Druid/pol/ #0028 "IMBOLC RISING - Civil Unrest" edition

I bid you welcome (in the manner which has become sacred to our rite) to our post portentous vigesimum octavum thread.
The cold covers the land in its icy glaze and breath steams as one ventures outdoors. A bitter wind blows and a chill bites through to the marrow. Dark nights linger and dark days dawn to welcome us to another spell in the mundane meatspace known as clownworld.
The darkness is not purely relegated to the nights but also the the hearts of the globalist enemy and their soulles horde of invading locust that seek to devout that which our ancestors built and we hold dear.
Yet fear not brothers for the enemy is in a fearful panic and is beginning to thrash about like a child having a tantrum. Like a disease, the toxic ideology of pathological leftism is permeating more and more facets of every day life, whether it be the house of commons, the educational system and even in razor adverts.
But as a wise English occultist once said:
"For every action, there is an equal and opposite REACTION"
…REACTION being the key word here. We now begin to see that reaction manifest in myriad ways, most notably, civil unrest, discontent and an increasingly fractured society as the gulf between the folk and the traitor class widens to an unbridgeable chasm.
The Yellow Jacket movement, started by our French brothers is now the focal point as the anger begins to boil over & France witnesses civil disturbance unseen since the 1960s.
Globo-homo leftism is the disease and the yellow vests are akin to antibodies. The movement has spread to other countries (including our beloved Isles) and is symbolic of the discontent present in the heart of ordinary upstanding people who are getting sick & tired of the bullshit.
The B.O.N.D watches these developments with keen interest as these events have been foretold and are a portent of things to come.
We are witnessing the start of THE GREAT DISILLUSIONMENT

On the homefront, the B.O.N.D watches the unfurling of a geopolitical paradigm shift while making our preparations for our Imbolc festivities.
This threads governing arcana is that of The Lovers (VI) the sixth trump of Major Arcana. This card depicts man and woman standing in (possibly) the Garden of Eden, with The Trees of Life & of Knowledge behind the man & woman respectively.
The Lovers represent relationships and choices. Its appearance in a spread indicates some decision about an existing relationship, a temptation of the heart, or a choice of potential partners. Often an aspect of the querent's life will have to be sacrificed; a bachelor's lifestyle may be sacrificed and a relationship gained (or vice versa), or one potential partner may be chosen while another is turned down. Whatever the choice, it should not be made lightly, as the ramifications will be lasting.
Upright the card can symbolise falling in love, commitment, choices, partnerships and, most importantly - being at a crossroads.
Reversed, the card indicates separation, infidelity & broken relationships.
The cards element is that of Air & its ruling planet, Mercury so these shall govern our thread also.

As ever the topical newslinks are presented for the readers perusal and delectation

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Obligatory first archive post
Obligatory first archive post

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Top job lad, excellent as ever. Just going to drop a link to the officail /druid/ archives, where we compile reading on all topics pertaining to Druid/pol/ threads


Disgusting, funny how people will wail about the plight of the third world and then proceed to fund the very groups shitting it up

Cheers lad, how are you today? Brass monkeys here again and im somewhat perturbed on account of being let down by a mate who was meant to be picking my daughter up from school for me only to let me down at the last minute, meaning my plans must now change. Irksome but nothing I can do about it (bar whinge on here i suppose kek)

I know lad, it infuriates me too. I remember having a heated exchange with a green party canvasser a few years back where I was trying to get him to recognise the hypocrisy & utter pants on head stupidity of his party's stance on being staunch (almost fanatical) environmentalists while at the same time, advocating for mass immigration. Didnt go well - ended up with me calling him a pinko prick and swearing at him in the street while the missus went red with shame kek (she hates me arguing with party reps in the street, says I embarrass her tbh I do sometimes lose my cool and spill a bit of spagetti when dealing with the canvassing mongs. It almost always culminates with me swearing at them I cant help it lad - they make me irate. I just cant stand the hypocrisy.

