Venezuela is a great Socialist experiment courtesy of Cuba. I like Trumps quote...

Venezuela is a great Socialist experiment courtesy of Cuba. I like Trumps quote. America will never be a Socialist Country.
Rule of Socialists. The ruler never gives up the Power. < reason Democrats would shit if a Republican ran on the Socialist platform.

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Yes, Venezuela, that country where over 70 percent of the business is privately owned and most businesses are not in control by the workers.

Look at this picture.

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Every single MAGApede.

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Boomer memes should be grounds for the bullet.

It's scary how accurate this is.

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I spot the nigger. You should replace that shit with le based black man stuff and tradcon shit.

Honestly, at this point, I do agree with the rest of the meme about Magapedes. They're absolutely unbearable and self-defeating. A way for the system to funnel popular discontent into a 'safe valve'. The worst part is that the system doesn't even tolerate them. They're being used AND being harassed at the same time. At least, Antifags get perks to bully those who don't conform when they cuck themselves.

Also, Eric Striker is right about Venezuela, and he actually brought up my point that Venezuelan opposition tactics are being used in America against Trump. The only difference is that Chavez and Maduro stand their ground, while Trump is controlled by shabbos Capitalists and globalist porkies. (And, is one himself.)

Burgerstan is a shit-show. We could have prevented this by not bringing slaves, not replacing the Articles with the Constitution, not crash-industrializing the Union, preserving the power of labor unions, and not passing that 1965 Immigration Act and thus keeping the white population at 95%. This all could have been prevented, and America could have been a super-Switzerland.

Hamilton is an elitist prick. He's literally the Shillary Clintonette of his era. Washington destroyed the Whiskey Rebellion. Jefferson is literally the only based famous founder. The Federalists were basically the Bolshevik betrayers of the American Revolution, and the Whiskey Rebellion was America's Kronstadt.

The Constitution is a document of porky centralization, and the Antifederalists predicted a lot of the issues with our government. The Antifederalists and Jefferson also wanted something similar to the Soviet Democracy of Russia, with indirect elections starting from local town meetings.

Wait, why am I making such an elaborate response to a shitty OP?

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That picture is so dumb and the le 70% private economy meme is from 2010 and obviously doesn't account for all the nationalizations Maduro made when things heated up.

It's also untrue that workers have no democratic control over socialized workplaces.

Just wait how this thread will not be anchored, because Space is a fucking faggot.

No, because it's lazy bait, and we already have a better thread on Venezuela

Wasn't upholding the Jeffersonian "muh smallholder citizen-soldier farmer" programme I suspect you're pushing exactly what caused South America to become an economically marginal backwater in contrast to the USA becoming a wealthy superpower?

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South American revolutions actually were based more on the French Revolutionary model, with strong centralized governments taking over in most cases.

Now, there were attempts at something like that in Argentina/Uruguay, but most of South America fundamentally had a different economy from America. America's economy was built on smallholder farms, while South America was built on large haciendas. (In fact, most of the 19th century leftists there were trying to redistribute land to make it resemble America's distribution of land more.)

America also was NOT an impoverished country or unequal during its agrarian age. Wealth inequality was lower than even during the 50s when unions were powerful. (The 1% had around 7% of the nation's wealth.) Americans also pioneered the idea of 'grandparents' due to longer lifespans from not being serfs or wage workers. Generally, the colonists were healthier and better off than their European counterparts.

America was a settler colony made to be lived in by Europeans, Latin America was considered an economic asset of the Spanish and Portuguese Empires. Hell, Jeffersonianism, if anything, accelerated America expansion and thus gave America a lot of the raw resources that would be useful later on. If Hamiltonians had their way, America would be a small oligarchic republic that stretches to the Mississippi at the max.

And, America doesn't NEED to be a wealthy superpower. Plenty of European countries get by fine being small, with living standards that often EXCEED their larger neighbors.

Cite on this? My general impression was the the plantation system formed the backbone of the early USA's economy, also contaminating later range ranching operations with exploitative corporate ownership similar to what happened in South America.
The problem with being poor and weak was that you ended up as a football for imperial powers, rather than free to your own determination, exactly as South America is today.

