gamergaters raging about them.

I'm more concerned about the fact that entry into the industry is moderated largely by exposure from "game journalism" outlets, and they have the power to drum up controversy to hurt certain companies (which passes along to the employees primarily). Combine that with a bunch of power-tripping trust fund kids with utopian social inclinations and it's a recipe for disaster. The vidya industry was bad enough with the god damn sweatshops before workers (who should be the focus of a socialist discussion) had to deal with companies having trouble not only because of bad management but manufactured controversy on top.

The harassment that happened was a handful of egg accounts on twitter. People using the hashtag were actively organizing to report them. At the beginning, there wasn't any harassment at all. ZQ said she was getting tweetstorms but you could look at her mentions and it was fucking empty except for her pals tweeting at her. Pretty much the same for everyone for the whole time I paid attention to it. Twitter has a search function that lets you put someone's handle in there to see what's been tweeted at them. It's easy to debunk claims of harassment on twitter in real time.

who gives a fuck about "tweetstorms" or "twitter harassment" anyways
Like, use any other site for five seconds. Every time someone cries persecution on twitter they act like having that temporarily ruined for them is like losing a limb or something

Don't forget the fishy-as-fuck framejob against Wizchan that originally catapulted her to fame a few months before GG.

Yeah, that shit was old hat. It certainly wasn't "unprescedented."

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I didn't even get into the harassment. For brevity's sake, I'm just going to take your word on this part. I said, essentially, that it was a clusterfuck of drama mostly centered around bitching about a couple random nobody hos. Which is true.

The second post I replied to in this thread said that Milo "gave coverage to GG's side of the story. Here's Milo bitching about Zoe Quinn:


From what I saw on forums, halfchan, etc. at the time it was a bunch of REEEE-ing about Quinn, Sarkeesian (especially), feminism, SJWs, and that one red-dyed-hair girl.

Believe it or not, gaming is part of culture and there's no reason to oppose them, unless you're a moralfag. It's the same with moeshit and lolis: I couldn't care less of someone watches/draws lolicon or if there's a market for that (so long as the market primarily benefits the working class of course).

While I'm not a gamer per se, I did play games back in the day and I see the merits of maintaining a gaming culture. If we achieved communism, and gamers want to focus on their thing, that's fine with me, since they won't be exploiting anyone.

As said:

Capitalism betrayed gaming, because it panders to the petite bourgeois demographic (liberal radfems being the primary target market) and only socialism/communism can revitalize gaming, if only because games will be made with creativity and enjoyment in mind and not because muh bottom line.

Only fully overcoming capitalism can achieve that, just like in literally any other sector of mass culture.

As a wise man once said

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I agree, but I don't even have to take this position to call bullshit on the harassment.

There were a lot of fishy things like that tbh.

Yikes, don't hurt yourself contorting like that.
Milo is a retard who was part of the problem. He's right that Zoe Quinn is indeed a shitty person who tried to make GG about her, but it didn't stick, at least not with GG itself. She did manage to convince people she was a victim here. Milo helped make the narrative appear to be a conflict between the conservatives and liberals by doing shit like this (which is also a matter of distorting the story to maximize clicks). Tolerating him at all was a mistake.
I was reading those threads during 2014 to early 2016 when it tilted too much in favor of Zig Forums. There was plenty of self-policing going on to not talk about Quinn and Sarkeesian specifically and to focus on individuals who were actually part of the games press, so you're not going to fool me on this. I was there, and archives should still exist of those threads.

You seem to come from the camp who thinks the Five Guys joke was saying it's bad a woman slept with 5 men, instead of that it's bad someone cheated on their SO 5 times.

It was about calling out a lying whore and a pack of propagandists. It only became rightwing because SJW's seem inexorably fixated on calling themselves marxists, so all the liberal centrists decided to shuffle rightward.

I still remember when Phil Fish faked hacking his own website for sympathy. These shitheads on the other side of the controversy were duplicitous as fuck.

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That's a bunch of bullshit. Cloudflare is just a reverse proxy, they don't actually host content. They could have hacked the actual server, gathered the "dox" and only deface the site when it was ready. Why would they lose their access to their twitter just because their server was hacked? There's no connection between the two. "I've got no stake or care" then why are you lying?

I never said anything about harassment. You brought that up.
Bitching about Zoe Quinn is not harassment, but it is rather stupid and that sort of thing was what a great deal of Gamergate was about. I'm saying that it was an incoherent 'movement' which devolved into rambling tirades about feminism. Let's just ignore the talk about harassment for a moment.

Ok, well I was citing him because
seemed to think Milo did a gr8 job and very srs journalism.

I don't think every thread on 4chan from '14-'16 was archived, and if they were I'm certainly not sorting through them to point out instances of people talking about Sarkeesian. So you got me, I'm just saying what I remember.

