Molymeme just named the jew!

Molymeme just named the jew!
Holy shit. This is the best timeline.

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That's not naming the jew. Naming the jew is not "typing a jew's name." Fuck off.

OP is a faggot.

Checking out his twitter, he just implied the jews deserved to be holocausted. hahaha

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this jewish eceleb just named the jew!

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Gotta hand it to Molyneux, I acknowledged him for being a lukewarm entertainer of reactionary politic for the centrists or libertarian types but he’s kicked it up a notch. Gained a bit more respect in my eyes even though he’s not fully there, and I suspect he never will be anyhow.

What a strange line of thought you have. I guess it's working. I lost all respect for the man when he stopped discussing Aristotle and began discussing the latest in celebrity news.

Doesn’t matter, he’s not for me, all that matters is he’s propelling his fan base towards us. Because we’re right.

This helps us

He reaches a lot more people by discussing what they're interested in.

He isn't fully there, but I think he definitely is starting to notice. The anti-white rhetoric is getting so blantant you can't rationalize it away anymore. Althought it might just be that he sees a second holocaust coming and it scares him because of his jewish/german mutt mother.

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He called out Ben Shapiro for being a dual loyalty kike just the other day. His power level is rising. I'm not surprised.

Theres only so much you can say about dead philosophers. At some point you have to start applying philosophy to the world you live in today, I think he generally does a good job of that although I disagree with him on a variety of issues pretty regularly.

he previously tweeted this:

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E-celeb worship is a mental disease worse than Abrahamic religions.

Now kike Shapiro I will always despise, along with Juden Peterstein. Those types I still acknowledge for funneling people towards us but ultimately their message is wrong and always will be because of their true underlying loyalty

Only a jew would be upset that someone with as much reach as Molyneux was pointing out jewish names.

Can you tell me when did he say anyone was a kike directly? Please.

You don't know what naming the jew is.

Why else would he repeat the surname? Come on user.

Lad, I tried this a few weeks ago when he did the Polish thing. No-one here is going to accept him until he actively gasses someone on a video of his. Personally, his progress gives me hope.

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Are we talking a metaphorical gassing or does he need to break out the Zyklon B?

Levison sounds to most people at first impression like any other rootless american name. Which is meaningless. It doesn't even contain butchered German or Polish.
Maybe pull your head out of your ass first and admit stefan moneyjew is a kike, and you need to carefully examine whatever he says. Since he admitted to be a kike himself.

And just maybe you won't make cringeworthy OPs and replies in the future and can actually report what kikes do without spilling spaghetti.

Nigger, he came to poland to criticze their kosher nationalism for not being "free" read: kiked enough.

Son of Levi
How is that a "masked" jewish name?

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I don't agree. And I'd bet most of his followers could immediately identify it as being Jewish. Like I said previously, there is no other reason to repeat that surname other than to draw attention to the coincidence.

I have never listened to Moleneaux.
Is he NatSoc approved or is he a jew?

Well I just took a look through his twitter feed and he seems to be doing more than most pushing a pro-White narrative. He doesn't name the jew. So what? I'm willing to bet neither do you, publicly.

To keep gullible retards like you who are slightly-jew-wise listening.

Has this kike ever reacted like that to a mass shooting were his co-racialists weren't the victims?

He is AnCap/Right, but has been starting to be very pro-white lately because he has noticed that brown people tend to favor redistribution of wealth and communist societies.

Yea, thats a very valid criticism of Molyneux, he never challenges the MSM narrative on shootings and "terrorist" events. He always assumes that the events are real and happened.

He's an admitted Jew.

He's been full blown nationalist for at least the past three years.

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I didn't post that because I think the shooting didn't happen. He breaks down in tears because some of his fellow kikes were killed.

He's a Kikebart-style edgy neocohen.

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This, best thing you can do is fucking ignore the kike. AT BEST he can be a temporarily useful springboard for some previously cucked out lolbergs or ancraps but the moment…
…that you begin championing this undeniable jew as some kind ideological leader for us is the instant he turns the wheel and changes course… taking all of his cult following with him.

