The eclipse has already started.

Don't be an NPC tonight. Leave your easy chair for just a moment and look outside gents. East Coast maximum about 12:12am


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Kill yourself kike.

Many white children will be tortured and ritualistically murdered in the coming hours

wao, do we hate the moon now?

This is the night kikes sacrifice children to Satan and you want to celebrate?

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Kike filled first post. Bot maybe??

kikes dont set the earth between the moon and the sun. God does that. fuck kikes and their bs. this is a natural wonder. no one is saying to celebrate child murder. nice false equivalency nigger.

Take this redpill

No doubt. They're pouring in with their garbage, as if some semitic demon invented the moon.

since every post brings up the kikes somehow

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I cant believe I watched this. He just kept talking

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Stop being a nigger. What kikes do will happen regardless. Other cultures have regard for astrological events outside of the fucking jews though.

Hail Daughter of Slaughter,
Beauty of Butchery
Vicious Vixen
Girl of Gore
Sanguine Sister
Maiden of Massacre

Goddess we ask you, look over the orphaned sons and daughters, slay the impure, and erase the vice in the blood of our race.

We thank you, and offfer our thanks and services to you.

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is this the fourth or fifth BLMOD in recent memory?

No just an oldfag tired of you fucking jews and your slides.


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you are certainly a fag, and this is a live happening that's incredible to behold, only an old boomer would go scrooge on this.


If I go practice throwing axes during this blood moon, will I get gains?


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What's scary about that is kikes want to put a memorial on the moon.

Leave your chair.

I doubt they are smart enough to figure out how to graffiti the moon with their bullshit and lies.

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Really user? I think underestimating them is what got the world to where its at currently.

Thanks for that!

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Time to hunt, faggots. Get out there and slaughter the beasts.

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Perhaps underestimating their ability to use people…but THEIR ABILITIES, no I am judging them correctly.


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too fucking cloudy here

Just got the phone call that my last grandma died about 10 min ago in Chicago.She was a lil under a hundred. Was laughing and playing board games earlier today with my uncle and was in good spirits when she went to bed at 9pm. Uncle had a weird feeling so he flew there from colorado earlier today.
kapcha ekpozJ

Looking good from here

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Confirmed for being a nigger; white people love the winter.

Sorry user

I'm in Palm Beach, Florida. Heard a swarm of helicopters flying shortly after the peak of the bloodmoon. Couldn't see them, they could have been flying without signal lights… Confirmed with a neighbor what he thought the sound was

my condolences user

Am drunk and sick, not schizo. Sorry for the fragmented sentences.


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ultra high quality video here

anyone know if you can embed a streamable?

It works but there's no thumbnail because the site is retarded.

thank you satan alien

no foreskins were consumed in the making of this post

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there's a pretty good chance your uncle killed her.
inheritance or euthanasia?

Good you fucking talk like a Kike


fucking JEWS


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Does she have pics?