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thanks for the thread

push em in the sea tbh

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Not too bad lad, same old same old
Absolute bugger that lad, very irritating when that happens
Keek good lad, iirc some labour/green party canvassers don't even bother going around certain working class areas, too scared to try

You are welcome lad.

Kek good, its thorougly deserved

Citizen patrol in Dover on the look out for illegals. They find some & call the police to do their job & deal with them - the police just let them go.

What do you lads think about smoking weed? In all honesty I recommend it for the paranoia. Once you've experienced a really intense bout of paranoia where the world is against you, you finally realise the importance of practicing self-mastery.

Im all for it lad. I make no secret of the fact that I imbibe the herb myself from time to time. I'd add the caveat that moderation is key though - being a 420 LOL WEED mong is a no-no.
I use it at night to help me relax and also find it helps me to focus on rituals and scrying and achieve a desired state of gnosis more easily.

In extreme moderation it can be useful for meditation and relaxation it's usefulness as a medicine and source of fibres is well known. It does carry risks especially to the young though

Ok lads, apparently, nutty occult oirishman thinks he has successfully invoked lucifer now….
He's starting to remind me of Tim Rifat with some of the stuff he comes out with.

(((oirishman))) revealed

Now I remember why I unsubbed to him a few years back - that and his tendency to talk shite.

Wolf Blood Moon appeared this morning lad. A portent of things to come no doubt, especially considering the political turmoil in the country at present.

Of course they fucking did. Reminds me of that twitter post were they've picked up a illegal immigrant and they've taken him for some fish and chips. Fucking revolting

Tend to avoid it tbh

Yeah I've unsubbed him too

so this isn't a thread about how civil unrest is here and only druids can save us? damn

What were you hoping for m8?

Fresh Logos

Civil unrest is on the horizon lad. The Druidic path we espouse can help you prepare spiritually and will allow you to take the fight to the enemy via esoteric means.

Good video mate. Iv thrown him a sub.

How can we organize more nationalist youth?

Brexit: Theresa May scraps £65 fee for EU citizens


Theresa May has scrapped the £65 fee millions of EU citizens were going to have to pay to secure the right to continue living in the UK after Brexit.

Rolls-Royce vies for UK nuclear role


Rolls-Royce has confirmed it is in talks with Chinese state-run firm China General Nuclear (CGN) over providing essential systems for a new power station in the UK.

When I consider the chinese being allowed to construct massive potential chernobyls on my island; I do hope they aren't still sore about those opium wars and such.

By appealing to things that youth like. Nationalism needs to have an edgy, rebellious "sexy" image. We get the youth on board by becoming the new counter culture - and we've been doing a pretty good job of that imo. So much so that the opposition have been forced to show their true hand and are going on a desperate censorship binge now.
Have patience lad. We will win, it is preordained. You cannot escape destiny and European man's destiny is to thrive, to conquer and to innovate.

The delusion in this post… holy shit

Fuck off mongoloid. Your tiny mundane brain cannot comprehend the magnitude of the etheric disturbance currently underway. Bet you can even into divination.

Infuriating isn't it lad.
Also did you see leftists/antifa types (or possibly wogs/muzz) have thrown paint all over some WWII memorials? Vid related.

I reckon part of the solution is to have a stockpile of information ready to educate kids that naturally stray or rebel from the current brainwashing. Other than that just challenge the bullshit pumped out by the MSM constantly

Well he's not entirely wrong

yes… good mundie… breed and die forever… *rubs snake tail*

Kek what the fuck are you on?

Alternatively rather than spend your entire time locked in a courtroom battle with revolving doors for young (((lawyers))) and (((selected))) juries, honing their skills; throw your t.v. away and use the time to do x or learn y. And when you get noticed, for your smug smile, your independence, explain what you did and why. Longterm this is more powerful than just being the person trying to wake people by telling them they're dreaming.

Silly mundane.