AnCap is not Libertarian. It is more of an idea than a truly functioning way to organize a society. Its an ideal, not a reality. He still preaches the non agression principle and free markets in almost every video.

Nobody here gives a fuck.

Those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it. Thanks to the hippies who hid this info so Onigger, a guy who ran for president to sell his stupid book, can get a shot at destroying the world.

if that's so, why are we even mentioning (((him))) here?

We aren't, this is a shill eCeleb thread that needs to be deleted. You're in a slide thread.

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Nobody is championing him as a thought leader, but to dismiss how he can be useful to white people is naive and quite frankly suspect. He has almost 1 million youttube viewers and he is pointing out jewish names in regards to subversion of our political system and race. Thats a good thing no matter how you look at it.

Watch out there goy, some of /ourguys/ have kikes write things for them.

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Ignorance and/or lack of lurking, most likely.

Nigger stop posting
Sure as fuck looks like I pointed out how he's being useful for people who are completely lost didn't I? Let him exist out there doing his thing. There is no reason for this thread to be here.

Dubs and trips have spoken,

This board is monitored and infested by JIDF spies. This one must understand. Any attempt at bringing about the Vampire into the light (this thread) will be IMMEDIATELY attacked, so that the Vampire can remain in the coffin until sundown.

Here is Stefan on the JQ:

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Trump has jews at every level of his (((administration))).

Stop shitting up the thread then with your whining. You are part of the reason this board is dying. If you don't want to talk about something, ignore the thread.

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Your digits confirm.
the current mods suck balls and should kill themselves.
By the way, I was doing some research on Zig Forums.
Although the offices for NT Technologies, The company that Jim Watkins owns, are in Carson City, Nevada, the servers, as per his web page, , are located at 200 Paul Ave, San Francisco, CA 94124.
There is also another office address I found at 1485 Bayshore Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94124.

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The Levison tweet was a dogwhistle. Was it some earth-shattering revelation? No. But I'm glad there was a thread about it anyway. The narrative the ecelebs push is a window into the mind of the normalfag. It's good to take the temperature of normalfags every now and again.

Those are just BASED nationalist jews who want to MAGA, and he's playing 4D chess with them anyway.

He admitted to being a kike a dozen times.

Look at the goy. Do you see Hebrew or Ashkenazi features? How about his nose? Sloping forehead?

Pro-tip: He's not a RACIAL Jew and he clearly denounces actions taken by Jews. Keep trying to shut it down through your various methods, Shlomo-homos in this thread. He's a threat to your Talmudic ideology and this is why he's being attacked here - despite proving to be an ally of (you).

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He's an admitted racial jew who advocates for jewish economics and foreign policy.

No, once. And he said he meant that his mother hung out with Jews that one time. He denies it, whether lying or not.

Looking into it further - wouldn't a jew just love Anarcho-Capitalism???

There are multiple admissions in that.

Yet he doesn't display the RACIAL characteristics of a Jew. He's 99% Anglo.

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No way. AnCapism is WHITE and REDPILLED.

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Fuckin 59 minutes of autistic French man


Jews siezed control of France during the (((French Revolution))), just like the (((Russian Revolution))). Don't be retarded - get with the pogram.

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The #1 COINTELPRO tactic right now is to call everyone jewish and to make people think that normal white features are jewish. They're doing it in every god damned thread right now.

Remember: real jewish features are like what is depicted in the merchant meme, don't get fooled by people saying people are jews when they don't even have the same features as the merchant

Moneyjew himself admitted to being jewish, many times.

He knows. He is low-key admitting it.

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Molyneux has admitted his mother was jewish/german a few times.

Even if Molyneux was a jew what would it change? Laura Simonsen is a jew and there's even alt-right figures that are blatantly jewish. What you going to do about it? Me personally I'd rather the jews panic and start supporting white interests and we'll just have to covertly killed off the jews after we've won the race war against the muds.

