Documentary: Jordan Peterson Dismantled

New video exposes Peterson's agenda to neutralize White nationalism and right wing political movements

This is it, the final argument against Juden Peterstein. This video completely exposes Peterstein's anti-White agenda and his strategy for implementing it. Any Peterstein cultists who are not beyond saving will be deprogrammed by watching this video. Any Peterstein shills that are lurking are going to fly into an inconsolable rage and commit suicide. Jordan Peterson will not sleep for 25 days and will have a public melt down.

Jordan Peterson's primary goal is to neutralize the political right and White identity. He does not care about the Marxist take over of our nations, in fact he was hired by the United Nations to help usher it along. Peterson's only reason for stepping into the limelight was because he saw a massive right wing backlash fomenting, and realized it was going to destroy the left.

His job is to implement "plan B", to steer the rising tide of nationalism into an impotent cul-de-sac of centrist individualism, giving our enemies just enough time to tip the demographic balance of our countries so that our destruction is sealed.

Peterson is explicitly targeting young White males for indoctrination with an insidious political ideology he calls radical individualism. He has created a pseudo-religion self-help cult; he is delivering his ideology to the disaffected youth by combining it with a self-help regimen wrapped in empty religious metaphor.

While our enemies are working tirelessly to destroy our nations in a ruthlessly calculated and organized fashion, Jordan Peterson is brainwashing a generation of young White men to be atomized individuals who perceive group cooperation based on ethnic identity nationality as the height of evil.

And in the process of doing so, Peterson and his friends are making untold millions of dollars.

This kills the Juden Peterstein shill.

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Destroy Jordan Peterson.

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You are doing honorable work, my friend.

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End Peterstein.

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In his UN capacity, surely someone was in his ear, and in his mind, outlining the plans to assure the survival of the hierarchy of oligarchs and (((elites)))
Isn't interesting that someone like Brett Weinstein smugly professes the danger of an emerging resurgent "Right-wing", as he and his tribal comrades secure their own status' at the capstone of the pyramid?
The redistribution of wealth is a great instrument to ensure that 99.9% of the planet lives in equality of poverty; the true face of egalitarianism
And isn't it interesting that all of the big proponents of open-borders live in gated communities, behind fences, locked doors & windows, under 24-hour surveillance, and surrounded by guys with guns?
The emergence of a resurgent right-wing is not nearly as dangerous as the global takeover we see happening before our eyes by a small clique that adds zero value to the human equation

Great job. Post it on cuckchan too.

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And of course the jews have the report queues flooded.

Every. Time.

Just looked, someone already posted it. The shills are going insane there, typical astroturfing, even a "clean your room".

Yes it is. Also interesting is the fact that Brett's brother Eric Weinstein works for George Soros' INET think tank, that Eric founded the (((Intellectual Dark Web))), and that Peterson's boss at the UN co-founded that think tank.

Yeah. Shills never stop. But that is fine. It is their job. You did your job well. I don't care much about Peterstein. He talk like schizo autist on coke. Roughly speaking. Yet his influence is dangerous.

Now you make videos like pro. I am sure it will have some impact.

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Jordan Peterson is believed by many to be the greatest thinker that humanity has ever known. He is Father Figure, Philosopher-King, and Prophet to the millions of young men who are his most fervent fans and followers. He is the central figure of the Intellectual Dark Web, an academic celebrity, and an unparalleled media phenomenon who has shattered all conceptions of what it means to be modern celebrity in the Internet Age.

He has, by his own admission, thought thoughts that no man has ever thought before. He has dared to dream dreams that no man has ever dreamed before.

Of course, Jordan Peterson also happens to be a narcissist, a charlatan, and an intellectual con man who doesn't even bother to learn the subjects upon which he lectures. He is a defender of free speech who silences other speakers, a fearless free-thinker who never hesitates to run away from debates, difficult questions, and controversial issues, a philosopher who rejects the conventional definition of truth, and a learned professor who has failed to read most of the great classics of the Western canon. He is, in short, a shameless and unrepentant fraud who lacks even a modicum of intellectual integrity.

