Zig Forums idpol butthurt

/leftytumblr/ is talking about us again. Notice how they complain about “muh misogyny” and “muh nazbol”. This is what happens when Idpol runs rampant with no effective moderation. Looking at the difference between here and there, all I can say is:


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They are right about it

Zig Forums would turn into an overmoderated shithole if it was like /trannypol/. Here’s the future you want:


If you disagree with any of this, fuck off to Zig Forums

Remove Zig Forums's current mod clique, replace them with more impartial people who allow you to criticize contemporary geopolitics and historical socialist states, while properly moderating low-effort Zig Forums spam, and this board would happily merge back.

Zig Forums has too much reddit now. It's inoperable.

how do i know you arrived here from Zig Forums yesterday?

Feminism is idpol, migrants drive down proletarian wages, trannies are victims of bourgeois thinking

No it isn't, migrants are proletarian, no they aren't

Migrants are dupes if they’re used to destroy proletariat lives. Stop worshipping all workers

Nationalist protectionism has no place in our discourse.
An injury to one is an injury to all, and class has no border.

Nice idealism

squatting rent free in their head

You keep using that word, but I don't think you know what it means.
Nation is an ideal. Borders are an ideal. If you think it's acceptable to turn away refugees displaced by your government's nation building and regime change because you're scared that daddy Bezos will hire them for half of what he pays you, then you're right of the AFL-CIO (meaning you're a far-right reactionary) and you're the idealist.
Solidarity demands internationalism.



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Assad is god tho

Oh, and I didn't notice this bit of absolute trash. In the case of humanitarian arguments for mass immigration, even if you ignore the statistical fact it's impossible to solve 3rd-world poverty by evacuation (vid related)?

Importing them to high-PPP countries like in the US & EU is actually WORSE, because for every dollar spent to save a refugee here, more of them are helped by subsidizing humanitarian efforts in their own low-PPP country and neighbors (which also helps them to have a positive influence on their country's road back to peace). This isn't just an idle economic observation, it's policy implemented by "refugee" agencies literally stealing funds from international aid budgets to underwrite the laundering of economic migrants into the domestic labor market:
Speaking of speculation, however, what is the likelihood porky stirs trouble in places like Syria and Honduras with the specific aim of creating desperate "refugees" to be resettled as scabs? Seems pretty high, to me.

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This is how leftpol died. Killed by nazbol idpol.

Being pathologically anti-idpol is still idpol you absolutely pozzed cunts

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Space is not based
Space is a fucking faggot

How can I be "pathologically anti-idpol"? Is that like "militant atheism", where my ignoring your spooks causes some sort of horrible psychosis?

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Why do they do it /leftbro/'s?
Why are they so autistic that instead of ignoring us and telling people to stay away if ever mentioned they keep dedicating multiple threads to us over the year? Are they that enraged that they can't have control over a group that doesn't want to live under their board and instead operate without them?

That's not how it works pal.

The fairest monument which can be erected
the most astonishing of all statues
the finest and most audacious column
the arch which is like the very prism of the rain
are not worth the splendid and chaotic heap
which is easily produced with a church and some dynamite
Try it and see

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By making thread after thread after thread bashing idpol that no one here really gives a shit about. The reason "pro tranny idpol" and shit like that is being voiced here is exactly because of that.

Anti-idpol was the norm on leftypol from 2014-2016 so it's more likely that the people you see as Zig Forums infiltrators are more likely to be leftypol oldfags.

The problem with those threads simply is their spamminess. One or two "liberal cringe threads" are okay, but flooding the catalog with anything is disruptive.


No it was not.

Retard. While leftypol was indeed "anti-idpol", that did not in any shape or form translate to transphobia, racism, misogyny etc. It was a way to thwart these attempts by Zig Forumsyps to push le "oppressed straight white male" narrative and keep the discussion on class issues.


Ah, yes, the eternal Zig Forums excuse. You should really go back there.

haha it was just shitposting ecks dee

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The primary reason for Zig Forums's woes is precisely that they don't allow shitposting, so the board spiraled into a circlejerk.

you forgot:
>not hating on gaymurrs, de huwite man, incels, NEETs or Burgers/Bongs/"The West" aka 90% of this site's userbase enough

this tbh

Space so far has not engaged in an excess of faggotry on this board afaik, and your flag and ragesage makes me think you might be Body Odour

What excess that you've seen here would you say is pathological? What would you consider normal?