There are Jews for the purpose of gaining power and/or marriage.. Then there are the racial Jews. Stefan is a Racial Anglo.

Why jewish/german and not jewish-german?

The slash implies either/or while the hyphen implies both.

If Molyneux's mother is simply German then he's German, not Jewish.

Kikes like Moneyjew and Simonsen aren't working for White interests, they're impeding them and protecting their co-racialists.

Because he said his mother was a jewish parasite occupying Germany.

because it's a Jewish shill that you're agrueing with. These people get paid to character-assassinate anyone who gets woke to the JQ. They are LYING

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He describes his mother's side of the family as, "a pretty Jewish clan from Berlin." It's hard to say how Jewy "pretty Jewish" actually is.

Nothing about Molyneux strikes me as Jewish.

Also I'm not entirely sure why jews would deny being jewish unless they were caught committing a crime in which case they magically morph into a "howdy do fellow white man".

Real jews admit and play up their jewishness all the time except when it doesn't suit them.

Someone who consistently denies being jewish even when claiming being jewish could be advantageous, is not likely jewish.

You are getting a little to autistic here mate. I wasn't implying anything by it. He states he is of german and english background, and has commented that his mother is jewish. Thus one can assume she was either a jew-german mutt or a jew living in germany.

Because he wants retarded goyim like you to think he's your friend. It's the same reason Howard Stern used to pretend he was only half-heeb.

Molyneux appears to me to be fighting for white interests and I've been able to use him to successfully redpill my mother and some other people that had resisted my redpills for many years. Molyneux is able to redpill very effectively.

You sure he wasn't joking?

I've seen it happen over and over… fucking COINTELPRO niggers.

Howard Stern preaches degeneracy though. Molyneux uplifts western christian ideals.

They did it to the /fringe/ board owner and ruined his life slandering him as a jew and doing the whole character assassination gig.

When I go to a job interview in order to receive shekels, I claim that I am Jewish

Oy vey, his estranged mother is supposedly a Jew (according to the person that understands the nepotistic game).

Ya'll are fucking retarded. He's a goy. He has no Jewish facial characteristics.

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Since Moneyjew himself is the source on him being jewish, is this a giant COINTELPRO operation that he's carying out against himself? Has semitic schizophrenia finally peaked?

Molyneux is at best a mischling and from all appearances seems to have an aryan soul and not a jew one.

[citation and context needed]

He knows the game and claims to be Jewish to receive the shekels. Are you goys not woke to this strategy yet?

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Also ctrl + f "Jew" and not a single instance of the word jew ever comes up anywhere on the wikipedia age about him but a lot about him being Irish does.

Molyneux looks Irish, behaves Irish, and for all intents and purposes is Irish. If there ever was a Jewish ancestor of his, that jewyness never got passed down.

I posted the video
Just skim through it, he plays multiple admissions.



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I enjoy listening to molyneux, but he has admitted that his mother was at least part jewish many times throughout the years. He also constantly shits on his mother and absolutely hates her. Apparently she was extremely abusive and hes severed all ties with her.

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Wrong, he named a Jew.

Why are you lying, I'm looking at the screen cap that you just posted, it doesn't say that.

OP is a faggot sage and report e-celeb shit. Molyneux

0 results.

Molyneux is not likely Jewish.

I know that feel heh. t. also hate my mother intensely

He's claimed that his mother is jewish before, what the hell is this?

I'm sorry but I simply don't have time to listen to your video which, while I'm sure it's interesting, I'll have to neglect watching it so I can go watch Dr. Steve Pieczenik tell me that John Bolton is responsible for the middle east's problems because he's a Roman Catholic and a Yale graduate. Gosh darn those Catholic Yalies. It's a fucking conspiracy I tell ya.

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Be that's an ongoing debate between literates and illiterates.

I just wasted 40 minutes of my life. The status is the very same, except actually with more evidence he is not Jewish.