China 'launches an app that tells you if you are within 500 yards of someone in debt - and encourages you to report them if they seem capable of paying up'
>Officials in the Chinese province of Hebei created the app
>It appears to show the locations of people who are considered to be in debt
>The app is aimed at getting citizens to report on debtors spending too much

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Goddamn, this was never a competition, chinkland.

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A society of bugmen snitches all snitching on each other to corrupt officials. I cant wait for the chinese hive implosion.

Spot the Jew lover!

I like it.

If they tried that in burgerland you wouldn't be able to go anywhere near the vicinity of civilization without your phone exploding with millions of alerts.

Finally an app people can use to mercy kill people like me who make bad decisions. End my suffering.

Knowing such an app exists will help prevent Rubashkins of the world from migrating there. These people are geniuses.

You moron shithead, that's going on here in a covert and unreported form. You probably are one of them.

Full of shit you are. They STARTED that shit here you dumb dumb. They are just open about it THERE. HERE they do it covertly and they have compartmentalized hierarchies of targets and assets like some kind of TV show I saw once that was on for about fucking SIX SEASONS. What was it called? PERSON OF INTEREST.

Good thing China is basically a sea of humans who all look the same. Can you even see 500 yards away in China? I thought the smog from the gutter oil plant blocked out all sight past 10 feet.

Take your meds, you seem to have a severe case of the butthurt.

You talk all this shit and post no proof, yeah that'll make me believe you

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Believe everything you see on TV? Gonna tell me how Hitler commissioned ancient aliens to design his holo-coasters?

They use media to saturate people with plausibly deniable scenarios to:

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I know you are a kike and or cia-nigger or an idiot.

Trying to find the appropriate sauce, but if someone has it there was a gem article about the level of snitching for favours that went on in the USSR, communism (even Bugmen Edition) seems to follow the same road.

Why? Because I don't grab all my big-brain ideas from the talmudvision?

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So bounties for turning in chinks? Can't wait.

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Never pay your debts.
Kill those trying to make you pay.

Oh shit, how could I forget…

People of low moral fibre have always been snitching and telling on people who do no wrong. I'm guessing Xi Dada will have a lot more false positives than anything else from this app.

This is on the front page of reddit and its debunked as misleading.

Confirmed true i guess.

pictured former CEO of reddit

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China really is the biggest dystopian shit-hole on earth. They make England look sane.

Is that a man?

you wouldn't be able to find your target in a 500 meter search radius, not to mention there would be overlaps. The app isn't meant to track people who are seriously in debt; that wouldn't make sense. It's meant to track people who are not quite in serious debt to get advertisers and usurers to figure out which marks to "loan" to next. It's denoising the picture by highlighting which niggers aren't good investments for usury and thereby also highlighting (by not highlighting) everyone else who is most likely to provide a return on usury.

Holy shit. That is fucking…


Which is it? Cause that does make a (albeit slight) difference.

Watch the desperate mice fight amonst each others
tee hee

this is actually a good thing as it punishes the jew
this will never happen in the U.S.
the credit jew depends on people staying in debt and paying only interest, if people actually paid off all their debts, the credit jew would be in trouble and you would see the banking jews in panic.

this is the opposite of kiked

the faster china implodes the better, disgusting chinks

Proof? Dude he told you there was a TV show about it. What more proof do you need?

We have memed good goy points into reality

Yeah well, if you knew anything about bug people you'd realize that this is a very good thing when it comes to them. One time, a relation of mine was sick and in the hospital and we were in the billing area (got dragged down their by staff) because we couldn't afford the $30,000 bill since I was just barely more than a child. Anyway, some bug people came in with jewelry, expensive clothes, and fancy Gucci purses and got 'financial assistance', (meaning their bill was comped) from the hospital so quickly my head spun. Us, my older brother and myself, they held onto a and grilled to see if they could get money out of us in any way possible. When I finally got out of there and got into my 1969 beater I saw the bug people pulling out of the parking lot at the same time in a luxury Mercedes sedan. That is a true story and it is why the app makes sense for bugs; because they are VILE disgusting immoral cheating parasitic filth.

I experienced there smog which limited visibility to about 250 meters. Its a land of death.
Regards, a European

The jew plague has found other host to spread its miasma? What a time to be alive

I'm not getting close enough to count the antennae.

Never change shlomo. kek

True, you shouldn't take out a loan you can't repay in full quickly. Quick credit scam to build credit is buying department store jewelry on their store charge cards and return the crap a couple days before your billing cycle. You get all the credit for paying on time. Do this for a year and you'll have yids throwing black cards at you.

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Next step: government-funded infinite rape niggers.


Depends on what ingredients make a country that way. I thought ANY African country would have China trounced in that respect.

African countries are too savage to govern themselves in such a manner. They live in a jungle with everyone else's trash whereas the bugs integrate all the shit into their hives and their bug policies help shape it all into a mockery of civilization. Africa will never evolve far enough to reach a dystopia.


In many cases the snitch line is a pipeline directly back to the gangs themselves. We caught one "retired RCMP member" connected to the bikers who was seeing who was reporting whom.

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The chink has always been the Yellow Jew. There is a reason why the entirety of Asia hates them.