Would his existence have ended up triggering the woke twitter left if he had been the one to live?

Would his existence have ended up triggering the woke twitter left if he had been the one to live?

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Probably, he could have been easily the world leader of nazbol gang.

He wasn't reliably leftist, he just liked communism because it 'oppressed' people.
Also, the black metal riff he invented was just Dick Dale's surf guitar.


The wrong son died.

Let's be real here, he would have just ended up as a combination of Furr and Jim Profit, an autist Nazbol's run to, who does nothing but give lectures on Discord. Too irrelevant for the Twatter left to ever even know he was alive.

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I have a hard time believing he meant that sincerely and wasn't just playing up the edge. That quote is not something any actual human would say, only a cartoon character would say something like that.

Why would he trigger left twitter though, OP?

sounds better than every lefty e celeb besides Jim Profit himself

I always kinda interpreted the black metal guitar tone as being influenced by Cryptic Slaughter

I imagine his unpc approach to communism would trigger them.

I only know about his leftist tendencies from those edgy interview quotes and vargs account that he had a GDR flag.
Is the idea that millenials are soft dough ball fucks who'd hate him for being edgy, or am I just missing the full picture?

Varg's autism deprived us of the chance to have a nazbol equivalent of Roger Waters

There are contradicting accounts. Apparently he said he liked the GDR and Albania because it's "grey and oppressive", other people say he was genuinely active is radical leftist orgs. It's probably a mix of both, he probably was some kind of commie but also used the edginess coming from it as a sales pitch.

Whats what I assumed based on those quotes anyway.

What's more important is his faustian character

He would have ended up becoming a liberal and posting youtube videos about his radical days being a mistake and hawking glam revival records after growing out of black metal.

This seems likely to me.
It sounds like he was kind of a manchild about the whole black metal thing anyway. Doing shit like using Dead's suicide for marketing, giving necklaces made from bits of his skulls to people he "deemed worthy".

Him being a manchild about it may have made him not able to grow out of it though.

He actually had a pretty good grasp on marxist theory, however his misanthropy led him to believe that the liberal propaganda about Marxist Leninist states was what normalfags "deserved" regardless if it was true or false. He did believe that full communism(perhaps even a "Muke" like conception of it) was historically inevitable.

The tone is no doubt influenced by those types of bands.
I mean the tomato picking or whatever its called.


You may be on to something here, part of what I find irritating about a lot of twitter tankies is that they all seem to lack Stalin's faustian spirit, many of them just seem to want to whine about equally radlibish anarkiddies not supporting China or whatever, which is a complete waste of time and not to mention completely safe.

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