New York State legalised Abortion until Birth

And there's no thread on this?
This is it you stupid fucking Yanks. The moderates are on your side with this one! Do you not see how this could turn the tide against progressive politics?
It really doesn't matter how you slice it, this is unequivocally the murder of children. Babies. Perfectly healthy, ready to be born, could have been born premature months ago and still be healthy, babies.
The rest of the civilised world is on your side here. You don't have to be Christian, conservative or even pro-life to see that this is pure abhorrence.
Only your progressive yank media are reporting it. The ball is in your park autists. This is your chance, and if you can't raise yourselves against the literal legal murder of perfectly healthy children, then you've failed already.
Kek be with you, you stupid fucking yanks.

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If mods kill this thread they've complicit in the murder of children and will also get the rope.

Oy vey, not just da foreskin anymore goy!!

American law is simply being changed into talmudic law. Children are not persons according to the Talmud: that is a western value.

Enjoy becoming the new Palestinians. America deserves this for backstabbing Europe when they were fighting off Communism.

Yanks, history would be on your side if you went in guns blazing on this one.

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Her body her choice, I'm sorry, but there's no debate here. IF a woman wants to get an abortion, 3 months in, 6 months, 14 months in or more, she should have the right to do so.

What a (((coincidence))), they also legalized Moloch worship.

No she shouldnt

Women dont make good descisions ever cuckold

If i want to sex MY child i can, its MY child

It was generally accepted that we'd found a concensus within the civilised world that if the baby could survive outside the womb, then it's murder to abort, especially without good reason.
This isn't progressive, it's regressive.

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Women die during child birth you gigots, so crawl back to your mom's basements. If a child is born, then raise it right, if not, though luck.
But no one should be forced to carry a child and if a woman wakes up out of it during any time, I think it should be her choice to give up on it.

What do you mean by “we”? In the civilized world I live in, people have choices. I know that if I was a woman and I had the choice to give up on the child, even in the last moment, I’d take it on a heart beat.
Look, children that grow with a single parent are doomed to become criminals anyway. So, the way I see it, abortion helps society at large by preventing crime when the case calls. It’s also safer.

That's not fair and you know it dude. It's both parents fault but sometimes accidents happen.

mostly niggers and communists abort so this is fine.
even the bible that you christcucks follow has several instances of god fully supporting infanticide of enemy cultures.

though luck as you said
if you didnt notice at the time you are either low IQ or lazy or both in that case though luck

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Obviously, you are a woman, to which I say TITS OR GTFO

I could support a very late term abortion in your case. It's never too late

"motivated anons will find and kill the mayor and his staff".. i once head a man say in a theatre

Keyboard acting up lately, huh

Im going to abort you, you are only 20 years and you are in the same world as I am, my world my choice

And the father should have a say

this was strictly OT and keep in mind they were told to erase certain civilizations because in the bible they were nephelim… the literal offspring of satan's angels.

sometimes you are a Low IQ nympho who like cocks every day and is too lazy to take the pill, dont worry thats what eugenics are for


Kekked and checked


no.. it isnt, i over heard at a movie i went to a man say the following : "motivated anons should either team up or go lone wolf into new york and kill as many abortion providerss as possible before the cops kill them"

It’s not human until it gets out and there’s no debate whether or not it’s fully developed.
You wouldn’t understand this because you’re a man so back off.

Fuck off virgin.

You’re trolls who have a hard time grasping the concept or responsibility, I mean, how hard is it to get this straight to your fucking heads?
If a woman doesn’t want it, she can give it away, kill it, and smother it or whatever.
She’s the one who carried it in her for so long, henceforth; the right of its life belongs to her.

No. Just no. KYS, srsly.

And other times, rape happens.

Satan and angels are both literal myths

ok, we are talking in the canon universe of the bible

Does that even matter when it has the same positive effects

Earlier you said 14 months or more didn't you?