I had to look this up. I'm not actually invested in the personal lives of any of the bitches this revolved around.

If you were around when the "hack" happened, you'll recall that the website defacement used a bunch of strange lingo you'd never hear sincerely on 4chan and looked like a false flag.

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That was completely incomparable for the reasons I stated. SJWs were like if every music label/porn studio, every music/porn mag, and every musician/porn star, suddenly joined ranks with the religious right in agreeing that porn/metal are evil violent sex propaganda that need to be eliminated, disparaging any of their customers who disagree as murderous rapists, and anyone outside the hobby like politicians or mainstream journalists treated disagreement as an insane conspiracy theory. The world had turned upside-down.
Not for the goons seeing GG in the shadows of every "brocialist", nor the aut-right rising to prominence as a result of massive overreaction to Milo in Berkeley, doubling down instead of taking the hint and stopping all of the awful practices he legitimately lambasted academia for. IMHO reverberations from OWS & the Tea Party played a far bigger role in all of this, but GG certainly helped starken the battle lines.
Trump spent nowhere near the same amount of time harping on the need to censor communication and claw away at the judicial process as Clinton (or, moreover, her campaign/allies, which Trump failed to attract any equivalent of). Moreover, while Trump has passed a lot of garbage I have to admit Zig Forums's flipflop on NN from Dubya to Trump has to be the most embarrassing example of their contrarian brainlessness I can think of, none of it is anywhere near what Democrats have been itching to put in place:
The Obama administration she was part of threw away free political capital to pointlessly defend the NSA/FBI/CIA/etc against even the most perfunctory political scrutiny when Wikileaks happened, and under Trump the Clinton camp of the Democrats has repeatedly pushed the idea of a military coup by "heroic spies" as a good idea into public consciousness.

The point wasn't that we wanted to bitch about her, but that doing so especially immediately after a near-identical scandal about Brad Wardell was already fading from the gossip cycle caused every single forum, social network, webhost, ISP, and archive to simultaneously ban, delete, shut down, and blacklist all mention of it. AND THEN get followed up with identical shrieking autism propaganda articles in every single even vaguely gaming/tech/nerd-related press outlet, soon revealed as the work of a literal collusion mailing list.

The sheer repeated overreaction was what kept the fire going.

What mattered wasn't what it was about or in fact what it did, but how internet "leftists" reacted to it and remembered it, and how its members reacted to said "leftists", in that case.

Did NetherRealm stop putting out games during this time?

When did she ever do that?
Obviously, I'm well aware she's a piece of shit, but loads of people somehow managed to ignore Trump's actual policy ideas and downplay how police state he was. And how, honestly, were pizzagaters (on the fringe) and the evangelicals (who made up a strong contingent of Trump's actual IRL base) not equivalent to whatever professionally offended shills in the Clinton camp that you're presumably referring to?

So this story came out this year and doesn't reflect currently existing policy?

Then Trump's still got the edge on 'em, here. Also, I think this is part of the post-election agenda - I don't think they were itching to do this in '16 (I skimmed the article, though, so I could have missed that) and I certainly don't think it was something they'd floated at that time (whereas Trump floated most of his bad ideas during that period). Though tbh I think the parties tend to work together on this kind of shit, but if we're speculating on whose domestic policy would have been worse we're assuming difference and in that case I'm still with Trump.

The Obama admin still rolled back NSA surveillance power (not that I totally buy that, but it's public record), banned giving military equipment to cops (Trump's already reversed this), and pardoned Manning (obviously not anywhere near far enough, as they were still after Assange and Snowden). Bush-lite. Trump's better than Bush on foreign policy, but closer to (or worse than) Bush on domestic as far as I can tell.

I'm not really concerned with the Clinton camp's mutterings post-election - they're even more impotent than Trump.

Clinton actually introduced a video game censorship bill called the Family Entertainment and Protection Act when she was a Senator from New York.

The fuck are you talking about?

After torturing him with solitary confinement and abusing using as intended the Espionage Act to prosecute whistleblowers more than any other president in history.

Thanks! I didn't know about that.

Trump actually explored the idea that video games contribute to school shootings more recently (last year), but he didn't do it before the campaign, so this puts Clinton in a worse place on this particular issue coming into '16.


Good point!

No argument found

Im an incel myself dude (i don't subscribe to the incel ree normies movment though) I just didn't know how else to describe it.

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I forgot Anita existed lmao



Just say you're in a dry spell or on the shelf so you don't get lumped in with spree killers.

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Thats the problem. No matter what I say if these people find out your a virgin you're automatically an "incel"

That aside I don't put in garbage with my prized possessions just for the sake of having it.

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Well I have plenty of HDD space so I never delete anything, and sometimes I find a use for a pic I never thought I'd use again. Case in point

Its worse than that actually, if you're a male and you simply express any opinion outside of the normalfag cultural hegemony regardless of if you're a virgin or not you'll be beset by "found the incel".