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I'm glad they did the paint if it's real. It gives people clearer lines to do battle on if we are to have the civil conflict they appear to be prepping us for. I'm not for the destruction of artworks at all, however I feel about Roosevelt Churchill and Bomber Command and Dresden. The correct way would be to lobby for their removal (to a museum)on the grounds that they were as much villains as heroes, with the exception of bomber command who were conscripts following orders, so neither.
I would also lobby for the removal of all dual citizens and non indigenous from public office, and immediate deportation on completion of any prison sentence for non indigenous if it wouldn't get me arrested and accused of being some kind of extremist.
Point is you can't do any of it, so who the fuck knows who did the paint throwing and why, but shits coming for sure and it's heavily orchestrated.

I also do this to some extent (I do like to keep track of goings on in the mundane sphere though). What I was thinking was more along the lines of say pointing out the truth in normie conversation, a slight far out example is say pointing out auxiliary forces in Britain were North African when they try to say nigs were in britain before the English, just small things like that

Lucifer "The Light Bringer" is and always has been friend to all Druids. The Blood Moon shown a bright hot burning light as though it were the sun in my area. Don't be so quick to cast aside potential allies who might just have the same goal in mind as yourselves.

Care to explain this some more? Seems to be adopting a Semitic theology, one of my main problems with christianity as a whole

God is The Universe and The Universe is God. Simply being a part of this overarching thing…this "Universe" as it were–this is something intrinsic to all lifeforms in the universe. I believe in "Spirits" that are all very powerful entities that can move to and fro from AEther to many different places within the mortal realm. You would call that Polytheism, but it is really just entities from an energy format that can influence and even possess or make pacts with mortal flesh and blood beings [crystallized matter]. As far as I can tell, YHWH is a cruel and evil spirit that wants to be "God" and tries to achieve this goal by making every mortal believe that he is "The Most High."

Lucifer and Satan are just spirits like YHWH, Gog, Magog, Wotan, Zeus, Vishnu, Allah, The Buddha, and even Moloech "Bringer of Evil". What I am trying to say is that many ambitious Spirits over time who could at some point become "Demi-Gods" have tried to become The One True God Himself, which is impossible. Supposedly Lucifer is who Jesus Christ became after he died on The Cross, but one must be careful with Christians, Jews, and Muslims and treat them as "One in the same" rather than separate. Semitic = Babylonian for the most part.

Prove that this wasn't the point where druids became (((druids)))
Lord of Light is also another name for it lol kek.
When ruby lucy and nick are around a jew, a jew, is sure to be found.
It's all a crock of shit and anyone who says they know is full of shit, and that's coming from someone who personally believes death isn't the end of it.

Yes close enough, the question is whether he is completely unknowable or made up of a Trio of Gods

No, the gods are all descended for the One (God is as good a name for him as any) and are all various aspects and forms of him while still remaining spiritual entities in their own right. Each of the varying traditions can be (very) roughly summed up as cultural 'lenses' though this is the case or the Gods in each tradition exist as their own separate entities is a question within it's own right.

No it isn't, this is just one guy with his theory, no one else believes this, fuck off

What being of energy gives you strength and why do you even care for Druidicism, Paganism, Mysticism, and more importantly Shamanism? Death is not the end of it, friend. Indeed we reincarnate and some people become lesser spirits after thousands of lifetimes upon the mortal realm. I was simply trying to point out that YHWH is not the creator of The Universe. Indeed he is simply a very power-hungry spirit and wholly typical when it comes to all of the bits and pieces of History that describe many Spirits followed a similar path.

I could state that all Religion, Mysticism, and Spiritual stem from "The Ancient Religion Of The Sun" after they reSeeded The World after it came to ruin. However, Spirits live outside of time and there are thousands upon thousands of them both great and small. The ones you know by name are the ones who claim to be Gods in some respect. However, it is not possible because like you said yourself–'They are descended from The One.' To live and be apart of this universe is to be apart of and live inside God himself. Many Spirits who were called Demi-Gods a time ago were not satisfied with this, so they left this universe into other dimensions.