Hitler only banned guns for Jews and people he viewed as enemies of state, while encouraging gun ownership for the rest. Obama never banned guns at all. Lenin did attempt to disarm the opposition after the civil war, but he still allowed gun ownership and it wasn't until Stalin that this was curbed.

Many ML communist regimes (including cuba) enforced something a lot closer to Switzerland's mandatory gun ownership, than Japan's prohibition:

The backbone of the early American economy was actually subsistence farming and handicraft production. Plantations, until the cotton gin, were growing increasing unprofitable.

By the time cotton gins became a thing, the North was industrializing. Other advances in agricultural technology actually made the NORTH the most agriculturally productive part of the nation. The Southern plantation pretty much was only important for industrializing the North and providing cotton for the factories. Those were things that Jefferson hated.

Jefferson actually thought that slavery, growing unprofitable in tobacco plantations, was going to disappear. Hell, a general prohibition on the expansion of slavery into the West of the time, the very action that sparked the Civil War nearly a century later, was talked about relatively casually. Jefferson even proposed it. Here's a Wikipedia link. You can find more sources elsewhere.

Yes, because Switzerland is obviously a victim of imperialism.

America is protected by the Atlantic Ocean. Most of the imperialism that happened in Latin America post-1820 is due to AMERICAN intervention. European Imperialism was hardly an issue. Hell, the few attempts Europeans tried to retake that area ended in complete disaster like with Maximilian. Latin America is shit due to these factors:

The Black Panthers are why open carrying of firearms is illegal in California. Pic related freaked out the NRA, which is one time they favored gun control, when California used to be a Republican dominated state.

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They are. How are they related to police brutality? Cops are your enemies, regardless of the color of your skin; plain and simple. "Niggers" killing each other doesn't prove police brutality is not a thing.

Gun violence happens because of ideological reasons, not solely because "I hate niggers". (Pics related) Most mass shooters are far right. That's what people usually refer to "gun violence", not some random hood rats shooting each other or some faggot that killed his cumdumpster.

I'm a spic, actually.

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My fucking sides. The ADL is a literal Jewish interest group. And, the New America Foundation literally are pro-Google shills.

Imagine eating the media garbage. You're more likely to die from a gangbanger or even a relative sperging out on you than from my

Most mass shooters tend to be apolitical. The Columbine shooters mostly like Nazi imagery and created their own edgelord philosophy. The Virginia Tech Shooter was a Korean christfag. Elliot Rogers just was an incel and cared little about politics beyond 'fuck roasties'.

Most 'mass shooters' are actually still hoodrats since even a screwed up drive by is considered a mass shooting by the federal definition. Most mass shootings are literally several people dead, not Columbine scale massacres. The actual people who go 'postal' often have apolitical reasons. Well, besides the general alienation of late-stage capitalism.

So, those 70 deaths, most of which involve one person dying like in nigger crime and/or don't even involve guns, have occurred over 10 years. In a country of 300 million people. Meanwhile, more people die from gangbanger murders in Detroit every MONTH than in the entirety of the so-called 'evil' far-right. (Not even going to get into the nebulous definition of the word, which blends Zionist christfags with Neo-Nazis.)

You have the Autism Level of one at least. Also, fuck off to Mexico, scab.

Seriously, how can people pretend to be revolutionaries why sucking corporate and government dick THAT hard?

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Gun control came out of whitey being spooked the negros would rise up. It was instrumental in allowing """race riots""" to happen by disarming black communities. Anybody who thinks gun control is a remotely left wing position doesn't know history.

PDF related, gives you a picture.

Bumping this just to illustrate furtber that mods despite being caught active (and even have time to post on Zig Forums) didn't anchor this obvious Zig Forums bait thread unlike predicted.

Again this is proof that the mods here have no problem with actual Nazis taking over the board, just as many have already pointed out but got dogpiled.

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Oh surely mods had the time to anchor the other bait-ish thread about feminism down below. How is that? If you are banning "IdPol" but are chummy with Nazis the board will die.

Those nationalizations were in response to the economic crisis, which means they didn't cause it. The argument that Venezuela's economy was dominated private industry and markets before the crisis still stands.

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No, that moron's a longtime tripfag. If you weren't such a colossal newfag yourself, you'd recognize him from before his ban on /trannypol/, too.

It's an Israeli interest group, they don't actually give a shit about anti-semitism.