Pretty sure thats outta the womb tbh

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I'm making fun of the fact that you seem unable to capitalize letters, and misspelled "heard" which made your post meaningless.

i am in favor of late term abortions only when it comes to leftists that hold office at the moment

i woke up about 10 min ago user.. these fingers don't type that well

Well I don't ant you breathing the same air I breath. Why can't you get that through your head? I have a right to rest easy knowing a faggot like you has been disposed of and no longer occupies my plane of existence.

You realise that when it comes to these very late term abortions, they have to poison the fetus to death inside the womb because otherwise it would come out kicking and screaming, and would be legally classified as a person if it is still alive before existing the womb?

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I do understand I just choose to ignore your explanation because its bullshit

you mean women understand responsabilty? I didnt know responsability came from being a high school whore that fucks everyday because feels gud and is too lazy to take the pill and too irresponsible to think before acting

If you are in my country I can kill you since its my country and you are a parasite in the body of my country

The right for you to live belongs to me when you are in my country or in my world therefore I can abort you


i think the bottom line is that any adult that is in favor of continuing national sacrifice to moloch should be put to death

ladies first

in that case I wouldnt stop you but rarely that happens

Take five more seconds to digest a post and you'd realize it was a joke, retards.


Shills out in full force? What could it mean?

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either a woman.. jidf a fed or a kike

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You act like these aren't authentic arguments we've all heard for this shit, I recognized it was bait.


I think its important to look at who gets abortions, especially in Jew York.

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I couldn’t remember how many months and forgot whether or not it’s possible for a child to get past 12 months.
Brain fart, I think the baby comes out 9 months anyway but I’m too busy to Google it.
Also, like I said, in the womb our outta the womb, it doesn't matter. She can choose whether or not the child lives after or before.

Fuck off already.

I don't care about the details, please fuck off with your damn explanations.

Look, it’s not the same. If a woman goes through the process of carrying the child inside of her for as long as it’s still inside her, I don’t see why it should be a problem, as the tumor is still attached to her.
That’s what the child is before coming out, a tumor. Plus, it’s all good in my state.

Thank you for being on my side, finally someone sane!

I'm not a woman, I am a man. Even though I can get pregnant and was born a man, that doesn’t make me a woman.
But that’s not something which needs to be discussed here.
I feel for my fellow women out there.

More trolls and/or retards.

In my experience, most normalfags don't care enough about abortion to do anything. Plus we don't need any more spics or nigs running around here. Shaudaqueesha can kill all her niglets for all I care.

at this gas station i buy snacks at i heard a black disabled musilm woman saying it also makes sense to start local and kill the abortion doctors and their staff

Lul If the mods wanna ban this IP, that's cool. Since a female this stupid wouldn't be able to get around it.

That’s what the child is before coming out, a tumor. Plus, it’s all good in my state.
Thanks for confirming you support murder

Im the same person retard, learn to ID and then an hero you retarded bitch woman


Cry all you want but you can’t take away a woman’s right, It's an upside battle for ya'

My bad, excuse me for trying to be polite. I don’t support murder, I support a woman’s right who can’t afford a child and doesn’t want to bring a criminal into the world.
On the long run it’s for the best. Plus you heard the others; abortions are mainly done by blacks. And most black are criminals. I’m on the right.

sticking to this line either makes you a complete retard and the shitposting is now too stupid to continue, or you are a fucking lefty (or a kiked up fed) that wandered into the wrong neighborhood

OY VEY single mothers are empowering you bigot

On the long run it’s for the best. Plus you heard the others; abortions are mainly done by blacks. And most black are criminals. I’m on the right.
No you are not, even if its true that doesnt stop Shanequa MUDICKMBBUTTTMMUTUTTU from having 8 kids

That sounds like murder to me.

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Hurry up and kill yourself you disgusting tranny.

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any shitskin willing to kill its offspring helps me
any dome roastie whore that kills its offspring helps me
the next step is even better, abortion AFTER birth

cant argue with that
they multiply like cockroaches so it doesnt matter

meanwhile white births are at an all time low, but it's cool because blacks do it too.. gas yourself

In 6 weeks the fetus starts dreaming. That's when he starts being a person. By then most women don't even know they are pregnant. Abortion done for trivial reasons is homicide, science says so.