Only the Creator, source of all things, and you only get to find out if this strength was an illusion when you go.

Uh huh, and where are you getting this from?

The Endless Fractal.

And what is the endless fractal?

Something like higher beings creating realms and with them lower beings that follow suit. An endless spiral of entropy with "True Universes" inbetween the bits of energy which and of themselves burst out into what would look like a network of systems. Local clusters of stars would be a similar match to the overarching structure that could be seen if you were to have such a scope (and if one was able to see the other types of energy that is supposedly "invisible"). From what I can tell, The Endless Fractal is a self-replicating pattern of entropy that includes types of matter and energy that have most likely have not even been encountered; This pattern flows down like the most violent twisters on Earth. However, each time it replicates it differentiates and modifies itself at 0.03%–This would be the largest possible percentage…I reckon.

We are gods too. This reality is based on our consciousness. This consciousness has grown like a tree and we are leaves on that tree. In other densities there are powerful entities like there are here.

Although they frame the understanding of Satan, Abrahamic religions are reactionary, and simply exist to take power from people.

The furthest I have tripped was to what I thought was the fractal DNA of the universe. Like a tornado or Double Helix, I travelled down to the bottom and in it I found a virus.

I think negentropy is the fundamental direction.

Can't evenue throw paint proprely pathetic wimps.

I'd prefer to see a big pot of thermite on "saint" mandela.

Probably ergot.

Brother…entropy is a system of heat-energy that only exists here in our little spectrum. Have you ever heard of "Siamese Twins?" When they are born they are usually twisted deformed masses of pain and misery. However, I have heard that there are honest to god living beings who are XXYX or even YXYX….meaning that as fraternal twins their fusion was near perfect–resulting in a being with Binary Double Helix DNA. What I mean is that they would possess and express two Double Helix in one that would combine in a binary state. The result is an Abomination of Nature that has 46 chromosomes.
You are not understanding what I said about The Endless Fractal….and that is ok. I put it as casual as I could and it honestly doesn't matter in the end.

The Philosopher's Ale is not Ergot ERAIE as some think it to be. It is a trifecta indeed.

I meant there is a tendency towards order, we are the integral part of the system and we create order. I don't understand direction of your Siamese heresay.

Did you mean it in more of a holofractal sense?

Siamese twins aren't one being though and it's far from ideal let alone some perfect fusion.

Ok that somewhat mirrors Odins creation of the three worlds. But what I mean are you getting this from any established theology?

No, we can imitate and bring ourselves closer to the gods, even ascend (it's strongly suggested that elves and fair folk are ascended mortals) by enacting virtuous behaviour but we are not gods ourselves

At least now it reflects what they were really fighting for.

Indeed. We can walk with them, talk with them, but at best we are only ever avatars of the gods that we create.

I meant that you're tripping balls

Fresh Iconoclast lads.
The mass redpilling the media & twatter blue tick neocommissars are causing by throwing a complete shitfit over some catholic kid smiling is a sight to behold indeed.

Thats a good idea and the smarter "rebels" have already found the chans & Zig Forums but im sure there are plenty floundering, cast adrift in the sea of brainwashing and narrative setting disinformation psyops. One whitepill I always find to be of some consolation is the meme that gen-z are pretty redpilled. Its not just a meme, they genuinely seem to detest the mindset many millenials have embraced (at least the ones I talk to) Anecdotal perhaps but it is indicative of a wider trend if others are reporting the same phenomena too.

I know WWII was a disaster (imo we should have teamed uo with germany and japan to BTFO communism from the face of the earth) but it still annoys me to see commemorative statues of brave (albeit misguided) fighting men defiled. Im not fond of the yankee union but I wouldnt want to see a statue of Ulyssys S Grant defiled either. I have respect for any warrior caste regardless of the side they fight for. Fuck I even respect the muhajideens tenacity and fighting spirit in standing up to the soviet union - bunch of towelheads on horseback with antique rifles managed to bog down and eventually repel the might of the soviet war machine. Same with the vietcong (even though they were dirty commies) - I respect anyone who defends his homeland from invasion and fights for his countryman.
That being said, fuck churchill, they can defile him all they like.

