American NatSoc

How do Americans rationalize National Socialism? As an American, I'm half Irish and half German. Memes about ancestry aside, what does that mean through the lens of preserving my identity? Is there even an "American" culture to preserve anymore?

When you talk about what it means to be Germanic or Celtic for example, youre talking about thousands of years of history and values. But as somebody who lives in a country less than 300 years old, and with as mixed heritage as we have, is there a surefire way of identifying what should be preserved as American vs what would be foreign influence? Blue jeans and rock and roll is all well and good, but there seems to be a soulless aspect to American heritage in particular that seems to lack the substance worth fighting for that you can see in Europe.

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You don't have to be NS you know. Fascists and Whites of all stripes are welcome here. The key is whether you agree with the 14 words or not. All else is subject to national/regional circumstances. Other races are welcome too as long as they stick to their own.

Not going to work here.

Fascists are civic nationalists. Get out.

Yes, you do, cuck

Looks like it's time for the standard jew testing the waters thread

No. It's because of this view which is why we're having these problems to begin with.

Germanic and Celtic are both Indo European people, all Indo European have the same roots (while Finns are just mongrelized Indo-Europeans with up to 6% asian DNA)
Germanic, Celtic and Slavic people are extremely genetically related
Germans were originally Celts, until they were Germanized, by Germanic tribes from the North, but that was mostly of just change of language
North Germans and Irish especially overlap genetically, while South Germans overlap with Hungarians/Czech

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This place has a lot of good discussion, and it gets derailed by stuff like this a little more than I thought it would. I'm not jewish, Im an American. What Im saying is, what exactly should be identified as American AND White, vs deciding to identify as somebody with European blood instead of American. Not all debate means theres a kike d&c going on.

To that end, would/can NS support being someone with European ancestry, even if it's from multiple cultures?

America is basically the land of homesteading whites who told their European cousins to get the fuck off their property. I think that's a pretty respectable culture.

I'm with this. The key is putting the interests of everyday people first. Reminder that both Hitler and Huey Long were killed by the same people. Both had working class interests first and foremost.

Huey Long was killed by a Catholic Crypto-Jew, Hitler killed himself to not be killed by the invading Red Army commanded by (((you know who))).

The important thing to remember is that America is not a nation, it's a soulless capitalistic empire founded by Freemasons and controlled by Jews. Anything American must be destroyed so that the white man can be free on this continent.

I'd copypaste a big chunk of Yockey if I thought it would get my point across, but the tl;dr is America bad.

Thank you Ronald Watkins for allowing this purile cancer to infest the board.


If you are Germanic/Celtic, you are mainly more separated by language than by genetics, therefore you would not swift the genetics when you join one's culture
Germans and Celts are both Indo European, but cultures separated by geography will eventually develop out new traditions and languages. You can larp as German or Celt, but in reality today you are more like the same people because all Europeans speak English and don't have much of their own cultural practises

Kill yourself kike

NS only works when the different peoples that claim NS as an ethos, share the same common ideals. NS is ideal for the Caucasian of European descent. The same concept/principal works under the roof of every functional White household, where the unit is only as strong as its weakest link; therefore, make the weakest link as strong as possible to make the entire unit stronger

They had the same enemies, that was the point I was trying to make.

This and this are the two different camps that I can see.

On one hand, the idea that being European in America is a direct enough heritage that you can identify and defend in the lens of NatSoc. I can definitely see the connection, and agree that as a whole European White identity has a connection with European Americans.

On the other, there is definitely a Jewish influence on this country, noticeable since '45. Now our white population plummets, and the knee jerk response is the defence of a White identity over anything else.

Thanks for contributing bud. That's the exact debate Im trying to have.

You sound more half rubbing hands, half nose.

Hey faggot, look at Germany, Russia and Ireland's historical experiences again and tell me they are the same. Like what? Yes genetically very similar like kikes and chimps but one eats bananas and the other shoves them up their ass.

Get the fuck out of here with this bullshit. Celts get fucked and become Germanics, see Iceland. Slavs are retarded, see history. The same and its all LARPing than why are the descendents of these people still distinguishable both life experience and material circumstance in the new world?

