DNA Discounts

Airline offering discounts for not being white

Lawsuit when?

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As a White Nationalist, I see no problem with this aside from their shitty ad content.

good luck maintaining a safe airline with only shitskin workers
inb4 burning tacos falling out of the sky

I have no issue with shitskins segregating themselves

I would sue, but my only demand would be that the discount tickets for spic mongrels are one-way only.

So wait, are they offering Mexicans in Texas cheap flights back to Mexico?

so they'll name themselves and get put on a database I'm guessing

What if I identify as Hispanic? This is discrimination

Also would this even be legal in the US? Sure they're Mexican based but how can this fly HA here?

I’ll pay for their entire flight if they stay there for good.

Mexican food isn't mexican its Spanish/French fusion and the recipes were made up by White restaurant owners and Taco bell in the 50s. That goes for burritos, tacos, fajitas , carne asada, pollo asada etc.


Yes, they have plenty of those, too.

I’ll tell you what is real mexican food. Tortilla bread and bean paste. Thats it.

Look at what plants grow in mexico and compare it to what dishes you associate with mexico.

Just google aztec cusine thats what mexican cuisine is. Which is Turkey,turkey eggs, corn flat bread with the grains left in, bean paste, chili peppers , avocado, cactus, tamales, wild game,human, kernel soup and corn.


exactly my thoughts, "on travel south of the border". I'm not even mad. This is a great idea. Is one of our guys behind this? I'd only bother to oppose if they were offering cheaper flights into or within the US and Canada

Free flights for niggers to Nigeria when?

Remember, this is the current year + 2. So self-identifying trans-racials is a thing. Therefore:
1.) Tell niggers about gibs for claiming being mexican
2.) Nigs claim we wuz quetzelcoatl 'n sheeeeeet
3.) mexicans tell nigs they are not mexican
4.) chimpout south of the border
5.) ????????
6.) white man profits

I have a ton of family in New Mexico and can confirm. They are a bunch of huwhite Spanish people who cook southwest and hate spics.

Kill yourself jew.

How much does one beaner cost the average white American per year, on average?

I see no problem with this desu

Oy vey, discrimination is fine if it's the untermensch master race, you filthy goyim.

Wow, they really showed us. How will we recover ?

The problem is (((they))) also give discount of 100 percent off any nonwhite traveling to Europe.

make it a one way ticket pedro!

lol, I almost missed that one. you sneeki breeki.