He is an opportunists. He is simply a career parrot, borderline plagiarist of Carl Jung. Just like obama was a wannabe Malcom X. It's just a career to them. They don't think outside of that.

I don't need a video to tell me not to listen to Kermit the Frog and I sure as fuck don't need Kermit the Frog to tell me to clean my room.

I tend to defend a lot of the "alt-right epersonas" but Jordan Shekelgrabber Petersteinowitzz is Alt-left. Fuck him. Destroy him.

Does the faggot even have an onion?

When I saw he was running to the CFR's heel like a dog I knew something bad was up with him but this video is 10/10.

Thanks a lot.

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Good video
Breaks down Petersteins snake oil empire nicely.
Probably be wise to start spending a lot of that 8 million bucks a year on some serious security. He will never be safe.

Mosley was a jewish snake that got fledgling british facists skulls cracked by surprise at meetings, by his jewish group 43 mates.

Tangentially Related Bump

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Yeah, but only an idiot didn't see that coming.


All that you need to know about Jordan Peterson is that he is part of the (((Intellectual Dark Web))) which Jews are currently trying to promote.

Brought to you by: (((Barry Weiss))) – Romanian Jew

(((Sam Harris))) – Secular Jew
(((Eric Weinstein))) – Israel-educated California-borne Jew, brother of (((Bret Weinstein)))
Jordan Peterson – Individualist Canadian Shabbos
(((Dave Rubin))) – Gay Jew
(((Ben Shapiro))) – Stereotypical Badger Jew
(((Douglas Murray))) – British Jew
Maajid Nawaz – British Pakistani ‘Secular Religion of Cuck™ist’, married to a degenerate “race is a social construct” modern-artist White woman from Tennessee
Ayaan Hirsi Ali – Literal Africa-nigger married to Brit Niall Ferguson, who wrote a glowing history of the Rothschilds (possibly a British Jew)
(((Christina Hoff Sommers))) – Liberal Jewish Feminist
Joe Rogan – Stoned Meathead Shabbos
Charlie Kirk – Homosexuality-Promoting Zionist Shabbos
(((Claire Lehmann))) – Australian Anti-Tribalism Jew
Debrah Soh – Homosexuality-Promoting Asian Feminist, writes for Playboy
(((Michael Shermer))) – Christian-Convert ‘Skeptic’ ‘I Am Not Jewish’ Jew
(((Steven Pinker))) – Romanian/Polish Male-Feminist Atheist Jew

This is the Jewish counter-response to the rise of Nationalism.
And Peterson is a part of it.
That's all you need to know about Jordan "Why Hitler Was More Evil Than You Think" Peterson.

Do not trust anyone or any story that gets pushed in the (((media))). Media is always kike agenda

I believe OP is misguided. Jordan peterstein isn't out to attack, destroy or in any way affect "the right", he is after the white leftist and centrists who would be otherwise attracted to sane pro-white arguments and philosophies that would ensure their existence and future for white people in general.

Great video, very good analysis of the flaws of Peterson's major arguments. That being said, what should be done is to use his efforts of gathering an audience of interested white men to take them towards the right path.

It is very obvious that the JP audience is infatuated with his persona as intellectual mystic, and his affable affect combined with that makes the direct refutation on Peterson himself not the right way to address them. Automatic defenses will crop up to defend the man they believe "saved them" from meaninglessness. He has however developed his audience by selecting for certain characteristics that allow a means of bypassing the iron trap of psychological reactance.
They are essentially proto-Zig Forumsacks, but get stuck in the Self-Improvement cycle rather than fully developing. To reach them one must provide arguments not against Peterson himself necessarily but his ideas, and then present the full vision which Peterson only feeds to them in contaminated drips. This is how to approach them:

This is to both encourage them to listen and, later, to challenge Peterson's own hypocrisy on that matter in the Faith Goldy incident where he betrayed this principle.

His audience craves an intellectual rebuke of their enemies and support for noble ideas. Approach with honest praise of what Peterson gets right to lower their guard and to build them up from Peterson's limited and/or twisted versions of those points.