That's right you are Jewey faggot.

for now, fuckhead but no one likes that shit. Hence everyone running around like Gavin McInnes running from fuckzilla since 45 cause even commies subconsciously can tell too many shekelsteins are too close to the buttons and you fags hate yourselves too much not to kill the rest of us.

because you fuckers and your "oy vey kids are expensive" and "silly christians religions is for lames, come be cool, childless and have your ass wiped by indians when elderly with us over at the coke dish"

"European" identity is not a nation, doesn't seem to be a hard concept to understand but mutts seem to have trouble with it. I understand in the chaotic mess of the NWO finding any sort of roots is a need felt by many, but reducing "Europeanness" as if it were a "nation" is ridiculous and goes against the very meaning of "nation", watering the term down.
Even if you are a generic north European mutt and thus you are racially speaking very much close together with "pure" nationalities from Europe, you still do not have any group specific language/religion/customs, as so called "american culture" is a raceless modern culture embraced and embraceable and developed by any sort of ethnic group, including the negro(and its contribution to the vernacular and musical "culture")
In the remote chance that some groups of these "white people" somewhat manage to make group around purely racial consideration, a nation will have to slowly be built on top of it, good luck with that, you are probably 200 years late.

fuck off kike, all are indo-europeans, more shaped by culture and in-group selection rather than by ancient ancestry

No. We tried that. Evropa will be for whites only.


I'm not NatSoc enough to call myself one, but I believe in much of what they espouse.
I agree that nations need to be far more racially homogeneous if they are to function as nations.
Being American, I'm a mutt, Celtic/Germanic mix, there cannot really be homogeneity in my country to that degree, the best I can hope for is a tribe of European ancestry making up my nation.

But this idea aside, the things in NatSoc I like are the fact that private ownership of industry is not forbidden in NatSoc, but attempting to make money through methods that are harmful to the nation and its citizens are forbidden. This makes a great deal of sense to me.
Also, applying this to the media is sensible, and the U.S. actually used to have this, through FCC regulation.

The two things I don't like about it are, one, it promotes a strong, centralized government…this may be good for getting things done, but it is a landmine for the future, where evil men may worm their way into the government, and destroy the ideals of the nation for their personal gain (crypto Jews).

Two, their system has no unbreakable Bill of Rights in the face of government control. I hate having any of my freedoms infringed on, and even if a decent NatSoc government has no intention of doing so, there may come a time where those in control decide to do so.
Also, every individual's right to be judged by a jury of their peers is essential to stripping a potentially totalitarian government of it's ability to terrorize the populace with legal attacks. We see this happening now, in Europe, with government "judges" deciding guilt based on their own opinions, and the general population having to bow to those decisions.

No form of government can be perfect, as people are ruled by people, and people can be dishonest and self-serving.
But the founding fathers had a good idea when they broke up the power structure so no one cabal could completely take over without opposition. We need to keep that.

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Ethnicity is not a race, but related to race. Germanic is the same race as Celtic.


Give me liberty, or give me death. To reduce the glory of our people to slavery is a disgusting prospect, irrespective of who holds the chains. There can be no capitulation to statists. If history has taught us anything, it's that the Statist (the Democrat, the Republican, the Monarchist, the Fascist, the Communist, the Mercantilist they're all the same in this respect) is a creature of endless hunger and endless drive to destroy liberty. They would all see you dead or in bondage sooner or later.
The rest of your words are pretty enough but as I'm sure you've noticed, it doesn't matter that the constitution says "shall not be infringed" nor that you're meant to be protected from legal tyranny by jury when the Statists have control of the whole shebang, as they do. Good luck getting a jury to get you off on anything considering how they're selected and who exactly makes them up.

A bit of a rambling post. What matters is this: KILL ALL GOVERNMENT. NO GODS, NO MASTERS, ONLY MAN!

Ask George Lincoln Rockwell.

Or better yet, read "This Time the World" and "White Power."



You advocate chaos.
The primary reason we have been able to progress is the fact that our disparate individuals can function as a machine, given a framework of societal limitations as well as accepted freedoms.
NatSocs know this, Anarchists do not.

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I see Murrica as a large concoction of elements that have not been given a chance to settle down into anything organic, although you can see levels of deviation in different regions. Accents, mannerisms, tastes, and the like. The only thing keeping an organic production of isolated identities are those governing bodies whose interests are to maintain a world-wide slave population. If the federal government were to be removed, ethnic gravity and balkanization would in time produce firmer identities to latch onto. So instead of asking "what are my people", you should be asking "what should my people be". You've got a whole range of traits to breed into shape, all you have to do is convince enough people to fall in line.

that is why america should have open borders, right?

you abused your freedom, and it is fitting that you will lose your freedom.

