Nazi Blueprint For North American Holocaust Acquired by Canada Archive

German researcher’s 1944 book, once owned by Adolf Hitler, lists Jewish residents of US and Canada

A book once owned by Adolf Hitler, which scholars suspect was a blueprint for a Holocaust in North America, has been acquired by Canada’s national archive. The rare book, of which only a handful of copies remain, was bought online by government librarians last year and unveiled for the first time in Ottawa on Wednesday. The acquisition, which curators say will preserve a critical piece of history, comes at a time of growing antisemitism and Holocaust denial in Canada.

Published in 1944 by the German researcher and linguist Heinz Kloss, Statistics, Media, and Organizations of Jewry in the United States and Canada is a disturbingly thorough catalogue of Jewish residents in the two countries and reflects Nazi plans in the event they gained control over the continent.

“[The book] demonstrates that the Holocaust wasn’t a European event – it was an event that didn’t have the opportunity to spread out of Europe,” Michael Kent, a curator at Library and Archives Canada, told the Guardian. “It reminds us that conflicts and human tragedies that seemed far away could find their way to North America.”

Acquired by a private collector in the US at a cost of US$4,500, the book will go on public display on Saturday, in commemoration of International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The item will become a permanent addition to archive’s collection of more than 22m books.

The book highlights Nazi plans for an eventual presence in North America. They made larger strides than is often realized: in 1943, the year before Kloss’s book was published, the Germans established an automated weather station in what is now the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. There are also numerous wartime stories in eastern Canada of German U-boats making headway up the St Lawrence river.

The acquisition by the national archive comes at a time when scholars have warned of rising ignorance among Canadians about the Holocaust. On Thursday, editors of a Toronto-based publication, Your Ward News, were found guilty of hate crimes for its depiction of women and Jewish figures. The judge called the paper’s views an “unrelenting promotion of hate”. The verdict follows a study that found more than half of Canadian adults were unaware that more than 6 million Jews were killed during the Holocaust, and as many as two-thirds of young respondents failed to demonstrate knowledge of the event. “I’m still fighting Nazis and white supremacists in ways that I never dreamed I’d be doing in retirement,” said Bernie Farber, chair of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network. “When I go into schools I see young people who have not been taught the lessons of the past.”

He hopes that better education – including the archive’s acquisition of the book – can combat the “absolutely horrendous” trend of ignorance among young Canadians. “I don’t want Nazi memorabilia falling into the hands of neo-Nazis. I do want Nazi memorabilia falling into the hands of Holocaust centres, museums and archives,” he said. “That’s where they belong, that’s where they can be studied and that’s where lessons will be learned.”

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Sounds like the name of a new amusement park

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What school is not teaching the hollowcost?
They are learning about it before the alphabet.

They write more of these books every year.

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It's all…so…fucking tiresome.

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Probably true.
Absolute horseshit. If this were the long lost recorded evidence of Hitler's intention to commit a holohoax, you can be sure we'd all know about it.

Here you go everyone.
I've tried to look up the book though, cant seem to find a pdf.

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I have books older than this one that are in far better shape. If someone had this book it would've been protected at all costs. Judging by the wear patterns it's definitely artificially aged. It's a fake and complete propaganda. I find it pretty convenient how it's just now showing up when more people want kikes dead more than ever before.

I thought it sounded like a band name.

I dont think aging can be an indicator. I have old books that look similarly aged. And from one picture we cant be certain either. I'm more interested in the ACTUAL content of the book.

Likely true honestly. A list of kikes subverting European-based countries is fairly possible.
Yet no examples shown, interesting.

> (((Bernie Farber))), chair of the Anti-Hate Network.
Every time.

Oh look. It has his name in it and everything. It must be totally legit.
Just in time too.

How many fonts are on that first page alone?

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I would agree.

That book is fake


So if one of us got this book, it would tell us where the jews are hiding, yes?

Just in time for what, genius. That's not a "modern" font, but a classical one. Your neurotic rambling doesn't even have a point.
Did you feel like needing to sound like a special detective or what?

If only Hitler was somehow able to win against the world. We'd be in a true golden age right now

Look how injured the jew is when he's been found out.

I just did your job for you, Ari. I gave a you a free lesson. Yes free, no sheckels required.

Don't design the next book on a MAC you silly faggot.

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He was coming to save us. He was to good for this world.

Crazy how many of these fucking books keep getting "discovered". Did Hollywood Hitler ever actually govern or was just going around hiding books around like parents before an Easter Egg hunt.

wrong board, fucktard. Hitler's mistake was NOT conducting a genocide.

