Berlin police seize "forged" Hitler paintings

Three watercolour paintings attributed to the former Nazi leader Adolf Hitler have been seized by German police.

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It’s funny to me how every article about Hitler has to include swipes at him. The man died 74 years ago and he’s still living rent-free in every Jewish person’s head.

Kek, leave it to jews to monetize that.
Also, [citation needed]

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These are just random scenery, I don't see Hitler in any of these paintings.

I really, truly hate these people. Justifying looting by saying art might somehow spawn Nazis. Too cowardly to admit they looted because at the very least they wanted loot else they wanted to demoralize their defeated opponent as is the custom.

This is frankly insulting considering the state of modern "art".

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You know, while I never favored scenic art, I still have appreciation for those who can do them. It's far beyond my own skills, and I respect that. But to hear the cunt in the OP say that Hitler wasn't that good and that one could walk down any street and find 80 who are better? Makes my blood boil in a way I never thought possible at this point.

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Who gives a shit it's just a picture and some 100 year old dead asshole. Completely irrelevant now, world war 2 has long since passed.

It's a bit hard to tell with that picture resolution exactly what's going on, but the top right painting of Caspar Neher looks rather interesting.

Pretty sure that's anti-semitic. kek

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Rent free oy! They should be paying us to live here!

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They love being reminded the nazi's had niggers fighting for them.

Yes. The shading makes for interesting contrast and the poses look rather dynamic.

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The sub-sketch quality of the anatomy, the dull, uninspired color scheme, and proto-emo depressive composition is such that, if made today, this garbage would garner two-digit views on deviantart across several years.

You can go to any bum on the street and he'll paint you something better with $5 crayola brushes and one shade of brown.

Classic suppression at its finest

Your average art student can draw or paint better than Picasso or davinci. Doesn't mean shit. Oh what's that? You can draw a face really good and make it look realistic? Who gives a shit. Literally has nothing to do with art. It's about emotional, style and depth. Down to the color pallette used down to the expression and blah blah I couldnt care less about details artists go through but nobody gives a fuck how good or detailed a drawing is. It's the history and the emotion that went into it. Hitler was a very passionate painter and one of the most globally known figures of all time. A piece of paper he shit on is literally worth thousands, letting alone actual paintings he created.

In my opinion, anybody willing to intentionally destroy artifacts of history at any level deserves death. Wasn't somebody trying to melt down and repurpose a bunch of Viking artifacts last month in Norway or Scandinavia or something? Literally to the fucking death. Erasing history is about the worst crime you can commit especially to your own people.

You dingbat, they took them for suspicion of forgery.

Sure they were forged and they aren't just lying about it.

Modern art isn't just jewish garbage. It's demoralization propaganda. All of Hitler's paintings celebrate life, and nature. It shows mankind living not just alongside nature, but in accordance with nature, sometimes smaller than nature itself. The mother has her child, the mother isn't shoving something into her asshole or anything degenerate. Just being with her baby, with flowers and nature surrounding them. Hitler celebrates the natural and the healthy.

Jewish art is bad not just because kikes have low spatial IQ, but because kikes especially make their work as destructive as possible. The gentile questions how a blank, white canvas can be considered art. It's meaningless, it's empty, it's void of any life. Then he's told he's dumb if he can't understand it. The gentile sees a sculpture a man sucking his own dick, and he reconsiders going to the art museum ever again. It's not just bad because kikes are perverted, it's bad because it's a psychological attack on what beauty is

Zig Forums is fucking dead.

Germany is becoming increasingly authoritarian, totalitarian and lawless.
Some years ago, they confiscated the art collection of the heir of an art dealer under the pretext of "stolen art during the war".

Not for a single piece, they could proof illegal acquisition.
The old men died while deprived of his fortune and under tutelage.

Unfortunately he made the error to donate his collection to a Swiss museum. The alpine kikes continued to slander the man while taking in the profit.
Instead the old men should have ordered them to be auctioned in Asia and the proceeds given for peaceful exploration of the atom in Iran and North Korea.

Funny you mention deviantart.

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Intentional destruction of historical items should be a crime above and beyond simple destruction of property. Just thinking about all the classical ruins destroyed in the Middle East pisses me off. As you said, it's based in the moral problem of cutting the current generation off from their ancestors.

Da Vinci was an alchemist though, so his artwork is merely an oddity. He also built a lot of things and learned how to sculpt.

why do they keep preparing this lie?

Hitler is the central figure in the established religion of western civilization.


Makes you think, though. They essentially believe that a piece of art, or any kind of information about National Socialism, can effectively persuade any person to identify as such. That's the power of truth and instinctive moral.

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Well it's true. If you combine reason and logic to the Third Reich, it's hard to see them as anything but champions.


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When will Zig Forums lead a heist to liberate all this art?

Also it should be fucking noted that this is one of the largest, most overt admissions of the power of art upon culture.


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Because there are niggers everywhere that will believe it. I stopped reading facts from articles related to anything Hitler or Nationalism related, because it's always bullshit.

Wait what

Of all the dumb shit that was fabricated around WW2, yet this slipped past me. God fucking dammit. Source?

I saw a few auctions and thought the prices were ridulously low. $30k for a painting by Adolf Hitler? That's nothing. Some art foundations spend that much on aftershave, then again most art collectors are just looking for a way to evade taxes, they're not really looking for fine art. pic related sold for 8 million dollars.

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