How can you not? Pretty much anything is better than the current US even absolutely meme tier views like white sharia

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Given the choice, I would side with my Germanic side.
They seem to value logic, intelligence, industriousness, and honor, and they, used to, at least, value tradition.

But they are not adverse to going to the beer hall and blowing off steam with their compadres, occasionally, they never lost their humanity, they just tempered it.

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Thus, the Celtic and Germanic people are not so different.

So what? That's your heritage as well.

The people of iceland for example are about half germanic from scandinavia half celtic from ireland descended.

American culture as it ought to be is an expression of ethnic european people and their spirit. If you connect with your roots you can plant the seeds for the future, so to speak.

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The 14 words apply to every culture if you meme wisely.
Racial collectivism is the future for America.
Genetic nation-states are the future for Europe.

Fuck off nigger, you will never be white.

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What slide? And in contrast to what, the hundreds of Trump threads?

TurningPointUSA is a college campus movement and the millennials sitting in the audience are determined to not let their country go down. Support them with donations and spread their word. They are why we stay on the computer for hours every day, and have so for years…the young people are why we are going to fight until our dying day. Giving up is not an option. If Trump is a fraud, he will be faced with the consequences. This group of young people blames the boomers for failing to Mind the Store, and are well aware what their future holds if they do nothing (white slave status with an unpayable debt).

Foreign countries did not lend the USA hundreds of billions of dollars because they are nice. They did it so they could get the collateral backing the loans - human capital included. Either way, those of us who have sat around, watching and doing nothing, are going to be held accountable for taking a Stand of No Resistance, because they are old or rich or bored with learning the necessary details to sum this up. Just keep fighting. Keep talking. Nothing else matters. Information war is underway. Tell the useless eaters to either join us or face the day the young people hold your feet to the fire for failing to do our duty - keep our country safe so they could, in turn, live the American Dream. Instead, they pissed it away like little fools and idiots, never questioning the narrative. Many simply pray, as if that is enough. What is prayer but a day dream when the house we are in is burning down.

From Mein Kampf:

Nature generally takes certain measures to correct the effect which racial inter-breeding produces. She is not much in favour of the mongrel.

Not only are they deprived of the higher qualities that belonged to the parents who participated in the first crossing, but they also lack definite will-power and vigorous vital energies, owing to the lack of harmony in the quality of their blood.

At all critical moments in which a person of pure racial blood makes correct decisions, that is to say, decisions that are coherent and uniform, the person of mixed blood will become confused and take half-measures.

Hence we see that a person of mixed blood is not only relatively inferior to a person of pure blood, but is also doomed to become extinct more rapidly.

From Mein Kampf:

One can breed a herd of animals, but from a mixture of this kind, men such as have created and founded civilisations would not be produced. The mission of humanity might then be considered at an end.

Those who do not wish that the earth should fall into such a condition must realise that it is the task of the Germanic States in particular to see to it that the process of bastardization is brought to a stop.

Our contemporary generation of weaklings will naturally decry such a policy and whine and complain about it as an encroachment on the most sacred of human rights.

But there is only one right that is sacrosanct and that right is at the same time a most sacred duty, namely, to protect the racial purity so that the best types of human beings may be preserved and thus render possible a more noble development of humanity itself.

A völkisch State ought, in the first place, to raise matrimony above the level of continual racial adulteration. The State should consecrate it as an institution for the procreation of creatures made in the likeness of God Himself and not of monsters that are a mixture of man and ape.

The protest which is put forward in the name of humanity does not befit the mouth of a generation that makes it possible for the most depraved degenerates to propagate their kind, thereby imposing unspeakable suffering on their own products and on their contemporaries, while, on the other hand, contraceptives, are permitted and sold in every drug store and even by street hawkers, so that babies should not be born to the healthiest of our people.

In this present State of ours, whose function it is to be the guardian of law and order, our national bourgeoisie looks upon it as a crime to make procreation impossible for syphilitics and those who suffer from tuberculosis or hereditary diseases, and also for cripples and imbeciles.

But the practical prevention of procreation among millions of our very best people is not considered an evil, nor does it offend against the moral code of this hypocritical class, but rather suits their short-sightedness and mental lethargy, for otherwise they would have to rack their brains to find an answer to the question of how to create conditions for the feeding and maintaining of those yet unborn beings who will be the healthy representatives of our nation and will, in their turn, have to perform the same task for the generation that is to follow them.

How devoid of ideals and how ignoble is the whole contemporary system! No effort is being made to perfect the breed for the future, but things are simply allowed to slide.