Peterson's act depends on a mystic philosopher angle, right down to the gestures he uses and the modest affect he puts on. Peterson's knowledge of mythology is however very limited to only a few cases where he can fit in his notions of radical individualism, and he has unwittingly primed his audience to like myths and legends about heroes. Turns out most mythologies emphasize the importance of one's people and being a hero who relies on them and protects them, and tragic stories about those who abandon those principles. A whole thread should be dedicated to finding potent examples of these myths.

Popularly termed the "Faustian Spirit", it's the enterprising, courageous, and heroic union of white men striving against all odds towards adventure, beauty, discovery, mastery, and victory. Contrast this against lonely and retiring isolated self-improvement and non-union with one's people that Peterson encourages once you get the sparkle in their eyes.

The model example for this is how a man claimed to be a Jew (to get down Peterson's and his audience's guards), praised Solzhenitsyn, and then asked about 200 Years Together and the JQ. If approached in a friendly, non-aggressive manner like this, these kinds of questions that Peterson cannot answer without strategic consideration or rebuking the asker will stick in the minds of his audience more powerfully given that Peterson builds up their respect for authors who he knows are too dense for the average man to research.

Above all else, it is very important that when approaching Peterson and his audience that one is very respectful and polite in all these efforts. To be aggressive will allow Peterson to rebuke you and for his audience to shut out your words. While on Zig Forums it is par for the course to use the Juden Peterstein line of dialogue, that is a threat to the audience members who don't yet realize Peterson is withholding them from the proper conclusion to their search for truth. It's not effective to attack Peterson directly but to augment his good arguments towards the proper path and use the momentum Peterson already captures to get people moving beyond his limited and flawed ideology. Then, once they realize the limitation of Peterson's teachings, they can learn what Peterson is all about without fear of them relapsing.

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thanks op this video is good shows what a shark peterson is a jew in sheeps clothing so to speak.

I'm like 30 minutes in, but this is a pretty damn good video.

Nothing knew. The Communist Spiritual Jew Peterson has made who he was known 2 years ago before (((they))) artificially made him famous a year ago.

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Stop being a faggot, this is a good video which should be shared.

Just call him a jew it's much quicker to read

He has proudly said himself that he has prevented thousands of young men from going further right.

You didnt watch the video did you?

Has anyone noticed how hilariously desperate peterstein is? The clip of him making his debut versus his recent appearances where he looks like he doesn't eat and his hair is falling out deserves a side-by-side image with a caption like, "Being Jewish Puppet is hard work." He can't control his temper anymore but ironically it's all he has, because all of his white-bashing is based upon:
Equating whites who champion their ancestors (ancestors passing on their accomplishments) as marxist identity politics aka you're just like your opposition, goyim
Latching terms like pathological onto white-X; e.g. white pride, white identity, etc. Saying that a proper reaction to Pepe was to be terrified. Being loud and overtly emotional with every public appearance.

All of this is manifesting in his thinning hair and disheveled look. Once his credibility is on par with sarcuck of mossad, which is already happening, the jewish trick of sending a false advocate will conpletely lose all effectiveness.

Jordan Peterson? More like:
Jewish Puppet

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Good redpill. Best part is that everyone who promoted Peterstein, from TRS/DailyStormer to Cucker Carlson are exposed as anti-white by association.

He's a useful idiot of the kikes. The POS has shown up at meetings of the fucking (((Trilateral Commission))). How the fuck can anyone not realize he works for the kikes? It's called poisoning the well.

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The video is exactly 30 minutes long, you retarded pile of shit.

>He's a useful idiot of the kikes. The POS has shown up at meetings of the fucking (((Trilateral Commission))). How the fuck can anyone not realize he works for the kikes? It's called poisoning the well.
I've met a couple of cucks that fell for his tricks. They want the easy way. Jewish Puppet shows up and tells them that it's not the jews, clean your room. So they do it, but it goes on from there.