Well worded lad. Thats pretty much my take on it too.

Im actually finding your posts most interesting lad, thanks for sharing your take with us.

Kek, same lad.

This, though we should always strive to emulate them and their example.

Indeed. Its been said a million times before but if the lads storming the normandy beaches could see the fruits of their victory 70 years later then they would have thrown down their weapons and refused to fire another shot.

I'm saying there is no schism of duality between us and the gods, it's a perspective. We have god like power to control our environment, and the environment of those with less awareness. How would an ant comprehend us?

Morning lads. Ahh, the pleasures of gold-top milk in morning coffee. Fucking birds got at me milk last week - pecked holes in the tops and had all the cream. I put a tile out this week and the milkman has left it on top so they cant get to it now. Just poured the unshaken cream of the gold top into me carte noir. Heavenly.

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Ragnarok-N-Roll with Stephen McNallen on HEELTURN ft Dave Martel and Norvin Hobbs

No lad, we are still very much tied to the material plane

We are focused here but we can change our focus with astral projection, or death.

If you make someone believe they are weak you can control them. We are controlled through this means. Why is everyone so obsessed with arguing they are weak.

leave you lefty sellouts

I'm not saying we're weak lad, I'm saying we aren't gods, the sheer number of people who fall to base, degenerate behaviour is testament to that. What I'm saying however, is that by practising virtuous behaviour and moving beyond attachment to the material we can ascend

Kek what the fuck are you talking about? What part of Nationalist Druids do you not get?

Perennials, monism, Hinduism, traditionalism and Julius Evola are all garbage lad. All things being one thing is Yahweh mind fucking you.

Then what do suggest?

I see what you mean, but those people believe they are weak and their lives are meaningless. Why would they bother with virtue if they think that either materiality is the basis of reality or that they live at the whim of a transcendental and thus unexplainable god.

It’s my opinion that the school of traditionalist though was largely an overly intellectualized way for European artistocrats trying to fake having a genuine religious experience. Most of what they tried to express was an affirmation of their station in society and a way to rationalize why converting to Islam or Hinduism wasn’t larping. Much of what the west has concepulized at an esoteric level good and evil, the trinity, and a complex emotional process requires the concept of a division of things at a spiritual level. Not a fundamental unity but an ability to differentiate. We need to move forward and explore what it means to have a soul and your own gods. Not convert to Hinduism and a sort of total all encompassing universalism.

We are the oneness and we divide our experience using words (spell-ing). Look around you and notice you can differentiate a thousand things symbolically, they are not inherently discrete, they flow into one another. Do you see a car or a composition of metal, glass and plastic.

This exploration of ourselves is the purpose, the self should not be destroyed but examined by using different perspectives.

I presume it's because they aren't educated about these things but otherwise I'd say that it brings order to your life and others around (assisting the Gods maintain order on a metaphysical level) and enhances your reputation amongst others.

Interesting, just going to nio this one in the bud though
No one is suggesting that we convert to Hinduism lad, what we do suggest is that we use the better preserved Vedic part of Hinduism to enhance our understanding of our own traditional faith.
I wouldn't say that lad, it seems the tripartite society was very common in IE descended societies an seems to reflect in many aspects of spirituality and culture. Hell, medieval Europe, despite being christian, still conformed to the model. Personally I just see it as being very much inherent to how we are as a race.
Care to explain this further, just curious


Wassailing the Trees - a Pagan Tradition

Hes doing a stream with styxautismhammer666 soon. Should be entertaining.

Yeah, when is it?

Dunno lad, id have to check. Not long, couple of days I think.


How are we today lads? My pc is jiggered so reluctantly phoneposting today feel like such a pleb smh
Anyway hope you're all well.