The fact that the churches join in condoning this sin against the image of God, even though they continue to emphasise the dignity of that image, is quite in keeping with their present activities.

They talk about the Spirit, but they allow man, as the embodiment of the Spirit, to degenerate to the proletarian level. Then they gape with amazement when they realise how small is the influence of the Christian Faith in their own country and how depraved and ungodly is this riff-raff which is physically degenerate and therefore morally degenerate also. To balance this state of affairs they try to convert the Hottentots, the Zulus and the Kaffirs and to bestow on them the blessings of the Church.

While our European people, God be praised and thanked, are left to become the victims of moral depravity, the pious missionary goes out to Central Africa and establishes mission-stations for Negroes.

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She's American.

Oh, and I'm married….to a woman of German ancestry.
My children are more Germanic than most Germans.

no such thing, civic nationalist.

75% german < 100% german

not surprised that a mutt would have problems with basic arithmetic, much less trying to push race-mixing, seeing as how you are a product of race-mixing yourself.

mexicans and mulattoes think much the same way that you do.

Thread. This is my primary concern, politics can take a flying leap.

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The Eternal CuckNat.

Be sure not to fall from hubrius with such a focus on racial purity. Last thing you want from your people is to let them see you as a tyrant, rather then the king all men strive to be.

German is not a race, retard, it's a nation made of several European races.

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There is a basis for American NatSoc, but there is no longer a basis for 'America'.
America is not a nation. There was a brief period of time early on when you could really call it a true nation, but that time has passed and there is no bringing it back.
America will eventually split up. It will probably be a very long and very painful process, but it's going to happen.

Look bait.

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Yeah, you're a Euromutt, aka an American.

Yep. Lots.

Funny how mutts twist the words of their own founders to justify their hedonism and degeneracy.

Wow thanks for the inforgraphic user, that's a really good one.

Hmm, are you even one of us?

"hweißer" als du, Amikäfer.

you know what they wouldn't value? your retarded punctuation

America is an Anglo Saxon nation, most yanks will have some English heritage even of they think they're the epitome of a European 56%. Simply put all other cultures are invasive but the European ones are mostly benign.

your already compromising and there isn't even any conflict yet
you are either a cuck nationalist, or a thinly veiled compromise shill, either way, your kind is responsible for ruining everything real nationalists have worked for by handing it to the niggers for being good nigs, get the fuck out

Adolf is very clearly talking about the effects of race-mixing, not the effects of mixing nationalities or ethnicities within the races.

jews have had a hand in the US since the beginning, look up the history or why their is a jew star on the dollar bill. there just was simply no way to reasonably kill off the whites because there were no niggers, but that didn't last long.

At the end of this war, when we defeat the Jew, a new world order will come about out of the need to ensure no one again attempts to subvert and conquer the world. Eventually, all Nations and peoples will cooperate while maintaining their own individual interests. World Cooperation is on the macro level and impossible to achieve without reflecting that same level of cooperation in a micro scale. While Europe is for Europeans, Asians for Asians, etc.. there must be a Nation which is comprised of many different people living and working in harmony without losing the individual races through mixing. America is already primed to play such an important role thanks to Jewish influence; it's possible to turn the bad Jews have done to the U.S. into a net positive for the world.

Yes, that’s why Mussolini banned race mixing.

The United States definitely does need a cultural revitalization (Hell, even most European countries could do with a return to tradition), but it will not be possible with the racial makeup we have currently. This is simply that blacks, asians, mestizos, etc. can't identify with the actual identity which is of explorers, settlers, frontiersman, and puritanism. (On the last point in that short list, while I am Christian because I believe that there are many older European traditions that it has preserved, I believe the modern church to be destructive to the survival of the white race. I only say this because this is a passionate subject on both sides, and I don't want to derail this thread.) The other races (and also many whites) have, through the media and public school system, focused on their subjugation, or victimhood, and will never abandon their (excluding asians, who mostly add to society) degenerate, destructive behavior directed both at themselves, and those foolhardy enough to get close to them. Not that they could anyways accept a white outlook on life if you look to their respective racial homelands as evidence.
Assuming that simply abandoning our country and returning to our European homeland (which could possibly prove disastrous on several fronts for those European countries if mutts decide to go, or people don't integrate) is not an option, our only options would be a racial purge (unlikely if not impossible) or dividing the country and forming a racial ethnostate (which will definitely not be easy. Also, I must apologize that the exact word for this escapes me).
Furthermore, the biggest issue with National Socialism everywhere, even though I am a strong believer in it, is that it requires a group of people that is not morally bankrupt and feels a loyalty to their country and fellow countrymen. Can this be achieved in America? Can we reestablish and develop further a national identity?
Not as we are now. Not in America and not anywhere else.