They internalize the source of the external problems by blaming themselves for the world's problems. They denounce naming the jew, and go about finding issues with themselves, convinced that they will be happy and the world's problems solved if they could only fix themselves.

This is a jewish trick that goes back a long time and is repeated in many variations. A jew will often pose this question when caught, "How can you hold me responsible when your hands are just as dirty?" Another variation is, "Those who are without sin cast the first stone." It's this false dilemma, where the jew demands that you can only destroy evil if you are arbitrarily pure and ambiguously without fault.

It's classic misdirection but it exploits the cucks on a psychological level. Instead of taking care of tyrone and schlomo, the cuck indulges in compulsive self-help behavior. When schlomo stabs him in the back while crying victim, the cuck says sorry. Even after Jewish Puppet is exposed, the cucks will still do this until rehabilitated, or will never recover at all.

Oh, the answer is simple. Don't care about the bullshit or ethical questions. They are your enemy, they seek your destruction or corruption, and as such, must be killed. There is nothing else to this game of life. Those who oppose us must die, so that our children may live in a world without their evil.

V is for Vendetta.
Fuck Jordan Peterson.

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You know it's current year, right?

Theresearch a lot of stuff in that video

Good work man

The video is 30 minutes long ya goober

I've listened to more of Jordan's videos than I should have and for the most part they didn't seem any more offensive to me than say, Camille Paglia's babble fests. But this Dismantled video was a revelation that shows a lot of his ideas that aren't normally displayed in his regular speeches.

The fucker is falling to pieces before our eyes. They just don't know when to stop. It's like they want their spokesmen to become rock stars like the Rolling Stones so that they can get embraced across the board by the masses. But then who the fuck likes the Rolling Stones anymore? The fuckers that pushed Jordan are so old they didn't realize that Bono or Keith or whichever celebrity demigod celeb they worship themselves are generally regarded with disdain now or worse .

Great video. It got me angry in parts.

He also attacked left wing, he is just another jew attacking everything that isnt jewish supremacy group.

Yeah, what's your point?

He's a low T nobody.

Scott Adams called him Kermit the frog and Scott isn't exactly pumping out the T.

He's squirrely as fuck

Did you really not see this coming a mile away? Did you really considering taking advice from a guy with smaller balls than 99% of society.

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finally, a video that isn't overly dramatized or focuses on 'le funny frog voice kek' or 'but look at his unclean room watta hypocrite'
the part about white pride, and his fumbling around using 'white privilege', was an interesting point

He's a doctor of Psychology.

Now I don't know how American universities view this but in Canada where Jordan got his degrees, the Faculty of Psychology isn't in the Science Faculty. It's in the Arts Faculty along with English literature and Classical Studies. Therefore it's not really a science nor is he a scientist.

The other thing I've noticed about him is that if you look at the role the media is trying to cast him in, it's the same role Marshall Mcluhan had back in the 60's. Now Marshall was genuinely an intelligent guy and he had a lot of important things to say about the way world media was changing society. Like us communicating in multimedia right here on this site for example.
I think that explains why Peterson has gained so much traction. He's filling the role that Marshall has in our memories and assuming his mantle as a prophet of society, undeservedly.

Funny; they're both from Alberta and both finished off at University of Toronto…

God damn. It makes me feel so good knowing we’re going to burn all of these neo-liberals to the ground. Fuck you, to everyone standing in the way of the White race. The right is going mainstream and shits about to get wild. The Kali Yuga ends, the Black Sun rises.

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great documentary
thanks OP

lol good luck with that

Still nothing compared the next gatekeeper and their ilk: Andrew Anglin, Weev, TRS, Ricky Vaughn and to a lesser extent sycophants like Jared Howe.

These shills have been more destructive to America

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This is a retarded attitude and will inevitably and always backfire. Doesn't matter if you're talking about programming or people.

So we have to meme Clean Your Room = Gas The Jews?

I can't watch anything on kiketube (obviously with uMatrix and adblock–don't be a nigger) without seeing this fucking faggot Juden Peterstein in the (((recommended))) and (((related))) shit on the right side. Fuck this motherfucker. I will be Gods-damned if I ever argued with a piece of shit like that.