It’s going to be hard, but I’m perfectly capable of educating every single one of you boys into good men. This age of kikery has made you soft and brainwashed you really hard.

That’s another issue entirely, regardless of which, why should you care? You’re not the one carrying her babies, she is.
I stand by my rights, it's none of your beeswax.

Semantics, no one cares. It’s not murder if the baby’s life doesn’t belong to himself.

I’m a FTM, and fuck off, "tranny" is offensive.

Dreams are meaningless, even children grow out of it. Don’t kid yourself with thoughts like these, they’re not deserving of them.

nice thinking xd



So the kike's child trafficking rings took such sever hits that (((they))) needed to find a legally protected way to get (((their))) vampire meals, ya say?

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hop to it kid, i have two white sons and my wife is pregnant with our next one right now. you're slacking

I'm a Tiger main battle tank
I win you tranny fucking faggot

Excuse me? The baby should obviously be referred to by "itself" not "himself" are you transphobic?

You are a retard. Everyone in the fucking world knows how many months it is.

Imagine being so completely evil that they can't even wait until the soul is born.

Christianity is a hell of a drug.

You’re mentally ill, please seek assistance. It’s her legal and personal choice, but what you said is a dead giveaway of your mental problems.
If I were pregnant though, I would’ve had any right, legal or not to kill it whenever I wanted.

Neither of you is funny and that was a typo.

"Prolonged pregnancy is defined as pregnancy which progresses beyond 42 weeks. Prolonged pregnancy is associated with fetal, neonatal and maternal complications. Risks increase after term and significantly so after 41 weeks of pregnancy"


Spraying blood.


He's calling you a brainlet, rightfully

You're a fucking zero. How did you even find this board?


Look at the nigger fertility rate and then consider the pile of shit we'd be in if they didn't abort so frequently.


As I said, if she kills the child I wanted I will do the same, an eye for an eye my friend
with what womb

Re-read the post.
Clear bait-poster

Also. ". In 1945 a 25 year old woman, Beulah Hunter, gave birth after 375 days of being pregnant. This is almost a year and a half. It was substantiated by a physician who first documented her last menstrual cycle and the first time she tested positive for pregnancy. These same physicians claim that the cause of this long pregnancy was the extremely slow development of the fetus. Beulah Hunter’s pregnancy is the longest known in which a living and healthy child was born. "

Obviously by not being a failed abortion, unlike you Virgo.

I don't need any source for that. Not everything has to be legal in any case.

I still have my female organs but I’m a man.

I re-read it. And I standby my initial response.

So you are a woman? glad to know, you will never be a man

How do you go back to your mother's supposed basement if she's dead?

Well’ it’s late for that, isn’t it? My state legally recognizes me as a man.
I only wanted to throw in my two cents regarding this issue here.

You know what I meant by that, not all the time but on some cases they do. It’s dangerous stuff.
Not that you'd know.

Come on.

Absolutely no one with an opinion on this topic doesn't realize that pregnancies last 9-months. 6fc693 has been shitting up the whole thread with clear bait, it's not an honest poster.

Can we get legislation for retroactive birth control?

Yes they should also be allowed to kill the child if they dont like him/her up until 18 yo.

No trannypol, nobody knows what you meant, because you're fucking retarded.

Governor Andrew Cuomo of NEW YORK has legalized Late Term Abortion up the the day before birth to “protect the mother in case her health of life is in danger”.

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Originally meant to genocide ANTI SOCIAL SOUTHERN WHITE AND black unborn babies, this vile organization has been killing the unborn of ALL races


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Can we legally castrate men who want to stop abortions??

Isn't that what we're already doing though? I mean, parents kicking their children out of their homes?
It's hard living on your own out there, it's almost murder,

Troll, get out, now. This is your last warning!

That’s fucking propaganda imagery right at work. Fucking scum man at its best. I’m fucking feeling bad being born the same gender as you!!!!!

Those things don't even look human. They're fucking chinese soup stuff or something.