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This is the sort of answer I've been looking for. Thanks for the insight brother. Being surrounded by different races at the rate Americans are, its a bit easy for me to lose sight of what to fight for.

I'm in New York particularly, and our governor is practically the epitome of what it means to hate White people. But in the meantime a lot of what you said makes sense in terms of staying connected to an overall white identity. There's a lot of work to be done, I just hope it falls to us instead of later generations.

There is an American culture and nationality. Anyone who is predominantly descended from colonists/settlers (pre-Civil War) is an American. All others are 100% LARP. Scots are Americans, most Irish are LARPs. Italians are LARPs. It goes without saying that non-Europeans claiming to be American are turbo-LARPs.

You fag, Scots are Irish as they are genetic Gaels: mixed Iberian and Nordic. Italians are Celtic and, besides the Basque, are the most genetically pure European people.



Don't take my gay bait, user.

There are a large number of ethnicities I didn't mention, user. Did you see me mention the most obvious, Anglos? No, I didn't. But since I hurt your feelings, here is a selected list of nationalities that contributed to colonial America:
Scottish (incl. Scots-Irish/Ulster)

There were others, like Danes, Swedes, Austrians, but their numbers and overall cultural influence hardly makes them worth mentioning. Of course, anyone of Danish or whatever 'minority' descent whose ancestors were here in colonial times is as equally American as the major ethnicities who had the most impact. It's obvious that they were here because, for the most part, they fit in with the American spirit.

People with colonial descent who threw it away due to cowardice:

I'm not even white tbh.

your shilling is pathetic.

You're an American, like the Boers it's a distinct ethnos made from the fusion of multiple related European groups. Both Irish and Germans were here at the time of the very founding of our first colonies. The Immigration Act of 1790 explicitly allowed in only whites of good character, and it was practically the first thing passed after the Constitution was ratified. Those are Americans, that's your volk.

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I agree with this. I’m not saying denounce Nazi etc, but move on.

Will disagree with you here. Imagine the levels of chimpout that would occur if every African American were redpilled on the Transatlantic slave trade. Especially if who was responsible for it was revealed. The truth, with evidence is the greatest tool in your arsenal. Use it.

t. Afronon

Most blacks don't care to see groups of whites as different. Which is why they hate anybody with white skin, even if their ancestors were obviously not slave owners (like Italians)

Fuck off

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Ends with China ass fucking the central white states with port controlled minority areas aka California.

The races of Europe are all worthy, in my opinion. American whites are descendants of Europe. I prefer labradors to pit bulls, and I prefer Europeans (of any kind) to Asians or Negroes.

Our constitution is the shit.

We are the only country with any gun rights… At least a first world country.

We can say almost anything, with very few restriction. Aside from a bonnified death threat, clear defamation, and a few other things, and you can say almost anything. Even if they did arrest you, few juries will convict on a crime based on words. We have tons of freedom of speech.

You know the worst part? The court, aka government, is one of few things that still protect free speech.

Its not the left… Its hardly the right… Its only modestly the center… Its the government.

Sucks but true. Twitter will ban you, reddit will, 4 chan will, but not the courts. They are the few left. That and some of the people.

But they protect it. It is still protected. Its still there.

In America, we still have the constitution standing somewhat strong, and that has been a core of America in its short 300 years. A reason why it has come so far.

Ew gross, what are you, some type of mud person?

(((The courts)))
Should someone tell him?

Umm dude….. I got some bad news.

Reminder that there is no such thing as a Celtic Gene or a Celtic race. Celts were/are a culture and a language. The Scots have more Nordic phenotypes compared to the Welsh and the Irish. The Celts of Britain and the Celts of Galatia were surely not the same sub race. At best their elites were all from the same original tribe/nation/subrace.

Dumb shill thread.

See: Europe cluster genetically.
See: faces.
See: English, German, Russian literature and history. Compare to rest of world.

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You aren't even allowed to deny the Holocaust, you fucking faggot. Fix your own country before whining about America.

>tfw mostly Irish with a bit of britcuckand a dash of Czech and Austrianbut the Czech is questionable considering that the Austrian part possibly immigrated there**