But yeah, it obviously stinks like every other kike thing–right when everyone with an opinion is banned, you can only see juden peterstein. That's not obvious at all. I figure it's eugenics if anyone listens to that candyass motherfucker, running his mouth about NS especially.

Don't even pay lip service in the beginning of your post.

Yes. Intellectual questioners have it wrong. They never even ask the right questions.

Good shit man. Thankfully I didn't get caught in his cult. I watched him in his early days, found him on Joe Rogan, watched him on Molyneux and listened to his Bible stories series on the way to work.
This was an early period where I think he was still trying to gain legitimacy. I stopped following him after that for the most part, but still had a mild respect for him.
Faith Goldy was easily his biggest mistake. He proved he was a hypocrite and around that time I also began to notice his extreme antagonism toward anything right of boomer-con right wing politics.
After realizing that he had yet to interview with anyone on the right, beyond a few brainless republicans and cucks (and apparently individualst libertarians) I began to question his motivations.
The final piece clicked into place about a year ago, when he started stating to linerals that his greatest fear was that the radical left was "waking" the sleeping bear of the white right. It put everything into focus regarding his goals and agenda. He isn't a moderate, misguided boomer era liberal, he is a calculated left winger who is simply trying to calm down the radical left (he's the guy telling others to be silent, as they try to pass the sleeping bear) and placate the growing white right (he's petting and soothing the sleeping bear as it begins to stir).

This is a really good video though and it really helps dash any doubts I had in my own reasoning for distrusting him. I had heard about his UN links before, but there are quite a few interviews and comments he had made, that I hadn't seen/heard since I had entirely quit bothering to listen to him, due to my distrust of his intentions.

>>He's a useful idiot of the kikes. The POS has shown up at meetings of the fucking (((Trilateral Commission))). How the fuck can anyone not realize he works for the kikes? It's called poisoning the well.
It works because it's nice to believe you can control your own destiny, independent of society, especially when you're a jaded, angry white male who has been demonized and robbed of your ethnic heritage.
This is the nature of Christian philosophy, that repentant, sinful, pride less state that modern Christianity insists we accept before we can reach the kingdom of heaven. It's also the same shtick that Cultural Marxists repurposed for their own goals in the way of white guilt.
It's all just the philosophy of original sin at its heart, and only we can find salvation, independent of any group or movement.
Exactly. It places the burden of honor and morality on the one being attacked. Another example is that of placing the burden of logic and proofs on the person being attacked. They use these things because they know the right is far more honest with itself and strives for truth.

I think I avoided Peterstein's cult pretty easily (even if I did fall for a few of his tricks) simply because I saw many of his positions as being essentially the same as the doctrine of original sin, which is something I rejected outright in my teenage years. Interestingly, it was a jew who helped me see the illogical position of this ridiculous belief system/moral philosophy (Ayn Rand, who's cult I also avoided). It's a shame people can't just get the value they get and then leave what is useless on the table. Why is it always in their minds a full course meal when someone says something clever enough to shake them out of their idiocy.
"Clean your room" is a fine concept. Basically, be a man, get your life in order, then you can go out and fix the world.
But no, because the guy convinced a bunch or 30 something white guys who were failures to do something more than jerk off every day in a dirty room, they then feel the need to lay prostrate before the person and eat whatever shit is vomited onto their plate.

fucking bump, it's a good video. More importantly, the right should be thinking of innocuous ways of counter-memeing against Peterson. He has unfortunately had a disastrous effect on us, making many would be far-right nationalist types in to dumbfuck civnat redditors. How do we counterbalance this now?

This is an excellent analogy. He's trying to tell the pink haired ham beasts to stop poking the bear in the gut with pointy sticks, and they in turn see Peterson as someone trying to protect the bear and therefore attack him as well. The half asleep bear sees Peterson telling the screeching dykes to stop bothering him, and thinks "this guy is alright, he's trying to remove the pesky disturbance so I can get back to sleep" (these are the Whites who believe Peterson is on our side).