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It doesn't help that none of their recent videos address the main point of contention being that she literally e-begged for money to start her video game channel off in the first place and got 6 figures in doing so for someone who has no interest in the topic whilst other people get grilled for this kind of behaviour (look up kickstarter crap/indiegogo excrement) and that she's held in contempt for being handed a platform and monetary reward that many YouTube video game channels have to spend years grinding away to achieve from almost nothing, hell even Darksydephil started off with a camera pointed at his TV and didn't beg for a new PC.

It makes the left look like disingenuous partisan hacks when we defend people like Sarkesian, just look at the most recent popular video about her on H3H3 with Boogie which has over a million views within the last year, it's a good gauge on the public mood and everyone knows she's a no good charlatan, with rightwing idiots capitalising on this aspect ("I told you so" vibe).

I've yet to see one honest breadtube take on the matter that doesn't omit or gloss over details that would otherwise paint GG as at least a politically ambiguous movement to begin with.

It's funny how a mild soc dem like TheAmazingAtheist (Bernie supporter too) got thrown under bus by the breadtube community and is still considered a rightwing nazi sympathiser for supporting GG and being anti-idpol.

I see you are a fellow man of culture

Eh fair enough.

So are you a virgin or an incel? Those are two completely different things.

Incel means "involuntary celibate". It's possible to voluntarily be celibate, and it's possible to be a non-virgin incel.

All incels would be happier if they abandoned the pursuit of 3DPD

I actually watched the video and the shit he's saying is extremely fucked. I can't tell if Big Joel is just retarded or if he's being disingenuous but he works hard to gloss over the gap in his argument. It goes like this:

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The closest I can think of is Jason Unruhue but he's not particularly masculine either, he's a breadtube pariah too.

I don't think you'll find such a person, that kind of person wouldn't consider wasting his time muckraking over idpol and internet drama I would imagine.

Megarace was kind of leftist in tone, I almost forgot about it, it ought to go into the leftist gaming thread too.

Or just blindly tribalistic. Though that can overlap with untrustworthy, but they could still be trustworthy about other, unrelated issues, while blindly defending anyone generally understood to be leftist.

Hot take: Not only was GG originally left-wing, but it's shift to the right was the single biggest factor that created the alt-right and caused the election of Donald Trump. The minute all the right-wing Youtubers sank their fangs into the movement without any resistance it was all over.

I know it seems like a big thing on the internet, but I don't think GG had that much influence on real life. The biggest factor for Trump being elected was the Democrats cheating for Hillary.

You're both wrong. The biggest factor for Trump winning is burger jobs disappearing in swing states and every other politician pretending it wasn't so.

Well yeah, but if the Democrats nominated someone who actually said they would help those people then they wouldn't have voted for a porky out of desperation.

Gamergate was one group of fools (people who unironically gave / give a shit about "Ethics in video game journalism") and equally retarded game developers / "Gaming news sites" and third wave fems that inserted themselves into it

Ethics in journalism could be a left talking point I guess? But in practice gamergate was never left leaning but rather a cringey reactionary shitstorm hellbent on harassment for the sake of feeling righteous.
In reality "ethics in game journalism" just became a cover for these incel pricks to hide behind whenever anyone criticized the true nature of the movement.
There is a real need for ethics in journalism though and by that I'm referring to how IGN and other large review sites are payed off by AAA publishers to give good reviews.

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Sarkesian wasn't an evil villain going around banning video games. Her whole argument is that you should be able to criticize media and still be able to enjoy it. She's by no means a revolutionary feminist or anything but she's also not the boogeyman who wants you to stop liking things.
Anyone who calls themselves a leftist should be critical of the media they consume.

The fact that GG was inciting by some bitch allegedly whoring herself out for ratings instead of actual instances of serious corruption among the gaming press (like Gerstmann's firing) and their extreme hostility towards american cultural "others" says a lot about the authenticity of the "movement's" stated goals. It was essentially a mob of suburban children that has morphed into a mass of lonely adult men with nothing to show for their years of posting.

This old straw man again. People were well aware there were no reviews at the start of the controversy. The issue was some Kotaku shithead pretending to be a journalist while talking up his friends' absolute joke trash games in exchange for something. And people did make a big deal about Gerstmann's firing, Dan Hsu's revelations, the Dorito Pope, etc. when they happened. What actually made GG explode was the censorship and coordinated attacks by games media outlets, read the fucking thread.

I don't care about "people" I care about the mass of "people" and the mass of GGfags as a whole were almost entirely right wing culture warriors who were more concerned with some slut (and later other dumb women) than legit corruption. Also as has been repeatedly pointed out in this thread, games "journalism" has always been just a form of advertising. This is because vidya is mostly for children.

Most people who play games are adults, retard.