It doesn't even look like it belongs to the era, either. Looks too perfect, not at all like a press of the era. What kind of glue did they even use to affix the 'Adolf Hitler' paper there on the left? Wouldn't the NatSocs try a little harder in attaching Hitler's name to Hitler's personal book than that? And why is it a cruddy little paperback, if its anywhere near this important of a book? I guarantee you that it likely doesn't even smell as a book of that purported age should. Also look at that low effort white aging crap that was stuck on the corners of that book. And why is this fucker touching it with his bare hands? If its authentic, you'd be autistically attempting to keep the oils from your hands as well as viable light FAR from this 'artifact'.

This book is about world jewry in Canda. It doesn't say anything about a "blueprint for the holocaust".

Apparently Gothik typescript was discouraged to make way for the newer type that is present in all Western Latin script languages today. A shame in my opinion, and why the government would mandate such a change miffs me.

But who knows if it's genuine. How about they publish it online for posterity? I'd like them to publish the supposed Black Book of Eastern European Jewry that Ilya Ehrenburg wrote in Yiddish to YIVO. Seems like no independent scholar has gotten a look at it…

what does david irving have to say about this?

i was literally arguing the other day with someone that there is no archival evidence that Hitler wanted to take over he world and only wanted a united Europe. this is true because Hitler wanted the war to end after consolidating France but churchill refused his offers. we know this based one readings from the archives. someone needs to read the book instead of just using this article alone.

very coincidental that around the same time weve been arguing about the myth of "world domination" this book comes to light.also

lets not forget that the united states currently today is trying to consolidate power over the world. Jews are already trying to take over the world. the EU and NATO are already doing all of the things they're accusing Hitler of doing. listen to Hitlers Reich stag speech he gave he basically points this out himself. its hypocritical of the allies (Roosevelt at the time) to accuse Germany of trying to take over the world when they themselves were already doing that.


this book reeks to high hell

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They dipped the pages in tea to make it look older. Look at the top right and there you can see the unaffected part. By putting the paper under a microscope you could see it is paper that was recently produced.

And also by testing the ink. This whole thing reeks and I expect more nonsense like this.

Also about the fonts. In the Third Reich there where rules as to which fonts too use for writings. The fonts used here wouldn't be used officially, I'd say they are too modern as well.

I wondered this too.

Also the title is
From that alone I can tell it was keeping tabs on jews. Something Ford did as well as many others with no genocidal plans on paper. So even if it is authentic it would not contain any plans for genocide, it would simple say who is doing what and where. Just naming the jew is genocide in the mind of the jew.

There were spies too, some were caught, some weren't.


The real enemy is White Nationalism

Nothing ever changes for Whites. Whites still do not have normal and viable representation of their interests that would appeal to 99% of Whites.

White Nationalism is a never ending larp for our enemies who wish our deaths. And they are winning. Whites will never get on board with Nazi fetishists and low brow vulgar memes. It will never work.

And White Nationalists know this. Yet they keep on doing it out of spite to hurt Whites and any chance of a real defense. That makes them traitors.

Most White Nationalist groups are not run or created by Whites. This site is a glaring example. White Nationalism is used a weapon used against Whites similar to the AIDS virus.

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wow your obvious shut the fuck up kike

(((funny))) how that happens, huh?

Looks like they tried to paint "age" on the page.

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Yea, look how CRISP the lettering is too.

I'd like to see the contents of the book, please. If it's just a list of Jews then who cares? Wikipedia probably has a page listing famous Jews from that era. Is Jimmy Wales out for kike blood? Is that why he needs all that money?

That must be real goyim. So now we have even more holocaust survivors. Never forget 6 000 000 jews that could be gassed in America and Canada.

It was real in their mind!

It is a compilation of public US and Canadian statistical data, including jewish sources. If that is "disturbing" then what next? Hitler had maps and photographs?

Largest part is the compilation of jewish newspaper and organisation (including fraternities), German National Libary, needs Javascript:
I probably missed the pages about the planned holocaust in America, look for your self.

Literally every 'diverse' import from shithole countries user.
There's literally been articles by hand-wringing (((journalists))) worried about how non-europeans have no generational guilt of the holocaust and how this could backfire for the chosen.
After all, what if mulattos believe the jew are just the top shade of white oppressors?

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In school we had 2 sentences about WW1 and WW2. Basicly just 1914-1918 and 1939-1945. But we had 3 pages about some medieval King.

Looks like I found that dastardly Nazi conspiracy…they were going to get ethnic German Americans back in touch with their roots. The guy was a fucking demographer, of course he was interested in how many Jews in North America there were.

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mehh you haven't seen what I have, you remember the nazi experiments on humans to make blur hair blond hair people they use chemicals on people to mutate dna removing dominate genes creating kids with blue hair and blond hair. it goes deeper tho the elites want them doing it because they believe there genetic descendants of pepole that once opposed them they want bleached out of the future. this is noob shit to me. it does not matter if Jews are friend or foe because they are always backstabbers they deserve worse then just not being liked.