>I can't watch anything on kiketube (obviously with uMatrix and adblock–don't be a nigger) without seeing this fucking faggot Juden Peterstein in the (((recommended))) and (((related))) shit on the right side.
This should be one of the biggest red flags. Peterson content has completely infected youtube, there are dozens and dozens of "Peterson fan channels" that mysteriously get promoted left and right, and have hundreds of thousands of views.

They tried to give Peterson some street cred by temporarily "deleting" his youtube channel for a few hours, which Peterson made a huge deal about, and then Google mysteriously reinstated his account without any explanation. That does not happen to regular people.

This is a good observation. The fact that Peterson was pushed by the CBC in a favorable light the moment he appeared in 2016 is really proof enough as it is that he's part of the jewish in-group. Yet somehow, his retarded followers believe that the media has tried to "stop" Peterson.

It will be interesting to see the backlash once he starts banning people from his new Patreon site.

He's surrounded by security these days at his speaking events when outside signing autographs and taking photos with people. There's a video of a guy (Brian Ruhe) sneaking up behind Peterson while he was taking photos with fans while holding up a sign calling him a jewish puppet, and when Peterson noticed the guy behind him he seemed briefly nervous, and then had his security guards making the guy leave (even though it was a public street).

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About time someone properly nuked this probably freemasonic faggot

mfw ham beast golems and fagsexual activists are our best hope

Attached: Hurrhurrrhurrrr.jpg (634x423, 61.84K)

In a strange way they really are. Their insanity is the easy reference point by which to show normies how bad it's getting.

Based. Resurrection Europa is as good a channel as VertigoPolitix. Hopefully, the kikes don't delete it.

Is the word filter for islam back? That would mean kikey is back as mod.

If only for how funny it would be to see leftists equating it to that. Even other pranks like the okay hand symbol being called White Power hand signaling is still making the rounds by actual leftists on twitter.

Anecdotally, I was on an errand and waiting in line when a cuck was showing his girlfriend or wife a cut on his hand and she nearly screeched that he was doing the White Power hand symbol at her. No one on Zig Forums should underestimate how far a joke or psyop will go. That's why demoralization shills always storm threads with a call to action. Even if no one else seems to join or participate, it doesn't mean it's not getting picked up and redistributed by helpful lurkers.


posted on everybody's favorite website. don't forget to upboat

Nothing new here. Peterson has always classified himself as a classical liberal. This author conflates the right wing with alt-right and neo-nazi. "The Beast", as described by Peterson is totalitarian, not the GOP. Like most disinformationists, this guy redefines terms so that he's doesn't really mean what you think he said.

I didn't know that classical liberals tend to promote one world government.
The creator of this video made a very good and concise takedown of petersteins main talking points.

How long can peterstein go on with telling white kids to clean their room while their countries are flooded with immigrants that are a detriment to their quality of life?

Attached: peterson foreword.jpg (1280x720 3.29 MB, 3.41M)

When I said I wanted to watch a video of Jordan Peterson being dismantled, this is not what I meant.

They unwittingly do as useful idiots.

Can it really be called exposing when he has long repeatedly stated that's what he's up to?

God caught Jesus and Lucifer having gay sex together in the garden of Eden. He punished his two teen angel boys by forcing Lucifer (who was the one fucking Jesus up the ass) to live in hell for eternity, and forcing Jesus to sacrifice himself for mankind like the bitch he is for taking lucifers hot semen up his ass like a little girl. Turns out god was jealous because he wanted to be the only one fucking Jesus up the ass.ff

Peterson doesn’t object to the destruction of the west, he just objects to the sloppy tactics the left has so far used and he worries that they will create a backlash that destroys globalism. He has the exact same goal as the postmodernist and the cultural marxists, he just proposes a different method for accomplishing it.

Nothing to see here

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Attached: a4103ff72cfa39dc9c78bccd4197e02c8af743d819089d05802695188ae155bd.mp4 (1023x681 294.04 KB, 983.71K)

I'm shocked that picture of him in the occult mask doesn't get more attention.