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fresh JF btfoing the banana sodomite

bit freezing tbh


National Fish and Chip Awards unveils top 10 list of seafood takeaways


Question Time presenter Fiona Bruce is told to stay off social media and hide her address amid ferocious left-wing hate campaign over Diane Abbott row


More than 100 knife crimes A DAY in Wild West Britain: Crime stats reveal offences with blades rose by 12% in 2018, killings were up 14% and robberies jumped 17%


Foreign Secretary statement on situation in Venezuela'''


Ex-Scottish first minister Alex Salmond charged with attempted rape


Mount St Helens WARNING: Scientist reveals molten rock 'rising FIVE metres a DAY'


Any sources? PDFs?

That's what happens when you show people the truth about the traitors. None of them will be prosecuted.

South Africa here we come we don't call it londonistab for no reason.

The depravity of the elite exposed once more.

Thanks lad, gonna watch this. Coulds never stand TAA so will take pleasure in monsieur jay eff's verbal broadsides.

Based Sooth Efrican lad is right. Cage is terrible choice for a Lovecraftian horror flick. He was well suited to early 90s weird stuff like David Lynch movies and his action stuff (con air, face off etc) is ok too but for something that is meant to evoke primal dread, hes a odd casting choice. And of course nepotism comes into play too (being hes part of the Coppola dynasty)
The left find Lovecraft "probematic" anyway because he didnt like wogs, jews, indians (or non whites in general for that matter) and made no bones about it.
Most modern adaptations of HP's work tend to fail spectacularly anyway. Especially (((Hollywood)))….They always fail to get the otherworldly creeping dread and cosmic horror right. Back in my tinfoil days I read somewhere that Lovecraft's father was a member of some obscure masonic sect and had a library of the arcane that old HP used to like having a read through it and its probably what inspired & contributed to his later fiction and worldbuilding. Its possible I suppose. I personally think the Necronomicon is a work of fiction but iv met occultists who swear they get results from the Simon copy (although quite why one would want to invoke madness-inducing interdimensional ayylium gods with a hatred for humanity and a thirst for our total destruction is a bit beyond me…)
Imo the only decent lovecraftian piece of entertainment released in recent years was the vidya game "Bloodborne" - and that was a nip made hommage rather than any direct adaptation. Was fooking brilliant though. Got the atmosphere & look spot on.

We've got a good one here lad called "The Codfather" - its right on the seafront & sells deep fried black puddings! Absolutely delectable and heart attack inducing

So the odious & repulsive hackney hippo makes yet another twat of herself on telly and now the pinko hate mob is after fiona bruce? Ffs the mind boggles.

Kek. Hope he gets eaten by the beast he helped to feed.

Sources for what lad? Be specific in your queries. Link to the occult mega-library here though. Pretty much every occult work written thats currently in print as well as some super rare stuff -


Im sure you will find something to your taste in there.

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Yes lad


Morning lads how are we today?
Fancy some ice in your drink lads? Some..
Red Ice?
sorry that pun was inexcusable but I couldnt resist
Anyway, seems facecrime is now a thing. The smirk that triggered a million blueticktwats. Fucking clownworld. I cant decide who I hate more tbh - media or politicans. Both are lower and scummier than the septic discharge from a two-bob whore's cunt in my eyes.

Holy shit yeah I've been reading about this and the whole thing is fucking ridiculous. A tweet really summed it well, a (supposedly) white kid smirking is generating more media outrage than thousands of white girls being groomed. Just goes to show how badly they're going for us

I thought druids had deep insight.
It's just the 1st salvo in a 22 month campaign. Remember, it's got to be more spectacular than magic space frogs.

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Indeed lad. They have scored a massive own goal though - this has redpilled even more people than the IOKTBW campaign. They are their own worst enemy at this point. The twatter bluetickunts have morphed into an out of control hate mob and its glaring obvious for everyone to see. All the hate spewed at literal kids who did nothing wrong. Some disney employee even tweeted about putting them in a wood chipper! Fucking deranged! Plus "Chief Talking Bull" hasn't exactly helped matters with the lies he come out with.
The fact that certain outlets are STILL doubling down on it is remarkable. Really shows that intersectional political correctness (aka cultmarx) has literally become a weird religion/cult at this point. They are radicalising people against them rather than converting them over to their side. Its horrid to watch but its a good thing at the end of the day. No middle ground or fence sitting or burying ones head in the sand. Its pick a side now and joe public is starting to realise that.