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wow your also obvious as fuck shut up kike

But this could be useful…

Listing Jewish Neighborhoods and giving this information to blacks is old News.
Just because Hitler Figured out how to start a race war doesnt mean other Whites cant figure the same thing out all out on our own.

Jews live in Jewish Neighborhoods, its easy to teach Niggers to attack.
Hitler wasnt the first.

It's funny if you compare WW1 and WW2 propaganda. After WW1 the Brits admitted they made up a lot of garbage. For example in the 1920s they admitted that their stories about the Germans making canned meat out of the dead bodies of soldiers was rubbish.
But here we are 60 years after the end of WW2, still forced to endure this garbage.

Checked for

That part flew under the radar.
Story here:

74 years, this year.
And the hololie screeching is at an all-time high.

Semites won't even let tasty pork bits near their cheapest of 'holy' books, but the holohoax gibs key to that lexicon of goy financials? I wonder how long it will be until this clown world burns.

wtf I read 'pork' in the other guy's post then yours mentions pork. It's like I precognated it or something.

(((amazing))) how these artifacts keep popping up while the goyim were just starting to ignore the holohoax.

Look at that top right. It's completely white.
A book yellows due to contact with oxygen, if anything the edges would be yellower.

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It is one of the most ingenious tricks that was ever devised, to make this state sail under the flag of 'religion,' thus assuring it of the tolerance which the Aryan is always ready to accord a religious creed.
- Adolf Hitler

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I wonder how much power the kikes will lose when the WWII generation finally dies-off.


I'm bumping this, because such a document could be used to scare the crap out of retards who don't realize the document is presently useless.

In other words more mudshits have been imported.
Fucking BASED

Don't sage. This is useful, because they're very dumb about these things. We can use this to our advantage.

so is the Holocaust
And Fuck the jews because i can say it and Europeans can't into Freedom of speech they go to jail for using words and hurting fee fees because their governments are ran by jews gay people Islamic terrorists and buck tooth lady's convinced Feminisms is key for Equal opportunity for all by the way Jews are the ones who came up with that last shit and opened the gates to Terrorists and they promote gay shit and profit and Think it's funny if you think it's a Conspiracy. Look it up it's all just
Pure Coincidence anyway

Fake and homosex

The west fought against it's savior, Adolf Hitler.

This is a desperate move by the jews. The resistance must be steadily growing in Canada and making them panic.

Hitler invaded the West and put Jews in camps for the Jews.

The location of a group of nomads from 70 years ago.

I never learned about it in school from teachers. We never really covered WWII in any class though, so it didn't come up. I first heard the 6 million dead jews thing in 9th grade in philosophy class. One kike went crazy when someone mentioned debating the Holocaust as an exercise in logic/debate. "How else do you explain the 6 million drop in jewish population!?! It's not debatable!" He presented no evidence, and proving a 6 million population drop clearly seemed dubious to me, so I always assumed it was a hoax from the first moment I heard about it. We didn't debate it in class, so I never even got to see any evidence of the genocide happening. I also don't watch any movies, so I was never exposed to this jewish hoax through there either. Frankly, I only even found out that the 6 million number was a trope of their's when I came in fullchan for the first time.

I imagine I'm not alone. Basically, if you don't have kikes in class or watch kike films, you might not even hear about the holohoax. I always heard Hitler described as: "Evil genius that almost took over the world. He was also a German-supremacist or something like that." not as "An evil hate-filled anti-Semite bigot!"


Well, oy fuckin' vey, goyim. G-D's CHOSEN PeEPlE said so!



This disproves the high IQ hoax.

Psychiatry is a jewish plot to pacify the goyim. Ewen Cameron openly talked/bragged about torturing goyim in brainwashing experiments. Instead of taking kike drugs, take the nutritional supplements: zinc, magnesium, methionine, and vitamin B6. They actually come pre-mixed in a formula known as ZMA. That cures most mental illness within a couple weeks. Don't stop taking it though for 3 months so that your body can build reserves and heal instead of falling back to mental debilitation.

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It looks like they glued reinforcing on the back of that page to avoid further damage/tearing.

The NSDAP phased out "Gothic" script, and thanks for that, shit is ilegible and an artifact from crude handwriting instruments.

They did have quality typesetting and layout back then, including multiple sizes of type which were actually adjusted to retain visible detail at small sizes rather than the 1:1 scaling often used today.

What rubs me the wrong way is why go to such effort to make it look nice for something with a supposedly small production run for a limited audience? I would expect a photostat from a typewritten original and more likely spiral binding or somesuch. Either it wasn't very rare originally, in which case we should be able to find a scan online as happens with other NS books, someone took exceptional pride in their work, or saw an advantage to doing it that way.

I have to agree this book has to be a fake, a hoax, whatever you want to call it.
I simply don't trust it.


A directory of "Jews in the countries that are fucking up our shit for no good reason" is not such a farfetched thing.