I mean, I knew enough at some point before deifying Peterson that I just lost interest.
But I had no idea he was this bad, thank you for posting OP.

Attached: lion.jpg (2000x1133, 975.02K)

Yes I did.
I was responding to the comment that he isn't out to attack or destroy or in anyway affect "the right" which is false because preventing thousands of young men moving further right is obviously affecting "the right" by depriving it of the increase in numbers and influence it would have naturally developed if he hadn't done what he did.

the moment i read his profile back then, i knew this slimy cunt is a fucking charlatan, his skills in jewing people with his oratory skills and magical, theatrical mystic persona rivaled the old yids

Why are these threads stone cold replications of the last 9000 threads you guys have made. Nobody here even talks about this guy. Who is paying you to do this? That (((infographic))) 3 degrees of separation is absolutly embarrassing btw. He is associated with MKUltra and John Podesta how?

Guy identifies as a liberal is the most popular right wing voice in Canada. Until you guys can constructively find a completely %100 red pilled well spoken non tinfoil who can be as influential to white men, why completely assassinate this guy's character as opposed to reaching out the men he has sown the seeds of the importance of culture, marriage, tradition, meaning etc etc…

In the thousands of hours of videos I would estimate only 30mins tops has to do with Jews, and usually when brought up by people in Q&A's. This should always continue to happen obviously, and should be presented on the pretense of the truth not fearing investigation as the popular revisionist saying goes. The guy holds lots of potential, only a Jew would competently waste a way a man with so much power to activate young white men's mind unconsciously in our direction and who at the end of the day is fighting /ourfight/ against social marxism and faggotry.
Only an inbred illiterate doesn't understand dissecting an authors arguments and not completely agreeing with %100 everything he presents. Is everything Dostoevsky wrote irrelevant because he was a Christian, as with Solzhenitsyn? Only a commiefaggot would discard wisdom if there was even one problematic idea.

Attached: Hardwired Morality.mp4 (1280x720, 6.83M)

Fuck Juden Peterstein and all of his fans. And yes. Anything that isn't absolutely pure is worthless. Only those who are impure are afraid of a purity spiral.

Why are you impure?

Dickie Spencer is probably in bed with the Feds, but Peterson won't debate him

for a while i was convinced Zig Forums threads on peterson was actually his side trying to separate him from 'the alt-right'
what could bother him more than more questions about his 'alt-right fans'?

Attached: jord.png (960x1087, 1.03M)

He always has been. His only motivation was to get pussy and influence fringe politics because that's what rich twits do.

One of the more insufferable You Tube tropes that's evolved particularly since the rise of Trump and populism in general is the one where some doughty courageous and super intelligent hero of the people slaps down the supercilious arrogant globalist spokesman or better yet spokeswoman. The label is the worst kind of clickbait on the internet where you impulsively tune in for that little dopamine rush of seeing a triumph over evil but are instead disgusted with the watery bad smelling gruel you're fed in its place.

The media hype for Peterson is filled with this kind of trash.

See? this is the kind of shit I'm talking about.

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How is this shocking in anyway that for someone who speaks for a living has third party click b8 vids to cash in on? Is this supposed to be out of the ordinary? Do you even internet?

I never said it was "shocking". I said it was annoying and I was replying to the poster above that said that Peterson has risen to fame despite media opposition. Rather it's all part of a staged Punch and Judy show. And yeah there's a lot of this clickbait shit in Jew Tube. It sucks shit.

What a sickening piece of shit this guy is.

I'm legitimately having trouble describing what exactly is so offputting about him, but it's something to do with his feminine mannerism and mealy mouthed arguing style. Masculine men have a quiet demeanor and stare hard into another person's eyes. Watch Jordan Peterson when he starts talking about anything rightwing, he emotionally loses it and starts throwing his head around.

great video m8

I know, but I've distilled it down to one thing; he was scolding young men and he said "bucko".


He's a gamma male (very low socio-sexual status) and he's a narcissist. His weak, feminine behaviour and self-obsessed behaviour is what makes him off-putting.

I thought they shaved everyone in the camps?

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