This, it's what made Zig Forums worth posting on.

ayyy Space make this, the feminism containment thread and some other threads cyclical containment threads plz

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The screen grabbed accusation is true. Zig Forums (or just generally
fascists) certainly are trying to worm their way in here.

But so what? Their arguments inevitably get debunked.

It's not cheating or fighting dirty when they show up to subvert them as they try to subvert us.

Zig Forums confirmed for Jim Profit board

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Most of Zig Forums were pretty big fans of Assad actually, I am not sure if that is the case now though

Good. We finally got rid of feminazi cunts. Now we need to get rid of nazbolfaggots.

I don't get how this board is so slow and their board in better health with leftypols BO being such an ideological hack over Kurdistan.

Zig Forums seems more and more mundane, permeable to philistines and fosters a culture of insults instead of arguments.

From what I gather the BO may be mostly absent, it seems like the MOD team may have loosened up on Anarchists or whatever but crack down way more harshly on incel, nazbol etc. So yeah its still a over moderated shithole just for different reasons.

To be fair both boards are nowhere near as fun as the old Zig Forums, however its harder to get banned here than it ever was on Zig Forums so thats good for a Jim Profitier like me.

Why do I get the feeling the anti Zig Forums thread on Zig Forums was made by the same feminists that got destroyed in the anti feminist thread we have here? Hmmm

It’s not my government though, no one called me before they invaded Iraq.

Oh ho yes it did.


I think every comrade should be welcome regardless of identity and you are completely wrong. There was all kinds of shitposting as well as ignorance/bigotry. And I think it's important to allow ignorant people to join the left because HOW THE FUCK ELSE ARE WE GOING TO HAVE THE SIZE? People unlearn prejudice from experience. Keeping them out helps nobody. If they're with us for socialism we can work on the rest at some later point.

I agree. I have always been against banning anyone who came and argued in good faith.
Yes, to some degree, but at least leftypol had/has a core userbase that isn't bigoted and decided to argue against it, rather than here where it seems most users don't think it's a big deal that the other half want to kill their degenerate comrades.
This IS the "later point", but nazis just spew their shit almost uncontested.


Recovering Zig Forumsyp

Well that's fine, just don't project your own vice onto the board.

It's more like there's no point in talking to the pedo or other fags. Why would I waste my time trying to reason with someone who thinks the aoc is a scheme by feminists who want to prevent men from getting teenage pussy when I can instead get the few literate posters left to read a book?

Okay so if we aren't going to educate them, WHY THE FUCK DO WE KEEP THEM AROUND?

They're on tor and you can't shoot people over the internet.

Most of them are not on tor, which is why they came here after getting banned from leftypol.

Because you enhance your own reasoning by getting him to display his.

Zig Forums is here but are still a tiny minority. Zig Forums is no more of a problem on Zig Forums than feminism is, except that feminism has already taken over every other """leftwing""" space so we're a little more suspicious of them.

Trannies are a cancer to the left. The fact that their mutilation cult is associated with us is what drives so many people away.

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not much of a difference desu.

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Anywhere but here I would assume this was a joke.

The pedo is on tor and the reee feminists fags have been a part of left Zig Forums since 2014. It's easy to ignore them if you keep your posting about theory and action because they're not interested in that.

That's what I did. I see no reason to argue over conspiracy theories or universial proclamations about sexual preferances based on a singular study.

Read Dworkin

Socialism is about enforcing private property. Read Hitler.

Saying we should keep them because we haven't gotten rid of them is poor logic.

I never said we should keep them, in fact I would like it very much if certain posters got purged. What I'm saying is that because we can't, or mods won't, get rid of them we should stop getting baited into rolling in their shit and discuss things relevant to us such as theory and praxis.

Or we should move to a moderated board.

Imagine thinking the board that was brought online after /zoo/ and /fur/ is better than this place

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What board is that and what relevance does it have?

If Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and their ilk have been the preeminent "socialists" in unquestioned control of every single "socialist" organization for the last 40 years? Yes, read feminazi literature to understand who you're talking to in the real world.

Oh the ironing

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Anywhere but here is full of liberals.

Too autistic to understand even the most blatant irony. I pity you.

They both believe in natural right. Nazis believe explicitly in white supremacy. Feminists implicitly believe in female supremacy. The patriarchy theory is almost a one-to-one copy of the Jewish Conspiracy in the "Protocol of Zion".

Yep, so if you sit in this echo chamber you'll think feminism is about hating men, but if you actually talked to a "liberal feminist", you'd know that's obviously not the case.

I was talking about you homie.

No, you fucking retard.

I know, and I decided to turn it around on you.

Have you ever tired reading books?

Lol, no one needs an echo chamber to think that.
On the contrary, when talking to liberal feminists I'm actually shocked on how much their beliefs is based in eugenics and Malthusian theory.


I've never listened to anything he's ever said.
Yeah, I read the spook book.

No need for name calling, this isn't Twitter, you won't get any social standing boost by tearing other people down. And yes, the implicitly believe in female supremacy, if he were to take patriarchy theory to it's logical conclusion it would subjugate all men since they're all conspired to oppress women and this oppression is innate to their sex.

I've never encountered any feminist like that, and would obviously gulag that person immediately. People like Dworkin are generally not liked among feminists.

Anyone fitting your fantastical description stopped being a "feminist" decades ago at best.

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People like Dworkin have not been in unquestioned control of every single "socialist" organization for the past 40 years. That's absolutely retarded.

I believe you, but I think it's because your so spooked by your own ideology that you aren't at all self aware how your crazy theory's about the source of women's oppression lies, and not because those feminists aren't eugenicists.

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Stirner was a feminist though

And where in that picture do you see a feminist that wants female supremacy? /r/socialism is garbage, but you're moving the goal post.

But Dworkin was a highly influential feminists and her work continues to be into today. Unless there's been some mass disavowal of her theory by feminists that I'm not aware of.

He was a critic of philosophy though, and that's what feminism is, a very ugly and crazy one though.

Nah I get your irony, I just don't think you get mine.

I've been here since the beginning and while it was true that fascists got dogpiled in the beginning they aren't anymore simply because the amount of Zig Forums posing as NazBols, "TradBols", Christian communists, "anti-IdPol" has grown so much that even if you address it, you are more likely to get dogpiled yourself. The anti-feminism containment thread didn't contain shit, in fact it spread willful cuckold bullshit, >tfw no gf incel posting, pedo shit (to which criticism gets dismissed as "moralfaggotery"), etc. all over the board. I know the original crew from Zig Forums even when they were at /lit/ and I have never seen this bullshit there, so this clearly reeks of Zig Forums.

You've made your bed now sit in it.

It's not in that picture but it is in your patriarchy theory. If it were true you should be able to empirically prove women suffer more than men. But most stats show the opposite is true. But you crazy patriarchy posits that because most of the power is held by a small group of men (which isn't even exclusively men by a long shot anymore) then all men are culpable. Even when those powerful men oppress and kill poor and powerless men.

I'm sorry, every word out of your mouth is too stupid to respond in anything but memes.

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I mean when people unironically subscribe to right-wing IdPol because they are triggered by radlib feminists, the radlib feminists might actually have a point when they go on about a male victim complex.

The troubles have only just begun for you false flagging wingnuts.
You think because you captured the moderation that we can't turn this place into your own personal feminist Gulag, but you'll quickly find out that isn't the case.

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Feminism first and foremost is a critique of dominating social relations in the same way as Stirner's work was a critique of ideology and Marx's a critique of political economy. If you fail to realize that you definitely need to read more.

No it didn't, your just angry that you can't come up with convincing counterpunches to feminists critics. Why not by starting what feminism is, and how it is leftist. You're another liberal trying to keep things ambiguous with regards to feminism to shield yourself from criticism. You can't be criticized if your position isn't clearly articulated right. But now it's not working because people are coming back with pointed criticism of the type of feminism that is in the zeitgeist, Namely 3rd wave and emerging 4th wave feminism.