The beast they created has gotten to rabid, too fast and has come to bite them back in the arse.
We do lad. We have predicted things that came to pass here and have guided causal threads towards favourable outcomes.

What are your thoughts as to what comes next then?

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Well I'm surprised they haven't made a pseudo magickal connection between the mma fighter Colby Covington and Covington Catholic School tbh.
The apophenia angle much like before with the pepe, kek, numerology, gematria, prophecies about Trump stuff.

Exactly, on the other side the kid himself looks a bit Jewish but hey, you use what you can

My sentiments exactly. I dont personally think he's jewish btw - his nose, whilst admittedly rather big, is more of an aquiline (roman) nose (think James Damore or Emperor Constantine…) rather than the classic jewish "6" shape. Plus the kid goes to a catholic school. Im not 100% on it though but you are right - even if he is a merch, they are presenting him as a white kid, so we will take our victories where we find them.

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See I already did it for them. CC=33

Real world consequences; they are getting the people who last week were advocating for free speech/no such thing as hate speech to shut down those dirty bastards (in the press)wishing hateful things on the poor widdle white boys.
Taking the wind out of their (independent reporting)sails early.

Incidentally why has nobody noticed how much alike this white catholic kid is to the jewish kid in the THAS RITE meme. And how those same black hebrews were also present at this event, and in fact appear to be act 1 of the whole contrived affair.

(((Weird as fuck)))

So you think its orchestrated then? Its a possibility I suppose. There's a school of thought that shows up around here from time to time, that we are deliberately being set up and prepped for a civil war/race war. Its not a theory without merit either. I entertain the idea myself and we have spend countless hours trying to ascertain the true motives and endgame of the "elite" in our generals.


I'd go one further than that.

I though I was fairly specific in my implication.
They make it up to fuck with you.

Don't really care to much about that personally tbh, most of it is just fun imo

Keep smiling through
Just like you always do


Doing Gods own work to reawaken the white race is more than necessary!



Valkyries (Valkyrjur)

Gas yourself.

This. Stormfront is so 2011.
It did redpill me to certain aspects of the JQ years back tbh when i came out of my tinfoil phase but the userbase there lacks any sense of humour and its almost certainly riddled with glow in the dark these days.
I stick to the image boards. No social media. No sign up sites, not even disqus account. Just image boards and sometime youtube comments (the two last bastions of genuine free speech online)
Hits me in the feels to se how totalitarian its all become, particularly as I remember the golden age of web 1.0 days - demon.co.uk 28k dial up and the like - as a teen. It was like the wild west back then. You could say whatever you wanted. Slow and no videos but it was something niche and exciting where the golden rule was
If you had put in a complaint ot the police that someone had called you a poof or nig nog on the internet back in 1995 they would have laughed in your face. How times change. This inversion of the norms im used to is perturbing to say the least.

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Jive Stream 02: Neolithic British Whitehawk woman was brown? Also AMA

Thanks for those book recommendations in the last thread, went missing in action for a while, but should be back for the most part. Whatever happened to Punished Druid? Has he frozen to death?

What were the proposed New Year plans again? Has any progress been made? How can I be of assistance?

Enjoyable read as always.
Ask and Embla, not Adam and Eve.

Start uttering ancient curses and cry out to the Gods to smite them.

Disgusting. I’m working on quitting porn and eventually cutting out caffeine, sugar and internet. Before one can cleanse the world, they must first cleanse themselves.

Think Siege and National Socialist Black Metal.
Think marble, bronze, iron, blood and nature.

The paint and insults is what those soldiers fought for.